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UNCERTAIN VISIONFor a twentieth-century man, Conrad Stargard had done a lot in thirteenth-century Poland. In just nine years, he had "discovered" universal education, aircraft, radios, steamboats, and machine guns. More important, he had prepared Poland to defeat the bloodthirsty Mongols in 1241.But now that the Mongol hordes had arrived, something was disturbing the flowUNCERTAIN VISIONFor a twentieth-century man, Conrad Stargard had done a lot in thirteenth-century Poland. In just nine years, he had "discovered" universal education, aircraft, radios, steamboats, and machine guns. More important, he had prepared Poland to defeat the bloodthirsty Mongols in 1241.But now that the Mongol hordes had arrived, something was disturbing the flow of history. Even the Time Masters who secretly watched over Conrad couldn't predict his future, because they no longer even knew their own past . . ....

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The Flying Warlord Reviews

  • Matthew Esham
    2018-10-26 18:59

    Come people, a trend downward from the first three books (on goodreads)? This as the best so far!!!Who couldn't love the scene where the mongol ambassador comes and asks for the young Duke to bow down, and to show how feirce they are, seveal of the mongols cut their own throats. Conrad asks if another would do it, and another, and the mongol ambassador gets mad, asking what he is tryign to do. Conrad's reply is that if he can get them all to cut their down damn throats, he's got nothing to worry about. And then, Krystyana duels one naked, playing with her prey before dispatching him.That leads into the horse "race" as Conrad escorts them away on Anna and a group of others mounted on "Big People". And then everything ends in a glorious battle on the rivers as they try to keep the mongols out of Poland. I guess there is something about fighting a losing battle that appeals to me. The few versus the many against horrible odds. Overall, if you like cheesy sci fi this is a great book for you.And best of all, Baen finally fixed the MOBI issue so I was able to get it onto my kindle.

  • JonathanMcGaha
    2018-11-15 18:09

    Well, we finally got to the Mongols.Alright, so, this isn't a history book so we'll just leave aside any and all criticism of how the Mongolian tactics are presented because Frankowski's version is laughable.Apparently Mongolians just line up along a river bank to die by the hundreds of thousands. Sure, in some places (about six, maybe eight) they were building boat bridges, but in most places they were just... standing there shooting arrows at armored ships and making no effort whatsoever to advance. Just... standing there, dying in droves. You know, like Mongols did. Stood around. They did it all the time. Ok, so we'll leave aside MOST criticism of the "history."Conrad "Mary Sue" Stargard faced war, in fact his first experience with close-quarters fighting and hails of arrows, utterly fearlessly. Because either the author doesn't know how to write emotion (which he doesn't) or the author doesn't know how to write complexity in the human character (which he doesn't). Ol' Leo can write about smelting all day, but human empathy is a foreign country.Frankowski's hilarious, almost contemptuous depiction of the female human remains intact, with the standard absence of mention of women unless it's negative or stereotypical. Conrad has a single-paragraph interaction with a "Captainess" (no, I'm not making that up, Leo wrote gendered military ranks as if an Army officer were a stewardess) in which the poor little woman was "cracking up" (Leo's words) before the battle even started. Conrad suspected he might have to replace her.We'll never know, BECAUSE THAT'S THE LAST TIME SHE'S MENTIONED IN THE ENTIRE BOOK. It's a throw-away, just another opportunity to show how pathetic women are.Oh, also it's possible to sneak NINE THOUSAND MEN out of a Polish Army camp with only one sentry noticing.Frankowski's warfare description lacks any and all intrigue and passion, and I never felt that the Polish people were in any true danger whatsoever. Conrad's Christian Army of Christ and Christianness (and a few stinky Moslems, but only because Conrad didn't have time to argue) took casualties, but over a million Mongols died in four pages.Fortunately, if you sit down and read with focus, you can get through this book in an afternoon. Otherwise, I'd be upset at the wasted time.Two more to go, then I can give these books back to my friend and my promise to read them will have been kept.

  • Arthur
    2018-11-02 11:12

    The culmination of the original plotline and the book where it all comes together. The changing of narrative styles and essentially going fast-forward for the last 5 years was a pretty major departure in style from the previous 3 books. Unlike more "modern" series that never seem to end and reach a conclusion to their original premise, though, this book wraps up most of the original premise. This book has very little characterization and feels more like reading a history book in places. But it's an INTERESTING history and it's quite satisfying to see all the work that Conrad and others have done in the previous books all come together.The one major exception, in my opinion, to the lack of characterization, was the end of Count Lambert. His end was equal parts heroic, exasperating, and just plain stupid...and it totally matched the character and the way he lived. Brilliant.Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

  • Garrisonjames
    2018-11-17 11:16

    Part of the series by Mr. Frankowski. Excellent engineering details, some fun time travel shenanigans, a good bit of military adventure and a protagonist who is a lot of fun to read about, despite his personal foibles. Conrads' preparations to survive and fight against the impending invasion by the Mongol Horde are an incredible journey of technological innovation, social reaction and interpersonal development that is a lot of fun to read about. There is some old fashioned sexism in the protagonists' viewpoints, and the author does lecture on some things here and there much in the way that Heinlein or Piper and others have done...but overall this is an excellent series and is well worth the reading.

  • beancounter
    2018-11-03 12:13

    The role of women in this series always leaves me conflicted 'long about Book 4. (This is my second or third read through the series.) On one hand, for a modern-day fellow, the protagonist has really sexist ideas of what women are good for. On the other hand, he is living in the 13th c., where such ideas were prevalent, yet he does give them many more opportunities than before. And as a woman who has read (and liked) everything Heinlein ever wrote, it's not as if I'm a stranger to that author's dichotomous attitude about the capabilities of women.

  • Bryan457
    2018-10-30 13:54

    I love books that take a character and move him out of his time and place such as A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, or The Chronicles of Narnia. This is one of my favorites. I love the world building. I could do without all the sex with nubile young women, but I'm not offended by it. Time for Conrad and his army of radiant warriors to fight the mongols.

  • Matt
    2018-10-27 12:11

    This book was just as good as the first 3. The higher rating that I'm giving this book is meant to apply to the series as a whole. Individually they are all 3 stars. But as a whole, I'm giving the series 4 stars.

  • Howard
    2018-11-05 14:02


  • Paul L
    2018-10-18 11:21


  • Timothy Boyd
    2018-11-17 18:00

    Incredibly good series. The baisc man-out-of-time story line but very involved. Excellent characters and story. Highly recommended.

  • Geldar
    2018-11-07 14:16

    What's up with this Leo Frankowski guy?

  • Suprio
    2018-10-26 10:58


  • Bill
    2018-11-01 12:16

    The Mongols finally arrive and the defense of Europe is in the balance.

  • John
    2018-10-23 18:00

    On to number 5

  • MB (What she read)
    2018-10-22 13:07

    Finally! The Mongols get their come-uppance! And WHAT a comeuppance! That was enjoyable. However the misogyny and brain-less female characters are getting to me...