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Immediately after his father's funeral, Marcus is approached by two senators who want him to dig up some dirt on Sejanus, emperor Tiberius' deputy and likely successor. Despite the dangers, Marcus cannot resist the thrill of more detective work, and his investigations uncover a trail of treason, betrayal, and murder....

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Sejanus Reviews

  • Jane
    2018-10-06 02:29

    One of the earlier [and very enjoyable] Roman mysteries in the Marcus Corvinus series and very highly recommended! There's still the same great humor and detective work by our sleuth-in-a-toga. At his father's funeral, Marcus is approached by two senators who want him to find information discrediting Aelius Sejanus, head of the Praetorian Guard. Marcus also comes into possession of a letter from the old Empress, now deceased, expressing her suspicions. She ends with these chilling words: "Sejanus must be killed." Marcus can't resist sticking his nose into this whole business, although he know Sejanus is ruthless and very dangerous. Marcus finds many men with sordid ties to Sejanus in one way or another and he uncovers plots upon plots. There is murder, attempted murders [on Lippillus, Marcus' buddy and commander of the Public Pond Watch district and on Marcus himself], treachery, deceit, double-dealing, spying galore. Accused of treason by Sejanus, Marcus holes up in the Subura for awhile, then finally he and Perilla, his wife, go to Capri, the emperor's present home. Marcus hopes to talk to 'The Wart' frankly, and tell him what he's found out about Tiberius' right-hand man.With each novel in the series I'm reading, even out of order, I'm getting more of a sense of Marcus' and Perilla's personalities. In this one, although Marcus is a dogged investigator, he reveals a softer side in several of the incidents. The domestic crisis in Marcus' home was hilarious, also the dinner at his mom's place. Upon eating his mom's 'silk-road delicacy' [i.e., spaghetti noodles], Marcus feels they'll never catch on.

  • Morgiana
    2018-10-07 19:08

    I loved this book and I love this series, but I had to give only four stars because of all the modernisms, like "Yeah", "pal", "sunshine" (when addressing someone) - expressions that would be more appropriate for a modern whodunit. But, Marcus Corvinus is an easy-going aristocrat, keen of wines (I'd really like he could be my guide through all the taverns in and around Rome tasting every wines we can share;)) who is now chasing about Sejanus, the second man and the most-feared man of the capital of the Roman Empire.In this book there was not too much mystery (Sejanus life and fall is known for everyone), but there were livid and vivid characters, good conversations, and a living ancient Rome I'd love to walk through, for which I am really grateful for Wishart he wrote this down I could smell the river Tiber already.This was a very good read and after all I'll try to use to these modernisms mentioned below and start with the next Marcus Corvinus Mystery.

  • Paul
    2018-09-30 22:34

    I do agree with some of the previous reviewers that find some of the modernistic language distracting and even a little irritating but having now finished this, the third Corvinus mystery I can see through it and concentrate on the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Sejanus, the plot was convoluted and although it can be difficult to keep a track on all the characters (especially with the e-book version which makes it tricky to flick back to the dramatis personae at the start), it is well worth persevering with as the book reaches a cracking climax. David Wishart writes well and throws in the odd comical moment, none of which feel at all trite or detract from the story. I am looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Jack
    2018-10-19 20:14

    This book was more of a historical novel than a pure mystery. The first quarter of the book was very dry and I felt I was overwhelmed by the number of people involved in plots. Names - more names - lots of names.By the middle of the book things pick up and got progressively better through the end.I am glad I stuck with it.Great character development - sights, sounds, even the smells of ancient Rome were described in great detail WITHOUT resorting to "history lesson". The author worked everything in very nicely.

  • Vicki Cline
    2018-10-08 03:21

    I had a hard time following the action at the beginning of this book, and couldn't keep the characters straight. I think I should have read the prequel first. I also don't really like all the modernisms, like "Yeah", "pal", "sunshine" (when addressing someone) - expressions that would be more appropriate for a modern whodunit.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-22 22:21

    Not really a whodunit. More like ancient conspiracy theory. But a very entertaining story, nonetheless. Marcus Corvinus has a distinct voice that makes his adventures in sleuthing fun to read. (I was in the middle of another book, but I ditched it after reading a page or two of Marcus Corvinus. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a unique, somewhat snarky voice.) And it puts that boring old Roman history in a new and fascinating light.

  • Jane
    2018-09-25 00:30

    A lighter touch than Robert Graves' I, Claudius & Claudius the God, both of which I have read and seen the Masterpiece Theater versions. According to Wishart, Tiberius didn't know his son Drusus had been murdered, and in the scene in which he finds out, I could only see the actor playing Tiberius, which was well-cast.Wishart's Marcus Corvinus is rightly terrifed at meeting Tiberius - this scene even more well-written than the rest of the book.

  • Hollyanne
    2018-09-21 19:08

    I didn't actually make it to the end of this book, but I tried, and I wanted to like it.. it had a nice colloquial style but it just didn't seem to fit the context. Plus, I'm pretty sure anyone with a lack of Classsical knowledge would have found the subject matter even more dense and difficult to understand than I did. Disappointing.

  • Graham
    2018-10-13 20:18

    fun. you'll get confused at the start by the number of characters (but there is a handy hint sheet at the FRONT rather than at the back... hate them at the back cos you have to almost read the back page ending!), and you might get annoyed at the anachronisms (pal etc), but over all, a well plotted book, with lots of story, and inspiration to find the previous three in the series.

  • Argum
    2018-10-19 20:20

    Somewhat heavy historically. Sejanus was real and did nearly become emperor. Facts are true how strung together maybe maybe not. Roman politics were deadly serious and convoluted so playing on that does make for a heady mix to follow. I like Marcus and his wife and various slaves, friends, and family not to mention his enemies there are just an awful lot of them to keep track off.

  • Sekhar N Banerjee
    2018-09-24 02:23

    An excellent historical novelAn excellent depiction of intrigues, murder and treason during the days of Julio-Claudian rulers of the Roman Empire. The story is very well presented and almost a page turner detective novel.

  • Marianne
    2018-10-03 01:27

    I got a little bogged down/confused by the names and connections between people, so I wish I had read this closer to reading Germanicus. Still, it was kind of interesting to revisit Rome - I feel like watching I Claudius now.

  • Lynn
    2018-09-26 01:08

    As usual, once I got through arranging the historic events and conspiracies in my head, I really enjoyed this one!