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Unlike the popular bank, Chase Whittaker has no money. However, living on the northwest side of Chicago in a rundown building with no car, and no savings hasn’t made him totally undesirable. His good looks and charm make up for everything he seems to lack. Still, it’s not enough to stop his landlord from threatening to sell the building where he owns the store his grandfatUnlike the popular bank, Chase Whittaker has no money. However, living on the northwest side of Chicago in a rundown building with no car, and no savings hasn’t made him totally undesirable. His good looks and charm make up for everything he seems to lack. Still, it’s not enough to stop his landlord from threatening to sell the building where he owns the store his grandfather opened.Micah Strickland is the child of famous football player Thomas Strickland and a ghostwriter. Though he’s never hurting for money, He can’t seem to find a man who wants the same things he does. Insecurities about being accepted as a gay and black man also prohibit him from being happy. He does everything to prove he fits in and even after all that, Micah hasn’t found anyone who’s interested in a committed relationship.When Micah visits Chase’s shop, the sparks fly almost immediately. Chase makes Micah feel special and seems to understand Micah’s battle with wanting to be accepted. But the possible relocation of the bookstore is a dark cloud over their budding romance.As one issue lends itself to another, Micah finds himself battling what he’s feeling for Chase and loyalties to his father. The question now becomes, will he be able to honor his father without losing the man he’s come to love?...

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the odd couple Reviews

  • Elaine
    2018-10-09 16:23

    I loved this story, the main characters Chase, and Micah were different in so many ways. I loved the character Chase, he's so proud, he's a hard worker, and he didn't ask for anything. Micah was born in wealth and he's such a giver. A well written story that you would love. with a good story line.

  • Lisa1269
    2018-10-15 12:35

    These opposites ignite…Chase and Micah are the couple that just shouldn’t work. And to be honest, it took me a few chapters to be convinced. Chase initially struck me as a bit of a flake, Micah alarmingly close to being a snob. But as we get to know them, we realize that not all is as it seems. Chase’s nonchalance is actually well-intentioned and a by-product of his huge heart, and Micah has learned hard lessons about the price he has to pay for social acceptance. Polar opposites in so many ways, the chemistry between them overrides all of the obstacles facing them, and they flourish under each other’s care into characters I really enjoyed reading about. I think part of the charm of this couple is that they are so very aware of how different they are, and that the bond between them needs to be nurtured because of their differences, not in spite of them. When Chase’s livelihood, a resale store inherited from his beloved grandfather, is threatened by the changing real estate market, he’s content to avoid facing the problem until it’s unescapable, believing that he’ll be able to figure something out with just a little more time. Micah, a successful ghostwriter, finds a whole new world opening up to him as he falls in love for the first time, and feels compelled to give Chase a taste of his more privileged lifestyle while learning about the glory of a sloppy burger served on styrofoam. These characters bring a balance to each other’s lives that they didn’t realize they were lacking, but it’s not until their relationship is tested by Micah’s unwillingness to let Chase’s dreams be sacrificed that they truly recognize how deep their commitment runs. Their unwavering support of each other in the face of social bias and economic threat is heartwarming, the sex is steamy and intense. As these two men fell deeper for each other, I couldn’t help but get absorbed right alongside them, I couldn’t put this book down once I got started…Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Ann
    2018-10-14 19:33

    I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see two totally opposite people find their dream together. They should not work, but they do, they compliment each other and have a spark that is burning hot. Chase is seemingly scatterbrained about the resale shop he inherited from the grandfather and Micah refuses to try to publish on his own, accepting repeated ghost writing jobs. Together they are able to support each other in finding and making their individual dreams successful! This was a steamy book and I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Diane
    2018-09-25 12:35

    I received a review copy of this book from the author. This was the first book I've read by BLMorticia. The story line involves the meeting of two young men, Chase and Micah; Chase, a used record shop owner who is struggling to carry on the family business, and Micah a ghost writer who is the son of a famous ex-football player. Mutual attraction quickly turns into more. The disparity in their financial situations could be a major sticking point when an offer is made on the building where Chase's store is situated. Once in so many books and real life...communication is the key to any successful relationship. As their love for each other grows, Micah develops more confidence in his own writing and Chase begins to care more about the conditions of his store and apartment. The question is...will an action by Micah ruin the life they're building together?There is a lot of lovin' in this book and not too much angst. The honesty with which Micah talks about his self esteem issues enables you to regard this as an incident based on fact and actual events from someone's life. Very well done!

  • Paisleyrowan
    2018-10-07 19:25

    Both characters are sweet and flawed, though not deeply. Just enough to be human and believable. Approachable. This is not a mega-angst story, which is well-appreciated for those moments when that is what one craves. This is a hot but still sweet romance I recommend for when you need to take a break from the heavier, damaged or mysterious books.

  • Tina
    2018-10-10 18:34

    The Odd Couple by BL Morticia has the story of two very opposite people finding love.Chase he is a sweet slobby character who can come of a tad flaky at times. I did find myself at certain points not liking his character. He comes off as really immature and almost childlike. Over all though he has a good heart he just needs to grow up a lot.Micah he is rich and cultured. He almost comes off too rich and cultured, like a snob you don't like. But he rides that like very well and remains a likeable character just barely at times. I get the author was making these two opposites but I felt it was forced in places. This made me feel both men were just not ready for a love that was a forever kind of love.Over all pretty good read. Not one I would want to keep, but one that was okay, and interesting. Four Twinkling Stars

  • B.L. Morticia
    2018-09-25 16:34