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A masquerade ball in Malibu led to a single night of passion under the stars… and set the wheels of fate in motion.Three years ago, waitress Kara Jablonski gave in to her wilder side with a fellow weretiger, the rock star billionaire Lars Jensen, a sun-kissed blond drummer with a viking's build. Six weeks later, the pregnancy test came back positive.Knowing Lars' powerful,A masquerade ball in Malibu led to a single night of passion under the stars… and set the wheels of fate in motion.Three years ago, waitress Kara Jablonski gave in to her wilder side with a fellow weretiger, the rock star billionaire Lars Jensen, a sun-kissed blond drummer with a viking's build. Six weeks later, the pregnancy test came back positive.Knowing Lars' powerful, overbearing mother would be able to take the baby away, Kara did what she had to do.She hid him.Now chance has brought Lars back into her life, his touch making her pulse beat like the old legends. So strong, so loud, so bold.So right.But can she trust him to want more than another night under the stars? Can she trust him to claim his son as his heir... and Kara as his mate?Fate responds with a roar...The Billionaire Shifter's Secret Baby is a novella that stars Lars Jensen, a member of a shifter family with viking blood featured in earlier books in the series, and is part of the Howls Romance series as well....

Title : the billionaire shifter s secret baby
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the billionaire shifter s secret baby Reviews

  • Sophia Triad
    2018-09-30 02:16

    "That night ruined me.""What?""Ruined me for other women.""Your reputation precedes you. If I ruined you for other women, you have a funny way of showing it, Mr. Playboy."One playboy/famous drummer/filthy rich tiger shifter. One poor but proud tiger shifter waitress.One night stand.One unexpected pregnancy.3 years later, the two shifters will meet again. It was an entertaining story for sure.

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2018-10-10 02:02

    'The Billionaire Shifter's Secret Baby' by Diana Seere is book Four in the "Howls Romance" series. This is the story of Kara Jablonski and Lars Jensen. This is easily a standalone book. In addition it is a short read with about 120 pages. Kara and Lars met once about a year ago. They had a one night stand where Kara later finds she is pregnant. Lars is famous and rich so she doesn't think he would be interested nor does she want to pursue anything with him at the time. But Lars has been looking for her and when he finds her he takes control of her and the child. Great fast past hot read!"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

  • Emily
    2018-09-27 06:15

    Three years ago Kara Jablonski had one night with Lars Jensen, she wasn't the type to sleep with random men but something about Lars had pulled at her and when it was over she fled. Finding out she was pregnant had Kara go into hiding, she knew about Lar's family and had no doubt they would take her son away from her or would he?This was wonderfully entertaining. I liked Kara and understood why she kept her baby a secret. Lars though was a bit of a surprise, I thought he oozed his masculinity on each page he is on. Checking out more in this series for sure.

  • Ivy Deluca
    2018-10-18 07:08

    I needed a little shifter pick-me-up and this ended up working for me. I had honestly forgotten that I’d read the first book in this series, but it did not affect my enjoyment of this book. It was a little cracky, a lotta sexy and even the secret baby trope, which I’m not a huge fan of, worked for me. There’s not alot of depth to the storytelling, and it resolves fairly quickly and easily. What it did do is entertain me for a few hours and reminded me that I need to check out this ‘verse again. If you’re in the mood for this trope-a-licious kind of read, you may enjoy this. I sure did.For more reviews, visit

  • Maddy's Reading
    2018-10-03 06:07

    Short & Sweet, this novella was just perfect. Lars had met his One three years ago but she ran away after a night of passion. He doesn't even know her name. Kara is a shifter but one of the few who have to work for a living. She comes from modest background and her only love in life is her three-year old. Their world collides and secrets are revealed. Lars is angry at her betrayal but can't ignore the Beat. And for once, there are two. Beautiful story, especially the part when Lars meets his son, was my favorite. This is turning out to be a very addictive series. *~*~*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange of an honest review *~*~*

  • Cheesecake
    2018-10-07 03:17

    Somehow I neglected to review this when I read it a month ago.I gobbled it up and would have given 4 stars, but I felt the reasoning behind Kara not telling Lars was sh*tty. I liked her well enough as the h but she was basically a coward. I knew that from the blurb though. But (view spoiler)[ she does apologize sincerely(hide spoiler)]At just over 100 pages it is short and sweet. Kara is from the poor side of the shifter-tracks. But she goes out to a costume party and lets go her cares, for one night of bliss with Lars. Then embarrassed, she runs off without giving him her contact info of course. So he searches but can't find her... Until he catches her scent in a completely different city. She changed her name and city when she found she was pregnant with his cub as she was afraid of his rich and ruthless mother. safety (view spoiler)[ both stayed true in the interrum. Though I suspect he did more because he couldn't do otherwise, once he was mated. His friends sound like disgusting man-sluts and it's suggested that he used to be too.(hide spoiler)]Male Shifters in this universe feel the beat of their mate's heart and it can either be comforting or if you aren't secure in their affections, maddening.Lars has to decide if he can trust Kara or not. So a pretty simple story but entertaining.

  • Sarah Reads
    2018-09-25 06:06

    Diana Seere did a great job of mixing a little drama, sexiness, and humor all into The Billionaire Shifter's Secret Baby. Kara Jablonski is hiding something big. After a night she will never forget with a sexy billionaire named Lars Jensen she had a little boy. She would do anything to protect her son and that meant keeping him away from Lar's family. They were the elites and she was a nobody. They did not mix.Kara moved a lot, kept a low profile and still ended up bumping into Lars. He was her fated mate even if they both wanted to ignore that fact at the beginning. I loved the game of cat and mouse these two danced around in the beginning. Which also made me snicker since the were both tiger shifters. When Lars found out he had a cub. Let's just say no one wanted to be on the receiving end of his wrath. I loved the moment Lars' met his little guy. It was totally a swoon-worthy and giggle aloud moment for me. One of my favorite parts of this book is how Diana described Kara and Lars beat. They made a beautiful beat together and apart is out of rhythm. Lars needed his mate to calm is erratic beat. If you are a big fan of shifter books, especially yummy tiger shifters, you need to one-click this book now. It is a fun quick read.

  • Amber
    2018-09-29 06:54

    I love these billionaire shifter stories! Even though I'm not a huge paranormal fan. These men are just so uber alpha but at the same time, romantic in a way. They know their "one" once they find her. Kara walked on the wild side and had a one night stand with rock star weretiger Lars 3 years ago. And she got a reminder of the event approximately 9 months later. Jamie is her pride and joy and she will not let Lars' family or even Lars know of Jamie's existence. Lars always wondered what happened to that vixen he had a one night stand with. And when he walks into The Platinum Club, he can feel her. He knows she's near but he can't find her. But now that he knows she's there, he's going to find her, by any means necessary.

  • Chanpreet
    2018-09-22 23:13

    This was a quick read for me. I loved the story and even though it wasn't very long, it felt like a complete story. The authors were even kind enough to give enough of a flashback to what happened the first time Lars and Klara met. The story is equal parts hot and sweet. I am looking forward to only reading more from these authors but also the other books in this series!

  • Tash
    2018-10-18 23:56

    3.5 stars

  • Lauren
    2018-10-15 04:14

    3.5 Stars This book is the first book of Diana Seere’s that I have read. Because of this, I wasn’t sure on what to expect. I needn’t have worried; I found the writing style easy to follow and the story enjoyable. I liked Kara. I liked that she worked hard to provide for her family. I liked Lars but I didn’t like his attitude when he learnt that Kara had a baby. Instead of giving her a chance to talk, he talked to her like dirt. Despite that, I really liked the ending and epilogue for this book. I liked Lars and Kara together and was happy for them. The storyline for this book is easy to follow and a nice read.

  • Deb B
    2018-10-06 01:10

    just read the first eleven books in this set. they are all short, fun and fast and all standalones. can read one or all in any order. each author takes a basic format and expands it how they see fit. there is no deep heavy reading here - this is also book 4 of Diana Seere's Billionaire Shifters series and many of the characters have been met in the earlier books

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2018-09-22 05:51

    Exciting and intense. Lars, Kara, and Jamie makes this a read that changes the game. I also loved seeing some of the other from the series created by Diana Seere. The quick read gave more prospective other beat, beat, beat. You have to have read the series of billionaire shifter and their mates to understand that reference but I still like this side glance at the lives of old familiars.

  • Stephanie Seley
    2018-09-20 01:52

    Yes!One of the best, "Howls," books I've read! They had a passionate one night stand, and she ended up pregnant. He never knew her name. She kept the baby a secret, fearing his wealthy, powerful family. Three years later, with a little bit of fate... They meet again!

  • Alisa
    2018-10-18 00:58

    Good read. Looking forward to more in this series. A surprisingly complete story for a shorter book--about half the length of the previous installments. Characters still feel complete. Lots of STEAM! Who doesn't love a weretiger?!

  • Sandra Casile
    2018-10-18 06:17

    Enjoyed this story.My second book by this author and enjoyed it as much as my first read. It took him awhile before he found her again and finally figured out that she is his life mate.

  • Tracy's Place
    2018-10-10 01:06

    Cute, but not a ton of depth. Kind of what I was looking for so it worked out perfectly.

  • Fran
    2018-10-01 01:12

    Caregivers and moreAnother wonderful book in the series. Lars story was fun, unexpected, and he got his HEA. Definitely one to read if you love to read about shifters.

  • Lina
    2018-10-03 03:15

    The most important thing when a book contains a baby, that baby should have at least multiple scenes with the characters, not just mentions and then forgotten.

  • Dawn
    2018-10-03 04:55

    Good seriesThis whole series is wonderful take on shifter romance. Each book is a entertaining fast read with a HEA. On too the next

  • Clara Diaz
    2018-10-17 02:20

    Sweet storyA sweet story about true love. It was fast paced, very funny and the story line was relatable. A must read.

  • Jennifer Prescott
    2018-10-21 02:56

    Enjoyed this "side-trip" in a great series. Loved the chemistry between Kara & Lars...and Jamie is adorable! Hoping for more adventures in this series!

  • Sue
    2018-10-05 03:03

    Diana Seere's The Billionaire Shifter's Secret Baby is a wonderful novella that takes a minor character from her earlier books and puts him straight into the spotlight in this well written, often emotional and funny story. It has everything you have come to love about Diana's Shifter families and brings in the secret baby story line. Kara and Lars have a one time fated entanglement years ago which produced a child. Neither has ever really been able to forget the other, but Kara needed to protect herself and her child from Lars' family. She is not of "noble" blood and was positive that were Lars' family to find out, they would take him away from her. Lars searched high and low for her but not knowing her name or anything about her made it difficult to find her, until....Find out what happens when they cross each other's path in this "growly" great, intelligent, funny, romantic and sexy love story.