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Claire Danvers has her share of challenges---like being a genius in a school that favors beauty over brains, dealing with the homicidal girls in her dorm, and above all, finding out that her college town is overrun with vampires. On the up side, she has a great roommate (who tends to disappear at sunup) and a new boyfriend named Shane, whose vampire-hunting dad has calledClaire Danvers has her share of challenges---like being a genius in a school that favors beauty over brains, dealing with the homicidal girls in her dorm, and above all, finding out that her college town is overrun with vampires. On the up side, she has a great roommate (who tends to disappear at sunup) and a new boyfriend named Shane, whose vampire-hunting dad has called in backup: cycle punks who like the idea of killing just about anything.Now a fraternity is throwing its annual Dead Girls' Dance and---surprise!---Claire and her equally outcast best friend, Eve, have been invited. When they find out why, all hell is going to break loose. Because this time both the living and the dead are coming out---and everybody's hungry for blood....

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The Dead Girls' Dance Reviews

  • Shannon
    2018-10-09 03:19

    I don't know what it is about this series that keeps it from being more than average for me. I like the ideas that Caine comes up with but I don't think she's the greatest writer. I find myself distracted while reading her books and not as emotionally connected as I should be. That being said, I liked it enough to want to continue on with the series and find out what happens with the characters.This entry in the series starts right where the first book left off. This left me feeling a little lost though since I read Glass Houses more than a year ago. Fortunately, much of the previous story gets retold in bits and pieces as you read so it's not that hard to remember what had happened. Basically, Shane's Dad is back in town and looking to kill vampires. He gets Claire and the rest of the gang involved and they get in all kinds of trouble. There's some attempted rape, some tortured vampires, and some folded space teleportation. A lot of stuff happens in a short amount of time and it starts to get really unbelievable, especially Claire continually saving the day being a size 2 16 year-old.The only character I really care about is Claire, and she did a lot of stupid things in this book. Actually, Shane, Eve, and Michael all did some stupid things and that's probably one of the reasons I'm having a hard time connecting with them. I do like Shane and Claire's developing romance though.I honestly think Glass Houses and this one should have been made into one book in the first place. And I think that if I had read them back to back I may have enjoyed this one more.Overall, not a bad book, but I'm hoping it improves with the next in the series.

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2018-09-24 00:31

    Yeahhhhhh...Sorry dudes. I wear the cone of shame- I'm on book five of this series and I am NOT slowing down to write reviews...I WILL come back and add quotes for each book, though! :P Each book gets better and better!!! :D

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2018-10-15 04:33

    3.5 I'm Just A Kid StarsSome days you have to wonder how many enemies can 4 teenagers battle at the same time. As if deadly Vampires and a bunch of psychotic college girls isn't enough, now they have to survive Shane's bat-shit crazy father and his vampire-slaying crusade in a city where no one trusts them and no one is their friend.Apart from the fact that 4 teenagers manage to do more than a hundred centuries old vampires can do, this series continues to be extremely unique. It gets more gothic and atmospheric with every page you read and the setting starts to become more and more interesting. The four friends also begin to mature day by day as they come across danger. Sometimes too much danger. Some things seem kind of irrelevant to the story. For example the party scene... I really didn't see its purpose. (view spoiler)[The whole rape drug thing did nothing except make Claire look stupid and fill a few pages. I guess the whole massacre at the end was the end purpose but I just thing the issue could have been approached better. (hide spoiler)]Although admitedly Claire's puppy love for Shane doesn't exactly leave her room to acknowledge when he is behaving like and idiot(which is often), I also like the romance in the series between both couples.The weird thing about these books is that although Claire annoys you with her little girl behaviour, you just can't hold it against her. Sometimes she behaves like an immature little girl and she knows it, she owns it and it is just natural. The girl is barely 16 years old and has to go through things that would break much tougher people. Even when I wanted to kill her, I just couldn't blame her.My favorite character in this book though is Amelie by far. She is just so... detached. It's like she's watching everything from a distance. She takes her time in deciding whether she cares or not(most of the times it's "not") and whether or not she will interfere. It's like she has all the time in the world to make her decisions. Of course, when you are the oldest vampire in the world days and human lives probably seem insignificant. She is actually quite badass. More badass than Oliver and his unorganised rage. I actually found it quite naive of Claire to hope that Amelie would help her even though it's quite obvious that Amelie has an interest in Claire."Suffice to say that I have chosen to place Shane in that cage for a purpose. He may live, or he may die. That is no longer in my hands, and you may save both your breath and your hopes; I shall not stand up dramatically at the last moment as they light the pyres, and save your lover. Should it come to that, Claire, you must be prepared for the harsh reality that the world is not a fair or just place, and all your wishing cannot make it so. A lesson I learned long, long ago, when the oceans were young, and sand was still rock. I am old, child. Older than you can possibly understand. Old enough that I play with lives like counters in a game. I wish this was not so, but damn me if I can change what I am. What the world is."["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alkyoni
    2018-09-28 07:30

    Dear Series,I don't know what it is about you, but you confuse me unlike any other series around. There are times that I like you and I want to get to know you better but then you go and do something stupid to turn me off, only to rekindle my interest in you a few pages later. It's not fair, dear series. See, you have this atmospheric-horror-thriller setting going on, keeping me at the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails, and then you send some deus ex machina to do the rescuing.You give your characters depth and flaws and enough layers for me to believe that they could be real, and then you have them react in ways that make no sense whatsoever. I'm trying here, dear series. I want us to be together, I really do, but you've got to be straight with me. If you're gonna be good, be good, if you're not, let me go. No more messing around with my head. Yours Truly

  • Anushka
    2018-10-12 06:11

    I hate the concept.I hate the characters.I hate the story line on which this book got off.I practically hate almost everything about this book. So, why did I read this?I read it 'cause I'm in the mood for reading a series with around 10 books and if anyone can recommend me something better than this, I'll be very grateful.I read the first partGlass Housesa year back, and disliked it too. The concept is just way too stupid. A 16-year old girl starts going to a college (early admission) in a strange town named Morganville. First, if Claire is such a prodigy, what the hell is she doing studying inMorganville?Couldn't she have gotten a much better college?Then, she starts getting beaten up by the It-girl gang of the school for NO REASON AT ALL. So she leaves her dorm and goes off to live with some random 3 people who are really weird. Those random weird people tell her that the town is run by Vampires and once you've entered it, you can never escape.This plot is dumb as a fucking doorknob.There are so many flaws and so much of stupidity in it! To add to this traumatically annoying plot we have the dumbest possible characters. Claire, Eve and Michael are so irritatingly dumb, Shane is okay-okay sometimes. Claire doesn’t ever stands up for herself, she always needs someone to keep her going. Plus, she takes some really rash decisions at times which should make her look like a brave chick, instead it puts her friends in more trouble.I, honestly liked the first one better thanDead Girl’s Dance.The storyline involving Shane’s dad in this instalment was getting on my nerves and it was pretty unnecessary too. I mean, nothing huge happened at the end, everything went back to the way it was before. But inGlass Housesthere were a few moments that surprised me and caught my interest (which after a year made me read the 2nd one *rols eyes*). Whereas this one was just dreadful. Everything bored me to death, those good for nothing characters and sissy vampires made me claw my eyes out.I will most probably not continue this series now. My quota of stupidity intake this month is over.

  • Ian
    2018-10-15 07:07

    At the end of book 1 Glass Houses, Shane's psychopathic, vampire hunting father and his band of thugs showed up. The Dead Girls' Dance has him running amok in Morganville. The vampires are hunting him and Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael are the meat in the sandwich. This book has some good things going on, but there are a few things that really annoyed me. The epilogue in the form of diary entries from Eve is tedious. The protagonists spend most of their time whining, and it gets to be a bit much.This still would have been a 3.5 star book if it wasn't for this.Claire was feeling kind of light headed, in fact she was dizzy, maybe it was the heat. She took another gulp from the bottle, but that just seemed to make her feel nauseous. As Ian opened the fourth door she said, "I don't feel so good."Ian smiled and said, "Well that was fast", and shoved her into the room. "I thought I was gonna have to work a little harder, but you're pretty easy."There were three other guys in the room...There was something bad out there something worse than four horny, stupid, cruel boys. She felt something brush against her, a hand. One of the boys she didn't know which one, was it Ian? She took it and squeezed.[to Ian, the guy who drugged her and was going to rape her] "I'm sorry about your nose." she said.[later] Those boys weren't in brief, Ian invites her to the party with the intention of slipping her a drug and then gang-raping her with three of his mates. While defending herself from the would be rapists, she cracks Ian in the nose. Later she apologizes to him for defending herself. They all end up hiding in the closet, and one of the would be rapist takes her hand and she squeezes it. Later she thinks, those guys weren't so bad.WTF!!! On what planet is gang rape not so bad??? That scene is so fucked up and I just can't forgive it. Seriously not cool Ms Caine.

  • Samantha
    2018-10-13 23:18

    Ok, I decided to read this 2nd installment after liking the first, even with a few reservations. TDGD has not added anything new to the mix for me. I'll list my arguments:1. Claire has known Shane, Eve, and Michael for less than a month and she's willing to sign her life away. I'm not saying love is measured by how long you know someone, but come on! She's 16!2. This girl has dreams of going to MIT (=eventually leaving town) when she just keeps on digging deeper into this town's secrets when she knows people have been killed for less. She's never going anywhere and frankly that's just depressing, especially since she can't see it.3. This book is about teenagers, I get that. Teenagers just aren't going to have much say in the rules. It just gets really old watching everything happen TO them. If you think about the grand scheme of the story they really aren't the people you want to hear more about.Book plot consists of: have a nice happy dinner together = Claire and/or Eve to Michael and/or Shane "You can't tell me what to do!" = C&E either get locked in a room or leave and get caught (repeat 3 or 4 times) = vampire comes along makes big appearance and they live to see another dinner of chili or tacos.GETS OLD! Needless to say I probably won't continue with this series.

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2018-10-09 02:07

    3.5 starsThis series is campy and fun book crack :)

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2018-10-08 01:33

    5 Stars: This story was even more intense than Glass Houses. It was full of emotions throughout the whole book. Claire's decision at the book's end is heartbreaking, but so in character for her. This book was so much better than the last one. Not to disappointed as of yet, and I am not going on a rambling tyrant reveling any details as I did with Glass House. Sorry you will have to read and enjoy for yourself.My absolute favorite and will read again and again. I strongly recommend! It has outstanding qualities. The characters are wonderful and surprising and multi-dimensional. The writing is luring, engaging, and well-crafted enough to keep me interested from cover to cover and beyond. The plot is astonishing with twists and turns weaved into a well thought and planned story. There’s no pretense and romance was well balanced and done entirely correctly with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors and incredible, undeniable chemistry. Predictability is at an all-time low. With the exception of series based books that follow the same path but are just as good. Overall, Favorite, must read again, recommend!!!

  • Nikoleta
    2018-10-16 03:20

    Πέρασε κ δεν ακούμπησε... δεν ηταν κακό... καπως αδιαφορο να το πω...

  • Anzu The Great Destroyer
    2018-10-05 02:07

    I’m going to make this real short, so here are some thoughts.The Dead Girls' Dance didn’t impress me much. I felt like the events that the story focused on weren’t so interesting, and this didn’t get me in the right mood. I didn’t think it was better thanGlass Houses, and it wasn’t worse. Claire was better though. Eve and Michael were as good as ever. Shane. Meh. He bothered me many times, but in the end he was alight.I got used to Rachel Caine’s cliffhangers so I was bracing myself for a big one. Nope. It was rather stupid, if you ask me. My good friend Alk told me that book #3,Midnight Alley, is badass so I’m pretty excited about it. Will be reading it asap.P.S. You guys should totally read this series. You’ll love it!Review also posted on

  • Carrie
    2018-09-23 06:06

    The Dead Girls' Dance is the second book in the Morganville Vampire series and it picks up right after the ending of the first book. Claire and her roommates now not only have the vampires to deal with in Morganville but Shane's father has shown up with his bikers buddies. So far I'm finding this series just rather average. Sometimes I enjoy what's going on but at other times I find Claire to be rather annoying and some of the choices made to be laughable. I'm still kind of comparing this to some of the rather campy horror movies that are usually more for a laugh but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. Not really a bad read but room for improvement still. Hoping that Claire will mature a bit in the upcoming books. Things should get a bit more interesting after some of the happenings in this book.

  • Emily (Obsessed Reader)
    2018-10-18 07:33

    I love how action-packed these books are...they make for such quick reads!

  • Cherie
    2018-10-09 06:26

    This is the second book in the Morganville Vampire series and it picks up right where book one leaves off. By now, we've learned a bit more about all the inhabitants of the Glass House, where Claire is currently living off-campus while attending Texas Prarie University. Her roommates—Eve the Goth girl, sexy hunk Shane, and mysterious Michael—have been having to fight off the vampires that rule Morganville because situations beyond their control have really pissed some of them off. It certainly doesn't help when Shane's vampire-hunting father comes to town either, with a plan to take care of all the vampires of Morganville once and for all.If I hadn't read the first book so recently I think I may have been lost for the first several pages as this book picks up mid-scene from the events of book one, with very little reminder cues. I really don't like when authors do this, particularly since these books are published several months apart and most people aren't going to read them right after another, but instead would read a number of other books in betweeen. Therefore, with this particular series, you might be better served picking up the first two or three books and then reading them all in one go.In comparison to the other young adult urban (paranormal) fantasy books I've been reading, specifically the House of Night Novels by P.C. Cast, these seem a bit slower paced and not nearly as exciting. I remember thinking something similar about the first book of Ms. Caine's Weather Warden series, Ill Wind, when I read that. Certainly an interesting enough story, but it didn't have that wow factor for me that makes it a favorite. *shrug*That said, the story is still interesting enough to keep going, and does pick up the pace more as things progress. Though written in the third person, you really only see into Claire's head most of the time, not any of the other main characters, so the inclusion of a few excerpts from Eve's diary at the end of the book is a welcome addition which lets you learn a bit more about what makes her tick. I certainly plan to keep up with future books in this series, and already have Midnight Alley, the third in the series, waiting on my bookshelf. I'll just have to remember to read it sooner rather than later for the reasons stated above since I'll be passing this second book along and won't have it to refer back to.

  • Cam Garza
    2018-10-11 04:13

    Complete waste of my time. I can't believe I wasted a second of my life in this series. Sure, I liked Glass House even though I was ready to tear my hair out if I had to read one more fucking page of that book.But here?I couldn't even finish it.Wanna know the reason why I read this? The fucking cliffhanger.Man, I hate those thing, they're pure evil.Anyways, I kinda have to thank this book because I realized this series annoyed me to no end. I just wanted to skip to the end and get it over with. And not in the 'omg! I wanna know what happens next!' way but in the 'can we just get this over with? God my eyes are bleeding and I'm just about to bash my head so I can get outta here' way.I would have chucked it at my wall but I was reading an e-copy, so, no.I think the only reason the first book was bearable was Shane, even though he really isn't that great of a guy. I can deal with Claire's crying, but I cannot deal with stupidity. She was supposed to be the smart one, wasn't she? Well, in this book I just couldn't see that.I'm sorry Claire, but you are just useless. Sure, you memorized the elements of the periodic table and their reactions, but when its about serious decisions? You are as useless as a spoon is to open a can.I won't continue this series (as if that isn't obvious) and I definitely won't recommend this to anyone—well, maybe my mortal enemy but that's it. I am so done, niggas.Camila out.Carpe diem!

  • Morning
    2018-09-24 04:25

    Wow, I'm glad I bought most of the series because these cliff hangers would otherwise make me frantic and would probably keep me up all night thinking when I got the next book. The story plot just flows from book to book and I'm thankful for that. Everything actually connects without a huge unknown year taking place in between. I love Claire and all, but she's got to get some fire in her stomach. Yeah sure she feels revenge for Monica, but it just doesn't seem enough to me. Maybe I'm just a too violent person. When Rachel Caine decided to turn michael into a vampire in this book, I agreed because he was in limbo for a while there. Okay, so I hate werewolves, so I guess I would be devistated if my friend turned into one. But if it was because of my urging that he was useless otherwise, I wouldn't be so mad if he made the final decision... I am a little frustrated on Shane's character being so... unforgiving. They're best buds but he's made that his friend made the giant leap for him? (parly for him) Wake up and be more sympathetic

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2018-09-29 07:22

    This book was equally as good as the first. The story picked up right where the first book left of and continued to be fast paced and entertaining the entire way through. The characters continue to be the same great personalities they were from the first book, and I really liked Sam. I feel like he may be the first vampire we’ve met who could be as close to good as vampires in this series can get. I really like the character of Amelie, although I wonder exactly what her intentions are and just how far she’ll go to get what she wants. Who and what would she be willing to risk in order to protect herself? Personally I think both Claire and Shane along with Eve and Michael are great couples. One of the things that struck me about this series straight away, is how there doesn’t appear to be any love triangles. Honestly, I’ve become sick of them and seeing two fresh couples who are all close and get along together without any extra issues is excellent. It’s a breath of fresh air and I hope it stays that way. I don’t want to see anyone pop up in the story that could be a threat to either romance. I like that Claire continues to grow and appears to becoming stronger. It’s wonderful when the main character continues to evolve over the course of the series. I find that she’s very mature for her age too. Often during the book, I found myself forgetting that she is almost two years younger than her housemates. She’s very level and balanced that it’s hard to think of her as a child. I find it very difficult to define Shane after this book. He’s not exactly a bad-boy, although he has that hint of rebelliousness that makes him fun and he’s not outright innocent or sweet either. After learning of his father, it’s obvious that he’s done a number on Shane over the years and that in a lot of ways Shane is vulnerable when it comes to his dad. He’s the only family Shane has left and while doesn’t completely agree or disagree with his father’s beliefs on vampires; Shane can’t deny that he’s a part of that world. Or was. At the end of the book Shane made it obvious how little he wanted to do with his father, but I wonder how long that will last. I thought it was very interesting to see Michael become a vampire. If there is anyone who can become one of the unread and yet manage to hold on to his humanity and still be himself, it’s him. Also I wonder how Eve’s brother Jason is going to affect the storyline. Is he really the one killing those girls? And will he be in the next book? I’m looking forward to finding out. Now, on to the next book......

  • Nic
    2018-09-29 23:13

    Wow! I am now a Morganville Vampire Fan. I had read the first book in the series and really enjoyed it but this book was brilliant.The writing is engaging and very witty. The plot was fast paced ensuring never a dull moment. It made me wonder how does Rachel Caine fit so much it to one little book. The characters I love. Claire is such a strong heroine despite the town's craziness. I like the realtionship between Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael and how they look after one another. And how can you forget Shane .... yum. Claire and Shane have great chemistry and sexual tension. And I must say Monica she is just evil, I hope she has what is coming for.Overall this is one of those books that you can easily get lost in and when you are finished you will be left wanitng more!

  • Shera (Book Whispers)
    2018-10-10 04:30

    Well it was better than the first book. I think the characters and plot development hit the right spots. We get to know more about everyone, and with the books being so small that is an issue. There's a limited time to developed characters and the world, while trying to squeeze in the plots! Dead Girls' Dance does a better job of it. Though my real issues where how Claire handled the situations. Despite Monica, the mean (psycho) girl, trying to kill her in the last book Claire just kind of shrugs it off. I don't understand. Not to mention that rape was used as a plot device to get readers blood going. Then it wasn't handled well. Those boys should have been reported properly. I wanted to see it. Not just threatened by a vampire. Not to mention that things just happen. Claire and company don't think things through. It worked out better here. But it still annoyed me. Yes things just happen and you have no control. In the end this book finally got me connecting to the characters. It reminded me why I loved them so much. All of the little nuances I'm picking up are a fun look back for moments I still remember happening in the later books. Not to mention that I love Shane, Eve, Claire, and Michael. They are a fun group to be around. Lots happens, but at least the cliffhanger isn't so cruel! The entire book is a rush and I'm looking forward to the next one. Sexual Content: Making out, smooching, and some adult thoughts. Sexual humor, check. As mentioned there was some rape issues. Things didn't go too far, but there were drugs involved. It also emphasized how seemingly nice guys become monsters. 3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.

  • Amber
    2018-10-13 03:09

    The Dead Girls Dance picks up where Glass Houses left off. Shane's dad is on a mission to kill off the vampires due to the hatred he has toward them for killing his wife and daughter. He has mastermined a plan to kill each and everyone. Monica is up to her old shenanegans causing problems for Claire and Eve. Amelie has placed protection on the Glass House four (Eve, Claire, Michael and Shane) but a death occurs and Shane and one of his father's biker friends is accused. Amelie has revoked her protection for Shane due to the death. ( I like the thought of Shane caged but for me only lol). Claire has to find a way to prove Shane is innocent and will do everything she can to protect him, even if her life is at risk. There are new characters introduced in this installment, good and bad.I love this series!! I know this is a very short review but this book was super good!! On to the next!!

  • Jaime
    2018-10-09 05:21

    I like that this book picked up precisely where Glass Houses left off and kept to the fast pace. And even though she's often annoying because of it, I do like that 16 yr old small-town nerd Claire is written to be naive and sophomoric rather than implausibly sophisticated. The romantic aspect was also nicely done, as was the introduction of Sam. However, the villains were rather flat--perhaps to underscore that Claire is discovering that humans can be as bad as the vampires--so the sense of brooding menace from the first book was missing. The protagonists failed to grow on me any further, but perhaps that will happen in the next sequel as they begin to absorb what they've experienced? I'm interested just enough to read Midnight Alley, anyway.

  • Nida Kazi
    2018-10-13 03:07

    It's been a busy week since starting my new job with hardly any time to read but I still managed to read this gorgeous shiny book!This book is fun, spooky and just had everything to keep you going.

  • Amy
    2018-10-11 05:36

    So far I am really liking this series. Waiting for the next one to come in at the library.

  • Arlene
    2018-10-07 23:26

    The Dead Girls’ Dance is the second book of the Morganville Vampire series. When the story kicks off, it doesn’t waste any time picking right up where it left off and taking you on a turbo ride of adventure. The events keep happening one right after the other, and the story does not slow down to take a breath, which I loved. In this book, the cliffhanger from the previous novel is resolved rather quickly, and we learn about new challenges faced by the inhabitants of the Glass House.I love how Rachel Caine slowly reveals her vampire lore and back story as the facts become pertinent to the plot. The main characters have perfect chemistry; and the friendship and bond between Claire, Eve, Michael and Shane really hooks the reader where you can’t help but fall for them. In this book, they are faced with some dangerous situations, but their loyalty for each other never wavers, as they risk their lives to keep each other safe. By the end of the novel, Claire is faced with a difficult choice, where she must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to save her friends and the people she cares for.Overall, I’m hooked on this series, as it delivers the right blend of adventure, intrigue, and angst to keep me turning the pages well into the night. There is one bone of contention I must mention, but it’s really no biggie… but here it is… I think the author has made Claire’s youth quite clear, repeated mention makes it redundant and no longer relevant to this story because Claire has proven time and again she can handle herself in dangerous situations no matter how bad the beating. Overall, great series that I can’t wait to dive into book three.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2018-09-20 00:25

    At the end of the last book, Glass House, Shane called in his father in a desperate attempt to save them from the wrath of Morganville's vampires. Of course, they managed to escape that wrath by earning the support and protection of Analee, the Founder of Morganville who had enough clout to keep them safe.The problem is, Shane's father and his vampire slaying biker gang still arrived. And they're still looking for blood and they don't intend to leave without slaughtering as many vampires as possible, preferably all of them. In fact, it seems this was Shane's reason to return to Morganville anyway – to gather as much intelligence as possible in the eventual attack.Shane's father instantly launches a path of destruction, killing vampires wherever he can. Worse, he has no concern for collateral damage and his gang does not hesitate to kill humans who look like vampires – even resorting to kidnapping humans to follow their plans.And worse still, Shane is quickly implicated in the killings. The penalty for vampire slaying in Morganville is being burned alive. Claire, Michael and Eve must find a way to convince the vampire authorities that Shane is not guilty and they should spare his life.Like the first book, one of the biggest barriers I found to enjoyment was the utter foolishness of the characters, especially Claire. See a dark and shadowy alley that 3 people have now told her not to go down and what does she do? Why down she goes.Read More

  • LegallyBarb
    2018-09-24 23:30

    I have to reiterate how much I enjoy this author's youthful style of writing - when she writes what these young people are thinking/saying, it feels very authentic. In addition, they are funny! I often find myself chuckling at various wise cracks in this series! While it took a little while to figure out exactly where this series was going after the first book, the author did a good job of creating new drama without invalidating the first book and without feeling like she was over reaching or forcing a series. The progression of the story felt natural, the main characters remain lovable and the various antagonists (which come in all levels of severity) are all quite complex. There are still those moments comparable to a dumb blond backing into a dark room while looking around fearfully for the crazy guy who just attacked her (except for into the room she is backing into!), and you want to yell "don't be so stupid!!!" But where would be the suspense if every character always followed the "safe" way??? Ultimately, this is great story-telling, coupled with talented writing - it was a real page-turner and I wasted no time hopping right into book 3. Again, I cannot emphasize enough NOT to skip the "sneak peak" into book 3 at the end of book 2 - the author uses this to shed more light on and add new insight into book 2, while also indicating the direction of book 3 - only the last paragraph is truly about book 3, although the rest provides "background" information helpful to the next book.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-15 02:36

    (Source: I own a copy of this book.)This book pretty much picks up where the last left off - with Michael dead on the floor at the hands of Shane's father. I think this book was actually worse than the first in the series. It may have been that it took me longer to read this one and I couldn't read it straight through, but I have to say that I got really bored towards the end.I thought Claire did some darn stupid things, I think Eve did some stupid things too, and Michael's choice was certainly an interesting one.The storyline revolved around Claire and Co, trying to get Shane out of jail for something his father did, and actually took place over quite a short amount of time.I can't say I enjoyed the romance, and the book really dragged towards the end. Can't say I'm looking forward to the next one either.Overall; pretty dull, with stupid characters,6 out of 10.How it ends: (view spoiler)[ Claire manages to get Shane out of the prison, and they go home. Shane isn't happy with Michael's decision to become a vampire. Claire receives a letter and contract from Amelie, which basically enslaves her too Amelie, so without discussing it with anyone she reaches for a pen to sign it, the end. (hide spoiler)]

  • Barbara ★
    2018-09-29 05:35

    Shane's father, Frank, the vampire killer, came to town and started some major shit. Shane is caught in the middle and arrested. When Frank abducts Monica Morrell, Claire's mortal enemy, a mexican standoff ensues. Claire, Eve and Michael join forces with the human cops to plot a rescue. It's very exciting and action packed right from the first page. I really enjoyed this installment of the Morganville Vampires.

  • Abigail the Fangirl
    2018-09-20 23:30

    This book was good, not great, but I enjoyed it. I love Shane and Claire's relationship and I love watching it progress throughout the books. I just am bothered by how much Claire gets hurt. It happens almost every page and that bothers me for some reason. She acts completely helpless. Nonetheless, I am excited for the next book!! This series is a lot of fun!!

  • Maria Mitchell
    2018-10-07 07:34

    Doesn't matter how many times I re-read this series, I freaking love it.