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Are you currently going through an existential crisis? No longer satisfied with the direction your extramarital affair is going? Are you looking for meaning in timesharing someone who is unavailable to you? Do you seek to enhance awareness, freedom, and self-direction in home wreaking, or just an inconsiderate bitch of dubious sexual practices that is willing to take careAre you currently going through an existential crisis? No longer satisfied with the direction your extramarital affair is going? Are you looking for meaning in timesharing someone who is unavailable to you? Do you seek to enhance awareness, freedom, and self-direction in home wreaking, or just an inconsiderate bitch of dubious sexual practices that is willing to take care of someone else's partner when they can't or won't?The Sidepiece Handbook is a provocative, unhinged, and down-right sassy, how-to guide that provides support for the other woman (known as the sidepiece), who want to feel comfortable using men for money the same way men use them for extramarital activities. Real sidepieces have no desire to be the wives or main girlfriends and are perfectly okay with their positions wanting nothing more than to have fun. Written by infidelity analyst and author toniwo, this devilishly funny, straight-talk literary presentation offers creative and resourceful advice on how to be the best sidepiece with the least amount of dignity and the most bravado. This guide will help the reader discover the do's and don'ts of being a good sidepiece, offers vital information on which states in the U.S. the wife can legally sue the sidepiece for alienating the affection of her man and tips on how to be a sidepiece of gold-digging standard. If you need help redefining the meaning of your life as a sidepiece, wife or cheater, looking to empower yourself as a sidepiece of gold-digging standard or a wife searching for understanding of the sidepiece mentality, then The Sidepiece Handbook can help you in your quest of lower level consciousness....

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The Sidepiece Handbook Reviews

  • Ros Carter
    2018-10-09 13:42

    An interesting take on being a mistresses. I liked it and it was a quick read.

  • Roslyn Carpenter
    2018-09-29 19:26

    First of all...hahahahaha....This book is too much.It is a great book. READ IT. Then READ IT AGAIN. It will make you reflect your relationship and how you handle it whether you are the other woman or the wife. If you're an open person who doesn't blame everything on everyone else and can take accountability for the role you also play sometimes, you will find this book to be a gem.So, where do I start? First, I really thought there was a book that teaches you how to be the other woman. It is just the opposite. But the information is priceless. I was totally unaware there are states that you can sue the other woman and the way the author breaks down the levels of "sidepieces" is genius. I wish I would have read this years ago before my divorce. However, I'm now single again and back on the dating scene not really knowing how unapologetic these women can be and how disrespectful the man can be if you don't know who you are, what you want and what you will put up with.I realized after I read this fact that I displayed sidepiece behavior and even found myself in an accidental sidepiece situation. I didn't ask the right questions because my ex-husband was the only man I had ever dealt with in a romantic way. But my goodness, I am armed with some funny, extreme knowledge on keeping myself from falling into traps.This is a must read. Not knowing you worth is how one can get caught up in these situations. You will be able to see the red flags but most importantly for me, I WAS ABLE TO SEE THE MISTAKES I WAS MAKING AND THE PART I PLAYED WHICH IS PRICELESS!!This book will make you laugh and it will also make you cringe thinking on situations that you know you should have never allowed. It made me reflect on my failed marriage, every dating scenario I've experienced lately and to stop putting up with things out of loneliness and insecurity. My intent is to never be a sidepiece and after reading this book I felt empowered and determined to learn from my mistakes moving forward. Good job!

  • Lavell Banner
    2018-10-03 14:39

    From a man's perspective on this book, I purchased this and gifted several of these books because my wife and met the author at an event. We got into a conversation about a female co-worker of my wife’s who is involved with a married man. The discussion, was as hilarious as this book. The book had an interesting twist on some basic knowledge and how we view these “extra” relationships. She had terminology, categories of sidepieces and really fun facts about being the Sidepiece. This was an exceptionally in your face material on how infidelity begins and ends with the cheater. She rebukes excuses about being a victim of the cheater because even though the cheater leaves a window of opportunity open to cheat, ultimately the sidepiece makes the final decision in if she will cheat with him. I love how the author admits her own sidepiece situation, the great thing is she learned from her mistake and took responsibility for it. With content that compares sidepieces to roaches, to branding sidepiece skills, to accepting the side baby to what to do when a good sidepiece goes bad, the author touched on many aspects when it comes to affairs. Although there were a lot of funny moments, the information was undeniable. The author frequently repeats her effective slogan that all affairs have an expiration date. The book continues to spell out that sidepieces are not victims. This book reads easily and quickly and will offer a broad range of observations which are beneficial to its target audience with one message that is clear from the author, if you meet someone and they are in a committed relationship but willing to cheat, run, if you don’t want to be a sidepiece, but if you are going to be a sidepiece, be a damn good one, and don’t expect to come out of the situation without some battle scars.

  • Laverne Bandalino
    2018-10-11 17:40

    What I thought was a ratched book about how to be a sidepiece turned into a lesson on how to own your truth and strive for something better. The book was gifted to me as I began to venture back into the dating world after being cheated on. I sorta thought this was a cruel way of my friends making me face what happened to me by attempting to understand the other woman involved. Instead, I found a funny, insightful, informative and quick read. I can't describe how hard I laughed through my tears. The author is clear on several things, this is definitely not a how-to be a sidepiece, but understanding that whatever you do, the choices are yours, own it and accept the consequences of your actions. She even broke down the levels of sidepieces in the Hierachy of Whoredom, described sidepieces as Homewreaking Operatives or H.O. for short. I just didn't know what to expect. There were parts in the book because of what I went through, that touched me in a way I didn't want to be touched but I recommend anyone that has been cheated on to read this book as therapy. The Sidepiece Handbook helped me laugh at a situation that can be incredibly painful. The author's insight on cheating is just something I wasn't expecting.

  • BeBe Capisiana
    2018-09-27 13:46

    Excellent read! This book will help you guide yourself on even if you are not a other woman. It actually helps to identify behaviors that might make you realize your importance and priority in your significant or insignificant other's life. It contains real situations but puts such a ridiculous twist on a painful situation that it really does make you start to look at the relationship or better yet situation-ship for what it is. If you are not getting what you need or the other person isn't making you a priority, then its time to take a hard look at who you are with and why you are with them. I especially love how the author breaks down the types and categories of the sidepiece. It is absolutely hilarious! The author uses lots of humor to tackle a very painful topic, infidelity. She is clear about everyone owning up to there choices and not give away anything that you will want back. The case studies, OMG! They are so crazy. This is book that you can have so much fun with but learn so much about who you are and what you will deal with. BRAVO!

  • Harlow Winston
    2018-09-30 15:53

    Found this little gem after listening to a podcast that featured the author. The interview was hilarious and insightful which made me want to purchase a copy. OMG! The Sidepiece Handbook is a laugh out loud funny guide on the wrong way to be the other woman. The author talked about how drunk she was when she was writing it, made me get an alcohol buzz reading it. What's great is that she gave some really great information about how to handle being the other woman through branding, being unapologetic almost rude. The advice is so funny...and terrible. Its obvious through the sarcasm the author is not a fan of the other woman but she encourages them by discouraging them. This author is one to watch.

  • Reese Cannon
    2018-09-22 14:41

    The book is hilarious and so on point. Just saw an article about a man in NC that was granted permission to pursue a lawsuit against his wife's lover and the book actually addressed it. I had no idea, I really thought the author was making it up.

  • Joyce Bingham
    2018-09-19 18:34

    I liked it. Pretty funny.

  • Morality St
    2018-10-13 11:35

    First of all, I am a fan of this cute little author. I first encountered her at an airport almost 10 years ago on my way to Atlanta. She was a very warm, entertaining person and gave me a copy of her first book, That's What You Get For Running With Scissors, and the rest is history. I have followed her career and over the years she has given me advice and encouragement when I expressed I was interested in writing. So my heart was delighted to know she had finally written another book, The Sidepiece Handbook.I am thrilled with this book! Petra's sense of humor and keen insight, as well as her first-hand experience, opened my eyes to a lot of things. She isn't out to bash women or men who find themselves in this situation but urges you to go in with open eyes and an open mind. She makes it clear that she doesn't condone extramarital affairs, but she does admit that it's not for everyone. This book is for all, those of you that are in an affair has been, never been, or those that are thinking about it. All that read this book can appreciate Petra's honesty and her sense of humor throughout the book;l and her ability to put it all in a book that's made for good reading.toniwo is very detailed & forthcoming about her own experiences, so although I have never had an affair, her testimony, insight, and humor gave you a great sense of what it is like to be a "sidepiece." The lessons, the side notes and all the humorous drunken banter (according to toniwo) were only a disguise for thought-provoking revelations, eye-opening testimonies, and well-researched information. I can read it over and over again and never get tired of it. You will not regret buying this book! I know I didn't. Great read toniwo.

  • Kyle Jones
    2018-10-20 15:29

    I absolutely love this book! Its insightful, funny, well thought out and full of some interesting information. The author uses lots of satire to put the information out. She gives definitions and really researched the topics of the other woman. The author's message was very clear, be responsible and if you are going to be a "sidepiece," make it worth your while.

  • Charles Grable
    2018-10-18 15:54

    The book was great, really funny.

  • Joyner Roxbury
    2018-09-27 19:44

    When he said, "I'm married, but..." I should have had this book. I was swept off my feet by a man who spoke to my heart, took me on island vacations, and made me laugh. Just like the author describes it in the book, I felt like our heartbeats were one. But he was married and made promise after broken promised. He was like my drug. I was actually embarrassed when my friends found out that he was married. I was swirling in confusion, the battle between my head and my heart. But I didn't own my choice. And found myself becoming obsessed with his life away from me. I looked up everything about his wife and made myself into a mad woman. I finally came to my senses and walked away from the situation. I was sad and I miss him tremendously.So I started reading this book, I realize how ridiculous the entire affair was. The author in a very humorous way points out how crazy it is to be involved with someone who was never yours, to begin with. I love how she presented information in a way that appeared to be a teaching tool but absolutely hilarious. It truly is a point of reference and when I start to feel like going back, I have highlighted areas in the handbook to point out where I am being stupid, own my shit and keep looking forward. Lots of emphasis on these relationships having an expiration date. I love it!

  • John Rennox
    2018-09-23 14:48

    This book really helped me realize that being in this type of relationship was not healthy, logical, and so on. I realized, with the help of the book, that being in love with a married man was not what I wanted to be or where I wanted to be. Great book if you are just starting in a relationship with a married man and want the real facts about the relationship prior to getting in too deep!

  • Felicity Moon
    2018-10-15 11:30

    Let's just say the author has led a rather interesting perception on infidelity. A real page turner...once you start reading it, you won't put it down.

  • Alex Grayfield
    2018-10-15 19:26

    Very fun read. This author is on her way.

  • Jim Rosen
    2018-10-12 13:36

    Note to the author...raise your price on the book. You put a lot of work and research in this book don't sell it short or cheap. Honestly, I wasn't really interested in reading it, but it was informative and entertaining. I look for more from this author.

  • Brad Branson
    2018-09-25 16:43

    Very good book. Author did lots of research

  • toniwo toniwo
    2018-10-06 12:33