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MEET THE PARENTSSunako Nakahara and her four handsome housemates are enjoying their glamorous lifestyle at her aunt's mansion until Sunako's father makes a surprise appearance. After learning that Sunako is going out with Kyohei, he flies all the way from Africa to investigate whether Kyohei is worthy of his precious daughter! Sunako vows to keep at least one secret from hMEET THE PARENTSSunako Nakahara and her four handsome housemates are enjoying their glamorous lifestyle at her aunt's mansion until Sunako's father makes a surprise appearance. After learning that Sunako is going out with Kyohei, he flies all the way from Africa to investigate whether Kyohei is worthy of his precious daughter! Sunako vows to keep at least one secret from her prying father: her room full of horror-movie memorabilia. She urges him to leave immediately and peacefully. But will she be able to bid him a fond farewell before Kyohei is worn out by his tests and her blessed haven is discovered?...

Title : Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 5
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ISBN : 9792083235
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 173 Pages
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Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 5 Reviews

  • Yue
    2018-11-08 18:19

    This manga is so silly and sometimes, very senseless that it is funny.- chapter 19: all girls at school are jealous of Sunako because she is close to the guys. There are 4 girls who are desperately in love with the boys, and they try to harm Sunako and Naie. The boys come in just in time before Sunako 'kills' the girls.- chapter 20: Valentine's day. Probably the most silly chapter. The boys try by all means to avoid the herd of girls who want to give them chocolates. On the other hand, Sunako wants chocolates more than anything else. At the end, the boys get no chocolates, Sunako makes a chocolate cake and all of them enjoy eating it (except maybe Sunako, who wanted to share the cake with her skeletons)- chapter 21: Sunako's Dad comes to visit her. He loves his daughter very much and he is jealous of Tanako, who he thinks is her boyfriend. Sunako's mom makes a fleeting visit too.- chapter 22: a glimpse in the past, when the boys met each other.

  • Holly Letson
    2018-10-30 23:35

    I felt like this was a quicker read than the earlier volumes of this series. I did, however, enjoy the Valentine's story and the flashback to before Sunako arrived at the house.

  • Evee
    2018-10-31 20:33

    Sunak0's fam is actually really interesting. Her mother is beautiful and she gets her insane strength from her dad! She was so cute as a child too. What a unique fam. Also, the fact that Takano proved himself to Sunako's dad is JALROIWOIAFIAFHOIA! I'm serious when I say I'm so trash for this ship. This volume was really backstory filled. We learned what was Toyama's life before being part of the 4 and how the situation was that made it so that these actually really rich boys came to have to actually pay the rent. Sorry, I'm so incoherent rn but ah I just love this series.

  • Arthur
    2018-10-22 23:35

    i'm not sure why im reading this series haha

  • Victoria
    2018-11-10 17:16

    It is a great book to read

  • Erin
    2018-10-28 21:31

    This series is very silly, but cute. It never fails to make me laugh. Reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club.

  • Christyn
    2018-10-28 16:36

    The Wallflower, Vol. 5 is another great addition to the series! This volume starts off with a “bonus story” it’s only a couple of pages long and is a mixture of fairy tales - Momotaro, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White. From there we go into the first chapter where we are introduced to the Goth/Loli fangirls as they jealously attempt to rid themselves of the “competition”. Let me just say I really love the friendship between Noi-chan and Sunako-chan! We also get to see what is possibly the most dangerous day of the year for the boys (Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki). Valentine’s Day, where extreme precautions must be taken and danger lurks around every corner! Sunako-chan just wants chocolate. In this volume we also get a glimpse into the past and backgrounds of Sunako and some of the boys (Yuki, Ranmaru and Takenaga). In chapter 21, Sunako’s dad comes for a visit after hearing about Sunako’s boyfriend - Kyohei! Sunako is simply determined to keep him from her room (with good reason)! We also get to meet Sunako’s mom! Sunako is definitely their daughter. In the final chapter we get an insight to Yuki, Ranmaru and Takenaga’s first meeting when they moved into the house. Let’s just say they weren’t always friends - but I have a whole new appreciation for Yuki. This volume does end on a bit of a cliffhanger/teaser - the boys aren’t quite united yet, and there is also the promise of how Kyohei came to be at the house (part of this group of friends) in the next part. We did get some background information about the main characters in this volume, which I do appreciate! And like always I love the fun and craziness that tends to ensue with these stories!

  • Nick
    2018-10-27 18:28

    Overall Rating: BSynopsis: A Shōjo comedy/romance manga created by Tomoko Hayakawa. At the beginning of the manga, Sunako Nakahara confesses her love to a boy, who utterly rejects her and tells her she's ugly. As any reasonably young person would do, Sunako then discards all traces of her femininity, and retreats into odd and morbid hobbies, such as collecting skulls. Fortunately, Sunako's aunt owns a mansion that four gorgeous boys live in (huh?). Apparently, the boys pay rent to live in the mansion, and the aunt offers them free rent if they give Sunako a Pygmalian-esque makeover, and she becomes a "perfect lady". The boys set to work, and hilarity ensues. Often, Sunako is shown as an exaggerated version of her true self that looks like a female version Cartman from Southpark. Will these gorgeous boys succeed? Will Sunako's inner beauty shine through?I passed over The Wallflower several times before checking it out. I'm not a huge fan of the art, but I love the ridiculous plot so far. This works pretty well as a comedy/romance Shōjo, and I'm interested in the characters. The series is ongoing, so I'm not sure how long they can keep the plot interesting, but I'll definitely be reading it for awhile. It has a lot of potential.For more manga and anime reviews, please check out Hobotaku.

  • Luna
    2018-11-10 18:11

    Overall series review (mostly) 4 Stars - so far, I’ve still got a few to go… Additional: Like most long running series there are some duff chapters/volumes Sunako is my spirit animal. Only she’s not an animal… we’d be ideal friends if both of us came out of our caves long enough to interact. I re-started The Wallflower series this year and it while I do think it’s too long (36 book total) and doesn’t actually develop much past its initial plot. I also like it for this reason. In a way The Wallflower is comfy for being familiar. Sunako adores horror, hates the light and struggles with people (establish beautiful creatures) and has a chocolate addiction. Society rejected her and she decided life was better in the darkness. Only her aunt wants her to re-join so the tenants (popular boys) are tasked to give her makeover. Things that I love about The Wallflower are that Sunako is just as much a hypocrite as the rest of the so-called society that rejected her. She constantly judges people by appearance. The boys, while playing to their looks, love Sunako for who she is and defend her. I feel like I should have more issues with the ‘transformation’ part of the story but every time Sunako gets made up, she returns to her original self by the next chapter. So much of this story is about being ok with who you are. Just FYI, the art is stunning.

  • Chibineko
    2018-10-19 22:12

    This novel has Sunako's father appearing after he discovers that his baby girl is in a "relationship" with Kyohei. Of course Kyohei tries to explain, but to no avail. Many humorous things happen, of course, but the story is pretty well plotted out. There's one or two parts that do get a bit saggy throughout the volume, but overall it's a decent read. My only complaint is that this volume is the first step in a long line of following volumes that contain too much filler. Filler can be fun, but not when the plot points are dragged out into infinity.

  • Dexter
    2018-10-28 19:15

    I didn't quite enjoy it as the previous volumes. I'd like some character growth in the group as a whole (though there wasn't much time for that in this volume, since two of the stories were basically flashbacks and another was a special and not a regular chapter), and, once again, I have to say that I'd like to see more of Sunako in her fully humanoid form (though her normal form is adorable).It's still good, though, and I'm definitely going to keep reading.

  • Houa
    2018-10-20 17:24

    Sunako just wants some chocolate & peace, but the boys keep getting chased around so much that she can't enjoy some decent peace & quiet for some chocolate. Sunako's father comes to visit & wants Kyohei to take care of Sunako. She doesn't want her father to see her room. Everything funny goes down.

  • Goatmaven
    2018-11-06 18:11

    Such a funny sounding premise, but urg, the art lost me fairly quickly. And after a while, the mangaka flat out admits that she stops drawing Sunako for the most part. Some pages are just a scribbly mess. I'd have like it to stay more parody-like as opposed to going off into bizarre-o land, but well, it takes all kinds.

  • Eme Blue
    2018-11-07 21:13

    4'75/5I still don't like the sexism but I guess I have to put up with it because of japanese culture and besides it's proven how women can be way better than men.WE'VE MET SUNAKO'S PARENTS! And they're as weird as her. We also get to know more about the Radiant Creatures and their past. Next volume, we'll about TAKANO!

  • Jeffrey
    2018-10-19 19:25

    Huzzah, Noi is on the cover. She's actually the only completely nice person in the entire series!That said, it's a relatively entertaining volume with two major arcs, one being a classic Valentine's Day arc with some entertaining twists for those who know the traditional Japanese practices. The second arc begins origin an story for the boys but it isn't as good as the main plot.

  • Thetravelingpanda
    2018-11-16 17:25

    I don't know why but I love to eat chocolate while reading this episode... Valentine's day! Poor guys, seriously I would never want to be in their shoes. I never saw girls being so madly mad about guys....

  • Lauren
    2018-10-24 19:40

    Loved this series. I love reverse harem type series especially when the girl is considered to be 'plain.' Nakahara was a hilarious character and I loved all of her creepy ways.It was similar in my mind to Boys Over Flowers. Same general concept and characters.

  • Fernanda
    2018-11-05 23:25

    El capítulo 22 le di un toque especial a este tomo.SPOILER!¿Cómo se conocieron Ranmaru, Yukinojo y Takenaga? Esa duda se resuelve en el mencionado capítulo y al parecer más en el futuro tendremos la historia de Kyouhei...

  • Sara
    2018-11-05 22:31

    lol! This series is so funny at first, but I kind of got tired of the same ol' same ol'. The character art is nice, especially the eyes! But there should really be someone concentrating on backgrounds.

  • Rachel
    2018-10-30 23:13

    I find it funny that all of the books are supposed to be about making Sunako-chan into a lady, yet in each book, they get pretty close, then give up again. Mostly just sub-plots again in this one, but less creepiness from Sunako-chan. Sigh... I like her creepiest side.

  • Vera Neves (Sinfonia dos Livros)
    2018-11-18 16:20


  • Mizuki
    2018-10-27 17:35

    Sunako's father showed up in this volume, and of course he misunderstood that Kyohei was toying with his daughter. OH my goodness, the drama, the drama!

  • Marina
    2018-11-09 23:32

    This volume totally surprised me. I had thought the guys were childhood friends or school friends but boy was I wrong!Fascinating and fun series.

  • Amy Gideon
    2018-11-11 23:28

    There's no structure and somewhere along the line the author lost control of her plot line.

  • Rhein
    2018-11-09 21:20

    Benar-benar bacaan penghilang stress kala mengerjakan thesis..