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After an alien invasion devastates humanity, a battered group of survivors huddles in a remote outpost, fighting to endure in a now-hostile world. Resources are dwindling, and internal power struggles threaten to tear apart the fragile last vestige of human society.Emily Baxter remains haunted by vivid dreams of Earth’s new masters. With these nightmares comes concern forAfter an alien invasion devastates humanity, a battered group of survivors huddles in a remote outpost, fighting to endure in a now-hostile world. Resources are dwindling, and internal power struggles threaten to tear apart the fragile last vestige of human society.Emily Baxter remains haunted by vivid dreams of Earth’s new masters. With these nightmares comes concern for her son, Adam, the posthuman world’s firstborn child—a child who is ominously marked with red-flecked eyes. While Emily’s husband is off on a dangerous mission, she is accused of committing an unthinkable crime and resolves to clear her name by journeying, along with her stepdaughter and their dog, Thor, into the alien wilderness that was once Earth.All around Emily lurk mysterious new dangers that threaten her and her companions at every turn. Are these perils the final stages of an apocalyptic invasion or the harbinger of something even worse yet to come?...

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Genesis Reviews

  • Jaksen
    2018-10-04 14:07

    Flat writing. Tropes galore. Stuff that just doesn't make sense, even in its own world. Let's make the evil people so bad we'd want to stone them at first sight? Let's put our MCs in dire straits but take a quick walk to the beach to have sex. (I always cringe when a writer mentions a woman's bra. It just takes me out of a futuristic world altogether. Don't know why.) Trope, trope, trope. Okay, there'd be very few books without'em, but this one was too loaded with'em.I read about 100 pages in and was yawning. I cared about no one in this book and didn't feel myself get pulled in or anything, or whatever it is that we readers crave when we read a real good book. I just had the sensation of reading ... a ... book. No, wow where did the minutes go. No, hey leave me alone, I AM READING HERE. Nothing. Nada.I think I started disliking the book when the main evil villain woman, who's old, ya know, at least fifty, kicks a dog. Well so what about it? She'd have been more deliciously evil and duplicitous if she let the dog lick her face. The story itself is about how a handful of people are struggling to survive after a virulent red mold more or less wipes most living things off the face of the Earth. Great idea, and the details surrounding this calamity are well-written. In fact the world-building (hate that word) is great, too. No question that this writer can write, but the people are so wooden, the dialogue so stale - if you read sections aloud your mouth will just dry up. It's so UNrealistic, considering the fantastic premise.I won this book from Goodreads, and am always grateful to them for having the giveaways AND the publishers for providing the books.

  • Jen
    2018-09-30 09:30

    My thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for an eARC copy of this book to read and review. My apologies. I read the first two books and hated them. Tried the third book and just couldn't put myself through the misery of reading it or this one. I'm sure there are others out there that loved this series. I am not one of them. Due to my lack of reading this book, I don't feel that I can properly rate this book using the star system. However, having hated the first two and cringing at picking up the third, I think I can safely say that I can pass on reading this one. Not for me, but everyone has different tastes. This may be your cup, it's just not mine.

  • Loretta
    2018-09-23 13:22

    This book is definitely going on my top books read this year. I have such a great feeling after finishing this book. If I had to sum up my feelings in two words it would be “blown away!”. Genesis is the fourth book in the Extinction Point series by Paul Antony Jones. If you have not had the luck to come across this brilliant series yet I suggest you go forth to your local bookstore or online book supplier and start reading because you are missing out my friend! If you want to just straight into Genesis and were wondering if you had to read the previous three in order to understand it… my answer would be, no, you don’t have to have read the previous novels. There is enough background and world building for you to get enough of a picture of what has happened in the storyline. It would boost your enjoyment and immerse you further in the world if you read the previous three novels first though. My suggestion would be to read them to get the full experience, but if you are impatient to start this brilliant sounding novel then dive right in.It was such a surprise to me when Jones announced that he was writing a fourth book in the series as I was sure that it was originally a trilogy. Needless to say that I was over the moon when I saw the announcement, pre-ordered the book and read it the first day that I got it. The fourth book picks up a little while after the conclusion of the third book. What is left of humanity is clustered together, living in a new hostile world with dwindling resources. Emily is haunted by vivid dreams, a remnant of her time with the Caretakers. Disaster ensures and Emily finds herself on a journey across the alien landscape with her adopted daughter and her loyal dog Thor. I have to say once again that I was blown away by this novel. It is full of action, adventure, heart pounding adrenaline filled moments and heartfelt moments too. This book is pretty much the whole package. There is a little something for everyone. This book flows on really well from book three even though some time has passed. It was a very believable transition which was fantastic. I am still completely attached to Emily, Rhiannon, Mac and of course Thor. These are just such genuine characters that you cannot help but find yourself attached to them. I gave this novel a complete 5/5 stars as it was just such an enthralling read, which I could not put down. That is exactly what I want from a good book. I have been an avid fan of this series for a long time. I love Paul Antony Jones’ work and will continue to read anything he writes. I highly recommend fans to read this novel to expand your Extinction Point experience and to anyone at all that love a good adventure/scifi/apocalyptic story then I say that the Extintion Point series is for you. Go forth and read!(view spoiler)[ After that ending I have my fingers, toes, arms and legs all crossed in the hopes that there will be a fifth book on the horizon! If my dreams come true, I cannot wait to find out what adventures lay in store for Emily, Mac, Rhiannon and Thor. (hide spoiler)]

  • Paul
    2018-09-20 13:23

    Chuck Norris wishes he was Emily Baxter! Paul Jones wants to make a living as a writer. I have no problems with that, but it seems he’s going to do it by squeezing as many books out of the Extinction series as the creators of Rocky Balboa made movies. Lucky for him, I don’t mind contributing a few bucks toward Paul’s retirement fund if he keeps pumping out exciting stories like this one. And in a magnanimous gesture I implore you NOT to read this book, UNLESS you read the other three first. It just won’t make sense otherwise...and it means Paul can retire earlier.This is the ongoing saga of poor Emily Baxter, who, it seems, was walking under a ladder one day, when she accidentally blew up a mirror factory, which then toppled onto a black cat farm (killing all 126 black cats therein). Thus, she probably caused the end of the world as we know it, but before you go pointing the accusatory finger at her, consider this: Emily Baxter’s bad luck continues way after Apocalypse Day. She can’t even get through one week without 342 bad things happening to her. Yes – pity her, don’t blame her. Me? I think our Emmy is the thin woman’s answer to big Arnie Schwarzenegger • Emily Baxter can take punishment like a teflon-coated German frypan.• Emily Baxter has a man-sized version of a dawg named Thor.• Emily Baxter can fly a Blackhawk helicopter.• Emily Baxter can drive a truck, or a snowcat, or anything!• Emily Baxter can escape from anywhere.• Emily Baxter can break into anywhere.• Emily Baxter can forge wild rivers while carrying a 500 pound backpack.• Emily Baxter can karate chop a diesel locomotive in half. (Okay – slight hyperbole there.)• Chuck Norris wishes he was Emily Baxter. (And that’s definitely true since the aliens probably turned Chuck Norris into a nice grove of purple stinkweed.)Yes folks, if you plugged Emmy into a Badassery Meter, the needle would be way into the red zone. I just wonder how Paul Jones keeps thinking up all these ultimate “bad days” for our Ms Baxter. I certainly hope he still can, because I am looking forward to the next heart-stopping volume.Hurry up Paul – I’m very impatient! (And Paul - I took half a star off because I didn't like the ending - it came too soon.)

  • Heather Duff
    2018-10-15 11:01

    With the end of book three you did get the impression that the series has ended but no there is still more to come. The survivors are living in California and they have been joined by many others, the problem of too many cooks comes up very quickly.Emily is now loved up with Mac from the British submarine and they have welcomed a son, the first child to be born in the scary new alien world. Book four is very volatile with the newcomers to the colony very quickly asserting themselves and putting noses out of joint. More people of course means less resources and the survival of the colony comes under threat.The alien invaders are never far from mind and Emily finds herself making the one journey a mother never wants to take, never mind one in a country full of aliens. Once more this was a good read and this series has been consistently enjoyable, yes of course it is far fetched but isn't that the whole point of reading a book about aliens in the first place?The way this book ended as well makes me think that their could be a fifth book, I hope so as it ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.Anyway long story short, Extinction Point is a cracking series with thrills and scares a-plenty. Well worth a read.

  • Amy
    2018-10-14 09:26

    Book 4 in the series starts out a little slow and then becomes the same type of page turner as the ones before. Emily's back on the road, encountering strange creatures and moving toward the goal of recovering her kidnapped baby. The ending parts have a few interesting twists that ensure a sequel in the works. I'm sure I'll see this series through to the end.

  • John Walkenford
    2018-10-06 08:09

    The fourth in an ongoing series of a postapocalyptic earth devastated by an alien invasion. The series has evolved from horror scifi in book one to humanity trying to survive in a changed world. I hope the next book comes soon.

  • Madhu
    2018-10-09 09:28

    Great ReadLoved this book just as much as the first three. Very interesting and can't wait for the next book in this series!

  • Monique
    2018-10-04 06:28

    I received a copy of this book through NetGalleyThis book had a lot more going for it than the others. If you liked the last three, definitely stick it out for this one.

  • Amanda Senior
    2018-09-29 06:12

    Fantastic as were the first three!This has been my favorite series for Whitestone time. I have thoroughly enjoyed each book, and the story just keeps getting better with a good amount of twists here and there to take you away from the standard of expecting what condenser enough happens with so many books. I have read all four within a week after getting the first through prime. You went be disappointed! Characters are well rounded, nice the have a female lead that isn't consumed by the situation and just gets on with things. I have found myself wanting my favourite characters, including Thor the Alaskan malumute to survive through their many trials and tribulations which may end in certain death, some funny, some sad bits... But fantabulous read overall.

  • Steve Pillinger
    2018-10-13 09:26

    Jones's Extinction Point series appeared to end with book 3, Revelations—but apparently he decided to extend it, and Genesis is a good continuation of the story. It gets a little weird towards the end, but not unacceptably so. Look forward to seeing all that was hinted at being worked out in further sequels.

  • Nicole Crutcher
    2018-10-02 13:01

    This book was so good that even though I finished it while traveling in Madagascar at a lodge with spotty Internet, I tried for the better part of 2 hours to buy it on line and have it so I could continue the story. Again, only 4 stars because the writing isn't strong.

  • I Sawkins
    2018-10-18 07:08

    DisappointedThe previous books were building one by one captivating me along the way, unfortunately I felt book four a little flat to the point where I now wonder if book five is worth the read, unfortunately the author has lost my interest with book four.

  • Steve Langworthy
    2018-10-04 06:06

    Great readEnjoyed the series very much. Can't wait for more. And great to see such strong female characters. Would be nice to see their story through.

  • Shelli
    2018-09-23 14:08

    Very vivid story. Very vivid story. I felt like I could see and even smell the world. I have enjoyed all three books.

  • Eric Westrope
    2018-09-26 10:08

    No spoiler review:For me, at least. The time jump ahead was a bit annoying, but I can see how it benefited the progression of the story. So I just dealt with it and kept reading.Plus, I have to say there is a character in this story that I really hate. Well two. But they are bad people and I'll leave it at that.As of writing this, I have read the entire series. And I enjoyed all the books.

  • Jesse Deleon
    2018-09-25 06:28

    Series recommended for winter reading.Paul Antony Jones has written a series recommend for winter reading. I'm now waiting for Book 5 hopefully before Christmas. Thank you a fan.

  • Nancy
    2018-10-02 13:00

    WOWCan't wait for the next book. Getting even more exciting. Hopefully the next book won't be too long in coming.

  • Will Pollard
    2018-10-18 07:26

    A Nifty read.The series continues to be entertaining and has the usual well written action and well written characters; including some really nasty villains this time.

  • Blair Hodgkinson
    2018-10-03 07:20

    Ok,after reading the third installment of this series, I had assumed that the writer had played out his apocalyptic storyline to its logical conclusion and that he would be content to leave his little human colony to face its uncertain future in the imagination of his readers. I mean, everything in the world has changed and the guiding force that has led the changes has laid down the law. Humanity knows now what happened, why, and what will happen if they don't shape up. Surely, that's where it ought to be left, as a cautionary tale as replete with meaning as with horror and high adventure? Where else can it go?Well, the answer comes in the fourth volume. Jones, like his alien caretakers, obviously has a plan for his post-apocalyptic Earth's future, and this time there's no guessing the direction it will take. (And I have no intention of spoiling the surprises for you.) Suffice to say that Emily Baxter still has a destiny to carve out of the strange new world that no one--not her, not her husband and fellow colonists, and not even the alien caretakers themselves--could guess at, and taking that journey with her was as enjoyable and satisfying this time as it was in the previous installments.This time, I did not come to the end and think this story is over... Jones clearly sets up a scenario for continuation... In fact, there are several directions in which the story can now naturally flow, each as intriguing as the last. As I'm not normally a huge sci-fi fan, I can only say that I'm really glad I signed on for this journey and I'm looking to see where it goes next!

  • David Greenlee
    2018-10-10 13:14

    Review of GenesisAs I have said many times, I am a big fan of apocalyptic stories. That said, what I like the most about this kind of stories is how the people left after the apocalyptic event, handle their lives. It goes without saying that most of us, once removed from our comfortable environments, would not fare so well. Emily Baxter not only survived a mass extinction event, she thrived and helped establish a thriving human community on a very different earth. I have followed her life since the first Extinction Point book and I am very glad that Paul Anthony Jones has decided to follow her life after the events in the third book. Emily is a compelling character and her relationship with the Caretakers is further examined in this book. These have always been exciting books with Emily having to deal with a very different world as she seeks out knowledge about why our world was changed, and in this book, why her son has disappeared. I was a bit surprised about why her son was kidnapped and how his disappearance was related to the Caretakers. If I say anymore, it would be too much of a spoiler. This was a real page turner for me. I read the whole book on a flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh. I usually cannot keep up my interest in any book for so long and I typically switch between several books when I read on my Kindle. This book grabbed me and kept me locked in for many hours. This was a good read and I highly recommend this series to any apocalyptic story fans.

  • Ryan
    2018-10-15 11:10

    I struggled with this one.Genesis is the fourth novel in an original trilogy. What drew me to Extinction Point was my love for dystopia and a slow pace. I can't stand novels that jump to the action quickly at the expense of enjoying the journey. Paul Antony Jones moves at a glacial pace, although I have to say that four novels in it's showing its age. I didn't enjoy book three as much as I had the others but book four feels extensively padded. If the point of a book is to get you to drive Point A to Point B, I feel like we get a flat tire in the driveway, dodge killer potholes, evade speed traps, fight off a roadrager, get held up at a convenience store, and on and on. There are a lot of dangerous scenarios that Emily and Rhiannon (and Thor!) must overcome on her journey with the ingenuity of MacGyver, but much of the arc of the story is mega-compressed into the last ten pages and dropped as exposition. (I'm still unclear why Emily was modified by the Caretakers, as that did not seem connected to Adam's storyline.)If I could provide any recommendations for Book 5, I would reduce the overwhelming description of every step of the journey, reduce artificial confrontations, and expand the main storyline, which seemed oversimplified to cram into the last chapter.And above all else, I would remember that Emily is an American, and while the author may use the metric system, she would not. Meters and kilometers come up 265 times in this story. And yes, I love Thor, so I'll read Book 5.

  • Texjim
    2018-10-01 09:12

    This is book four in a series about the end of the world and its rebirth. The story is imaginative and engaging. The prior story includes the invasion of earth by extraterrestrial flora and fauna that exterminate most of the population and indigenous species. A pocket of survivors holds out at a naval base in California. Local politics and alien interventions spur the heroine, her surrogate daughter and her dog to set out into the now alien western US wilderness in an attempt to find her lost son, "Adam". The story moves quickly as the core of characters struggle to overcome sequential challenges posed by alien creatures and natural disasters. Overall the story stands well on its own, but the reader must put together prior events from assorted hints slowly sprinkled into the current text. The writing flows well except for the repetitious detailed descriptions of how terribly tired the characters are and how they can barely stand and continue. I like the story and its imaginative premise. It is reminiscent of "The Stand" and directly acknowledges this within the text. However, like "The Stand", after a thoughtful premise, a great story and the development of likable engaging characters, the ending just abruptly fizzles out. The epilogue suggests the story goes on as the survivors confront newer aliens but, as a reader, I find it very unsatisfying when there are so many (five or more) major unresolved issues.

  • Red
    2018-09-18 14:30

    "...It looked like some gigantic metallic spider....the massive congealed-blood-brown bulk rising from the water...six articulated legs, mist rising off it like positioned itself in the path of the humans...they were good as dead..." And there I stand as I'm reading, with one foot already over the edge, holding my breath, waiting to see if I will live or die and...and...AND!!!! TO BE CONTINUED!!!! How ridiculous!! If I had been a person prone to violence, I would have thrown my Kindle across the room!! How dare Paul to that to us!!! I'm writing the ending 100 times over in my mind!! I'm worn out from the intensity of the book. At least I know that I will have another enjoyable, exciting read coming up when I read the next book in the journey. Gotta say, I love a good book series...but I really do HATE being left so totally on the edge at the end. I've been left in the lurch before at the end of a book...but not like this. I was EVERY character in the book as I read it.

  • Amy
    2018-09-30 09:18

    Honestly, probably the weakest out out of the current four in the series. Although I'm a big fan of this series this one took almost a third of the book to really grab me like the previous instalments did. After feeling disenchanted after finishing the last in the series as I thought it was only a trilogy when I heard the author was working on a fourth I couldn't wait. Our favourite survivors are back, this time needing to venture back into the world they have been trying to avoid. The world that the 'caretaker' aliens have taken over and assimilated. I did feel this lacked some of the pacing and at times felt a little clunky, especially the start, needless to say I'm already looking forward to part 5 as I'm really invested in the story even if the writing this time wasn't quite up to standard.

  • Bluecobras09
    2018-10-14 12:26

    With Emily's husband off on a mission, she is left to deal with a woman who seems to be hell bent on taking control of the group of survivors and pushing her will on everyone. But one night after her husband left, Emily has one of her dreams that she seems to have since she was taken by the Caretakers. In the dream hear baby disappeared, and when she wakes up he is gone. She end up arrested for killing her own baby by the woman that runs the group. While in jail, the woman's right hand man decides to have some fun and take advantage of Emily, which doesn't work our well for him when Rhiannon shoots him while he is strangling Emily. Emily and Rhiannon leave in the only helicopter in search of her baby. But when she finds him, she will find that as bad as things are since the red rain, it get's worse. And it has yet to reach Earth. Excellent book. Highly recommended read.

  • Andres Ramirez
    2018-09-24 14:11

    I must admit that this is the first of the Extinction Point books I have read and I normally don't like to read a series out of order, but this book really hooked me. Although at points the writing felt a tad clunky (namely in Jones' attempts at surrealist dreams), Jones manages a quick, exciting pace that keeps you saying, "Well, one MORE chapter before I put it down." I think even his biggest success is in making his characters likable and really making the reader invested. I found myself actively cheering for the protagonists very early on into the book. As someone who knows nothing about the series he also did a good job of explaining the situation without dragging the book down with too much exposition. The one let down is that I knew what was happening way before Emily (the main character).

  • patrycja polczyk
    2018-10-18 14:10

    Another book in the series - done and now I'm waiting for the next book. This book ended with a real cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next part. Hope it will arrive soon. After having pretty good and calm life in Point Loma, Emily has to hit the road again. This time she's going through a lot of bad things, which were caused not only by aliens, but also by fellow human survivors. She's pulling through, but ends up in a place and point of time, which might be crucial for the rest of the world. And who's the main part of the situation? Her baby boy. Emily needs to save herself, her family and rest of the World, while her husband is stuck in Norway. Can't wait to read how will this story unfold!

  • Cheryl
    2018-09-19 08:01

    Excellent Follow UpThis book was excellent with the right amount of suspense. It started slow but quickly picked up! EMILY has the best luck in the world when it comes to almost being killed. The spin-off on the end with the Caretakers being self destructed to die when they became self aware that another entity reprogrammed them was a surprise. Also seeing how Adam is connected with the ancient sentient beings and the thousands of world's was surprising shocker. He has been protecting her with his Visions even though he is a baby. I'm very much anxious to a follow up for this book and I hope it comes to soon. Curious to see what happens to Mac and his crew once they stumbled upon the new Caretakers..

  • Cathleen
    2018-10-18 07:24

    I received an ARC from the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review."Genesis" Book 4 in the Extinction series is far better then books 1,2 &3. The story turned into a how to safe humanity from self distruction from carelessness and lack of respect. Emily is still the main focus of this story and finds herself on another journey into the very alien world she now lives in. She is on a journey to find and save her child from her abductors.I still find this author very wordy in his story telling but I will say that I did enjoy reading Book 4 much more then I did the others in this series. I won't be reading Book 5 if that is the author's intention with the way he extended "Genesis". I just don't find myself interested enough.