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Miniature artist Ian Meyers has one week to rebuild his damaged set. Needing help, he goes to End o’ Earth, the local comic and gaming shop. Owner Simon Derry pushes all of Ian’s buttons, and he also has steady hands and the skills Ian needs.Before they can even grab a beer, Ian meets Lydia Derry, Simon’s wife. If Ian had any interest in women, he’d suggest a threesome, buMiniature artist Ian Meyers has one week to rebuild his damaged set. Needing help, he goes to End o’ Earth, the local comic and gaming shop. Owner Simon Derry pushes all of Ian’s buttons, and he also has steady hands and the skills Ian needs.Before they can even grab a beer, Ian meets Lydia Derry, Simon’s wife. If Ian had any interest in women, he’d suggest a threesome, but then Simon explains that he and Lydia are polyamorous, and if Ian wants Simon, neither of them will complain. If anything, Lydia encourages the relationship.Ian’s all in, and it’s fantastic working with Simon to piece together his set and then take each other apart at night. His friendship with Lydia grows too. The only problem is, the more time he spends with Simon, the more he wants everything Simon already has with Lydia: A house. A cat. A commitment. So Ian runs, and shatters the trust he has with them both—right when they need him the most. Piecing their relationships back together might prove harder than a smashed set....

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Outside the Lines Reviews

  • Ele
    2018-09-27 03:30

    *4.5 stars*When I saw that cover my first thought was that everyone on it looks so happy. After reading this, I can verify that. This cover is like a snapshot in time, a picture of how this story ended. The chapters of this book are bursting with so much hapiness and love !The thing is that, most of the time, poly non-monogamous relationships get bad representation or no representation at all. " ethics, unrealistic, excuse for cheating, slut, no values..." is what I mostly hear. NO! Now, this is not my orientation but I can only imagine how hurtful it must be for poly people.Outside the Lines is focused on Ian, Wolf Landing's miniature artist, and Simon, the owner of a local game shop, and it is told from both POVs. Lydia is Simon's wife, and an amazing character overall. Ian is gay, and he's not attracted to Lydia, at least not sexually. But I'm not kidding when I say that my favorite part of the book was Ian and Lydia's relationship.This is not exactly a triad/ threesome, but when Ian gets scared, he hurts both Simon and Lydia. When he runs, he breaks Simon and Lydia's trust. And he'll have to go through both of them to come back. The sex between Simon and Ian is sizzling, they have great chemistry in and out of bed. At first, I was a little iffy about the insta-love aspect (because lets face it, a week is too soon), but it made sense and was very consistent with Simon's character, who didn't like casual but formed strong emotional connections.I really liked the writing. Anna Zabo's voice is very distinct. They 're actually one of the few authors I can identify just by reading their prose, and who can use just a few nouns to describe a whole freaking scene!In the end, what won me over is all the emotions. The level of trust in Simon and Lydia's marriage, the openness, the communication, the inclusion, the friendship between Ian and Lydia. There is just!I know that this type of story is not a lot of people's first choice. I still hope readers give it a chance. Recommended!-Review posted on Gay Book Reviews-

  • Cat Sebastian
    2018-09-20 03:49

    I adored this book. Like, adored doesn't even begin to cover it. All three main characters have their stuff mainly together, but their lives are improved and enriched by having one another. I loved Simon and Lydia's marriage: they communicate well, support one another, have awesome boundaries, and you can see why they love one another, like one another, and work as a couple. There's never any doubt that they'll stay together and be fine even if things with Ian didn't work out. This felt safe and good and right. YAY. I really need to say: I LOVE LYDIA. She's a comic book illustrator who does fan art on the side and (view spoiler)[ watching her and Ian fall platonically in love basically made me want to claw my face off with happiness.(hide spoiler)] I'd happily have read an entire novella of her making dinner.

  • Jewel
    2018-10-20 22:41

    4.5 StarsOutside the Lines just became one my favorite books of the year. I was pulled into the story from page one and I loved every moment I spent reading. Every moment.I knew from the beginning that I would adore Simon. He's a geek and loveable and just the kind of person that I would fall for in real life. Lydia, too, for that matter. They were both such amazing characters from the start.​I've always found polyamory to be very interesting. Whose to say that love must be confined to just one other person. Love is limitless and when it's allowed to flourish, I think it is a beautiful thing, no matter what society might say. ​That's not to say that poly relationships are easy. I'm sure they're not. Communication is so important and easy to mess up. Relationships between two people can be difficult; add a third into the mix and you had better be good at talking about everything. ​I loved the dynamic created with Lydia, Simon, and Ian. Lydia and Simon are very secure with each other and very comfortable with the idea of developing relationships with people outside their marriage. Simon has a harder time forming relationships but not because of jealousy or anything like that, but because Simon needs an emotional connection to go along with sex​ and he tends to feel awkward in social situations​. But when he falls, he falls fast. ​Meeting Ian was like getting hit by a train and the fact that Ian was interested, too, was like sunshine at midnight.​This is the first polyamory story I've read where not all 3 parties have a physical relationship​ with each other​. It very much rang true. I never felt like Lydia was "extra" and I never felt like she and Ian should have sex. They do develop a relationship, ​and an important one, ​but ​it was not physical. I liked it a lot and ​I also really really liked Lydia. ​She's fierce and strong and secure and she loves Simon and wants him to be happy above all else. In Outside the Lines there is ample relationship development between Simon and Ian, plus we see just how close and strong Simon and Lydia are. And we get the clear beginnings of Ian's relationship with Lydia, as well. I was happy to see the relationship development done so well. There is also plenty of steam in the story, without it ever becoming too much. Simon and Ian have loads of chemistry in and out of bed.​The inevitable separation was because of miscommunication, which is not a favorite ​theme of mine. However, it served its purpose much better in this story than I often see. Ian really needed it driven home just how important it is to be open and honest with all other parties in the relationship. Yeah, he should have spoken up and said 'hey, this is all moving so fast and I need to know what we are doing here', but instead, he assumed that he couldn't have what he desperately wanted and he ran. Bad Ian, no cookie. But I loved how it was handled​, and once again I want to say just how much I appreciated Lydia. She's a vital part of the relationship and very important in the story.​I only have one niggle, at all, (view spoiler)[ and that's why Ian was so against bottoming. He said he wouldn't -- couldn't -- bottom, but he didn't say why and I think it's important. I certainly don''t think every guy has to be vers, but I do think that, even though Simon was perfectly fine with always bottoming, Ian should have explained​​. (hide spoiler)]I loved Outside the Lines and would most definitely recommend it.-------------------ARC of Outside the Lines was generously provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carol (bookish_notes)
    2018-10-11 06:32

    Outside the Lines is a delightfully refreshing book with queer, poly characters. This is book #22 in the Bluewater Bay series, but works perfectly as a standalone. I haven't read any of the other books in the series, but I never felt lost or left out when other characters made appearances in this book. In fact, it just made me intrigued and made me want to read their books next. I have read Anna Zabo's books, and have loved every one, so I was very happy to get a chance to dive into Outside the Lines. I think this is the first time they've written a story is first person? Well, I loved reading this story from the first person perspective and it works for these characters.This story is told from two perspectives - Ian Meyers and Simon Derry. Ian is a miniature artist working on the Wolf's Landing tv show that films in Bluewater Bay. When an incident on set destroyed parts of what he had created, he found himself with a very short window to fix the miniature set and without all the necessary supplies to do it. He then comes across the comic and gaming shop in town, End o' Earth, owned by a Simon Derry. Simon's shop has the supplies he needs, and a space to complete his work. The two are almost instantly attracted to one another, but before anything happens between them, Ian finds out that Simon is married.Simon is bisexual and his wife, Lydia, are in an open polyamorous relationship. They're a very lovely couple, and Lydia is very encouraging of Simon to see and date other men. The issue is that men often back up when they realize Simon is married, or the problem is with Simon. Simon is a bit shy and awkward, and doesn't quite know how to flirt with others. Simon is adorable and sweet and kind. And when he meets Ian, Simon knows that he wants to have...something with Ian, but he doesn't know if Ian will be okay with it all.This story is so sweet. It's not heavy on angst at all, and features characters who just want to make each other happy. Ian is gay, so he and Lydia never sexually get together, but they do form a connection that makes them good friends. And can I just say that I love when the wife isn't seen as the "enemy" and she's just a lovely person? Because Lydia is everything. I love how supportive she is of Simon and Ian getting together, and I love that Ian makes sure to include her in some way even when he hooks up with Simon *hint hint*.Outside the Lines is such a lovely story that just makes my heart flutter. Ian and Simon have adorably cute interactions with one another, as well as very steamy ones. I liked learning a bit about building miniature sets (which is to say, I knew nothing to begin with and this has been interesting and informative). There isn't a big "conflict" in this story that necessarily breaks the characters apart, because any misunderstanding does resolve itself pretty quickly, I think? Instead, this story shows how Ian, Simon, and Lydia mesh well as three people in a relationship.This story features a few other couples from previous books, and I plan on reading their stories. Some characters who make an appearance are Carter, Anna (an F/F book? I must read this), Hunter, and Kevin (Kevyan?). Apologies if I missed a character. This book is a lot of fun and I already want to re-read this book because it's just so well written and lovely. Everyone is such a ray of sunshine and this book makes me happy. I highly recommend reading this book, and I look forward to checking out the rest of the Bluewater Bay series!***Thanks to Riptide Publishing for providing me an ARC on NetGalley***

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2018-10-02 03:36

    I loved this book! It so perfectly seemed to capture the nuances of a poly relationship and had a such a unique perspective. It was refreshing to read something that didn’t feel like the same old/same old.I have read a ton of ménage stories, but for the most part they run along one of two lines: either the woman is with two men and the men have a close friendship with one another, or the woman is with two men who are also lovers with one another. This is the first time I have encounter a group where one man is essentially the center of the ménage. Simon and Lydia are a married couple, living in the town of Bluewater Bay, the on-location town for filming of the hit television show Wolf’s Landing. They meet Ian, an artist on the show, and Simon falls head over heels. But soon, Ian realizes that he is not content with being just a fling. He wants more from Simon. But how much more can he have from a married man? Anna Zabo’s writing is always so engaging and her stories so heartfelt, but it was this very dynamic that I found so interesting about this particular story.Ian’s perception of being a “side piece” was not the role that Simon intended for him to play. Simon and Lydia were so solid and confident in their marriage that there were no jealousies. There were no power struggles within their relationship. Lydia was happy to let Simon explore what he needed and to bring someone into their relationship that would complement them both. I loved how, even though there was no physical attraction between Ian and Lydia, there was still affection and a deep love growing, illustrating that not all romance needed to be sexual in nature. Reading how the author had the three of them navigate such a tricky relationship, without resorting to an easy cop out of simple jealousy, made this such a wonderfully complex and engaging story.Outside the Lines took place in the world of Bluewater Bay and introduced me to Wolf’s Landing and the characters involved in the town and the show. And coming it at almost the end of the series, I thought I might be lost. I wasn’t. This was a stand alone that made perfect sense without having any other background, but it did introduce me to a universe where I have a HUGE backlog to go through now so that I don’t have to leave this quaint town! Anna Zabo put her own mark on it with this likeable and sexy polyamorous trio, and it was such a treat to read.

  • Anna
    2018-10-03 01:38

    [Added Oct 5, 2017] Available for request on NetGalley:[Added Sept 2, 2017] FYI, the release date for Outside the Lines has been pushed back to December 18, 2017, partly because Outside the Lines leads quite a bit into LA Witt's New Hand, which will also come out on December 18th. (These two books will the last books in the Bluewater Bay series.) Jesse, one of the MCs of New Hand works in Simon and Lydia's comic shop, and you first meet him in Outside the Lines. Of course, you need not read them together--each book stands alone. But they do share many of the same characters.It's my Bluewater Bay book! A geeky poly romance with some bedroom kink. The story focuses primarily on Ian's relationship with Simon (and vice versa), as well as his friendship with Lydia. If you're a Bluewater Bay fan, there are several cameos from other characters, but the book can be read as standalone.

  • Alex
    2018-09-27 22:48

    That was original... And so very good!Yeah, I really didn't know what to expect here but Anna Zabo is a great author and this book is the proof of that!The Love is everywhere and the unconventional way they choose to live it is so refreshing....I loved it!

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2018-10-07 06:39

    ARC provided by the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an impartial review. This story was so much MORE than I ever expected it to be. I loved the main characters—ALL of them, including Lydia—a FEMALE in my MM romance! I loved the secondary characters, including recurring Bluewater Bay characters like Carter and Levi and Hunter and Kevyan and the new characters who helped in Simon’s store—Dexy and Jesse. And most of all I loved the storyline and the brilliant execution of a polyamory relationship involving a woman and two men, with the romance and love between the two men taking the forefront, yet both men’s love and friendship for the woman being realistic and not detracting at all from the love between the men. Prior to reading this, I would have said it couldn’t be done, but I was so wrong. Simon and Ian took one look at each other and it was lust at first sight. Ian was psyched because he’d found an off-site location where he could rebuild the miniature set he was working on for Wolf’s Landing—and not only a perfect location but a perfect (and perfectly stunning!) man to help with the project. Simon, the owner of End o’ Earth, sells and paints models and miniatures. Watching him do the superlative work on a model when they first meet and seeing that gorgeous face and stunning body—what more could Ian ask for in the perfect specimen of manhood? Well, being unmarried would have been ideal, but Simon is not. Finding out Simon and Lydia have a polyamory marriage is shocking but it allows the men to be together guilt-free and once Ian gets past the novelty of a lovely, friendly woman not only allowing her husband to have sex with him, but encouraging it? It seems too good to be true. As time goes on and they all get to know each other, Ian and Lydia become friends, and their mutual respect and admiration transcends the romantic relationship developing between Ian and Simon, allowing Ian and Lydia to grow to love one another as well—in a completely different way, of course. But nevertheless, they do eventually find that love is the only word they can use to describe the unique relationship they foster. I really appreciated the way the author took the time to build this story. The dynamic between the men together, and between each of them individually with Lydia, and then the full threesome together was fantastic. The story was hot—sizziling at times!—and yet it was also tender and loving and compassionate, showing the love of a man and woman, a man and man, and one friend for another. It was just superbly done. I’m totally impressed, and I highly recommend it to lovers of MM romance. For those who don’t like F in their MM, don’t worry—lady parts aren’t included. At it’s core, the story really is a beautiful romance between Ian and Simon and told in alternating POVs so we get to experience all the emotion—from angst to love. One more thing: I picked this up because I’ve read all the books in the Bluewater Bay series and I didn’t want to miss one, even though I was worried it was MMF. As I state in my review, that’s really not a concern. And it most certainly can be read as a standalone despite the fact that a few characters from previous books are included in this one. Not knowing them should not detract from one’s enjoyment of this story so please don’t miss a chance to read this gem.

  • Sarah Meerkat
    2018-09-25 04:49

    I received an arc of this in exchange for a reviewOutside the Lines is my new favorite book from Anna Zabo. Out of all their books I think this one is the most well crafted and best written. It has a presence that comes alive and pulls you in. I have been burned by several polyamorus romances this year so I was wary going but found myself blown away as I rather humorously was flying away from Washington state. I found all three of the characters to be well rounded and fully fleshed out. I adored Ian, Simon and Lydia in turn with Lydia vying for top spot. The three of them fit together so well it made me smile. It was the little things in this story that just clicked for me like the puns about ethical polyamory and the heavy emphasis on consent when checking in during the kink scenes. It came across as refreshing that it was done every scene and it was tender and sweet and just so lovely.From the blurb I had been worried that the lack of communication that breaks them up would take up half the book. And I can thankfully say that it does not. It is such a small but an important part but does not drag away from the story like so many miscommunication plots do. It is also part of the reason I like Lydia the most because she knocks some sense into poor Ian.I also really appreciated how Ian and Lydia developed their relationship how it became romantic and nonsexual that they loved and supported each other as metamours of Simon.  This is also the first time in a romance novel I have seen the word metamours used and it made me so happy.I also liked the final arc of the book in regards to fandom and fanart politics it was well handled and helped to flesh out Lydia as a character. Overall I think this is the most realistic poly V I have read and I truly wish there was more of them in the genre.

  • Erica Chilson
    2018-10-19 05:47

    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 4.5 StarsOutside the Lines is the 22nd installment of the Bluewater Bay series. While it mentions past narrators, this novel can easily be read as a standalone. Please note: Outside the Lines gives an in-depth look into both polyamory (featuring a married couple MF and an additional M) and the power-exchange of BDSM. Ian creates miniatures for the production of Wolf's Landing. An accident on-set has Ian scrambling to do his job, find all the necessary supplies, and work within an impossible timeline without help. This predicament has Ian outside of a comic store, hoping they have the necessary supplies he needs at such late notice. Ian found more than supplies. Simon. A fellow artist. Sparks fly, but miscommunication runs rampant, adding a small dose of angst and frustration for both the characters and the reader. Simon is a bisexual, adorkable geek, married to Lydia, a sophisticated and open-minded artist, both also polyamorous and closeted with their obsession with Wolf's Landing. Lydia pushes Simon to go after Ian. Simon's a sweet guy, a natural submissive when it comes to his needs. He believes in trust and communication as the cornerstones of his relationships. He's looking for more than just swinging with the wife or seeking a quick hookup. As you can tell, this leaves big openings for Ian to misunderstand the situation, and for Simon to rush in and explain after the fact. I do appreciate how the author has Simon call himself out for not communicating when it was absolutely necessary, after stating he wasn't a mind-reader but expecting Ian to be one. As a reader who believes in all the facets polyamory, it was refreshing to read a novel that made it about emotion rather than sexual exploration. Most I've read aren't mature, focusing on which slot goes into which hole, and didn't explore the uncomfortable depths or the tenuous emotions involved. The author did an excellent job exploring all those facets while making sure the sex meant something. However, there was an ambiguous gray area the reader fell into, where we too had to be mind-readers, since Simon and Lydia explaining the ins and outs of polyamory to Ian was the only way the reader learned how their complicated relationship functioned, and this was close to the end of the novel. There is a BDSM bent to the novel, the majority of the sex involving the power-exchange as Simon becomes submissive to Ian. I appreciated this aspect, found it accurate, not shock-value, and not added to give the reader a sexual thrill. It fit into the plot, into the characterization, and into their relationship. The pacing is rather slow, to be honest. Since I was so busy, I read the novel over the course of almost a week, but I did enjoy it as a much-needed escape.

  • Xan West
    2018-10-07 06:49

    I have complex feelings about this one. Gonna sit with it for a bit before I think about reviewing.

  • Nicole Field
    2018-10-13 01:48

    I loved this book. Proper loved. I went in with high and hopeful expectations and this was one of those rare and unique times when I got exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be more pleased with this book. Now, I noticed around halfway through reading that this book is part of a Bluewater Bay series, but it honestly reads as standalone. Ian is a miniature set maker on a TV show in town but, when his miniature gets wrecked by some horseplay on set, he needs to fix it within a week. Happily enough, there is a place in town that sells the paints that he needs, and even has a pretty great painter on deck in the comics store called End o' Earth. That would be our second main character, Simon. I've seen this pegged as a m/m novel, but it's also a polyamorous romance, and I wanna touch a bit on that considering that's the reason why I picked this up. Simon is bisexual and married to Lydia. She is the third main character of this book and is a sweet and well fleshed out character in her own right. Also, she doesn't just get shunted to the side pages of this book so that Simon and Ian can have their romance. I LOVED that. Lydia embraces Ian with open arms because she can see that he makes Simon happy. The two of them have sleepovers both at Ian's house and at Simon's, where Lydia at times joins them for dinner and at other times makes herself scarce so that they can enjoy their own new relationship energy. She is there for Simon when he is hurting, and then both Ian and Simon are there for her when she gets upset towards the end of the book.The word 'metamor' gets used in reference to the relationship Ian and Lydia share on page, and all the way through, this book just details a whole lot of feelings and experiences I myself have lived through but rarely seen on the page of a book. I loved it. The only thing keeping it from a full 5 star rating for me was that there were times when Ian and Simon's characters were difficult to tell apart due to being too similar, apart from the fact that Ian was obviously gay.

  • Ruthie Taylor
    2018-09-27 04:36

    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is a really interesting read on a number of levels. Undoubtedly the whole concept of a poly relationship as envisioned by Simon and Lydia, and Simon's new friend Ian, is key - and it is an absolutely outstanding read. Ms Zabo has an extremely careful and sensitive touch, which brings out so many of the issues that anyone might have and creates a relationship which is intensely interesting and incredibly loving. I would have loved to have another five years of story, but it was a good place to reach all the same. As well as the fledgling romance, there is a wonderful nod to fan-fiction and fan-art, to the impact of a major series being filmed in the area, and the tourists that it brings. I loved how Simon and Lydia behaved when in the presence of the stars, and how Ian was able to give them unique experiences due to his job. And then there is the amazing model, which brings the men together in the first place. The description of how it is mended, and the amount of effort needed in Ian's role was fascinating. I shall be looking at big explosions on tv far more carefully now! I would highly recommend this book to you - you get to see how a committed married couple have embraced their poly natures, and what that means to the new person in the relationship, and get an insight into a tv production unit and the impact on the local community. Great mix, I promise,

  • Veronica
    2018-10-11 05:40

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.The sparks are fly between Ian and Simon when they meet and then Ian meets Simon's wife Lydia. Simon and Lydia are up front about their poly relationship and I liked the Ian isn't immediately turned off by this. But Ian assumes it will just be a casual thing with Simon and the relationship between them are going brilliantly and he gets along great with Lydia. But things start to go pear shaped when Ian realises he wants a relationship with Simon like Lydia has is scares him off.Outside the Lines shows the importance of communication in relationships. These characters demonstrate if you want to have a successful poly relationship you have to have an open heart and the courage to be completely honest. Now the romance and love is all well and good but it has to be said the sex scenes are off the charts hot. The addition of BDSM in bedroom takes everything to the next level of hotness. As someone in a monogamous relationship was fascinated by this poly relationship and the bravery and love it takes to make it work. I'd love to see a follow up book focusing on Lydia and see her have a romance of her own. Outside the lines is an excellent story and in the I was left feeling all warm and fuzzy in the end.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-01 05:26

    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. I think this is possibly my favourite of the Bluewater Bay books. I love, love, love the characters in this book and I love that at book #22 in the series, this feels fresh and exciting. While there is some angst in the story, I loved the playful friendships between Simon, Lydia and Ian. I loved the way the interests of all three overlap and the way their lives blend seamlessly together.I had no idea that miniature existed - or that they work on film sets. I was fascinated by Ian’s job - but I was even more fascinated by Ian himself. Ian finds himself attracted not just to Simon but to Simon and Lydia’s life together. Ian’s struggle to find his place in the relationship feels powerfully honest. Simon is sweet and passionate - and wonderful. He and Lydia are solid and happy and supportive of each other. I love the way they include Ian - there were times that Ian and Lydia’s non-sexual relationship felt almost more intimate than the sex between Simon and Ian (though there are some pretty hot scenes!). I love that the Bluewater Bay series has pushed beyond typical m/m pairings and explored pretty much the whole LGBT rainbow. This is so much more than a menage (and there isn’t any m/f/m sex in the story). Beyond the sex, the shared interests and shared lives make this a beautiful - if slightly idealistic - portrayal of a special polyamorous relationship.

  • Natasha
    2018-09-30 02:56

    Review also on my blog • Twitter • BookstagramI received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Outside the Lines follows Ian and Simon. Ian works as a set designer on a popular TV series while Simon owns a geeky merchandise store. Some of such merchandise includes things related to the TV series Ian works on. They meet and there is instant attraction between them. Simon is in an open relationship with his wife, which Ian is okay with. At least until he begins to develop strong feelings for him.This book had a lot of potential and I think the start was really strong. I think it was good to portray a healthy and happy open marriage. I also like how Simon, in his internal monologue, pointed out how it was unfair he would be seen as a cheating bisexual when that wasn't the case. I liked how he and Ian had communication and both he and his wife Lydia made sure he had an understanding of their relationship. All of that was really good.What I didn't like was how quickly 'I love you' was said between Ian and Simon. It felt like, maybe, a week had passed. Maybe a little more than that but definitely less than a month. It felt really rushed, and I just did not believe they were in love with each other. All they really knew about each other was their shared love of fandom culture. Ian also became friends with Lydia far too quickly and it felt a little odd to me. Their overall relationship was kind of odd to me. Later in the book they become a triad and Ian, who's gay, says he is in love with Lydia. This would be awesome but he's never called 'biromantic', even though it is acknowledged there's a difference between romantic and sexual attraction. I also feel Lydia could've been written better. She had little of her own character. You really know little about her outside of that she likes geeky sort of things. She doesn't have a point of view and she just, kind of quickly accepted things and a little too easily at that. The story implied Simon falling in love with Ian was the first time he'd been in love with someone else during their relationship. And she is not only okay with it but invites it really easily. She almost felt like a prop rather than a character at times. I think it would be too harsh to say she was a doormat but she wasn't far from that at times. It felt... almost too easy. I wish she was portrayed better.This was just not my favourite. I mostly read it because I want to read more books with polyamorous relationships but this one just didn't work for me. 

  • Shirley
    2018-09-29 00:37

    Another 4.5 - 5 star read from Bluewater Bay... I'm so not ready for this series to end. :( Well, this was a first and if it hadn't been a part of the Bluewater Bay series, I might have passed it up. Can I just say that I'm so glad that I didn't.I don't think I've run into a couple in a book that I loved more than Lydia and Simon. Okay, that may be a stretch, because I've run into a LOT of couples that I love, but these two were so perfect for each other and so obviously in love. They just knew each other so well and respected, worried, cared... Lydia knew what Simon needed and she wanted him to be happy. Adding Ian to the mix just worked... but Ian wasn't so sure. He saw the love and connection between Simon and Lydia and he didn't want to ruin it. It breaks his heart when he walks away, but he knows it's for the best - at least for Simon and Lydia.I'm not sure exactly what I expected from Outside the Lines, but I walked away with a lot more. The romance was sweet, hot and heartbreaking. (Yeah, there were a couple of teary moments...) There was also an artistic aspect that I really enjoyed.  I also liked that there was drama outside the romance, which brought in even more characters from previous books in the series that I loved. There are even some new characters that readers will get to know even better in New Hand, which is sadly, the very last book in the Bluewater Bay series. *sigh*On a side note, this was my first Anna Zabo book, but I doubt it will be my last. ;) I received Outside the Lines in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • The_Book_Queen
    2018-10-05 23:33

    3 1/2 Stars! I really enjoyed this one, it was hot, slightly kinky, and just enjoyable to read and visit this world (I still need to actually read this entire series, but that's besides the point: you can jump in anywhere with no problem). But my main problem was the poly relationship and how Lydia was basically a cardboard cutout who was moved in and out of scenes for brief moments but didn't add anything; made it so I didn't fully see and understand the full poly part of this complicated relationship. And no, I didn't expect her and Ian to start fucking, since Ian is gay, not bi. Still, for the actual M/M romance of this one, I did enjoy it a lot.~ * ~ * ~ * ~ I will be talking about the book on my next Whatcha Reading? podcast which will go up on TBQ's Book Palace Saturday (12/16).If you wish to look at some quotes/thoughts I highlighted, please check out my Twitter feed

  • Lisa
    2018-10-04 22:35

    I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.So this was pretty uneventful as far as romances go. Lots of sex and a bit of misunderstanding, but not a lot of drama. There wasn't really a plot until about three quarters into the book, and then it pivoted off of Simon and Ian and onto Lydia, which seemed to come out of left field as Lydia had previously been a mostly positive but undeveloped background character. This leads to my other issue, which is that the plot description makes it sound like there's more to Ian and Lydia than there actually was. And despite there being as much sex as there was, it would have been nice to show Lydia and Simon having some, just to make the lines of the trio more developed.

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2018-09-27 01:35

    3.5 starsI'm letting this simmer before I write a review. I'm not really sure how I felt about it.

  • Jen
    2018-10-16 01:30

    I'll start off by saying that this book isn't anything like I've read before really, which was a nice surprise. I was completely expecting this to be about a guy who is attracted to both the guy and girl, but in fact, he's gay and only likes Ian. So that whole dynamic was an interesting one and I wasn't sure how it would work. Turns out, it ends up working perfectly for them and they're all happy. I rarely give books 5 stars, but this one was well worth the rating and the sleepless night to finish.I hadn't read any of the previous books in the series, but this can totally be read as a stand-alone. There are some old characters who play minor roles, but I didn't feel as though I was missing a whole lot by not knowing their back stories.The occupation of the characters also deviates from the norm, but I enjoyed the geek factor of a professional miniature movie set builder, comic book store owners, a hobby paint expert and a graphic artist/novelist. If you're not into any of those (I'm not), you'll still enjoy this without feeling too lost since there isn't too much technical jargon used.Simon Derry and his wife Lydia have been married 10 years and are the owners of the local comic book/gaming shop. They are also in a polyamorous relationship, meaning they can date/hook up with other people and not get upset. Simon hasn't had much luck in finding a permanent male addition to their marriage. He falls hard and fast and then ends up getting his heart broken, so when he meets Ian, he just knows he's in trouble.Ian is the miniature set builder for a popular TV series that is filmed in town. He's gay and hasn't had much luck finding his HEA, so when he walks into the comic book store and sees Simon, he knows he has to have this guy. Only he's getting mixed signals, then he finds out that Simon is married and gives up hope on anything happening there, even if Simon was flirting. When he's told that it's okay, Simon is bi and his wife is fine with it, then of course that doesn't stop Ian from taking what he wants.The sex between Ian & Simon is hot - Ian is a naturally dominant guy and Simon is so adorably submissive - it just works perfectly for them. They fall for each other very fast and of course that scares Ian and he goes running. It all works out in the end, but not without a couple weeks of heartache for all of them.I found Ian's interactions with Lydia to be incredibly sweet and caring. He loved her too, but not in the romantic way. It was great to see how the three of them worked, despite the initial awkwardness and hesitation on Ian's part. Lydia was certainly a very accommodating and thoughtful woman who loved her husband dearly. I wish we had more of an epilogue, instead of the predictable one that we received, but that's really my only complaint with this one.Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Veronica of V's Reads
    2018-09-19 23:52

    Ian Meyers builds sets, props and miniatures for Wolf’s Landing, and one of the key pieces–a model-miniature Sacred Grove was ready for the pyrotechnics…until a clumsy stuntman crashed into it. Now, Ian has a week to rebuild the model, and he’s low on supplies. So, he (reluctantly) heads into Bluewater Bay and End o’ Earth comics, which holds models and supplies for gamers in stock. Ian has kept a wide berth from the comics shop because it’s hard to keep his distance from townies and tourists, and there’s been some issues in the past. Also, the local Wolf’s Landing licensed shop Howling Moon is right next door, and that’s a place all the cast and crew avoids.That said, he’s desperate, and once he steps foot inside End o’Earth Ian’s desperation takes a more personal turn. He’s deeply attracted to the owner and model painter, Simon Derry. Ian charms Simon, who’s willing to provide the space and supplies Ian needs, but they both feel the heat building between them. And, it’s a stunning disaster when Ian meets Simon’s beautiful and talented wife, Lydia. He’s frustrated that Simon was flirting with him, and thinking they both were on the same page, but Ian’s charmed by Lydia, and guilty that he wishes Simon was single. Simon’s a sweet man, and loves Lydia with his whole heart, but…they’re poly, and he’s always missed having a man pleasure him. They’ve been together ten years, and Lydia knows this is an issue. She encourages Ian to share her husband, and Ian doesn’t need a second invitation.Ian and Simon work together on rebuilding the set, and they spend nights together burning up the sheets. Lydia’s happy to be a bystander who watches their love grow, but Ian’s sure he’s just a side piece…a fling for this swinging couple. Meantime, Simon’s fallen hard, and wants to bring Ian into their relationship permanently. Lack of communication causes some problems, and they have to be fully honest in order to keep their fledgling love growing. There’s lots of cameos from the cast and crew of the show, and I liked how they brought everyone into this book. Simon and Lydia are starry-eyed, seeing the actors and all, and Ian’s reminded about how he was so affected on his first meetings. I liked all the sweet and tender moments.For people who like menage, this doesn’t really feel like that, because Ian and Lydia aren’t sexually intimate, but they do develop an emotional connection. This is reinforced when Lydia has a professional crisis and needs a solid shoulder to cry on. Ian has the connections to make it right, but he follows Lydia’s advice to not rock the boat. Simon’s not so docile about it, however, and it leads to deeper connections for all of them, both personally and professionally. For Simon and Ian expect hawt sexytimes that include some light elements of bondage, dominance and submission. The resolution is totally sweet and yummy.

  • Annie Maus
    2018-10-06 00:30

    Outside the Lines, Anna Zabo's standalone addition to the Bluewater Bay series,is touching and gentle, rough and erotic, and ever-so smooth. , She seamlessly updates the lives of characters created by prior authors in this collection which focuses on a fictional television series, shot in Washington state. When the show's scale-model of surrounding forest is accidentally destroyed – just before its on-screen shoot - miniature artist, Ian Meyer, has a week to rebuild. He runs to the local miniature/comics store for supplies, where he meets Simon Derry, owner and a crafter of miniatures, himself. They flirt mercilessly, until Ian meets Simon's wife, Lydia, a graphic artist. Oops. Except Simon and Lydia are in a polyamorous marriage. And how does that work? Or does it?  Audiences tend to find issues of sexual diversity more exciting (ha, ha) than issues of romantic diversity. This delicious novel demonstrates the principle "compersion," a relatively new term meaning, "the tendency to gain non-possessive joy from other's joy," without using the word. Lydia is thrilled her husband has found more love, is glad to have a good friend in Ian, and finds his interactions with Simon titillating. But can conventionally gay Ian ever accept his status with the couple? While ongoing intimacy between Simon and Lydia is implied, but not described, the reader feels their zing in how they support one another. And the growing warmth between Lydia and Ian is sweetly credible. The heat between the men, however, is equatorial. This is not due to lust, but because of trust, communication, and honesty inside and outside the bedroom. For example, in the midst of an explicit scene, Simon thinks of Ian, “He was going to break me. Split me open and spill my heart and soul out on the bed.” That’s not what most authors would spill on the sheets! Zabo creates recognizable individuals, with common insecurities and every-day problems, allowing readers to examine their own prejudices toward non-possessive relationships.  In fact, just as three-way mirrors are far more exposing than the standard, a thruple magnifies these folks’ strengths and weaknesses. “’You really don’t know yourself, Ian,’” Lydia states. “’Do any of us?’” he replies. A welcome addition to the dialogue of intimacy, Outside the Lines gives readers a tantalizing glimpse into a world where love multiplies, rather than diminishes, with the number of partners.

  • Christi Snow
    2018-10-03 02:33

    My Review:Wow, wow, wow...somehow I almost missed this book and I would have totally missed out on a great story. I adored this book. At the heart of this book are two men falling for one another, but it's so much more than that. This book is about a married couple who have the most amazing, loving relationship. This book is about different types of love that go so much farther beyond sex. It's truly a beautiful story and the deeper I read into it, the more I fell in love with it and the entire story. Okay, so the story. Ian is a professional miniature set designer for special effects. When his latest model is crushed, he's under HUGE pressure to get it rebuilt. That's where Simon comes in. Simon and his wife own the local modeling and comic book store. He's also a huge modeler himself, and extremely proficient with his painting skills. So when Ian comes into the store for supplies, he finds just the assistant he needs in Simon...and their sizzling chemistry is dang nice too. But that's before Ian realizes that Simon is married. Simon and Lydia keep the fact that they have an open marriage on the down-low. Bluewater Bay is a small town and they don't want to alienate their client base, but all that begins to change when Ian comes on the scene.Gah, I cannot tell you how incredible this story is. I loved it so, so much. And despite all the complications that this arrangement brings up for a relationship, the story also remains incredibly sexy. I loved all three of the characters, although Lydia is definitely a side character. She's so strong and supportive...I loved her and what she and Simon have built together. There's so much trust and pure love between's beautiful. And then to see how Ian fits into all that...LOVED IT!!The entire story was just expertly molded and told by the author. I loved it (have I mentioned that yet?)...but seriously, it was an amazing story. The focus is the love and relationship that develops between the two men, but the story and depth comes from how all three fit together in the most perfect way. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book!I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Felicia Davin
    2018-10-21 03:42

    Anna Zabo’s Outside the Lines is a queer romance novel with POLYAMORY and FANDOM in it and I am here to tell you that it is adorable.It’s set in Bluewater Bay, a tiny town in the Pacific Northwest where a sort of True Blood or Teen Wolf type show is being filmed, and the three main characters are Simon and Lydia Derry, married owners of a comic book shop in town, and Ian Meyers, a miniature set designer for the show. One of Ian’s miniature sets gets destroyed and he needs help to rebuild it, which is where he meets Simon. And then Ian and Simon have a lot of sex and feelings. (This is the plot of every romance novel. Isn’t it grand?) Ian and Simon have a little bit of a D/s thing happening in their sex, just so everyone’s aware. It’s all healthy and informed, so no worries there.And fandom–particularly the way Lydia participates in online fandom–is integral to the plot but I don’t wanna spoil that bit. But it made me so happy to see fannish activity treated right.Ian is gay, so he and Lydia don’t end up in a sexual relationship, but their relationship was one of the most satisfying parts of the book for me. It’s so cool to see a different kind of family portrayed in a romance novel. This book was an insta-buy for me as soon as I saw that it had polyamory, but it’s extra thrilling to see it done so well.

  • Ashley
    2018-10-03 03:45

    Ian was not happy with the some of the stunt doubles on site, the ruined his miniature of the set, so with a week to get it repaired, he goes to the local comic shop to see if they carry some of the supplies he needs, when he meets Simon sparks fly. Simon pushes all his buttons but then he meets Simon's wife Lydia and he becomes confused, it seemed like Simon like him also but would he really want to break Lydia and Simon apart. Instead Ian finds that Lydia pushes Simon and him together, but Ian wants exactly what Simon has with Lydia a commitment and house together. The three of them must learn to navigate a relationship and all the kinks that come with being a part of a threesome before someone gets hurt. This was a good book with a different take on a threesome, Lydia was more of an observer than an active participate in Simon and Ian's relationship, but she and Ian had a friendship outside of that relationship that allowed the whole relationship to really evolve and shine.

  • Mike
    2018-10-10 22:43

    Not mmf, but rather polyamorous separate mm and mf menageNote: Some of the early, pre-release categorization of this book listed it as mmf, which implies (to me) three-way, allway menage (where each character is physically involved with the other two). Now that the book is out, the description and reviews seem to indicate this is a polyamorous menage where the central man has separate physical relationships with a man and a woman, but the other man is gay and not physically with the woman. While this is usually not my preferred menage reading, this type of polyamory is probably much more common than full allway/threeway menages. The blurb does indicate plenty of emotional interaction between the two “wings” of the menage (the wife and the gay lover), so I am still interested in reading this challenging/interesting situation.

  • Terri Jones
    2018-09-20 06:30

    I love a fandom romance!Highlights: I was slow on the uptake after one of the conflicts in this novel, so much so that I said "Oh!" out loud when I realized the why. There are many bits and parts I loved, but that last scene's imagery was glorious. I growled, I cheered, I may have "Eep!"-d. I love how well this works as a standalone novel and how well it dovetails into the series. There's a bit of over-stating, (showing reactions and then telling the reader what the reaction was), but from my extensive reading of the genre over the last two+ years, I know that's normal when venturing into a different kind of romance.There are or will be people who can't believe such a harmonious thing can happen. They're wrong. I know it from personal experience, ongoing. We need more stories like this! (Side note: famdom forged my family, too.)

  • Lidia
    2018-10-17 22:33

    A polyamory marriage, a bit of kink sex and so much sweetness. There were a lot of positive aspect in this book, and I liked it very much but what have me completely conquered is the love and tenderness that exude in every pages, in every line and words spoken by Lydia, Simon,Ian. The happy end is came after comunication, rispect and loyality between the partners, that have worked on their relatioship. .

  • Rochelle
    2018-10-16 01:29

    New at poly and loved it I’m sure there are as many ways of loving and being loved as there are colors of the rainbow, but I’ve always been skeptical about polyamorous relationships. The author does an excellent job of painting a clear picture of how it can be. I loved all three of these characters and the development of their relationship. The details about Ian’s work made it all the more fascinating. A sweet story. A sexy romance. A recommended read!