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Jaxon 'Writer' Slade had everything he ever wanted. He had a family within his club brothers and he had the girl he loved. Everyone including him thought they were the perfect couple until everything came crashing down around him. The day that Ever told Writer she was leaving for New York changed him and not for the better.One year later Ever Porter is back from New York.Jaxon 'Writer' Slade had everything he ever wanted. He had a family within his club brothers and he had the girl he loved. Everyone including him thought they were the perfect couple until everything came crashing down around him. The day that Ever told Writer she was leaving for New York changed him and not for the better.One year later Ever Porter is back from New York. She tried following her dreams, but something was always missing. Ever realized maybe you don't have to go so far away to get your dreams after all. Now she has returned home hoping to pick up where her and Writer left off. Finding Writer in an unfortunate situation, Ever knows that won't be as easy as she thought. Now Ever will have to fight like never before to get back what she gave up.Will Ever be able to fight hard enough? Will Writer be able to let go of the past to make his future? Will they be able to get their forever thing and be that perfect couple again? Or will they be so much more this go around?...

Title : night sky
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ISBN : 26083443
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night sky Reviews

  • Chianti Summers
    2018-10-05 18:31

    Received an ARC for an honest review. Colbie Kay gave me laughter, tears, suspense and made me have memories. In the process of reading Night Sky it felt like Colbie Kay was in my mind. We all have joy and struggles in life. She found a way to take a love and let it seep into your veins. Writer is a strong man with a rough past and you can see the struggle to be able to survive. Ever had to follow her dreams, if not she may find herself regretting her decision. These two are powerful together but they will have to fight for each other. There are twists and turns that will start to straighten as you read through their journey. With the help of their family and friends they decide that it is time to fight. Acceptance, love, support and hope is flowing through this book. Colbie Kay gave me moments of pure joy because some parts just reached out and grabbed me. She shows you that you need to look at your life and your love ones and appreciate what you have in your life. Writer and Ever were known as the perfect couple and they wanted their forever thing. Writer will make you a puddle of goo but he will also make you feel like you need to cheer for him. Ever gives you hope and makes you feel like you can chase your dreams. Colbie Kay did not hold back on the sexy times. They were explosive. Have a fan running or a glass of ice water your going to need it. Colbie Kay gives you all the fun and loving characters from this series. You can continue to fall in love with your favorites or find new ones. I love the sass and openness of this read. Look out for jaw dropping moments, "oh my" moments, crying moments and "yes" moments. If you are ready to take a ride then pick one of the Satan's Sinners and straddle the Steele on two wheels and hold on tight. Will Writer and Ever fight for each other? Will they survive all they are faced with and get their forever thing? Can they become the perfect couple everyone once thought they were? Ask yourself this question: When you look into the Night Sky do you know the stars that will guide you home?

  • Liberty Parker
    2018-09-23 20:40

    Wow! Colbie Kay you out did yourself with this amazing story! Writer and Ever is my favorite story to date in the Satan's Sinners MC series. Writer is devastated upon Evers quest to take on a new adventure in life. Pushing herself, finding out if she has it to make her dreams come true, unfortunately that takes her away from him. He spirals into a world of depression, drugs and easy women offered by the club. He becomes obsessed with tattoos, any pain or escape from reality, his reality he can find to forget Ever exist. To forget she left him, didn't love him enough to stay and find her dreams with him, where he is. Ever is heartbroken that she has to choose between the love of her life and a once in a lifetime opportunity for herself. She asks him to come with her, but he can't leave his brother's or his club. Choosing the brotherhood over her, at least that's her take on it. Even so, she understands, loving the club herself. They became family to her too. She loves them all, just as Writer does. A year later she can't take the loss of her love anymore. Only question is, has Writer moved on, is he in too deep to even consider a life outside of his, out of control spiral, life is leading him down. Is their past, present love enough to fight their way back to each other. Can the hurt and devastation they bring to each others lives be over come. Or is the pain and betrayal too much for them both to forgive and forget and move on from?Colbie Kay, this is an amazing story of love, loss, destitute and life. There are so many lessons of life, I am in awe of the way you handled them. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey Ever and Writer, along with the Satan's Sinners have to travel down with this couple. 5 stars my friend. This is yet another amazing journey you've taken your readers on and I can't personally wait for the next.

  • Char Nolan
    2018-10-09 19:44

    I was giving this book for an honest review and oh my god I've been waiting for for Writer and Ever book from the very beginning and I can honestly say I loved every single page, it had me sobbing sad and happy tears with some really beautiful moments. I can not recommend this series enough I cannot wait for the next book. One truly talented writer.

  • Gucci Girl
    2018-10-05 18:22

    4 StarsNight Sky is a good story but be prepared their are parts that will make you cry and break your heart. This is Writer and Ever's story, they are both deaf and have been head over heels in love with eachother . This book starts were Quiet Country left off, I would highly suggest reading City Lights and Quiet Country first to get a better understanding of the story line and characters but it's not necessary. Night Sky is an emotional roller coaster, that will make bring you tears, laughter and oh yeah moments. Writer is a beautiful, dark, haunted biker and Ever is an amazing woman, Twin to Crazy Girl, beautiful and she followed her dreams to work in the fashion industry. Writer and Ever had a good thing going but when Ever wanted to follow her dreams to NYC, Writer couldn't follow, now she is back for him but Writer is no longer the same he has let his darkness come out to play. Can these two souls find their way back to eachother ? Well you will have to read Night Sky to find out. If you did read the first two books of the series , then you will happy about all the characters back in Night Sky along with a couple of surprise returns. I personally cant wait for the next book of this series!! Happy Reading! !!

  • Patti
    2018-09-29 22:31

    Wow, Colbie you have hit this one out of the park, my fave so far. I love Writer and Ever, book 3 in the Satan's Sinners MC . From the very beginning I couldn't stop, I had to finish to know what was coming next. I love how you write, I love how you continue the story of everyone else in the series. You can just feel the connection between Writer and Ever from your writing. The things Writer goes through when Ever leaves him, I cried and laughed, this book just makes you feel. Thank you so much for writing such a phenomenal story and I look forward to so much more about this group of crazy loving friends. The next one is going to be the BEST!!! You just get better and better with each book in the Satans Sinners. Thank you! I LOVED this book and your writing.

  • Diane Kilgore
    2018-10-13 19:18

    Loved it!!!Loved this series so far... can't wait for more. I definitely want to know what happened between hacker and the doctor. Also why is Doc so mad??I love how real the author hit on addiction and how hard it is to overcome it.Please keep writing I want the rest of the series!!

  • Lisa books
    2018-10-12 23:20

    WriterBook 3 is Ever and Writer story. She left to follow her dream and he feel apart into drugs and women. But. She's back and staying and fighting for her happiness. Not my favorite but a good solid book -a lot of going back and forth in time but a good book.

  • Daniela
    2018-09-20 18:21

    This was a beautiful and a very sad story at the same time. Addiction is a horrible thing for all involved. The way that Writer depends on Ever for his happiness is not a healthy thing and hopefully that will change. What they both end up getting done is also a beautiful thing.

  • Jaclyn Nicole
    2018-10-14 01:18

    Second chanceWriter and Ever got their second chance to make it work and it was oh so sweet. I loved them both and to see them get their HEA was so nice.

  • Kathy
    2018-10-02 02:20

    I have been waiting for this story since I started reading this series from Author Colbie Kay. Night Sky is the story of Writer and Ever. They are both hearing impaired and at one time they fell hard in love with one another. But, Ever needs to leave and see if she can live a life in her small hometown or if she wants to become a fashion designer in the big apple. Ever thinks that she can have it both ways but when Writer finds out her plans he is heartbroken. And with that comes trouble his MC brothers are really worried about him. Even if Ever comes back will Writer ever be that same man that she feel in love with two years ago. Ever takes her job in New York in hopes of finding herself but when she leaves she leaves the man of her dreams behind. Ever loves Writer but something is so wrong. Writer has changed and not in a good way. He has so lost himself and no ones knows if he will ever be able to be the man he once was. Can Ever if she comes back find that man that she once loved or is it too late? Has Ever lost the man that at one time she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with? This book is so professionally done with regards to the characters in the book with their hearing impairments this author takes the time to research and make sure that everything she references is correct. No making things up for her no way. I could not put this book down. I needed to go to sleep so bad but when I tried to close my kindle to go to sleep the book would call me right back to it. So at 3am I was still involved in this book. I cried so many tears while reading this book and they are both sad and happy tears. I was also so caught on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what was to come. Can Ever and Writer find their way? Or is Writer too far gone for her to get back? Will Ever give up her life in New York City doing the one thing she thought she wanted to do her entire life? Also, you have the MC family that is trying to be there to protect Writer from his horrid past. But does Writer even want protecting? And they also need to protect Ever since her sister is the wife of the president of the MC. When you read this book you will get all these answers and more, so much more. This by far is the best book of the series in my opinion but that's because I have been waiting for Writer and Ever's story since the very first book in this series. Author Colbie Kay takes this entire MC series to a new level. Always keeping the reader entertained and never leaving you with a dull moment. Everyone should read this book as well as the entire MC series by Author Colbie Kay now and also add it to your Goodreads list. This book and this entire series will not disappoint you.

  • Megan Hubble-Roney
    2018-09-26 22:29

    “ We make something beautiful, like the night sky.” I have so much to say about Night Sky, I worry that I will give too much away. Colbie had no choice but to write Ever and Writer’s story. I was begging for it by the end of City Lights. I crossed my fingers and hoped that she would keep writing about the Satan’s Sinners. Lo and behold she did. We next got Bear and Jacey…. And now Ever and Writer. Now as much as I begged and cheered and pleaded with my Kindle during Quiet Country, I was devastated by Writer and Ever. Torn apart, but I couldn’t stop myself from reading. I had to know if they got their Happily Ever After. Ever just wants a chance to prove to the world that she is so much more than just a deaf girl with dreams outside of Wichita, she a girl with talent and no one is holding her back, including the man she is in love with, Writer. Despite Writer’s anger Ever leaves and heads to New York to succeed at her dreams leaving behind the one man who she loves. But was it worth it? She lost the man but did she get her dream? Writer loves Ever with a fierceness that is perfect and all consuming. She completes him and makes him a better man. But when she tells him she is leaving to follow her dreams he stops listening. Actually once Ever is gone he stops living. Spending his days with club booty and feigning for the next high Writer is not even half the man he was. He’s become a shadow, Ever left he has no reason to move on, even if he wanted to which he doesn’t. His brother’s don’t know how to reach him and Crazy Girl is at a loss. When the one thing that he never thought would happen happens. Ever comes back. But it’s a long long rough road with anger and resentment, no communication and fear. Ever has to prove that she is here to stay. And Writer, well Writer has to fight his own demons. And along the way Hanger and his brothers have to figure out who is setting up the club and putting them all in danger, including the women. We get some questions answered, especially because Kay goes between past and present to give us glimpses of Writer and Ever before she left, but we also come away with questions to be answered. Kay does a fantastic job of painting a story full of choices, fighting demons from the past, learning when to ask for help and overcoming addiction. I can’t fathom what it would be like for someone in Writer or Ever’s situation. But I cried for them and I hoped that things would work out. I WANTED them to get what they wanted. Yes, they both make stupid choices and yes I got frustrated but never to the point I wanted to stop reading. Each book so far has succeeded and gotten better than the last. As an avid read (2-3 books a day) Colbie Kay just got added to my one-click list.

  • Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews)
    2018-09-29 22:45

    Holy [email protected] I thought the first 2 in this series were some really great reads but this one was off the charts wonderful. I could feel the pain these characters were feeling especially Writer. Don't get me wrong he irritated me with his behavior but I can see how events in his life would have him going that way but then I think you should know better. Writer got his name because he is deaf and that is the only way he communicated with the MC and everyone until Crazy Girl came into the picture and taught him and some fellow brothers how to sign. I think that name also goes with the heartfelt, amazing things he says. Here is one of my favorite things he says to Ever. "That darkness is me, Ever. You see those stars that shine bright in the darkness? I nod again. Those stars are you , Ever. Together, we make like the night sky -my darkness with your light, mixed together perfectly to make something beautiful." I mean sigh how wonderful. The love he feels for Ever is outstanding but when she leaves he looses himself and can't cope. He ends up making some awful choices and it doesn't help that he is still haunted by his childhood. "Maybe she feels like I'm not worth the fight. It's not like I ever had anyone fight for me anyway. Maybe I am the worthless piece of [email protected] my parents always said I was" Needless to say that Writer has some serious issues to get over and he has to figure out if he loves Ever enough to move on from her leaving and make things work or if they are done. Ever meanwhile regrets leaving but knows if she didn't she'd resent him. She is determined to prove to him that she is there to stay but this will prove to be more difficult than she thinks.Will Writer be able to be with Ever again? Will he be able to get over his childhood and the hurt he feels from Ever's departure? Will Ever be able to show him she's there to stay? Is Writer too far gone to be able to help?Don't miss out on this amazing book! Colbie did a wonderful job writing Writer and Ever's story. My heart was breaking for them both and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if they are able to find their happily ever after. I literally stayed up the WHOLE night reading this because I could NOT put it down.

  • Avid Reader Amy's Reviews
    2018-09-25 00:23

    **I received an ARC, from the author, in exchange for a honest review.**When I began reading this book i was excited to find out more about Writer. We haven't learned a whole lot about him in the previous books. In Night Sky, we learn that his childhood was a sad one. I felt bad for Writer because he had to experience what he did. Then to learn that there was a slight possibility that his deafness could have been prevented is the topper of the sadness cake. Writer always appeared as the more level headed one. Maybe more of a bleeding heart type of guy. His demeanor completely changes when Ever leaves for New York. No longer the nice guy, he is more ruthless and mean. It's as if he feels niceness caused him to lose Ever, so he has to change to prevent his heart from breaking again. I was surprised with this book. As much as i thought i would love Writer, i realize that his character in this book, i don't like to much. When you begin this book, you want to hate Ever. I mean she walked away from Writer. Why would she do that? As the story progresses, you realize she didn't walk away from him. She just wanted a chance to experience life and not resent him because she didn't go. Why she went makes sense. You begin rooting for Ever and hope that she can bring him back. The story consists of flashbacks and present day scenes. I'll admit that the back and forth is not my favorite but i get why the author did it. For me, I found that I enjoyed the book but not as much as the previous two. My feelings for this book are because i was not a huge fan of Writer in this one. I felt that the author did a great job in conveying the story that she wanted to tell. I do recommend that you read this series if you love MC's.

  • Rhonda
    2018-09-19 22:26

    I loved this book. It makes me want to go back and read the others again. Writer and Ever were the couple everyone thought would be together forever, until Ever decides to follow her dream with a once in a lifetime opportunity that happens to be in New York. Writer is devastated. Ever decides she can't live without him, and after a year in the big city, she comes back home. Let's just say that her homecoming was not what she or anyone expected. Writer is not the same man that she remembers. He has spiraled down a dark path of women and drugs. Ever is now the devastated one. Can she get the Writer she once knew back? I could not stop reading this book. There was only one small part that I hated, but I could not fault Writer for anything considering Ever was the one to leave. They have a lot to work out and there were lots of ups and downs, but you can't help but cheer them on. I can not wait for the next in this series. You will be left with many questions regarding the other members such as Gunner and Doc. It doesn't matter to me which story comes next because I'm equally anxious for them all.

  • Nicole Lloyd
    2018-10-15 00:31

    I was given this ARC for an honest review. At the beginning you think "Oh no" , because it starts off with Writer in a bad spot. However he is only in this situation because he's heart broken because Ever left him. Is there love strong enough to bring them back together? As you read the story you learn how Writer lost his hearing, and how crappy his parents were to him. He fought those demons with lots of drugs and drinking, but once he let those demons go he was able to really love Ever. There love was able to survive, and even grow into something amazing. She helped him heal from his yucky past, and she learned she didn't have to leave to her family to have her dreams. Ever's dreams were made reality, and that was able to prove to Writer that she was staying. Her staying showed him she ready for the next steps. As the story goes on they make their own lives. The big surprise for him was they both got implants to hear. That was my favorite of the whole story! Colbie has done it again! She has given us another EPIC love story!

  • Debbie Liauw
    2018-09-20 21:29

    I received an ARC I return for my honest review.I have been waiting for Writer and Ever’s story from the very beginning and I can honestly say I loved every single minute of reading this book. Colbie had me captivated from the first page. The story picks up where Quiet Country ended. While Ever tries to follow her dream in designing clothes in New York, Colbie lets us feel how Writer is spiraling into a world of depression, drugs and easy women offered by his club. It was an emotional rollercoaster. The main characters Writer and Ever both have an hearing empairment, the way Colbie describes their italicized dialog and hand signing is amazing. You feel their emotions. I loved that the characters from the first two books are prominently active in this storyline. The acceptance love and support from familie and friends in this story is heartbreaking. There is so much happening in their story, it reels you in and keeps you interested. This book had it all humor, romance, a little drama, suspense and some very sexy scenes. I can't wait for the next book!

  • Jacey Jeffrey
    2018-09-19 22:33

    I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.I have read all of Colbie Kay's books in this series and I have been waiting for Ever & Writer's story to be told. The wait was worth it. The story was amazing and everything I thought it was gonna be and way more. It exceeded my expectations!! Now I am normally not a fan of flashbacks, I'm more interested in the now. I skip the prologue's for that very reason! However in this story the flashbacks served a purpose and for me made their story that much more better. Getting information about how Writer's childhood was helped me better understand why he reacted the way he did when Ever left and how he treated her in the beginning when she came back.I absolutely loved their book! I highly recommend this story and series to any MC fan. You will not be disappointed. I can't wait to see what Colbie has for us next.

  • Kayread
    2018-10-07 20:40

    I had mixed feelings for this one. Yes, I understand any she left. Yes, I understand why he was upset. However I didn't like that she came back after not being successful or just having a rough time. Idk makes you wonder had she been treated right would she have returned to Writer. I disliked Writer at the beginning and what he chose to do to try and get over Ever. I can't stand when people move on. Yes he went to the airport but he could have gone and met her in New York. I was glad they both got their HEA. Now I'm curious about Hunter and Audrey then Chatter and Gunner. I'm assuming Hacker lost a loved one while Dr Green was working the ER. Hopefully we'll find out. I'm also hoping Daphne bailed because she saw Doc for the first time and the kid is his. IDk. Tinsley plus whoever thought she was a whore-- perhaps Romeo.

  • Melanie Gray
    2018-09-26 01:20

    Can she still be his everything more? I was given a copy for an honest review. This book was so much more than I expected. The way Colbie goes between past and present is seamless. An getting to learn Writers past is heart breaking. Ever comes home but doesnt get the homecoming she was expecting. Can they find their way back? Can Writer finally be free of the past? Can Writer and Ever get their forever thing? Is Ever still Writer's everything more? Read the book and you will fond out. Don't want to spoil it for anyone. Once you get started reading it you will not want to put it down. It flows at a good pass and keeps you interested. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Andrea Huseman
    2018-09-25 19:39

    Number three in the Satin Sinners MC series gets a 5 star rating. Can be read as a standalone but I suggest reading in sequence order. This allows for the enjoyment of the previous books as well as storyline continuation/details. I was so excited for this relationship journey. From book one I had fallen in love with this love story. I wanted them to find a HEA.What a storyline! So full of entertainment and enjoyment. Great fun characters. Emotion packed. I was so happy and angry at the same time. It was like an emotional roller coaster for me. I highly suggest reading this book/ series. AndreaGAH. ( arc)

  • Alison Chewning
    2018-09-23 20:18

    I really enjoyed reading Night Sky. This was my favorite book out of the Satan's Sinner MC series. I loved the storyline and the characters. It was great to read and follow up with the MC group again. I loved Writer he was my favorite and I couldn't wait to read his story I loved him since the beginning of the series. Colbie did not disappoint with this one. I loved Writer and Ever's story a lot these two were so cute together. Ever returns home from New York and Writer finally claims his woman that comes back to the Satan's Sinners. Love love this series! Can't wait for more of these sexy bikers.

  • Char Nolan
    2018-10-15 00:42

    Omg brilliantI was giving this book for an honest review I can honestly say I loved it, I've been waiting for Writers and Ever's book and it most definitely didn't dissapoint it had me laughing crying sad and both happy tears, this book was absoutly beautiful story loved the ending that left you excited for the next book I would highly recommend this series I have loved every book of Colbie Kay she is one talented Author

  • Fran Zoch, LSoR
    2018-09-26 00:45

    writer thought he would be forever with Ever after 2 years together, they both lost their hearing and thwy are perfect for each other but she leaves for a job in New York and he spirals down bad, when she comes back for him she has to prove she is here to stay , he has to kick his bad habits and a detox in the cells for 3 weeks forced by his brothers was the only way. when she gets kidnapped and shot he has to realize if he wants to keep pushing her away or not

  • Amy
    2018-10-03 21:23

    I received an ARC I return for my honest review.I absolutely loved this book. I've been looking forward to Writer and Ever's story and it did not disappoint. I found myself really sympathizing with Writer hearing about how his home life was growing up, I can't even imagine. I'm glad these 2 characters found each other and were able to better each other. The ending had me in tears. Very good Colbie, can't wait to read about more of the members. Thank you.

  • Rachel Riley-meek
    2018-10-07 01:41

    Amazing ending. With each book in this Series they get better. This one was a lot more emotional than the last 2, mostly happy tears though. Ever comes back from New York to claim her man- a rollercoaster of events and emotions ensue, culminating in one of the best endings I've ever read. Best if read with others but it could stand alone.

  • Cassie Caskey
    2018-10-17 19:44

    AddictedThis story covers so many different topics including addiction. That being said, I think I'm becoming addicted to this series!Each book has gotten better and I can't wait for the next one! Four stars for a great storyline, chemistry between the H & h, development of supporting characters, hot sex scenes, and a roller coaster of emotions!

  • Erika Shannon
    2018-10-18 22:21

    I was given an arc for an Honest review.Colbie Kay Night Sky is so far your best work ever. Writer is part of the Satan Sinners MC club.Ever is Zoey twin sister. This story has it all. The emotions, drama and suspense. After a year apart can Writer and Ever find there way back to each other. I was one the edge of my seat while reading this story. Love Night Sky.

  • Lynne Garlick
    2018-09-27 18:46

    5*Oh boy! This series has just better and better! Absolutely loved this one and I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two! It had be from the beginning and I didn't want to put it down! Ever and took them a while and a lot of heartache but they got there.......I don't want to give spoilers......just read it!.......and the end?!

  • TinaMarie
    2018-10-19 01:26

    This was awesome!I have been waiting so long for Writer and Ever's story. It was worth it. The real world types of drama that these two go through is heartwarming and full of angst.

  • Dawn Gee
    2018-10-16 01:24

    My favorite coupleI have liked Writer since the first book. He's genuinely a sweet person. I love him and Ever together. They have some bumps to make over but they make it. Writer's childhood made me cry a couple of times reading about his abuse and neglect.