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The first story in the USA Today Bestselling Impossible Series. Monster, Traitor, and Avenger, available in one collection! My life was irrevocably changed that night. The night I was taken. I saved a man's life, but at what cost to myself? Can I convince him to save me in return? I hate him for what he's done to me. But the longer I'm trapped with him, the harder it is toThe first story in the USA Today Bestselling Impossible Series. Monster, Traitor, and Avenger, available in one collection! My life was irrevocably changed that night. The night I was taken. I saved a man's life, but at what cost to myself? Can I convince him to save me in return? I hate him for what he's done to me. But the longer I'm trapped with him, the harder it is to cling to that hatred. He is an enigma of a man, one who is shockingly arrogant, sweetly contrite, and frighteningly aggressive by turns. And the pain in his eyes is a mirror for my own. The longer I remain in his grip, the more confused I become. Is my freedom worth betraying him? This collection includes all three original Impossible novellas: Monster, Traitor, and Avenger. Note: This series contains strong language and scorching sex scenes involving light BDSM....

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Impossible [The Original Trilogy] Reviews

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2018-10-29 20:40

    I am reviewing "Impossible the Dual Point Of View Edition" With two bonus stories included.Claudia Ellers is kidnapped at gunpoint and brought into WESTIES territory to patch up Sean Reynolds after he has been shot. After doing all she can for him Sean's best friend Bradley decides Claudia needs to go and is ready to off her permanently when Sean steps in to stop him. Now let me just say, that for two guys raised in the Irish mob, these two really SUCKED at planning on the fly. Their whole plan for Claudia was basically keeping her in that one room for the rest of her life (apparently.) I'm serious, that was basically how the first 25% of this book went. Claudia saying "you can't keep me here forever!" and Sean saying "I can't let you go" Add in googly eyes at each other, kisses, snuggles, and Claudia snooping and finding Seans "red drawer of pain" and you have a summary of the first quarter of this book.Thankfully she is finally let out of the room and taken outside, where she promptly escapes. The pace picks up a bit and Claudia is approached by the cops to rat out Sean and Bradley. She is reluctant at first but psycho Bradley seals the deal when he shows up at her house to threaten her. Twists and turns ensue. Betrayals are revealed. Sean Fifty Shades Claudia's ass at every opportunity. Yadda...Yadda...Yadda.So as you can probably tell this one was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The pacing was ALL over the place. In some parts, the story moved along at a nice pace and I was hooked and enjoying where this was going. At other times it was SOOO slow I think Miss Daisy was driving herself. The first 25% was excruciating, and I almost gave up. The middle 50% was up and down, and the last 25% was really good.Overall the main story gets a 3-star rating from yours truly. There are also two bonus stories at the end. The first is basically Sean and Claudia and a lot of the peeps we met in the main story. They are all at a BDSM club and some sexytimes occur and we get a permanent ending to the Bradley situation. The second is a nice little Christmas story with Claudia and Sean and their new baby. Claudia has been dealing with some stuff and Sean Fifty Shades her ass until she tells him what is bothering her. I really enjoyed these two extra little stories, so they brought my overall rating up a .5.

  • Anja
    2018-11-09 16:05

    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 3.5 "ME LIKEY" Stars

  • Cocktails and Books
    2018-10-30 21:48

    Dr. Claudia Ellers is kidnapped to save Sean Reynolds life. Bradley, Sean’s best friend kidnaps Claudia and then forces her to help Sean, who has a bullet in his shoulder. Sean and Bradley work for the Irish mob. Sean is the first man Claudia is attracted to in a long time. Claudia has a hard time getting close to people, but with Sean she seems to have an instant connection. Sean and Claudia are thrown together during an intense time and they grow close to one another. Claudia’s world is turned upside down and it slowly changes her.I’m not sure I like Sean. He can be cruel, mean and rough and than other times he is tender and kind. He is a dominate man and wants Claudia to submit to him. One thing I can say, when Sean and Claudia are together, it is scorching hot.This is a story about two people from different worlds who meet in an unexpected way. Sean and Claudia slowly evolve and are forced to make some hard decisions. It is a dark, edgy series that at times made me squirm. Sean and his friends are volatile and there is a lot of violence in this book. Some of the characters didn’t have any redeeming qualities. At times, I needed to take a break from the characters because they upset me and the story was so intense. This is an interesting, well written, dark story about the underbelly of life and the people who exist in it. Can good overcome evil and can people change for the better? .Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books

  • The Reading's Love Blog
    2018-11-11 21:39

    LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI: a New York. Claudia e Sean non si sono mai visti prima e finiscono per conoscersi in un modo molto insolito. Lei viene rapita e costretta a curarlo, ma lei non potrà essere liberata mai più perché è a conoscenza di cose che non possono essere rivelate a nessuno. La sera del suo rapimento la sua vita cambia radicalmente. Quando conosce Sean è convinta di odiarlo, in quanto lui l'ha privata della sua libertà, ma d'altro canto è consapevole dell'attrazione che prova verso di lui. Conosce il vero Sean, la persona che nonostante tutto, le ha salvato la vita svariate volte e le ha fatto conoscere molte cose, diventando anche suo amico. La storia di questi due protagonisti proseguirà tra alti e bassi, Claudia riuscirà a scoprire i suoi veri sentimenti alla fine? Sean riuscirà a conquistare Claudia e ad averla nella sua vita per sempre? Quante cose dovranno ancora passare? L'inizio del libro ci porta direttamente al rapimento di Claudia. La storia è raccontata in prima persona sia dal punto di vista di lei che di Sean. La lettura è scorrevole grazie anche ad una buona descrizione dei fatti e dei luoghi. I due protagonisti sono ben definiti caratterialmente e il fatto che la storia sia narrata in prima persona, aiuta molto a capire tutto ciò che viene descritto. Tuttavia penso che il genere non sia adatto, il Dark è presente ma non in modo totale ed essendoci anche il BDSM come sotto categoria mi aspettavo un Dom a tutti gli effetti; Sean però mi ha stupita, perché prima di tutto ciò dimostra di essere un uomo con molti altri aspetti. Sean, infatti, è stato il personaggio che mi è piaciuto di più, perché ha saputo ed è riuscito a cambiare se stesso e la sua vita dopo aver conosciuto Claudia. È consapevole di non essere una persona totalmente pulita e di avere molti lati oscuri. E anche se nel corso della storia ha avuto pensieri negativi, si è sempre dimostrato se stesso. Claudia, invece, è una donna forte, è bello quando una donna mostra la sua tenacia e non si fa sottomettere, al di fuori dell'amore ovviamente, perché si può dire che Sean sia il suo punto debole. La loro relazione è nata in modo sbagliato e anche se dice di odiarlo, in fondo al cuore è consapevole di amare quell'uomo che le ha cambiato la vita.CONTINUA SUL NOSTRO BLOG. VENITE A TROVARCI

  • Shelly Lockaby
    2018-10-23 23:48

    While I enjoyed the series, I found the plot to be a bit shallow and a 50 Shades wanna be. How many times can one get accosted leaving the office and trying to get into one's home? I also thought the portrayal of organized crime and FBI procedure very weak, as though no research went into it, rather the author's limited perception of both. On the positive side, a good read for purely escapism and fun without taxing the brain.

  • twiinklex
    2018-11-18 17:38

    Not my usual cup of tea... but wow, I'm glad I drank it.The writing style is simple (I prefer descriptive narrative) but beneath the words are strong emotions, an exciting storyline and strong characters, both good and bad. Not a fan of erotica either, especially not BDSM-themed ones, and especially not after reading the first 50 Shades book, but the Impossible trilogy was so much more. I feel that the sex aspect in most erotica I have come across so far do nothing to move the storyline along and is pretty much redundant (in fact many sex scenes in books bore me) but this trilogy finds a good balance between both sex and story. Thank god for a summary that I simply couldn't resist. In fact as I'm writing this review, I feel like rereading the whole series again.The first book was definitely my favourite and the one I thought was the best out of all three. I was annoyed by Claudia and her martyr behavior in the second, and in the third, I found the ending to be rushed and the storyline very thin. Even the finale climax was boring and without much action, too quickly over, and less than ordinary. But wow, the first book was all I needed to keep me reading the rest of the books. I was hooked right from the beginning and I never wanted to stop.I love the premise of the first book and the circumstances under which Claudia and Sean met. The tension (both sexual and non-sexual) was so thick and well-built up, as with how their relationship developed. Both went through struggles and conflicts of their own and with each other -- all of which was effectively and convincingly portrayed. I really loved their contrasting personalities, careers, everything. I'm also glad that it took Claudia time to come to terms with her own feelings and understanding, and that her survival instinct to flee was present throughout. She didn't just 'get' stockholm syndrome (an issue that was well-explored) and gave in to her feelings, which made the story realistic.The strongest thing about this trilogy, its selling point and what the author did the best job in writing about aren't the sex scenes, the thin and at times weak storyline, but Sean and Claudia's relationship -- good pacing, effective development and more. Other characters like Bradley and Clayton were memorable and well-written too.As a whole, I found myself empathising with Claudia and being able to relate to her, even though I didn't always agree with her (which is a good thing on the author's part as the character isn't one-dimensional). She wasn't weak nor did she let any men control her, even after everything she went through. At times, she even reminded me of myself.If you are looking a book that is simply about passionate and scorching hot sex, this trilogy probably won't do it for you. But you are looking for a good read, then you are in for a rollercoaster ride with the Impossible trilogy -- one of entertainment, excitement, pain, heartbreak and so much more.

  • Amy
    2018-11-04 17:53

    Impossible Dual Point Of View EditionJulia Sykes4 starsThis release gives us a dual POV of a previously released book. We have Dr. Claudia Ellers and Sean Reynolds. The story starts out with both characters after being kidnapped and hearing Claudia’s thoughts. She turns to see the man she bandaged up the night before laying next to her. Then we switch over to Sean.Sean is jolted awake but her searing touch. He isn’t sure where he is and doesn’t know who the woman is touching him until Bradley pipes in and jogs his memory. Feisty and sassy the woman quickly reminds him who she is and how ungrateful his friends is for not only kidnapping her after saving his life but chaining her up like an animal. Sean is mean and gruff but I liked him. I know that’s not normal and I could easily probably had kidnappers love syndrome. HA! He definitely is an alpha dominate and possessive man. And he certainly gets what he wants. Who wouldn’t want to be kidnapped and owned by this man. There is a lot of vi-o-lence with a emphasis on the violence. Holy wow … but again Im a weirdo and I loved it. Some however though it might make you somewhat uncomfortable but if you love the squeamish then this book is for you. YES!The story line is very intense hearing it from the dual POV. You get to not only see what Claudia feels but also Sean. I think there is more depth to the man than potentially in the original release maybe? I don’t know but I loved the book. It was gruesome – it was sassy and witty and a little dirty birdy. Thank you for the ARC Julia. It was a pleasure to read this release! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

  • Sophie
    2018-11-04 19:58

    4,5 stars.I must confess I was 10% in the book and I was skeptical. Her abduction, imprisonment and then her growing feelings for her captor felt too much like déjà vu. A little too predictable. I was in a book hangover and I thought stopping there but.. .Claudia made an astonishing discovery in a drawer. A twist to the plot I did not see coming.This picked my interest enough to go on and from that moment on, I was pulled into the story as more unexpected turns happened.From a classical Stockholm Syndrom story, it evolved into a complex book, full of twisted feelings, boundaries meant to be pushed and old drama resurfacing.Sean has many facets to his personality and Claudia really has a strong backbone. She is able to compartementalize under duress and remain logical when needed. Truly impressive coping mecanisme.I loved the whirlwind of emotions coursing through Sean and Claudia's lives. Both are torn in their loyalties but for different reasons. Their encounter changes each other on a deep level.It's difficult to write more without giving away the plot and secrets. Just know this story took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it whereas I thought I would be disappointed. I'm glad I pushed through my first impressions and read it all along. I hope others will experience the same satisfaction.

  • Siobhan
    2018-10-23 17:02

    Note, the following review is for the dual point of view version of the complete Impossible story…Earlier this year I picked up Dark Lessons, the first book in the Subversive series. Whilst it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel, I found myself wanting more Julia Sykes. When I found out the Subversive series was a spin-off of the Impossible series, carrying on the Impossible series with known characters in Chicago, I knew which Julia Sykes books I would be picking up.Thus, I went and brought the entire Impossible series.Despite purchasing the entire series, I ended up reading other Julia Sykes books before diving into the Impossible series. Holden and Brandon are extensively re-written stories of the first two books in the Dark Grove Plantation series. Being such short reads, I was happy to dive into them when I had little time to read something much longer. I’m not usually the biggest lover of short stories, but I really enjoyed them both, which made me all the more excited to dive into the Impossible series. In fact, reading Holden and Brandon simply worked to bump the Impossible series even higher up my to-read list.I’ll be completely honest by saying the book does take a while before it really gets moving. Although events are happening and you’re growing to enjoy the characters, the start of the book is rather slow. I was enjoying it, yes, but I was a bit impatient for things to start happening. For anyone who feels the same way, I beg you to hold out. Once things start to move, the story is wonderful.From my handful of Julia Sykes books, I’ve reached the conclusion you can expect certain things. The characters will be a lot of fun with wonderful chemistry. The chemistry will lead to amazing steamy scenes. Later in the book the action will be really exciting. You may have to wait for the action, but the development of the characters and getting to know them certainly makes the wait worthwhile. With Impossible, I came to love both of our main characters. I know Impossible started off as a single point of view, but I’m so glad it developed and became a dual point of view story. It was great to see events from both sides, especially later in the book when things really got moving, allowing us to see all that was going on.Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It may have been a wee bit slow to begin, but I was addicted throughout. There is no doubt of me jumping into the rest of the Impossible series, as I cannot wait to find out more about the characters we were introduced to throughout this book.

  • Tiffany Willams
    2018-10-21 17:52

    MONSTER"If you really weren't some kind of twisted monster, you would let me go.""This isn't up for debate, doc. You're not leaving."Oh. My. Gahhhhh!! This book captured me from the start! After being kidnapped, Claudia didn't know what her future held. Would she live or die? Could she ever get away? She really had no clue that it would lead her into a tailspin of emotion she kept buried away. It also lead her to someone, who in a lot of ways, was just as broken as she was. "I should have been terrified not...entranced."Bradley brought Claudia to his apartment to help take care of his best friend, Sean, who has been shot. Not straying away from someone in pain, she goes into doctor mode and fixes him. But while she's stuck/locked inside his bedroom, she finds herself being drawn to him. Sean finds that he can't resist her either. "Do I get a lollipop then, Dr. Ellers?""Only if you're a good boy.""That's not really my style."This book was Stockholm Syndrome at its finest!! No matter how much she tried to break away from Sean and his friend, Claudia felt herself being pulled right back to him. I'll admit that I would too! He has this sexy way about him that almost makes you forget the man he really is. Almost. "He was such an enigma: unbearably cocky, somewhat terrifying, and shockingly tender by turns. And I couldn't seem to resist him."I can not wait to read the rest of this series!!! I have to know what happens after Claudia finds out the secret Sean was hiding. Will it utterly destroy her or will she still be left fighting her feelings for this confusing man? Eeeep! This book was suspenseful, sexy and sinful all in one! And I want more!! "Are you going to really keep me here forever?""Right now, forever with you doesn't seem like such a bad fate."TRAITOR"I had allowed Sean into my heart, making myself vulnerable to him. How could I have done that when he was the last person in the world I should have trusted?"Goodness me!!! These stories just keep getting better and better! Claudia and Sean take their relationship to a whole new level! The heat and the danger is insane! Seriously can not get enough of this couple. "Yet here I was, falling into his arms all over again. I had to keep my distance. I couldn't succumb to him again."No matter how hard she tried to stay away, Claudia just couldn't resist Sean-and vice versa. This story took you on a crazy ride of lust, suspense, revenge and love that hits you full force! Not to mention a new guy in the mix;) craziness, I tell you! "I don't recognize myself when I'm with you.""I couldn't stay away even if I wanted to."I'm going straight into the next book because I have to know how it all ends. I'm scared and excited all at the same time! I have to know if Claudia and Sean make it through? Can Sean break away from his father's hold on him? Will Claudia finally avenge her parent's death? "I had told myself that I was doing the right thing, but I no longer knew the difference between right and wrong. I only knew that I needed him, and I would cling to him for as long as I could. No matter what the cost."AVENGER"I was calm, detached, reflecting the nothingness I felt inside. It wasn't peaceful, exactly. I was just...empty. The raging inferno that was my desire for vengeance had burned everything away, leaving me unencumbered by feelings of guilt or self-doubt."This ending...WOW! I'll admit, I almost dreaded how it would end. I was afraid of the outcome--would it end the way I wanted or would my mind be screwed? I was a combination of both actually! After the cliffhanger in Traitor, I was scared that Claudia and Sean's relationship was truly over and that their lives were even in more danger. I was right about the danger part! Good lawd! This book was gripping and page-turning until the end! Not only did you have the thoughts of "Will she fight to save Sean?" and "How far will she go to avenge her parent's deaths?", but you also have the budding friendship between Claudia and FBI agent Clayton Vaughn. I truly loved Clayton and I have to say he brought tears to my eyes a few times. One time in particular! You have to read to find out!!! *Grabs tissues*"I know we haven't known each other very long, but our relationship means a lot to me. I don't want to lose you, Claudia. I hope we can repair what I've damaged between us.""There's no damage, Clayton, I haven't had a friend since I was thirteen years old. Other than Sean, you're the only person I've trusted since then. I'm not going to give that up. I'm not going to give up on you."This book left me with my emotions all over the place! I was angry, scared, gobsmacked, swooned, heartbroken, and hot and bothered. Everything you need in a good book, right?! So many things happen to Claudia in such a short amount of time, but she is a fighter. Even when her world is spinning out of control, she has the will to keep going...even if it means her life is sacrificed."I'm the one who betrayed you by going to the FBI.""You didn't betray me. You saved me."I enjoyed this series sooooo much!! I'm so glad that there are more things to come for the secondary characters. I can't wait to read more about them and more stories from Julia Sykes!"Sean knew, and maybe, just maybe, our deep understanding of just how damaged we were would help us heal each other."Here's another quote becuase....well just because:)"You need to control as badly as I need release, and I want to give that to you. Please, Sean, let me do that for you. Know that I accept you for everything you are, and I wouldn't have you change for anything."

  • Book Girl
    2018-10-30 15:57

    Just got done reading the first book. MonsterHere are my thoughts: *Quick read*Intriguing*Really picked up in the last couple of chapters*The chemistry btw Claudia & Sean is pretty hotClaudia Ellers is a kidnapped at gun point to help an unconscious gunshot victim, Sean Reynolds, by his friend, Bradley Smith, with the choices of heal him and die or don't heal him and die. When Sean regains consciousness he convinces Bradley that Claudia shouldn't be killed and accepts responsibility for her. During her forced stay, Claudia begins to have feelings of lust for Sean and begins to open herself to Sean and both of their cravings for each other.Both Sean & Claudia have walls they have built up to protect themselves against the world. Hers: her parents died when she was 13 and she was forced to live with a really crappy foster family. During the course of the book, we learn very little about her past, just that it was bad and a hint that something “may” have happened btw her & her foster brother…maybe. We have no idea what took place with Sean and/or Bradley that caused his almost fatally gunshot wound – only that we suspect he is a criminal. I see a lot of people had problems with the characters flip-flopping from being confident to confused. I, personally, didn’t have a problem with that. I understood there was a lot of self-doubt happening and both parties fighting what they wanted in a difficult situation. I think I am going to read Angel (A Companion to Monster) first before I just into book two. Good book - same story just from Sean's perspective. 5-9-14 TraitorWell, I enjoyed this book WAY BETTER than the first book. WAY BETTER! It had everything I like, chemistry, sex, alpha male, action, thriller, etc.Couple highlights for me: 1.)I really enjoyed Claudia in this book. I was not a fan of hers at first for going against Sean and turning him in to the FBI. But I could kinda understand her reasoning behind it (her parent’s death, the abduction, the attacks, etc.) 2.)Claudia & Sean’s interaction was Way Better this go around. They actually talked and work some stuff out. I liked to see where their relationship was going…3.)The introduction of Agent Clayton Vaughn, was a nice turn of events. Although I gotta be honest I didn’t see (view spoiler)[ him kissing her or liking her coming (hide spoiler)]4.)The ending was great. All in all this series is kinda slow at first (with both books so far) but they about a quarter in they really start ramping up. Off to read the 3rd installment in this series”Avenger Just finished – overall good trilogy. I think I have said everything I needed to say about this book.Here are some of my hangs up: Claudia was not my type of character I normally like reading about. She was kinda stupid and too feisty at time for her own good. I would not say this is one of my favorite book, but rather I had been wanting to read it for a while now – and now I can say I have. Here is my character line up: This is my Claudia: Willa HollandThis is my Sean: Tyler HoechlinThis is my Bradley:This is my Agent Clayton Vaughn:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sarah
    2018-10-29 17:53

    Ugg just so bad I can't finish this over starred piece of garbage. Not one believable part in the entire story. The only explanation for the good ratings here is it has to be the same group of readers who loved Fifty Shades of Grey and even then they have to be honest that this makes Fifty look like a work of Dickens. I doubt this author did a minute of research into how the FBI works or Stockholm syndrome and it sure shows. There is so many overused "big college" word like tremulous, yeah because we were fooled into thinking you had some brains author. I think I may start a Go Fund Me page for this author to buy her a thesaurus. I am usually forgiving of writing as long as the story is good but this doesn't even give you the hope of a good story buried within the fecal matter. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague.

  • Nicole
    2018-10-19 00:02

    Contains:Monster (Impossible, #1.1) - 3 StarsTraitor (Impossible, #1.2) - 4 starsAvenger (Impossible, #1.3) - 3 StarsSo to be precise... 3.333333333333333 Stars :)

  • Debra
    2018-11-03 16:52

    My thrid book is "Impossible" by Julia Sykes, finshied 01/14/15 I tried to read this book before and Claudia was to much for me..I did not like her and even on this seconf try I still do not like her, never listened to anyone who was trying to help. Sean to me was not a Dom at all, maybe sometimes in the bedroom but Grrrr. Now I have read book 4-9 which I Loved, they were great and I'm going to go back and read book 2 and I downloaded book 10:))

  • 'Q' aka CoCo
    2018-11-05 22:04

    Will read the nextWill read the nextIt definitely kept my attention. Not as dark as my usually reads but the sex was hot and frequent and there was enough action in the plot to keep my attention. I'll definitely continue on in the series.

  • Sue Lauzon
    2018-11-10 23:04

    Okay not sure if this book deserves a four star rating and I may change it at some point to a three star rating. Here is why. The first chapter was totally butchered (at least on my tablet) as far as editing and proof reading was concerned. It might have been okay to deal with if it only happened once or twice but it seemed like every time I turned a page I was rereading words from the previous page. It was really annoying. If the whole book was like that I may have given up on it but it ended up being the only chapter that did that so I got through it. The second reason this book only got four stars was some of the storyline was totally unbelievable to me. I don't want to give out any spoilers but I just had a hard time swallowing some of the events in this book. I am sure if I was in the main character's shoes that I would have been shot and killed by chapter five. I just didn't find the book to be all that realistic. I am also sure if I managed to get away from my captors with my life intact and I went to the FBI a whole different scenario would play out instead of what was portrayed in this book. That being said it was still a pretty good book and a fairly quick read for me considering what I had to accomplish in the last little while.

  • Jo
    2018-10-28 18:44

    This was my first Julia Sykes book. I found it interesting and enjoyable. I found Claudia's character occasionally frustrating as she made a couple of very poor decisions, but she was human. This book definitely left me interested in reading more of the series, particularly Clayton's story.

  • Kristy Odom
    2018-10-30 00:03

    Love this beginning to a series! I love Characters that keep coming back to let see into their lives. I enjoyed Sean and Claudias story! They saw each other so clearly! I love dual povs. Can't wait to read more

  • Samuela
    2018-11-08 18:44

    📚📚🔝🔝🌟🌟🌟🌟1/5 stars😍😍😍

  • Becky's reads
    2018-11-09 15:35

    It was well written, but the concept of the story with the whole abduction and everything is not really my taste and I don’t know.. it didn’t feel exciting or anything..

  • DrG53
    2018-10-26 23:57

    It is the sweet love story between Sean and Claudia. At first, it reads a bit like Stockholm syndrome got awry. There is something there. I was intrigued to keep reading more books in the series.

  • Michelle Cristiani
    2018-11-11 21:51

    Beautiful. Responsible. Smart.

  • Chris
    2018-11-18 22:43

    DNF & 50%. Too predictable and implausible.

  • Terri
    2018-10-21 20:44

    First, let me say I read / listened to this book in audio format via I always choose audio books as the narrator tends to breath life into the stories like a heartbeat. Audio books allow us to read and still be hands free for other things, such as chores, walking driving, even work! With multiple voices and accents, the audio books are like listening to a movie. I loved this book! It has thrills,chills, romance, hot & spicy, mystery, lots of danger & raw emotions in it. You will even need a Kleenex or two! Dr Ellers is a young female pediatrician. One night as she was leaving work, she was held at gunpoint and forced to drive to an apartment where a gunshot victim lies dying in his own blood. Dr Ellers is told she has to make the victim (Sean) better or she dies too. Sean gets better in a few days, but then Bradley, the kidnapper and Sean's friend decides they can't let her go. Bradley wants to kill her anyways, but Sean refuses to let an innocent woman die, especially one that saved his life.In this story, we get to explore the world of mobsters , drugs and crimes. We get to watch as the FBI come in tho save the day and learn how the mobs world unravels. This is a great story. The plot is excellent! The suspense had me holding on for every word. The danger and the sex was exciting! The author, Julia Sykes did a really great job writing this trilogy. The narrator, Lynn Barrington did a fabulous job delivering this story to us. The narrators words were spoken clearly & flawlessly. The accents and multiple voices were spot on and very believable! My hopes in continuing this series is that the same narrator gets used. I love books when they use he same voices for each book in a series! All in all, this is a really great story! Kudos to you both!!!

  • M3tamorphasis11
    2018-10-21 19:05

    Dr. Claudia Ellers leads a perfectly routine and structured life. Until the night she walked to the parking lot to get into her car, like any ordinary night. To her horror and shock she is being held at gun point. Given instructions and is driving to an undisclosed and unknown location. An area she has never been in, she is taken to a simple apartment and into the bedroom where an injured man lays. Her doctoral training quickly kicks into gear. She does what she can for Sean Reynolds to save his life with her limited resources. Having put aside the fact that she is there because she was held at gun point and kidnapped. From this moment on, her life takes a tail spinning turn into so many different dangerous situations and she is trusted into predicaments she wouldn't ordinarily been in. Forcing her to also relive the past she has tried so hard to keep under control from constant pain and reminding. Sean Reynolds isn't what he seems, but will do what he must. Living a life that he hasn't been in control of and having tastes to help him cope with control. never would he have thought that a bad job, would bring some like Claudia into his life - unconventional of course. Even though, Claudia must remain there with him and Bradley he will protect her, even against herself if necessary...I really enjoyed this trilogy. it's very unconventional and not your typical love story. Two people who were dealt some messed up hands, find each other and begin to heal each other; by coincidence. Then again, is there really such a thing as coincidences . . .; )pick these books up and read them. You won't be sorry! I know that I wasnt.

  • Downward dog
    2018-11-14 20:05

    I was given a copy of this book to write an honest review for Cocktails and Books. Dr. Claudia Ellers is kidnapped to save Sean Reynolds life. Bradley, Sean’s best friend kidnaps Claudia and then forces her to help Sean, who has a bullet in his shoulder. Sean and Bradley work for the Irish mob. Sean is the first man Claudia is attracted to in a long time. Claudia has a hard time getting close to people, but with Sean she seems to have an instant connection. Sean and Claudia are thrown together during an intense time and they grow close to one another. Claudia’s world is turned upside down and it slowly changes her.I’m not sure I like Sean. He can be cruel, mean and rough and than other times he is tender and kind. He is a dominate man and wants Claudia to submit to him. One thing I can say, when Sean and Claudia are together, it is scorching hot.This is a story about two people from different worlds who meet in an unexpected way. Sean and Claudia slowly evolve and are forced to make some hard decisions. It is a dark, edgy series that at times made me squirm. Sean and his friends are volatile and there is a lot of violence in this book. Some of the characters didn’t have any redeeming qualities. At times, I needed to take a break from the characters because they upset me and the story was so intense. This is an interesting, well written, dark story about the underbelly of life and the people who exist in it. Can good overcome evil and can people change for the better? .

  • Margie 'CSR' Fite
    2018-11-18 21:47

    Thrilling trilogy ! I really enjoyed this trilogy, and really glad I was able to get 3 books in one! It begins straight off in full out drama from the first page... Claudia, who is a physician is kidnapped, by (aka- Bradley) on her way home by gun point to an apartment and instructed to heal/ patch up a gun victim.. She is terrified and is not a surgeon but realizes she must do this task in order to live.. As time goes on, Claudia is stuck in the room w/ the patient, aka- Sean. Time goes on and these two actually create a type of 'bond' it is dysfunctional and she realizes it; however there is a connection... As the books continue the story deepens and you get more and more involved and find out that Claudia was actually brought up in foster care due to her parents gunned down.. ( again throughout the story this is important also) Then Bradley and Sean we find out work for Sean's awful father who is the leader of a illegal gang.. Really dangerous and the FBI have been watching them for sometime.. The FBI find out about Claudia and want to know her involvement and she has to figure out if she want to just walk away and forget all this or help??? There is a lot of messed up events, thriller, twists, and even major erotic sex scenes - bondage and BDSMThere are more books from this author... I believe they are continuation but might be secondary characters - must ck it out... Like this author and writing was kept my attention through out book!

  • Elizabeth Connor
    2018-11-18 17:58

    At first I really enjoyed this story. The characters were engaging and the plot was intense and unexpected. But as the story progressed, it became more predictable. The plot became contrived. I hate characters, who tend to be female, who put themselves in harm's way just to prove how fearless and independent they are. The setup is so obvious. Of course, the man is going to tell her not to do something but she is going to insist and then he's going to have to save her from her own stupidity. (Sigh) I just find it very insulting to my intelligence, and to women in general.Also, and this is really just a secondary complaint, the narration got a little too mushy for me. Told from the first person POV of Claudia, at times it devolved into too much naval-gazing “introspection.” I don't need to be told how intense their love for one another is. Just show me! I'm not interested in the platitudes of love; concrete demonstrations of love are so much more powerful. The voice of Claudia went from one that had drawn me into the story to one that just annoyed me and made me want it to end. And then, thankfully, it did.

  • Snogged
    2018-11-01 17:55

    Impossible: The Original Trilogy is made up of three short novellas: "Monster," "Traitor," and "Avenger." All three are meant to be read as one continuous story so I'm treating this book that way.The first chapter opens with an abduction. Dr. Claudia Ellers is forced at gunpoint to help out a man (Sean) who has been shot. Sean and the abuctor (Bradley) are members of an Irish gang called the Westies. They're mostly into drug trafficking, threats, and (view spoiler)[kidnapping Claudia over and over again.Claudia falls in love with Sean in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way. Also, with any kind of love story these days, both Claudia and Sean have some deep-seated emotional issues that affect their ability to connect and communicate with each other.My main reaction to this book was that it was okay. There were some pretty hot scenes between Claudia and Sean and there were few suspenseful moments (not edge-of-your-seat thrills, more bite-your-lip-in-worry). I was glad, though, that the story of Claudia and Sean felt wrapped up. I don't think I'm in a hurry to read the rest of the Impossible novels. (hide spoiler)]

  • Nicky
    2018-11-14 21:51

    I am writing a review for all three books, because it is essentially one novel that was split into three parts. This trilogy started off as a solid 4 stars....the story was captivating, the characters were very well developed, the relationship that forms between Claudia and Sean believable and exciting. The reason that I ended the trilogy with 3 stars is that the subplot (the crime/mystery story that goes along with the romance) was lacking. It lacked the depth, detail and plausibility that was necessary to make it a REALLY great novel (think Alethea Romig's Consequences series). I was disappointed in that aspect because it had SO much potential. The writing was good, even though the author tended to use "big words" and often too many words in her descriptions....the "less is more" concept" would have been appropriate in many circumstances. However, all in all she did a good job. The novel had such potential to be amazing, which was disappointing, but still an entertaining read.