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Getting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose...For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces heGetting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose...For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces her competition head-on, but when her life is threatened, that takes the competition to a whole new level.High school is never easy, and freshman year is off to a rough start…Between Dakota’s uniform being ripped up and masked vandals trashing another girl’s house, everyone is suspect. To complicate matters further, Dakota has a thing for Andy McGraw, but she finds him locking lips with another girl.The harassment continues, and when Dakota finds suspicious flyers inside her best friend’s locker, she doesn’t know what to think. The principal’s unfeeling, overachiever daughter, Brittani Barlow, will do anything to secure her place on the team. But Dakota’s neighbor, on the other hand, definitely fits the profile of a sociopath.Cheerleading has become a game of life or death....

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cheerleading can be murder Reviews

  • Aly
    2018-11-16 07:03

    This was a fun book to read. A sociopath on the loose, huh? I am not that much into cheerleading but I was curious who the sociopath was/is. I guess you will have to read it to see if you can figure it out. I enjoyed the book. The characters kept me guessing and I liked Dakota.

  • PaulaPhillips
    2018-11-17 11:09

    As a fan of Carissa Ann Lynch's The Flocksdale Files, when I discovered that she had a new one out Cheerleading Can Be Murder , I knew I had to read it as I had absolutely loved her other series. In Cheerleading Can Be Murder, we are taken back to the world of High School and the cliques and the girls that everyone wants to be - The Cheerleaders . Though only 4 can make the squad and there are seven of them trying out this year and three originals known as the Three T's who are on it every year. What I loved about this book was that the first chapter we are introduced to a character whom we know only as "The Sociopath". It seems that the targets are the cheerleaders and during the trials - strange things start occuring and one by one the cheerleaders are targeted from uniforms cut to shreds to dead animals - first sign of a sociopath to stuffed in the lockers. Can Dakota help solve the crime with her cheerleading team and friends before someone is dangerously hurt and is it someone close to Dakota as she seems to be the only one being warned to stay away ? I was hoping that we would discover who the sociopath was at the end of the novel and it seemed like we would for a moment or two and then wham bam - the author hits us with a cliffhanger that left readers like me going NOOOOOOO as I wanted to see who it was that had been tormenting the girls and the motive . I am now looking forward to Book #2 in the Horror High series and can't wait to see what the "sociopath" and "Dakota's" next moves are as I hope she is carried into the next book as well.Cheerleading can be Murder is the perfect read for anyone who A) Loves Cheerleading and the Bring It On movies and B) fans of the 90's/ early 2000's slasher films like Scream and Valentine.

  • Ellie Midwood
    2018-10-30 07:52

    Ok, I think I’m definitely obsessed with Carissa Lynch’s writing and characters! She is undoubtedly a mistress of suspense. With this first book in the new series she just outdid herself once again and kept me up all night biting my nails. The protagonist Dakota is a freshman in Harrow High, and the only thing she dreams about is to make it into the school’s cheerleading squad. However, there are several more girls who would kill to get the desired spot – sometimes literally. Any one of Dakota’s competitors could be the obsessed sociopath, stuffing mutilated kittens into a rival’s school bag, shredding cheerleader uniforms and leaving threatening messages. The creepiest part begins when Dakota starts suspecting that the perpetrator might actually be her former best friend… I absolutely loved the element of mystery in this new book, and no matter how good I usually am at knowing who the psychotic murderer with a knife is, Carissa did a fantastic job in concealing the sociopath’s true identity. The atmosphere of danger is so vividly written, and the characters are so brilliantly creepy that it will forever change your perception of cheerleaders for the rest of your life. I can’t wait for book 2!

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    2018-10-27 04:49

    Published:2016 Genre:Young Adult, Horror, Thriller :: 4.5 Pretty Little StarsCheerleading Can Be Murderis a modern version of R.L. Stine's Fear Street Books. This is what really drew me into the book. Having always been a fan of Stine (I read all his books when I was younger) I wanted to find something similar and this is just that! It is filled with horror and suspense and will leave readers gripping the pages. You won't figure out "who-dun-it" till the very end which makes the book SO MUCH BETTER. Overall, I really enjoyed this one and I will definitely be reading the next book in the series to see where it goes. This one doesn't end in a cliffhanger per se, but it does end in a way that basically tells you that there is indeed another book. Also, the second book is available now so that helps too! Overall, this is a great read and would be perfect for all young adult's out there and us adults who like a bit of nostalgia in our reading ;)

  • Jane Hunt
    2018-11-04 06:50

    Follow my reviews. :Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Connect on...:TwitterYou realise you’re dealing with something sinister, as soon as you read the first page of this story. It’s made all the more shocking, when you realise the antagonist is targeting high school kids. I recognise the importance of being part of the cheerleading team in high school, even though I am not from North America. This story focuses on excellence and the need to belong.The characters are varied and interesting and the setting has a realistic familiarity, which gives the horror moments greater impact. The insight into the antagonist’s mind set and behaviour is intriguing but gives little away. Dakota, the story’s main protagonist faces all the usual high school girl problems; a cheating boyfriend, mean girls and the need to achieve the highest accolade of becoming a varsity cheerleader. The sense of danger and menace facing Dakota and her friends’ increases as the story progresses, leading to a climatic ending that both reveals and conceals the true evil that dominates the story. With a level of suspense and confusion that rivals ‘Pretty Little Liars’, this is an enjoyable read for all ages and I look forward to the next book in the series. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.Carissa Ann Lynch

  • LauraHernandez
    2018-11-14 06:15

    I was pleasantly surprised with this book as it kept me on my toes and second guessing myself throughout the read. A strong plot with interesting characters. Full of thrills and chills that will keep you wanting more. I'm looking forward to what comes next.{I received an eARC when I signed up to host the book tour. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are unbiased and my own}.

  • Max Power
    2018-11-06 11:10

    This is quite an entertaining book which I enjoyed and read quite quickly. This from me is one of the best compliments I can give to a book. That I am most certainly not in the typical target audience for this book is further testament to the author’s story telling ability. I always look for a good story well told with every book I read. That is my primary concern and there is no question that Carissa Ann Lynch is a good story teller. I had a minor quibble with the book and it is one I blame on an old English teacher. That is the over use and repeated sentence opening with I. It is a relatively minor complaint set against the quality of the story but it always gets to me especially where one sentence after the next has a repeated I opening. But forgive my inner editor because this is a rather slick tale that you will enjoy, especially if you are a bit younger than I am. Excellent characters, well-drawn, a slick nicely paced narrative and the right balance when it comes to realistic dialogue. I note it is part of a series and one I predict will do well for the author. Very enjoyable tale 4 stars form me.

  • Fiona
    2018-11-12 04:17

    Highly recommend to YA readers.The subject matter, tone and complexity of the read is perfect to encourage younger readers. Teenagers will relate to the school setting, friendship dilemmas, boyfriend issues and the stiff competition to get selected as a cheerleader. The book has the added twist that someone desperately wants to harm the cheerleader team. But is it someone who didn't make the team playing tricks or something far more sinister?Fast paced and well-written with great characterisation and suspense. The central character Dakota is likeable and interesting without the use of extremes. As a reader you care for her as "the girl next door." She's not perfect but she gets along with her parents and younger brother, tries hard in school with her studies and negotiating friendships and so wants a place on the cheerleading team. For adult readers, a well-written, quick read with plenty of intrigue.

  • Amara ♡
    2018-11-13 09:00

    This book was a wonderful surprise.I liked that it had a mystery feel towards it which made it a quick and fun read.Dakota,MC loves cheer leading and she wants to make the varsity team desperately.But as the tryouts for the positions escalate,mysterious things begin to happen to some of them.All of the cheerleaders are trying to find who is the person responsible.Reading this book made me realize how brutal high school could be.*remembering my own high school days*.The epilogue shocked me when I thought that everything was done and we had our culprit.Now I am anxious for book 2 in Horror high!!Readers who love books such as pretty little liars should definitely give this one a chance.

  • Brooke
    2018-10-28 07:53

    Cheerleading Can Be Murder is a great story- and not just for teens either! Although it's specifically targeted for the younger audience, anyone can enjoy the mystery and suspense of this awesome thriller. From the minute I started it, I didn't want to stop reading. Lynch's story and characters drew me in; I didn't even want to put it down at 12:30 in the morning! In addition, the ending was very unexpected and intriguing. I don't usually like cliffhanger endings, but with this book, it just made me want to read the sequel even more! I can't wait to see what happens in the next installment!

  • J.L. Clayton
    2018-11-11 07:16

    I loved it. Author Lynch never fails to please. I love her work so much. Get ready for a rollercoaster! My brain was constantly spinning, trying to figure out who is the one behind all the mischief? Who killed the cat? Is it Sydney, Dakota's best friend? Amanda? Brittany? Even Andy? There were so many possibilities and I still didn't pick the one who was toying with the cheerleaders. Sigh. Wonderful job.

  • Veronique Poirier
    2018-11-18 08:07

    OMG!!! Love these types of books! I was hooked from start to finish! I was sooooo trying to figure out who's the sociopath lol. Of course Carissa leaves you in a cliffhanger and that's cruel! LOL <3 Will definitely read book 2!Thanks for writing. :)

  • Anniek
    2018-10-28 07:57

    Dakota is starting her freshman year at high school. She is very excited and can't wait to try out for the cheerleading squad. Even though she knows that chances are slim to make the team she is determined to give it her all. Her best friend Sydney and her new friend and neighbor Amanda will be trying out too. Dakota knows that not everyone is very kind when the stakes are high, but she never expected people to be so ruthless in pursuing what they want.After a week of practicing routines and performing the coach will announce on Monday which girls made it into the team. This year there will also be alternates who will have to fill in when necessary. Dakota is thrilled when she makes the squad and can't wait to start practicing. When she is also being picked as the top in their stunts Dakota can't believe her luck. It turns out that not everybody is happy with the girls who made it into the squad. One by one they are attacked and the safety of the team is at stake. How far is this psycho teenager willing to go and will they find out in time who is bringing danger into the school?Carissa Ann Lynch writes about high school in a great way. She has put a lot of time and effort in her characters, making them believable teenage girls. The scenes in and around the classes are convincing and it felt like I was truly getting to know these young girls.Dakota is a strong girl. She has a great bond with her mother and her baby brother. She is also a good friend and she's honest. What I liked about her the most is that she fights for what she believes in and that she doesn't give up on her dreams even though the odds are against her. The thought of a psycho teenager roaming the halls thinking about hurting other people really gave me the creeps. It is a scary idea because this is something that can actually happen.Cheerleading Can Be Murder is a chilling story which kept me guessing until the very end. There were a few times when I thought I 'solved the case', but was proven wrong in the next chapter. The book ends with a cliffhanger and I can't wait to read the next part of the series. I can assure you that you will want the same thing after reading this fantastic book.

  • H. Rose
    2018-11-10 07:03

    Page-turning start to a creepy yet awesome new series. Just when you think it's safe to go back to high school... Dun-dun... dun-dun... DUN-DUN... DUN-DUN!! Omgosh--if you were a cheerleader or student who knew one in high school then this book will take you right back. The book opens with a graphic passage and a great hook (a psychopathic teenager ready to kill) that will stick with you. Thoughts of how death smells mean you may never think of meat without thinking of bodies again. Reading this book is really like a trip down memory lane. It feels authentic, the cliques, the back-stabbing teens, the boredom of certain classes, and waiting for the only thing you've dreamed of for years... making the Varsity Cheerleading Team. I was co-captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad and this book took me all the way back. SPOILER ALERT: One of the most powerful scenes, early in the book, is when Dakota is in a bathroom stall and a creepy unknown person, breathing heavily, enters and silently waits for ages (but finally leaves). Like the main character, in that terrifying scene, I got chills. The author has a terrific kinesthetic and sensorial writing style, you will feel what it is like to be in a high school lunchroom (if you didn't attend a traditional high school) or go to a Friday night basketball game. There are fun parts too, romantic chill moments, such as when Dakota makes a new friend and learns that he's on the basketball team. This book is just the right mix of complex and chilling and normal high school shenanigans. One of my favorite parts of the story is Dakota's relationship with her mother. The characters are well-developed and it was fascinating to try and figure out who the psychopath was. The story is nice and twisty. Just like life, there is always something going on. I liked the mix of teens; some girls were more obnoxious, devious, or poised than others. Chicks of all ages who enjoy a good mystery YA read and who can take literary exposure to the violence of a sociopath (think the destruction of property, blood, rotting body parts, a murdered dead kitten and more) will like this book. I won't ruin the ending for you but it has a great Pretty-Little-Liars-like twist. Happy reading~*

  • Megan | A Page to Turn
    2018-10-22 12:07

     My Rating: 5 If you loved the Flocksdale files as much as I did; You're also going to love this novel. It has a completely different feel to it; it's a lot less dark when it comes to topics and themes found in the book. The feel of it is a lot more young adult than the Flocksdale Files as well, but it didn't annoy me at all like I expected it to when I read other high school books. Carissa doesn't dwell on the annoyance that is high school students, and I really liked that about this book! It's a lot less suspenseful in the sense of girls don't really go disappearing; but instead a steady paced story about girls in high school just struggling to navigate popularity and juggling friendships, relationships, and grades. Then there is the added element of cheer leading tryouts, and at Harrow High... They are the elite. There are only 6 spots and more than 10 girls trying out. It's an intense version of a game of survival & some girls seem willing to kill (literally) to be in that limelight. The story is told in alternating POV's... One is Dakota, our main character, and one is labeled "the sociopath". Throughout the course of the book you get one crazy chapter to about 3-5 normal ones. Sometimes the sociopath chapters get few and far in between the other chapters; but they add so much to the mystery of the story. You get a feel for how vindictive this crazy human is, and I thought I had it figured out... Until the very end, and I realized who it was as soon as Dakota did. I had about two people that I figured it could be for certain reasons, and I was completely off base! Carissa has a way of explaining a mystery that keeps you from guessing where she's going..... But gives you clues all along the way that you don't catch on to until they've already passed you by. I really enjoy her simple and straight forward style of writing...Just enough detail to set the scene and then move on to the next. She leaves me wanting so much more at the end of her books and I can't wait for the sequel to this one! Another great, entertaining and riveting read! Loved it so much! 

  • BellasBrightBookshelf
    2018-10-22 10:14

    Cheerleading can be Murder review bannerGoodreads SummaryGetting on the cheerleading squad is hard enough without a psycho on the loose...For Harrow High freshman Dakota Densford, life should be easy. All she has to worry about is talking to cute boys and remembering her locker combination. But when cheerleading tryouts draw near, she learns the cards are stacked against her—spots on the varsity team are limited. Dakota faces her competition head-on, but when her life is threatened, that takes the competition to a whole new level.High school is never easy, and freshman year is off to a rough start…Between Dakota’s uniform being ripped up and masked vandals trashing another girl’s house, everyone is suspect. To complicate matters further, Dakota has a thing for Andy McGraw, but she finds him locking lips with another girl.The harassment continues, and when Dakota finds suspicious flyers inside her best friend’s locker, she doesn’t know what to think. The principal’s unfeeling, overachiever daughter, Brittani Barlow, will do anything to secure her place on the team. But Dakota’s neighbor, on the other hand, definitely fits the profile of a sociopath.Cheerleading has become a game of life or death.ReviewI absolutely loved this book! It turned out to be a pretty quick read. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars, just because it was a little predictable. I had a feeling on who it was, and I'm awful at solving mysteries soooo.... I was addicted to it and can't wait to read the next in the series! I was hoping that they would all be about cheerleading, but I'm sure I'd enjoy the others. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoysMysteryCheerleadingRomanceRealistic FictionTrailer[youtube]Add It OnGoodreads|Amazon|Barnes&Noble

  • April Wood
    2018-10-23 09:01

    What’s It About?Dakota is a Harrow High freshman who has been preparing for cheerleading tryouts her whole life. She desperately wants to make the varsity squad and her motivation is spurred further when she learns a boy she likes is on the basketball team.Unfortunately, a sociopath is on the loose at Harrow High, who seems to be particularly interested in the cheerleaders. When pranks become crimes, Dakota is unsure of who to trust… But as they say, the game must still go on.My ThoughtsWhat was fun about this book was the world-building/setting. I pictured my own high school as I was reading – the cafeteria, gymnasium, classrooms, etc. Anyone who is or has been in high school can relate to this story. It was a nostalgic experience for me.You don’t need to identify with cheerleaders to enjoy this story. Dakota’s character was sweet and down-to-earth; not the snobbish, bubble-headed girl who cheerleaders are often stereotyped as. I really enjoyed Dakota’s character and enjoyed seeing the world through her eyes. –(First person POV)And then the author throws a deranged sociopath into the mix of cheerleading and basketball games. :) This is why I love Author Carissa Ann Lynch. And boy oh boy was this person DERANGED! –I’m talking squirm in your seat, stomp your foot, yell at your book, deranged!Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this nostalgic tale of teens and their high school dramas. The ending absolutely floored me and I look forward to Horror High, book 2, to get to the bottom of the mystery!5 out of 5 pom poms!Full Book Review:

  • Kelsey McKnight
    2018-11-07 11:07

    Dakota is a Harrow High student that longs to join the cheer squad. But, she has some fierce competition; Amanda- her quirky new neighbor, Sydney- her long-time friend, Genevieve- her exboyfriend’s newest squeeze, Brittani- the principals daughter, Ashleigh- the tag along who has never made the team, Monika- a girl merely described as ‘awkward’, Mariella- Genevieve’s best friend, and The Triple Ts- a band of mean girls named Tasha, Tally, and Teresa who run the school, and the squad.Things start to go wrong for Dakota as cheer tryouts approach. Brittani drops Teresa, causing the third member of The Triple Ts to drop out of the squad. Brittani tells Dakota that she did it for her. Dakota wants to come clean to everyone about Brittani’s actions, but knows she doesn’t have any proof. Dakota’s friends also leave her; Sydney, in favor of the popular crowd, and Amanda, who believes Dakota ratted her out about her midnight meetings with Ronnie. Luckily, a new boy named Andy, Dakota’s history project partner, is there as a shoulder to cry on.But, just as things are turning around for Dakota, everything goes terribly wrong. Her life becomes discombobulated and the sociopath begins to creep around the halls of the upscale high school, stirring up trouble in some seriously vile ways. With the Sociopath’s identity still in the shadows, every member of the Harrow High cheer team could be in grave danger.Cheerleading Can Be Murder had mystery, drama, a splash of puppy love, and a twisting cliffhanger of an ending to round it all out. I highly recommend it as an awesome summer read and look forward to reading the next in the series; Cutting Up the Competition.

  • Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)
    2018-11-10 10:48

    This book is bloody brilliant. Absolute genius. I was introduced to Carissa Ann Lynch, via this book, fell in love and have gone back to read every single page she has released. The suspense, the realistic nature and the high school drama. Throw it all together, add a pinch of psychopath and you have the best book of 2016 yet! I was kept on my toes with this read. It was both exciting and very interesting. I found it harder than I'd like to admit, to put the book down at night. With each brutal message the socio sent out to the girls, I just wanted more more more. Where ever Lynch could take it next, she did, and god I loved it. The characters are brilliance. We have a good blend of all personality types, mixed with a squad of cheerleaders who would give anything to be part of the team they are obsessed with. Together, this creates a very gripping school life for all those involved. When it takes a turn to the gory and crazy, you find you can't look away. The pace was absolute perfection. I felt as though it was swift enough to really be both exciting and very real feeling, as far as the speed life seems to take us at that age, and it also had slower, suspenseful moments to really build up what was happening around them. I was highly impressed by every aspect of this book. Overall, I highly recommend it to those who are in to darker, suspenseful reads, with a good bit of quirk and imagination to them, to real bring to life a socio. I know I am counting the days until book two is mine. **This is my honest and unbiased opinion, and was not affected in any way.

  • Bona Fide Book Reviews
    2018-11-15 09:57

    This clichéd, little book begins with cheerleading and ends with cheerleading. The middle of the book – more cheerleading. For those of us who don’t care about cheerleading one way or the other, it might be difficult, dare I say painful, to swallow the life and death stance on cheerleading portrayed in this book.There are very few characters in the story and none of them are impressive or even likeable. It is written first-person, which makes it harder to read. Dakota is shallow, flighty, will literally do anything to be a cheerleader, and every ounce of happiness in her life is based on making it to the varsity squad her freshman year. Oddly enough, this school doesn’t seem to have a junior varsity anything, and the squad is a meager six girls. No wonder they’re willing to kill each other; they have to go above and beyond to make up what is more like half of a squad.In her quest to beat out all the nasty, petty girls at school, she proves to be even more shallow than them all. For example, someone shreds her uniform and she has a very public melt-down that would make any parent ashamed. She’s not going to live it down anytime soon, but she couldn’t care less in comparison to her trashed uniform. Throughout the entire book she has the maturity of a five-year-old. She takes offense at each little infraction, thinks horrid thoughts about every other girl, throws a hissy when the guy she thinks is a dork, but she might like a little even though she deems him a loser, is spotted kissing some other girl. Thankfully, she’s incredibly superficial and the next day he becomes her boyfriend and she later professes her true love for him.She’s not the only girl to give teenagers a bad rep. For being such a tiny book, there are numerous instances that made me cringe. The girls are vicious, nasty, have egos that rival Madonna, and take capricious to a new high. They cannot figure out whether they hate each other or they are besties. Within one paragraph, Dakota is going to tear her former best friends’ (there are two and you can safely pick either one in this scenario) hair out and then she is ready to “forgive” said girl for all the ways she wronged her. To clear things up, they all wrong each other over and over, until I had a headache from rolling my eyes.Supposedly, there is a sociopath who is meant to drive the story and provide suspense. Warning: there is no suspense. Out of seventy chapters, maybe three are dedicated to that individual and they last thirty seconds. The author took the bad guy right out of the book. Then comes the great revelation. It was far from great, although it was a revelation, since any of these girls could have easily been the one slashing tires and killing kittens. That particular character has basically zero action, so it had to be tied up with a bow in a long paragraph at the end that explained why she was crazy. There are no hints and she is given only a cursory description, which I immediately forgot. If you’re looking for a book where you actually have to think and guess, move on.After everything that happens, Dakota is still so immature that she thinks it is quite a shame that the evil cheerleader is evil, because she could have been great the following year. She tried to kill people, so it would make sense that her cheerleading abilities are inconsequential, but not according to Dakota. As wretched as these teens are, the adults are sorry excuses for parents and teachers. From the mother who spoils Dakota rotten to the coach who goes into graphic detail about kitten innards, they are a disappointment which explains a lot about these kids who are in desperate need of a conscience.Overall, the writing is very basic and unengaging. It reads like something a teenager wrote and fits perfectly with Dakota’s bipolar thoughts. Don’t let the title fool you; this is not a horror story. This is baby Dean Koontz and lacks suspense completely. I was so disturbed by these teens that the “evil acts” took a back seat. This series came highly recommended, but the only redeeming moment I found was when Dakota ponders why her mother’s sandwiches taste better, just because she makes them. The fact is food made by others, especially a loved one, always tastes better. This was the one poignant moment.The rating:Genre and general reading age – It’s hardly suitable for teens. I’m thinking more along the line of tweens. Adults should definitely steer clear. As for genre, it’s supposed to be horror, but it falls into the category of underdeveloped stories for teens.Level of sexuality – Zero. If there had been any, I would have been very concerned. I was relieved that they were too busy being jealous and mean to even think about it.Is there graphic language? Nope. They think and act like children, which leaves the dirty words out.Did I laugh? No.Did I cry? Tears of frustration and then tears of joy when I finished.Is this part of a series? Sadly, yes. It is book one of Horror High.Level of character development – What character development? Not only did this book lack plot, suspense, and relatability, it lacked actual characters. Dakota is spoiled and thinks only of herself. That is how it starts and how it ends. Everyone else is a varying level of a clichéd, boring character who lacks a real personality.I had looked forward to this book. It has great reviews and I was hoping for something to keep me on the edge of my seat. It does have the word horror in the series, after all, so how could it not. The book is tiny, but it took me days to finish. Every time I picked it up I couldn’t bear it and down it went. Finally, I forced myself to finish. The last seven or so chapters are dedicated to the so-called ending and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Then, as an afterthought, the author tosses in a little epilogue that makes the reader rethink what they just read. It was a weak attempt to gain interest and took ten seconds to read. Needless to say, it did not entice me to continue the series. On the other hand, more than a few people have rated it highly. I suspect they might be about twelve years old, don’t have children, don’t know the actual definition of sociopath, are void of real empathy, or more than one of the above. I am sorry to give this ⭐️ star. I’d like to think that the author put forth some effort, but it was dry as beef jerky. One redeeming quality that many amazing indie books lack and I’m happy to point out here – I didn’t come across any typos.

  • Kevin Hatt
    2018-10-31 04:09

    Having read Author Lynch's Flocksdale series, I was eager to see what she would come up with this time around. Now, being a man, I knew very little about cheerleading, and being from England, where cheerleading isn't that common, I was to receive a pleasant introduction.The main character - Dakota - is an ordinary girl, trying to get into a team of six, but with eleven hopefuls, she knows she is up against it, and her insecurities become clear. We also are presented with an occasional narrator - the sociopath, who we instantly realise is just about as twisted as it gets, and as a reader, I was awaiting something to happen, and when it did, it was subtle, building things up in a brilliant fashion.As the plot progresses, we, as the readers, are taken on a rollercoaster, as the characters fall in and out with each other, creating suspicion after suspicion, thus keeping the reader engrossed and entertained.Cheerleading Can Be Murder is a wonderful creation and hooks the reader with great characterisation and twists, never allowing one's mind to settle. It is a refreshing and superbly written story, and the end is one that was done with sheer brilliance, reaching a conclusion, yet keeping things open for another book, which is a masterstroke.This book is one that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading, and I am very much looking forward to the next in the series. Easily five stars.

  • Yvonne Davies
    2018-11-18 06:08

    Great SuspenseComing from the UK, I don't understand the importance of high school girls wanting to be cheerleaders, but you don't need to know to enjoy this book.Dakota has started high school and like a lot of girls her age wants to be on the Cheerleading squad. Unbeknown to her there is a sociopath, with their own agenda to get revenge on the school, starting on the cheerleaders.Sydney has been Dakota's best friend throughout school, but with all the strange incidents going on, their friendship feels the strain.Amanda is the new kid at the school, living next door to Dakota, they slowly become friends, but with her dysfunctional family and her dating Dakota's ex boyfriend, could she also be the sociopath.Dakota has to start trusting her new friends and with a new boyfriend tries to find out who is after them.The main characters are your typical teenagers with their own personal worries, cheerleading, boys, grades but with the added worry of who is going to die. Whilst reading this book, you will not stop yourself trying to guess who the sociopath is. The scenes involving them are written in their POV, which adds more suspense to this book and you know that they are playing with the students like a cat plays with a mouse.I was surprised at the ending of this book, but is this the ending. No its not, with the author adding another twist, will we know.This is another great start to the author's new series and the 2nd book is out soon.

  • Christina
    2018-10-25 10:16

    One that took me back to my RL Stine days, this is young adult suspense with a touch of horror and coming-of-age.Dakota is a freshman at high school and really, really, really (yes, that many reallys) wants to get on the team. The problem is that the spots are limited, her ex is causing trouble, her crush is kissing another girl... and then the trouble really starts, with a slashed uniform, some blood, and a lot of threats.I'm going to start with saying that I really wanted to read this book - it took me back to the selfish, naive days when things that didn't matter at all were considered life and death situations. The plot was intriguing and the characterisation believable. I really enjoyed the way Dakota's story was intersected with that told from The Sociopath's point of view. However, I could not connect with the self-obsessed protagonist, felt that there was too much repetition of the form of explanations as to who the characters were (which kept taking me out of the story), and felt that the tension sometimes failed to deliver. All in all, a fun read.*I received a free copy of the book, from YA Bound Book Tours, in exchange for my honest review.

    2018-10-24 05:00

    3 - Is That Frickin Blood On My Pom Pom StarsThis was a really fun read. Every now and then I enjoy reading young-adult books. - I hated high school. But I love that I can relive some of the good times through these type of books.Dakota Densford, is 9th grader and desperately wants to be on the varsity cheerleading squad! When she's not thinking about cheering, she's dealing with heartbreak, so-called friend dating her ex, mean girl cliques, and oh, yeah! A sociopath (out to get her and fellow cheerleaders) This was a fast paced read, laced with twists and turns and suspense. This book reminded me of my childhood. My favorite authors; "Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine" (Lets just say those two started my love for the creepy, dark, and macabre at a young age) And I've never been the same again! ;)

  • Erin Riley
    2018-10-27 10:54

    I am a huge fan of Carissa Lynch. I love her writing style and her uncanny ability to get in the head of her characters. I bought Cheerleading Can Be Murder on pre-order, and read it in one sitting! Although this book is meant for a slightly younger audience than her Flocksdale Files series, in no way did I feel I was reading a clichéd YA novel. The storyline was fresh, with just the right amount of suspense and horror, as our heroine Dakota's plans for trying out for the high school cheerleading squad go terribly wrong. Bad, bad things keep happening to Dakota and the other cheerleading hopefuls. Is there a sociopath on the squad? Or does someone else at the school have an equally chilling agenda? One of Carissa Lynch's specialties is her ability to provide numerous possibilities for suspects, making the reader second-guess themselves. As a reader who can almost always guess the culprit in a whodunit, I LOVE it that I am frequently stumped by her books! I'm chomping at the bit for book two in this amazing series.

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    2018-11-08 07:53

    Just when I thought I knew who the sociopath was, things get twisted and I am left wondering who it could be just like Dakota, in this book.I started reading this book late at night but before I knew it, it was almost six in the morning that shows how engrossed I was with the plot. I finished this book in less than 24 hrs, it was that interesting, I didn’t want to drop it. I could see the characters playing before my eyes and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The book ends on a cliff hanger, which means there is more to come as a sociopath is on the loose at Harrow Hill, and I am eager to find out what happens next.All in all, I recommend this book to anyone in search of a good read.

  • Sharon Brownlie
    2018-11-03 07:49

    There aren't many repeat authors I download with my Kindle subscription but Carissa Ann Lynch is an exception. I have read all the Flocksdale Files series and knew this new series was a must.I am from UK so never involved in the cheerleading scene but Lynch brings it all to life, so I don't feel I missed out on anything. The author has a knack with the descriptive and in Cheerleading Can Be Murder excels at this. This book has suspense and chills that send a shiver down your spine. The narrative keeps you flicking through and the pace is fast making it a quick read. But no matter book 2 is out so I can continue with the series.

  • Bradon Nave
    2018-10-31 09:51

    I knew this was going to be a good book prior to it arriving. I had no clue I'd be hooked after just a few lines. The description and detail in Lynch's writing is outstanding. This book was about so much more than cheerleading and held my attention the entire read.The main character's passion for the sport drives her to secure a spot on a squad that is comprised of mean girls and one seemingly nice odd-girl-out. The cheerleading is only one aspect.Once the plot developed and I thought I had it figured out...I was thrown a curve-ball.Great story line, excellent character development and a great twist...easy 5 stars.

  • Bridgett Brown
    2018-10-21 08:08

    Just when I thought I had it all figured out... a twist like you wouldn't believe! OMG What Happened? I loved this book, It's about Dakota who wants to join the cheerleading squad, and so do many other girls in Harrow High. But someone is terrorizing the girls who make the team. A dead cat, a cut-up uniform, and more happens to the cheerleaders. I am so pumped to read the next book. I need to know what happens..This was a great book and no it's not a subject matter that I know about ( I was a Band Geek) I felt like I could have been there ( Maybe in another life lol). I really enjoyed this book! Carrissa Lynch Great Freaking Job!!!!

  • Erica Lipan
    2018-10-25 12:01

    Dakota sure does have a lot on her plate as a 15 year old girl entering her freshman year of high school. She has one thing on her mind.... making the cheer squad. Will she make it? Will it cost her? Carissa Lynch will take you on a thrill ride through Horror High! I was left with so many guesses and as soon as I thought I had it all figured out? Bam!! I hit a curve in the track. Absolutely one of the most creative Authors I have had the pleasure of delving into a story with. She may be sweet and sassy in person, but she has no problem letting that wild mind of hers loose. Terrific!