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Second in the series that readers can sink their teeth into. Orchard owner Meg Corey must clear her name of murder after the discovery of a pesticide-poisoned body in her springhouse. Includes recipes....

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Rotten to the Core Reviews

  • Ian
    2018-11-16 13:55

    "Oh man, I can't f__king believe this. Another basement, another elevator. How can the same sh_t happen to the same guy twice?"-John McClane (Die Hard 2)After solving the murder of her ex-boyfriend in book 1, One Bad Apple, Meg Corey could be forgiven for thinking that things would settle down and she would be able to turn her attention to making a go of the apple orchard.Unfortunately, weeks after one crime is solved, another body has shown up on her orchard. A young environmental activist has been murdered. The method of murder, pesticide poisoning. With the State Police eager, nay desperate to hang the crime on her, she needs to investigate and find the real killer. It's OK. It's even good. I nice way to kill some time for lovers of cosy mysteries. It follows the same basic pattern as the first book and no doubt, book three which I just bought, but it's a pattern I quite enjoy. Not sure how long before I get tired of it, but for now it's good fun.

  • Connie N.
    2018-11-15 11:50

    #2 in the Orchard cozy mystery seriesThis was very enjoyable. I like the low-key sense of this cozy, meaning that the mc didn't go off all crazy searching for clues and trying to solve the mystery herself. I mean, she did talk to a few people and worry about herself being involved, but mostly she was just normally checking into things. The murderer was fairly obvious, but it was still interesting to watch things play out in a natural timeframe. The rest of the story--about Meg's house repairs and learning about her orchard--add a homey feel to this series. Very exciting scenes surrounding the dinner party and its aftermath that really moved the story along quickly. I do get a little frustrated that Meg spends a lot more time worrying about her home improvements and less time studying up about her orchard--shouldn't she be educating herself more?--but mostly she's a friendly and pleasant character. Seth, her neighbor and handy-man, is obviously going to be a love interest, and I like his character very much. Very down-to-earth and helpful. And Bree, the new orchard manager, looks like she'll be a good addition. What bothered me to some extent was the accent used by narrator Robin Miles. Although she has a fairly good handle on a New England accent, it seems a little pronounced and more New Hampshire than Massachusetts. I look forward to continuing with this series.

  • Hilary S
    2018-10-29 15:48

    Meg is settling into the house and farm, her new Orchard Manager is starting to move in (slowly as she still has classes to attend until the end of the academic year), and Meg has been adopted by an abandoned cat - so everything in the orchard is rosy, until Meg does a walk through and smells something rotten, which turns out to be a dead body! All of a sudden Detective Marcus is sniffing around again and Meg and Seth need to put their heads together to find out why the young man died there.

  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    2018-11-15 12:49

    The novel is the second in the series. And boy was there an apple rotten to the core, and we aren't talking fruit. This book was entertaining and I'm growing to love Meg and Seth. This series is going to be a winner.

  • Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo
    2018-11-05 15:47

    3.75 StarsI liked this 2nd installment of Sheila Connolly's Orchard Series much better than I did One Bad Apple. Meg Corey has grown more confident and stronger. And the writing has gotten much better.It's Spring in Granford, MA and Meg Corey is walking in her Orchard checking on the still dormant trees when she notices an odd smell. She follows her nose to her Spring house and discovers a body lying face down in the spring. Oh no! Another dead body on her property! Detective Marcus will surely try to pinned this one on her too.The dead guy is a graduate student at the University and is the face of Green Grow, a group that demands no use of pesticides. And his death comes as the University plans to announce something BIG. But how did Jason get to her Spring house? And why her farm? Meg smells something Rotten to the Core and is determined to solve the suspicious death.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-08 12:47

    Fun and light cozy mystery!

  • Debbie
    2018-10-26 16:45

    I am enjoy this series and I really like the characters and the info about orchards.

  • Sara
    2018-10-22 13:04

    Second in the Apple mystery series---not as good as the first. Meg is back and trying to run her apple farm, with the help of the local college. Meg soon finds a body on her farm, in the orchard. While she doesnt know the victim, she is compelled to investigate his pesticide caused death. The first book was good because it talks about interesting apple facts. The second doesn't talk so much about apples, more about pesticides...which unsurprisingly aren't all that compelling. The second story lost much of what was good about the first-- a young lady finding an orchard, needing to learn about apples while trying to fix up her house. There is still some house fixing, but love interest Seth doesn't have much of a role. Why would a love interest be introduced (first book) and why exclude him from book two? This book just wasn't interesting and was hard to finish....Missing the magic of the first book.

  • BJ Rose
    2018-11-18 15:09

    Apologies to those who love this series, but Meg just isn't doing anything for me. The first book, One Bad Apple was a weak 3* for me, so I decided that was just because the author was setting the scene and things would liven up, but it didn't happen. I guessed the who early on, and even guessed what was going on at the celebration dinner before it even happened.

  • Lisa Kay
    2018-10-21 13:04


  • Paula
    2018-10-19 19:05

    I enjoyed this story, but it seemed a bit slow-moving. Though it's fun to meet more of the people in Meg's new town and to find out what's happening in her orchard as the seasons progress.

  • Tara
    2018-11-09 19:53

    I enjoy mysteries a lot and overall this series came at times when I needed 'cozy mysteries'. I needed to read something that wasn't too intense and I followed the series to a certain point. One of the reasons for the two stars is that I found the dialogue with the main characters to be emotionally unhealthy. Their responses are sympathetic instead of empathetic and not in a way I would like to be spoken to when sharing my story. People do speak to each other like this in real life and when it comes to the main characters I expect that they demand and communicate in a way that is true to life but at the same time emotionally healthy. The culprits are about the only characters I expect to speak unhealthily.

  • Deborah Almada
    2018-10-18 18:49

    Really, really enjoying this series. Meg is a great character and I can feel her struggles to learn about her orchard, make it a success, fix up her new home and fit into the community. All the progress she is making is marred by finding a body on her grounds in her spring house. When she learns that the young man was poisoned using pesticides it opens up all kinds of possibilities. There is much more to add to Meg's learning curve, as she struggles to learn about her about her orchard, IPM and living with her new orchard manager. How this all unfolds makes for a very interesting mystery. Can't wait for the next!!!!

  • Miriam
    2018-10-27 17:57

    What an ending! You'd think the investigation into murder in Meg's orchard couldn't get more convoluted but Connolly does it. You'll enjoy the local history, info about managing an orchard, and about repairing old houses. Best of all, you see Meg's romance with Seth start to blossom, pun intended.Enjoy!

  • Kathy
    2018-10-29 13:50

    The mystery was good, but what earned five stars from me was the ongoing story of Meg restoring a 200-year-old home, learning its history, and becoming involved in the community. I would not have thought sanding a floor could be so interesting, but I kept reading to find out how it turned out. Book two in a long-running series.

  • Amber Gray
    2018-11-16 18:09

    This book was good but not great, I felt too much time was spent all minute details of apple farming, and not enough time trying to figure out who the killer was. I will try the next book in the series.

  • Amanda Eisele
    2018-11-08 12:55

    I dare you to get through this book without wanting to eat an apple! A fun and fluffy read. Not too hard to figure out whodunit either. This is the second book in the series. You should readthem in order. Events from the first book are mentioned several times in this book.

  • Carrie Donohue
    2018-11-14 17:59

    Meg Corey did it again, she found a dead body will she be blamed again or will there police find who really killed the boy in the grove?

  • Virginia Adi
    2018-11-16 17:50

    Got me hooked!

  • Danni
    2018-11-10 15:03


  • KyBunnies
    2018-11-11 14:09

    Review to come

  • Obsidian
    2018-11-05 12:56

    This is the second novel in the "An Orchard Mystery" cozy mystery series written by Sheila Connolly. I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, One Bad Apple (An Orchard Mystery). I would suggest that prior to readers starting this novel they go back and read "One Bad Apple" first in order to familiarize yourself with all of the characters. The main protagonist in this novel is Meg Corey. Meg has decided to stay in Granford, Massachusetts and try her hand at establishing a thriving orchard while renovating her centuries old home. Meg unfortunately finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery after she finds a dead body in her spring house on the orchard grounds. I really did like Meg a lot in the last novel. I also thought that Seth kept her from being too prickly and I am thrilled that this novel moves that relationship along. I can say that once again I was totally surprised by who the murderer was and why he/she did what they did. As other reviews have said I did like that Meg is not a cop wannabe and does have enough common sense to call the police and let them know what is going on. Also for those who love that we get recipes that include apples. The reason why I marked it down one star was that once again we do have a lot of Meg complaining to get through. Also though I do love the renovating aspect of the novel I wish that Meg would start getting things taken care of at her house instead of constantly bellyaching how expensive everything is and she needs to determine whether the orchard can turn a profit. Believe me the readers definitely get that and her saying it repeatedly throughout the entire novel was a bit much. Also the character of her orchard manager, Bree was too prickly and sensitive at times and I found myself getting sick of the chip on her shoulder causing her to act like a brat a lot of times. I read the third book in the series already and I have to say that thank goodness Ms. Connolly dialed that back a bit though it is still there. Would recommend to fans of this series!

  • Anna
    2018-11-13 11:42

    Meg seems to have gotten more annoying, but the mystery was more mysterious, so I'll take it. Any book that makes fun of Red Delicious Apples is a book for me.

  • Cathy
    2018-11-15 13:49

    This is the 2nd book of the series, on loan from my mother-in-law like the 1st one of the series.I liked the Christopher character. He reminded me a little of the Drayton character from Laura Childs' Tea Shop mysteries. Readers who enjoyed this book might enjoy that as well.Much of this book was about researching pesticides or performing chores - and sometimes my own chores interested me more. But Meg's chores were the sort of thing that a close friend would tell another about their days and the details of their lives that might not interest a larger audience. Someone who enjoyed "This Old House" TV shows about remodeling might have enjoyed it more than I did. One of the other reviewers said that Meg's projects went amazingly well, particularly for a novice. I understood some of it going well, but old houses generally have more surprises.The mystery part of the story was well done, but I did guess the murderer.The author described both Bree and Daphne as being quiet and unwilling to talk at first, but even at first, Meg got a lot of information out of them. I've known people who were much more reserved than that.Rachel asked Meg if she was depressed, but she didn't come across that way to me. Meg recognizing sadness in another's situation was not a sign of depression but of sympathy and she wasn't dwelling on it to extremes.Someone told me that I wouldn't like this book, but I read it anyway. It was OK for a slow read. Maybe I'm just spoiled for a faster pace of reading.

  • Susan Oleksiw
    2018-11-02 14:59

    Meg Corey inherited an apple orchard and farm with her mother, from a family that turned out to be distant cousins. She's in the process of learning all there is to know about managing an apple orchard, and there is a lot to learn, when she discovers a body in the old spring house. Why would someone come out to her orchard to die? Is it anyone she's met before. The corpse turns out to be that of a young man who leads a group advocating for organic farming but who is also in danger of being dumped from his graduate studies program.Meg is glad to leave the investigation into this death to the authorities while she tries to cope with renovating her old farmhouse, learning about pesticides and apple trees about to send out buds, and managing her feelings for Seth Chapin, her neighbor who is becoming more than a friend. Since Seth is going to renovate part of the property for an office for his new home renovation business, he's going to be a lot closer than on the other side of the hill.Life is complicated, but Meg is a steady soul, and the mystery moves along nicely. The action moves between Meg's farm and the community of Amherst, including the university department that has been using her orchard for a classroom. The story is very much up to date with the issues of how involved should corporations be in farm management, and what are the alternatives. The reader learns a lot, right along with Meg.

  • Cris
    2018-10-18 12:49

    My biggest problem with Rotten to the Core, and it irritated me through the entire story, was a second murdered body showing up on Meg's property in a matter of months. That 'coincidence' was Connolly's entire set-up for getting Meg involved in some additional sleuthing, but it felt forced and unrealistic. (And I mean really! This small town which hasn't had a murder in more than a hundred years has TWO within months of this strange woman moving into the area? And both bodies are found on her property? I'd be seriously spooked.)I *did* like the way Connolly included Meg's work on the house and her efforts to learn more about caring for an apple orchard. But I especially liked the way Connolly included information about the controversies within agriculture concerning pesticides and organic farming.In some ways the murder was actually more incorporated into the storyline this time around. But I found the motives for the death and the placement of the body to be really, incredibly, weak. Still, I enjoyed the orchard portions and Meg's continuing efforts to learn how to live in the country so I'll read on.

  • Avigail
    2018-11-08 20:03

    June 2010:==========One of the most satisfying cozy mysteries I've read. Cozy mysteries seem to have a specialization, whether it's a bookstore mystery, a pizzeria mystery, or, in this case, a mystery set on land with an orchard. Connolly allows the reader to learn about renovating the old farm house, and tending the orchard, right along with Meg, but she never forgets this is supposed to be an enjoyable mystery, not a lesson in country living. Granted, it's easy to pinpoint the killer, but for most of us who read cozies, the puzzle is only part of the reason we read them. This is a mystery for those of us who enjoy getting to know the characters, watching their lives change, and relationships develop. Rotten to the Core is warm and entertaining from the first paragraph to the last. Fans will look forward to the next Orchard Mystery. I love the spunk of Meg. She is a great heroine. Informative about the growing of apples plus incorporates a good story line. A nice change from all the baked goods stories.

  • Liora
    2018-11-18 19:55

    Meg is the owner of a 15 acre apple orchard and dilapidated farmhouse that are about 200 years old in western Massachusetts. She is trying to learn about the apple orchard business and restore the old farmhouse. In this second installment of this cozy mystery series, she finds the body of a young man in her spring house. She does not know the young man at all, but is dismayed at finding yet another body on her property. Once again, she gets drawn into to trying to solve a murder mystery.I found that this mystery stalled in the middle. It started out okay with finding the body and some interesting developments such as hiring Bree, an orchard manager, but then it just bogged down with a lot of stuff about pesticides and the organic movement and integrated pest management. Near the end, the action picked up and moved quickly then to a resolution. I am not sure yet what my verdict is yet on the series so I'll probably move on to the third book.

  • Tammy
    2018-11-15 14:05

    A satisfying cozy mystery set in Granford, Massachusetts. After a rough start, Meg Corey is starting to settle in to the farm property she inherited. She's taking a class in orchard management, the better to tend the fifteen acres of trees, an orchard over two hundred years old. Meg has hired an agricultural student to work as her orchard manager and continues to work with the local university who has been maintaining the orchard for years. It wasn't in Meg's plans to find a body in the spring house in the middle of the orchard.Meg didn't know the dead man, identified as a student, Jason Miller. The young man was the front man for GreenGrow, a group of organic farming supporters. But, since he died of pesticide poisoning in her orchard, Meg's a natural suspect for the state police detective who doesn't like her: see book one, A Bad Apple. It's a good thing she's made some friends in Granford who believe in her innocence.

  • Marilyn
    2018-10-26 11:54

    Poor Meg Corey, she has found yet another dead body on her property-this one was in the spring house...I didn't even know what a spring house was until I read the book. The modus operandi this time was poison. Coincidentally the poison was from a pesticide. Her friend Seth while checking out the barn to plan a storage area for Meg's apples and a storage area for his restoration pieces, came across the same type of pesticide. Seth disposed of the pesticide before the body was discovered. Meg had no idea who the deceased was or how he came to be in her orchard spring house. But leaving her once again trying to clear her name as a suspectI liked the story, I think the author creates believable characters, this is the third book that I have read and I have just downloaded a fourth, Red Delicious Death--more murders to solve. The recipes at the back of the book are a plus too, they all sound yummy :-)