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Forbidden Desires...He was her guardian, absentee landlord of her neglected life--until Megan Kinkead returned to Maam's Cross Court, determined to make Justin Brant notice her.  She finally commanded the attention of the sixth Earl of Weston when she burst into his room and caught him stark naked in the tub.  Suddenly she knew a woman's hunger--and a woman's needs....ForbForbidden Desires...He was her guardian, absentee landlord of her neglected life--until Megan Kinkead returned to Maam's Cross Court, determined to make Justin Brant notice her.  She finally commanded the attention of the sixth Earl of Weston when she burst into his room and caught him stark naked in the tub.  Suddenly she knew a woman's hunger--and a woman's needs....Forbidden Kisses...When had the scrawny brat from hell become a fiery, raven-haired, violet-eyed temptress?  Justin told himself she was still a child as she offered him a seductive yet innocent kiss.  He tried to remind himself that he was her guardian, her protector.  But the flashfire desire that blazed between them ignited a love neither had ever known before.  Then he told her he was married....Forbidden Secrets...Bestselling, award-winning author Karen Robards sweeps us into Ireland's lush landscape in this spellbinding novel of a headstrong young beauty and her aristocratic guardian, torn between passion, propriety, and...Forbidden Love....

Title : Forbidden Love
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Forbidden Love Reviews

  • Grace
    2018-10-12 00:28

    "Kiss me back, you little bitch, or I'll take you here and now."That little gem is just one of the many heart warming things the "hero" says to the heroine. The book starts out fine, I was into the whole guardian/ward thing. I could even overlook his whole 'loveless' marriage excuse for infidelity....but then Justin took a turn for the worse. Justin got rapey. Sure Megan could get annoying...BECAUSE SHE WAS 17!!!! I'm down with age differences by the way, just not when the man is an enormous asstard. The real drama and Justin's sociopathic unveiling comes when Megan finds ut that Justin is married. She freaks out. I can't really blame the fuck are we supposed to believe that she had no clue her ENTIRE life that her guardian was married. It was too unbelievable. She gives Justin the cold shoulder which throws him into a spiral of rage and jealousy. He demeans her, belittles her, calls her a bitch etc. She goes out of her way to flirt with other men, bad men she is told. Justin saves her from getting raped...only to basically rape her himself. How romantic. She ends up pregnant, of course she would. She decides to marry someone else so the baby isn't a bastard. Justin won't have that so he kidnaps her, has a couple more rapey interludes, and then abandons her in some creepy mansion. Oh and she gets to spend the rest of her pregnancy alone. He comes back, marries her and then bitch slaps her. She tries to run away from him, falls off a fucking cliff and their baby dies. WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS??? I signed up for a fluffy romance novel. Of course she forgives....the end. Happily ever after. On that note, here are some romantic quotes to end my review with:"I could kill you," he said. "I could do it so easily. If you weren't carrying my child, I think I would.""You vicious, immoral little slut!""God, if you do I think I'll strangle you." (this was supposed to be a cute joke in the middle of foreplay, but after his previous treatment of her I fail to see the humor)"That's a filthy whore's trick!" (she tried to give him a blowjob)I need to throw bleach in my eyes now.

  • Naksed
    2018-10-13 21:30

    A historical romance with no historical accuracy whatsoever. Fine, I could have still liked it. But the book did not know what it wanted to be. It started out like a light farce similar to Lisa Kleypas' frothy confections. And it ended in a lugubrious, frankly distressing bodice-ripper, complete with rape/forced seduction, kidnapping, OW/OM drama, face slaps galore, and worse of all, (view spoiler)[a forced marriage followed immediately by the graphic miscarriage of a seven months baby. (hide spoiler)]I did not understand where the "love" from the title came into equation. Obsession, yes. Lust, for sure. The sex scenes between the protagonists were scorching hot but because of the extreme unlikeability of both of them (view spoiler)[H cheats on his wife with h, who by the way is his twenty years younger ward, while h selfishly manipulates an innocent man into marrying her so she can pass off H's baby as legitimate, to name but a few of their "qualities" (hide spoiler)], I could not stomach this "romance." Gross and offensive.

  • Bark
    2018-09-24 20:21

    This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense . Stop by and say hey.*There may be mild spoilers but everything I write about happens early on. I've left out the truly terrifying spoilers. You'll have to read the book yourself to discover them ;)This is an oldie, the original copyright says 1983, and I had my doubts that it would be one of those hidden gems but I read it anyway.You should probably know going in that things happen within this book that are not okay by me. There is some dubious consent, some unfair and ugly name calling, and some unpleasant slapping of all the cheeks. The hero is also a classic alpha-hole and the virginal heroine sees him as a stand-in daddy figure. Don't say I didn't warn you.I pretty much knew I wasn’t in for sweet and romantic very early on when the “hero” says, “I will do as I please and YOU will do as I please.”Believe him because he means it.Megan has been the ward of 36 year old Justin, Lord of Sexton or Weston or somesuch. Anyway, he is a big shot in society and has loads of money and power and pretty much had zero to do with orphaned Megan for the twelve years she has been his responsibility. He’s simply shipped her off to boarding schools and sent her an impersonal gift during holidays. Now she’s 17 and has been tossed out of school for the third time or so and has decided that she is not going back and is staying in one of Justin’s homes. He decides to finally take some action and deal with his defiant, violet eyed minx all by himself! But he’s not prepared for what he finds. He first spies her dancing like a hussy with his servants. He is ticked off and decides to take a bath before he fires everyone. It's then that she bursts into his room and spies his nakedness and feelings, well, they are awakened . . . She, apparently, grew up a whole bunch in the two years since he’s last bothered to see her and when they are forced to spend a lot of time together, for reasons, he simply can’t resist her lovely young flesh and seduces her. He is a virile man and he has needs, after all. This might be all well and good if he wasn’t married(!!) and an alpha-hole but he is who he is and naturally he lays the blame on her seductive little body. Even though he's old enough to be her dad and should know better. She freaks out when discovers he’s married and terrible things continue to happen until the very end of the book. It’s too bad Justin had such a magical manroot. Megan likely would’ve had a much easier time noticing his faults and moving along with her life if he had been a dud. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be and that body of hers continued to betray her wishes. The poor child.“You’re a little bitch.” Now some people may find those words seductive because this book gets five stars from many readers but I guess I am not one of them. It's only getting a 2 1/2 from me.This book made me crazy mad and was all kinds of wrong but I only have myself to blame because I kept reading it. Justin was a jealous, despicable beast and nothing anyone says in his defense will ever change my mind and, yes, I read it to the very end because I couldn't stop myself.I listened to this as an audiobook and the narrator was a guy that put on a snooty voice that suited Justin perfectly. I typically don’t enjoy male narrators in a romance but he even did okay with Megan’s voice too. If you must listen to this, I’d say listen to this version narrated by James Clamp.

  • Regan Walker
    2018-09-23 22:16

    Masterful Storytelling Kept me Reading Late Into the Night!Seduced by her guardian, Justin, Earl of Weston, at his estate in Ireland when she was 17, Megan Kindead is made to pay the price. And oh, how she pays. Though Justin was very aware his behavior was despicable, he “couldn’t help himself” and ruined her just the same. In return, the young innocent fell in love. Of course, he forgot to tell her one thing: he could not marry her as he was already married. Finding she is pregnant, Megan knows to give her child a name, she must wed and soon.Megan is a high-spirited young woman with courage and convictions. I loved her. Justin was an otherwise honorable nobleman who was obsessed with his ward. He would have her no matter the consequences, even making her his whore when he could not make her his wife. It’s a bodice ripper, oh yes, it is, and a very good one. Originally published in 1983 (the original cover which has so much more emotion), it is just as good today. The emotions are at times subtle, at times violent, but in all, believable. And the tension is non-stop. Robards is simply a master of this sort of romance and I count myself among her many fans. She always tells a great, lusty story. This book grabbed my attention and would not let me go. Though no date is given it seemed to be roughly set in the Regency era, and while there were some errors in forms of address and clothing color choices (a mauve “coming out” gown when it would have been white, and reference to a white wedding gown when it would have been a color), the story still gets full marks from me because these errors did not distract from what was a well-written, captivating story.

  • Cherise
    2018-10-13 00:36

    Didn't like the turn this story took, at all. The idea behind it was great and unusual for a historical and they were a sweet couple at first. Then all of a sudden you have the hero turning into a world class arse. If ever there was a hero that deserved a knee to the groin it was this guy. He must have called the heroine a bitch, slut, or some other equally horrible name at least 2 dozen times. When I finished the book I was disappointed that he was still breathing.

  • Elaine (BlissfullyBooked)♡
    2018-10-02 21:27

    Oh my god! I can't even begin to comprehend what type of pathetic book this was?! It was okay to write books with huge age differences back then but this?! THIS IS PLAIN PAEDOPHILE BEHAVIOUR. This hero (if he can be called that) used the word 'little girl' so many times I actually started believing the girl was of 10 years old, not 17! 'Kiss me back you little bitch or I'll take you right here and right now''You little bitch' x 721983 times. 'Little girl, you're too little' x every other sentence. I'm scarred badly. He made her loose her baby. He slapped her. He was married. Do you still want me to continue? I expected more from a author like Karen Robards, I know she is known for her weird plots, cruel heroes and heroine that suffer the misery of the world....but I am not the one for her books.

  • Fre06 Begum
    2018-10-16 20:27

    Oh man I love un-pc books with obsessed hero's!

  • Lynsey A
    2018-10-14 01:39

    This is classic Robards at her best and makes me sad for the recent stuff she's put out especially her latest, Shameless, which I found incessantly boring. This one on the other hand was quite the opposite. Wonderful, angst filled, heart wrenching story about a young woman in love with her guardian and said guardian in love with his young ward. Both Megan and Justin are strong willed people and they hurt each other as they work through the difficulties of their relationship.I wish that Karen Robards still wrote books like this. I really enjoyed this one and it is up there with my KR favorites, Morning Song and .(view spoiler)[There is a scene at the end when the hero slaps the heroine but let me assure you that the hero grovels very well and feels such torment over the incident of which he believes his slap caused. The scene where he proclaims his love to the heroine after losing their child made me cry. (hide spoiler)]I enjoyed this book and just wish her recent releases even came close to comparison. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • KatieV
    2018-10-12 20:19

    Overall 4.5 starsRe: the audio. James Clamp did a good job of narrating. I don't normally like men narrating romance, because their female voices always make me think of a big strapping woman with 'man hands'. Of course, some females do an equally poor job with the males. YMMV, I'm sure.The story was nice and 'forbidden', which was what I was looking for. As her ward, the H legally had all the power of a father over the heroine. Plus he was almost 20yrs older than she. Then there's the tiny little fact that he's already married. I normally wouldn't read something with a already-married H, but I could swallow it here. The H hadn't had sex with his wife in years and that's how she wanted it. It would have been different had she been pining away for him, but she couldn't have cared less. As far as she was concerned he could have all the mistresses he wanted as long as he was discreet and left her alone. The only thing she wanted was his title/money.I really did like the h. She wasn't perfect, but she was 17 and sheltered and she acted like it. Robards really made you feel her loneliness and pain at having had no one in her life who cared for her. I'm still not sure who she was though. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. I took it that she was an orphaned 5yr old on the H's Irish estate when he took her on as a ward. There was some hint that he may have had something going on with her mother, but well after the h was born.Meagan may have been reckless in how she pursued the romance with Justin, but she was desperate for love and attention AND she didn't know about the Countess. Yes, some have said that's hard to swallow and I agree it was unrealistic. However, within the context of the story, I have no doubt that Meagan did not know and that's what is important to me.The first half was a little slow to me at times and I'd rate it a 3.5. It was your basic people falling in love with 'seemingly' no great conflict aside from the H being much older and feeling he should be a father figure not a lover. Of course, at that time a 17yr old and a 36yr old wasn't that unheard of. We do know that Justin has a wife and he knows more is at stake, but that's all conveniently pushed under the rug for the time being. The H does give the h a slight spanking (3 whacks) at one point, so that was kinda kinky (or completely DNW depending on your point of view). But, oh, the last half was filled with crazy and that's what I came here for :) Justin goes nuts once Meagan tries to find a husband within the Ton. She still loves him, but has to convince him she wants to marry another because she's pregnant and knows Justin will not allow her to marry if he knows. She chooses the child over Justin and I respected her for that. She knew Justin would keep her and the child in luxury, but the child would still be a bastard and that was a huge thing at the time. (view spoiler)[ Like her, I never thought it would be so relatively simple for the H to get an annulment (it took him 4-5 months). In fact, he'd never mentioned the possibility. He did mention divorce, but the reader and the h were led to believe this was a long shot and could take years to accomplish - years she didn't have due to the pregnancy. When the H returns to the isolated Welsh manor where he had essentially imprisoned Meagan during her pregnancy, I expected him to deliver the news of a tragic accident, illness, etc that had conveniently gotten the Countess out of the picture. But nope, he got an annulment. No convenient pianos falling from the sky. I was a little surprised. (hide spoiler)]The last half was a 5 for me, thus the overall 4.5 I gave to the book. However, that's because I wanted a bodice ripper with a healthy dose of crazy and angst. The H is very unlikeable in much of the latter half. He rapes the h several times (to me it was more of a hardcore forced seduction). Little Meagan just couldn't control that traitorous 'inner goddess'. Even when he was being rough and calling her cruel names (slut, whore, bitch) she was still helplessly melting for him. I really wish she'd have at least pretended indifference once, dude needed a little more guilt piled onto his side of the ledger. *evil grin* He also abducts her, holds her prisoner, and slaps her once - and I won't even get into that scene as it's a HUGE plot point. This was my first Robards, but definitely won't be my last.

  • KarenH
    2018-10-05 22:16

    Nobody does taboo romance like Karen Robards, and on this "re-read" I listened to the audiobook. Excellent story of a 17-yr-old girl/woman who is at first infatuated with and then becomes the lover of her guardian...her 35-yr-old, married guardian.One of my top five all-time favorite historical romances!

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2018-09-26 22:41

    This was my first Karen Robards and I really liked it! It was chock-full of angst (and for those of you who read my reviews know I LOVE). For a while there, the hot and cold that Justin was doing was driving me crazy, but I think that was more him trying to fight his feelings for Megan. And Megan. Megan. Megan. Megan. For her to be an innocent 17 year old, she was quick to pick up that tears could get her almost anything with Justin and she was manipulative. But you know what? Her manipulativeness and his angry-ness worked to make a wonderfully angst filled story that kept my attention and even made me cry.

  • gina~*
    2018-10-12 19:27

    There couldnt be a more descriptive title than 'Forbidden Love' When I first picked this one up I thought the premise was creepy but I think thats what makes it so great. Robards just pushes it further and further. Karen Robards is probably my favorite author.. i wish she would write more historicals!!!!

  • Shari Kay
    2018-10-19 02:40

    nope (view spoiler)[cheating and unlikable characters (hide spoiler)]

  • Amy
    2018-10-12 00:40

    I actually loved this book sooooo much, and I'm really surprising myself when I find the more I think about it and re-read it in my head, the more I love it! At first I thought it was so weird how he's 36 and she's 17 when they first sleep together and fall in love, but as I read on, I thought (for some still unidentifiable reason) that it was amazing, I just don't understand why, and the fact that he is so much older than her, gives me a strange feeling inside me that like I said, I can't identify!!! -.- I absolutely adored the Hero and Heroine though, although at times I wanted to cry. He loved her so much that he became obsessive and cruel, and she loved him so much she tried to run away from him! I actually did cry throughout the whole of the last 2 chapters or so, it was devastating. But the ending is wonderful. ♥

  • Susan (the other Susan)
    2018-09-21 00:41

    Um, okay, this is uncomfortable. I can recall thinking this book was incredibly sexy when I first read it, but I was dumb as a box of rocks back then, I'm all grown up now and find the whole premise creepy. The heroine is hardly more than a fetus, and her abuser aka "love interest" is her guardian. Humbert Humbert in "Lolita" is Atticus Finch compared to this rapey jackass.

  • Amy
    2018-09-30 01:36

    It's always such a disappointment to see old, outdated romance novels like this republished with nice, new covers. This one features repeated child rape and Stockholm syndrome. If this male character committed these acts in modern America, he would be facing multiple enhanced felonies. Karen Robards has written many good books; this is not one of them.

  • Christine
    2018-10-16 02:31

    Seventeen-year-old child (who really acts like one) and her much older (I'm guessing twice her age) married guardian. Ew.

  • Vintage
    2018-10-13 23:29

    Should have listened to my fellow respected reviewers.Tropey romance a la bodice ripper with an arrogant, older man seducer and a YOUNG and naive duped and abused heroine.

  • Ivy H
    2018-09-19 02:22

    I must be a sick puppy but I did love this novel. The H was married to a frigid, uncaring gold digger and the heroine was his teenage ward and it was totally politically incorrect but it was so damn riveting. The hero was totally obsessed with the heroine Meagan and she played her little flirtatious games with him until they eventually started having sex. The part I hated was that Justin had never told Meagan about his wife. He showed a total disregard for her feelings and for her sense of propriety. She's just 18 after all and maybe she was hoping he would marry her, then she goes and finds out that he has a witch for a wife. Then the inevitable pregnancy happens and Meagan hides it from Justin while trying to find a patsy of a husband so her child will not be born a bastard. Justin's quickie annulment from his wife made me a bit angry with him, because I wondered why the hell it took him years to get one. Apparently, the impending birth of his heir was just the catalyst he needed. I enjoyed the great drama, tension, sexy MC's with hot burning chemistry and a great old fashioned bodice ripper of a tale. I did wish the author had killed off the frigid wife though. The woman was just such a useless leech on Justin and the reason for so much unnecessary pain.

  • Maryann
    2018-09-19 01:43

    Why?! Why Karen why?!?! Don't get me wrong, the ward-guardian relationship didn't put me off, nor did the age difference. Admittedly, when the blurb told me our charming earl was married while he was getting it on with his ward (Woody Allen imagery), I held off from reading the novel. It was my love for Karen Robards work that got me turning the first page nervously and I was pleasantly surprised that I was gunning for Justin (earl) and Megan (ward) to work. Even though he was married since his wife was a greedy evil piece of shit, even the pope would have rushed to divorce them out of sympathy for him.Good plot, with a strong female lead and the typical Robards sexy hot tempered macho man male lead.Their relationship was believable, their growing attraction for each other realistic but then, Justin became a certified a-hole.What happened Karen???(Spoiler alert)Not only did he stoop down to slut-shaming, he turned into a rapist! What???? The plot flattened on its face when Robards sang the "she means yes when she says no" rape theme during that terrible scene after Megan's kidnapping. I couldn't believe what I was reading. This is not love, nor was it sexy and if this hadn't been fictional, dammit I was going to file a police report!Disgusted and frustrated, I couldn't believe the plot could dwindle so badly in those last few pages when Justin turned abusive (okay fine, so it was a sissy slap. Still abuse!) Somewhere towards the end, as if to salvage what was left of Justin's character, we got to see our male lead vulnerable, spilling his heart out to Charles (I thought he was a butler or servant. Why was Justin sharing his feelings with the servant? Did their friendship change drastically during those months of solitude from sex?) And how was he able to divorce his wife so quickly? There was a priest at the wedding, which probably meant Justin was Catholic...was divorce permitted at that time? Or was he Anglican?And even if he was, that was one hell of a quick divorce.Anyway, apart form the technicalities, why hadn't Justin grovelled and begged for forgiveness? Ridiculous!All in all, three stars because Robards writes so vividly and keeps us spellbound to her stories, I couldn't possibly read another badly written young adult novel after this without wincing. Two stars subtracted because Justin turned into a douche-bag and Megan put up with it like a good little school girl. Terrible.

  • Usagi77777772003 Chi
    2018-10-09 20:22

    4.5 Stars actuallyLoved everything about the story as it had so much emotion, passion, and angst, exactly what I wished for in a romance. Of course, the H's obsession for the h constantly tugged at my heartstrings, esp. his crazed jealousy/anguish when she made him think her feelings for him were only a school-girl crush and that she wished to marry another. Boy oh boy, him kidnapping her to prevent her marriage and his demonic need to drive all thoughts of the other guy from her mind were my favorite parts of the book. His palpable hate/love for her causing him to lose complete control of his sanity really squeezed my heart. I really love emotional romances like this the most -ones that have the power to evoke emotions from me. Wish more romances today can have even half the level of passion/risk/tension/intensity this one's got. The only thing I didn't like was the last portion of the book where the focus shifted to her pregnancy and the cold war btw the characters. I've always hated pregancies/babies in a romance because they always cut off the tension/intensity btw the main couple. That's what's stopping me from giving it 5 stars. But still, it's a solid 4.5 stars since the majority of the book was so good.

  • ZainPrincess
    2018-10-07 18:32

    I don't know if I like this story or hate it so I m not going to rate it at all..The beginning was really nice I was wondering why most of the reviews I read hated this story but after 50 or ao percent later I started understanding.. The Girl/Heroine wanted to be loved, to be cared for she was like a typical 17 year olds wanted parties to dance have gifts. I don't even want to talk about the hero(I DON'T EVEN WANT TO CALL HIM A HERO) what a BASTARD I don't know how any one can love this kind of creature..When the herione lost her baby I was crying and shaking so bad, My God..

  • Grey Rzeznik
    2018-09-20 01:29

    Yeah yeah. I know it's a rooomance novel, but it stands out as one that I've actually kept all these years. It's fairly predictable but that didn't keep me from sucked into the story. Then again, I'm no literary snot; I read what I like regardless of the genre. I only base a work's value by whether or not it entertained, enlightened, or fascinated, be it a younger crowd's book or something with a heavy bite to it.This definitely held my attention and had characters that made me invest emotionally in their plight.

  • Reverie
    2018-10-05 00:33

    Forbidden Love is the opposite scenario of On The Island (by Garves-Graves, Tracy), without the deserted island bit . The plot and writing, within the first part of this book was good, but it started going downhill from there; the heroine and hero's motivations behind their actions/in-actions are completely laughable, some questionable passionate scenes (bordering on rape), and to top it off, Robards decides to throw in some Chris Brown inspired crazy moments.

  • FlibBityFLooB
    2018-10-09 00:19

    This one was a bit more on the taboo-side of romances and was quite dark at times. I will say that I didn't really buy into the 'romantic' aspects of the story, but it was an immensely readable book that captured my full attention for a Sunday afternoon :)

  • Ilze
    2018-10-14 02:24

    Pure tripe. He's more than twice her age at the time of the story, he's her guardian (and she's a minor - 17), he's married, he hits her, he rapes her, he abducts her from her engagement and prevents her marriage just because he's jealous. And the less said about her, the better.

  • Nina (Minou)
    2018-10-08 18:25

    I saw "forbidden". I'm ashamed to say I couldn't stop myself from buying it.

  • Tropical Sorbet
    2018-09-30 23:17


  • Poschina
    2018-09-29 22:24

    Questo è chiaramente un libro definibile come “Lammerda che piace” perchè è un coacervo di situazioni irritanti, personaggi immaturi, sborrate epiche in vagina non curandosi delle conseguenze e, soprattutto, c’è il Personaggio Femminile più irritante della Storia dei Personaggi Femminili, e per par condicio il Personaggio Maschile più Immaturo della Storia dei Personaggi Maschili….MA, piace. Cioè, tu sai che è una merdata e che la scrittrice mentre lo scriveva ti perculava preventivamente e si faceva grassissime risate alle tue spalle, e nonostante tutto, senti dentro di te l’imperativo di finirlo.Ho creato per questo capolavoro dell’assurdo una nuova categoria chiamata “Maalox Plus” perchè solo drogandoti di questo medicinale riuscirai ad arrivare senza nefaste conseguenze alla fine del libro.Ma andiamo con ordine. Justin è un trentaseienne rampante, fighissimo, scopatore seriale di donne di dubbio gusto, ed esasperato da quella grandissima cagacazzo della sua pupilla, la quale continua a scappare o a farsi espellere dai prestigiosi istituti in cui lui la segrega pur di non averla tra le palle.Dopo l’ennesima espulsione o roba simile, la va a raccattare nella remota tenuta ad inculandia nella quale si era rifugiata per cercare di internarla da qualche parte, solo che un piccolo imprevisto gli impedisce di rispedirla a scuola.Il piccolo imprevisto si chiama “Verga Turgida”. MaaloxEbbene sì, appena la vede il suo regale uccello si indurisce tutto e non c’è verso di mandarlo giù nemmeno pensando ai micini morti. La nostra ex bambina capricciosa ed insopportabile è divenuta, crescendo, una giovane diciassettenne bellissima e anche un po’ vacca, cosa che capiamo subito perchè ha un indice di civetteria pari a mille. Maaloxcontinua su

  • Babette Brown
    2018-10-19 20:34

    Vomitevole *36 anni contro 17, un tutore e una pupilla, un uomo sposato e una ragazzina: vi basta?Justin non è un uomo, è un predatore e il suo comportamento è quasi sempre imperdonabile dall’inizio alla fine e non vale l’unica giustificazione che può addurre: l’attrazione irresistibile per una minorenne che travolge lui, come tanti altri uomini non giovanissimi. Secondo me, meriterebbe di finire in galera e venire dimenticato lì.Megan, da parte sua, è giovane e inesperta e non sa che è sposato, almeno all’inizio (particolare inverosimile a dir poco). Poi cerca di trovare una via d’uscita, sia pure non correttissima, ma un po’ più verosimile del lieto fine abborracciato dall’autrice.Un romanzo davvero poco adatto agli storici Mondadori: il vero amore non è questo!(Teresa Siciliano)