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Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereIn this entertaining first novel, set in rural Pennsylvania, a young San Francisco woman searches for her birthparents and from the moment she arrives in the backwoods town of Tungston, she falls under the spell of unforgettable characters, the unexpected-but-real threat of a violent fugitive, and the unexpected-but-real charmAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereIn this entertaining first novel, set in rural Pennsylvania, a young San Francisco woman searches for her birthparents and from the moment she arrives in the backwoods town of Tungston, she falls under the spell of unforgettable characters, the unexpected-but-real threat of a violent fugitive, and the unexpected-but-real charm of a local fireman—all leading her to discover the true meaning of family....

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speaking in tungs Reviews

  • Blazin Benu
    2018-10-03 23:13

    I recently had the pleasure of attending a read/sign for 'Speaking in Tungs' in Austin TX. I was already a fan of the book, but having the opportunity to hear the author, Karla Jay, read her favorite excerpts was such a special treat! She mentioned that booksellers were having a difficult time categorizing this story...Autobio ? These quirky characters will pop to recognizable life for anyone who has spent time in rural America. Yes, the author draws on her experience as a speech pathologist for the intriguing cases featured; but, it's not an autobiography.Romance ? There is a delightful boy meets girl, boy irritates girl, boy entices girl sexual tension; but, it's not purely romantic.Mystery ? Danger lurks the fringes of the story and provides suspense; but, it not a mystery.It's ALL of the above and so much more! 'Speaking in Tungs' has been the most entertaining book I've read in a long time on so many levels. It truly defies any attempt to put it in a genre box. I rarely have time to re-read a book, but I'm already taking another trip to Tungsten, PA. I also can't wait to hear an Audible version!

  • Claire Davis
    2018-10-05 03:14

    If I could give it a 3.5 I would! Fun summer read that I'll read the sequel to and to top it off- the main character is a SLP :)

  • Aly
    2018-10-03 22:13

    This book made me laugh! I love a great book with some humor too. This book had many great qualities for me, some suspense, mystery, and a little romance. This author is new to me and I would read more books from her. I enjoyed this book very much!

  • Tina
    2018-10-10 04:29

    I really loved this book and could totally relate. I've always lived a more urban life. Not always a big city, but a city. My family moved to the boonies when I was a teenager. Talk about culture shock! I laughed through most of the book because I was there myself.Besides the laughs, was a really well written story. Marleigh, a brand new speach therapist, moves to the tiny commumity of Tungs. She lost her parents in tragic accident and then discovers she was adopted. She takes a job in the wilds of Pennsylvania near where she tracked her birth parents. Her first day of work causing a chain of events that gets totally out of control. Ms Jay really captured the small town characters and charm. The town people were quirky and homegrown. She really fleshed them out. It really took me back. Speaking in Tungs had a little bit of everything. Mystery, attraction, adventure and even some life and death. Throw in some hot fireman eye candy, what more can a girl want?

  • Wendy Terrien
    2018-09-25 02:25

    What a delightful read! Given the title, I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. But the story seemed to have potential so I gave it a whirl - and I'm so glad I did! The story is entertaining and witty, and the dash of mystery and romance makes it that much better. Marleigh is a character I enjoyed, and I look forward to the next installment of her story. But she isn't the only engaging character in the book -- there are several, and it was fun to get to know them and the town of Tungsten. Jay is a great writer, and should be proud of her debut novel. Excited to see more from her!

  • Cindy
    2018-10-21 01:22

    Having recently moved to rural Pennsylvania, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Marleigh's culture shock in the Pennsylvania Wilds. The characters are quirky and fun. There were lovely descriptions of this part of the country. The underlying mystery developed into a suspenseful, page turning conclusion. Very enjoyable.

  • Vicki Rowland
    2018-10-11 03:17

    A fun read with a host of interesting characters. I also loved that it had a little humor and mystery too. Looking forward to the next novel by Karla M. Jay. Won this in a Goodreads Giveaway. Thanks so much.

  • Chrissy Dyer
    2018-09-22 01:23

    A very entertaining, funny, mysterious story

  • I read novels
    2018-10-13 02:27

    Speaking in Tungs is too good to be anyone's first novel. I loved all the witty characters.

  • Sheri
    2018-09-24 04:18

    I won this as a Kindle edition in a Goodreads Giveaway. Thanks Goodreads!Although it took a while for this story to draw me in, I did enjoy it! The narration is witty, the characters are charming, and the plot is well conceived and entertaining. While the heroine, Marleigh, is funny and endearing, I found her a bit emotionally dimensionless. In particular, I felt her grief over the loss of her parents and her motivation to move to Pennsylvania to find her birth parents were underwhelmingly conveyed. This sets the book a notch below the works of Sophie Kinsella or Jojo Moyes. This is a debut novel, and the interview with the author that is included indicates autobiographical influence. I wonder if perhaps because of this, Jay may have unintentionally held back on Marleigh's emotional depth. It also explains the inclusion of speech therapy activities that I found interesting. I plan to check out the sequel!

  • Emily
    2018-09-24 04:15

    I've been putting off getting this because I so wanted it to be good and was worried it would let the wonderfulness of all Speech Therapist's down - but I needn't have! This is great fun, and shows our job without getting preachy, or too didactic, or needing to show us as heroes who always have the right answer. I liked that she tried different solutions, and that some patients responded and some didn't, and that despite speech therapy being a running theme and helping with the plot, there was lots of extra general life and plot to make it entertaining even for that bizarre part of the world that isn't speech therapists. The romantical bits aren't too embarrassing and the plot is very exciting, poor hero lurching from disaster to disaster, and I am starting the sequel straighway!(I will also be sharing this book with as many of my friends and family as possible)

  • Lisa
    2018-10-18 04:17

    Developing writers are often advised to "write about what you know," and Karla Jay has parlayed her career experience as a speech therapist into a fun tale set in rural Pennsylvania. The main character, Marleigh, is a dedicated wise-cracking young speech and language home-visit therapist, encountering a cast of quirky characters as she also investigates the circumstances of her adoption as a toddler. The beginning of the story was a bit clunky and had one jarring grammatical error, but the novel quickly found a smoother rhythm with good character development and engaging dialogue. There were some plot inconsistencies (an adoptee would have a harder time gaining identifying information in a closed adoption scenario), but these could be forgiven with the overall delightful storytelling.I won this title through Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nancy Luebke
    2018-10-13 22:06

    I really enjoyed this clean Suspenseful Romance. I received this book for free and voluntarily chose to review it. This book pulled me in from the first. There was some really interesting characters in this group. There kept grabbing me and pulling me along. You could understand her being a city girl in these circumstances. This was a new author for me and I was pleasantly surprised. I've given it a 5* rating.

  • M.
    2018-10-08 00:15

    Witty novel with interesting characters. I look forward to reading more from the series.

  • April Wood
    2018-10-10 03:21

    Marleigh Benning is a speech therapist who drives cross-country to establish a new life in a rural town called Tungston, where she can help people who have language/speech disorders, and locate her birth parents who gave her up when she was two-years-old for reasons unknown.While making small strides with her patients, she meets the local fire chief, and sparks ignite.But if she was looking for a relaxing getaway, she won’t find it in Tungston, where around every corner is a rattlesnake nest, a vicious wolf, a madman on the loose – and if that wasn’t bad enough, the locals think she is a walking joke!Will the small town of Tungston accept Marleigh as one of their own? Or will she always be the “walking joke” of Tungston?My ThoughtsTalking in Tungs is a delightful women’s fiction novel about a very likable speech therapist who is down on her luck, but handles it with humor. I loved her relationships with her patients, and could relate to a lot of what her patients told her, when upset that the former speech therapist quit. I too have had to pick up the pieces of a former medical worker who was fired, and having to hear from patients all the wonderful things she would do for them, (against every rule in the book, mind you), and making me feel bad for not being “as nice” as the one before me. I knew exactly what Marleigh was feeling. Of course, nobody asked me to do their grocery shopping or sell chickens, :) , but the general feeling was still there.I totally and completely sympathized with Marleigh when her patients were being pushy! I’m sure MANY, if not most, medical workers can relate to these scenes!I loved seeing the changes in her patients’ behaviors as she would work with them and customize different exercises for their individual needs. My favorite family she visited was Honey and Casey. I also loved all her progress with Milt.“You’re about as safe as a sugarcoated boy scout in bear county.”The witty, humorous dialogue made Speaking in Tungs a page-turner. At some points, I was laughing so hard I was crying! With every turn of the page, I was eager to find out what Marleigh would do next. She sure did get herself into A LOT of trouble! :)Very impressive writing for a debut novel. I look forward to book 2 of Speaking in Tungs! In the meantime, I highly recommend this novel to fans of mysteries and humorous women’s fiction/Chick Lit. You won’t be disappointed!***In the interest of full disclosure, I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful book review. This in no way swayed my opinion or rating.Full Book Review:

  • Theresa Needham fehse
    2018-09-29 03:12

    Free book for honest review. The title is not mis-spelled. It’s an example of the author’s playfulness and understanding when it comes to words. Tungs is the shortened form of Tungston, the setting for the story. The novel is like a film-within-a-film. It is written from the narrative POV of a speech therapist. Words are the cornerstone of the story and words are the foundation of all novels. In that way “Speaking in Tungs” can be thought of as a film-within-a-film. It helps that the author is herself a speech therapist whose love of words and word games is evident throughout.Being engaged in a story being told by a speech therapist, both fictional and real, seemed unlikely at first but engagement did happen for me. Initially it is quite apparent that Karla Jay has a way with words. Her sentences are well-crafted. The main character of the novel, Marleigh Benning, is more than engaging. We find out early on, that the primary reason she comes to Tungston is to find out about her biological parents. Her adopted parents die in an airport accident without ever telling her that she is adopted. She learns she’s adopted cleaning out papers she finds in a safe. A genealogist tells her her biological parents lived in Tungston. So off she goes to find out who she really is. The cast of characters she meets as the Therapist on Wheels in Tungston is funny, soulful, abused, aged, young and deceitful, not to mention hunky.During her search for identity she is physically abused. Therein lies a mystery. Who is the abuser? There are several possibilities. We are engaged to read and find the answer. Puzzles abound in this novel. Some are word puzzles and some are people puzzles. If you like solving puzzles this is an excellent read.4 1/2 Stars Bill Snyder

  • Brian
    2018-10-16 02:17

    An excellent read by an author who is soon destined to see her work as NEW YORK BEST SELLERS ! Written with such rare talent and skill ! The realistic characters quipping their various thoughts or sayings makes the book quite funny and very realistic. The action, mystery, revelations and the ending are so realistic and some of the occurrences seem so 'out there' that they could truly only happen in real life ! City gal comes to the rural country on a mission to find her family. Instead she finds friends that will become her 'family'. But so much happens in between. You don't want to miss out. I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AS A MUST READ !!!! [book cover:Speaking in Tungs|26142984]I re-read this wonderful book this week and am still loving it ! I like to revisit the best of the books that I have read before because there is still so much in the book that I may have not 'gotten' the first time around. It's like squeezing out every last drop ! This book is such a joy to read, again and again. One of my all time fav's. You won't be disappointed reading this story written by a very talented and wonderful author. I RECOMMEND this book even more so now having re-read it this week.

  • Rachelle
    2018-10-12 00:11

    Wow! I did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. It started out slow but ended with a bang. The main character Marleigh is witty and enjoyable, a speech therapist who has left busy San Francisco and moved to rural Pennsylvania after discovering she was adopted in hopes of learning more about her birth parents. She takes a job as a traveling speech therapist, which results in stepping way outside her comfort zone. Since this book falls into the mystery genre, it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and eventually I lost interest and had to put the book down for a couple days. I’m glad I picked it back up, though, because after I made it to the halfway point, I could not get enough. While the book ends on a positive note, one key point was not answered. I am looking forward to reading the sequel and seeing what lies ahead for Marleigh.I received a copy of this book from Book Review 22 in exchange for my honest review.

  • Chris
    2018-09-26 06:03

    Great characters, great atmosphere, great ending!I received this book as a prize in a drawing. It's not the genre I usually gravitate toward, but I'm so glad I read it because I really enjoyed the story. I felt like I was right there in Tungs with the characters--the author nailed not just the visual imagery of the region but the sense of place and atmosphere, too. I felt like the characters were my friends and acquaintances, and they've stayed with me after I finished the book. I liked learning about what a speech therapist does, but was thrilled that the information was trickled in rather than info-dumped--I never felt like I was getting a "lesson" but rather like I was learning little bits here and there from a friend who has that career. And finally, without spoilers I can tell you that the author did a terrific job with the ending! If you enjoy a story with memorable characters, beautifully described setting, some mystery and some romance, I definitely recommend this book.

  • Brittani Jay
    2018-09-27 23:22

    One of the best books I've read! This book caught me from the start and kept me interested to the very last page. One of my favorite things about it is that it's entertaining for anyone who reads it, whether you're male or female! She adds just the right combination to make this interesting for everyone. There's romance, suspense, action, humor, and amazing characters! And each aspect is extremely well done. There are time when I found myself gripping the chair eager in anticipation for what happens next, times when I actually laughed out loud ( I had many of those moments), or times where I was simply amazing at her writing that I had to simply stop reading and take it all in. I would recommend this book to any reader, no matter what your preferential genre is. It is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made! Read it, it's worth your while!

  • Christine Gitchell
    2018-10-15 04:30

    I read this book last year and it was super fantastic!! It is a great read that keeps your interest from beginning to end. It's full of mystery, drama, suspense, romance & such cleverly written wit. This author, "Karla M. Jay", is brilliant in her delivery about a "Speech Pathologist" in rural Pennsylvania encountering so many interesting & unique situations. I, like many people had no idea what all a "Speech Pathologist" does. Their work is truly amazing!! They have so many skills & do so much more than most people realize. Not only is this book entertaining, but it is also educational!!This is definitely a "5" star read!!! There is also a sequel to this book & it is called "Speak Of The Devil" which I'm reading right now & it is another GREAT book by Karla M. Jay!

  • Danielle
    2018-10-16 22:04

    Speaking in Tungs was an easy, humorous and delightful read. I first noticed the book because of a facebook group of SLPs, and because I'm an SLP, I knew I wanted to support the author and read the book. I loved all the stories with the bright rich characters. I was curious about each one and read on for more information about each. I was enticed by each story.At the end, I appreciated the story but was longer for more. After a discussion with the author, I learned that a sequel will be released next year. That explained the handful of storylines that continued to hold my curiosity for more, more, more!I can't wait to read the sequel. The author is also a gem so I look forward to watching her work grow on the market!

  • Lisa Jennings
    2018-09-26 06:26

    Karla was a guest speaker/author at our book club in August, presenting her novel, "Speaking in Tungs." Karla was pleasant and personable. I decided to purchase her book for my trip to Europe in September. Well, Europe got busy and the only time I had to read was traveling to Europe and back home. Once home, I had the luxury to read in the evening before going to bed. I enjoyed "Speaking in Tungs," and without ruining the story for anyone who wants to read it, I felt connected to the main character, characters, place and experiences -- I was engaged to the end. I am sorry that it took me this long to write a review. I am impressed and in awe that this novel is Karla's first novel. Nice job Karla!

  • M Welch
    2018-10-20 06:12

    **I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review**This was an amazing novel! The kind of novel that you hope every book you pick up will be, but they never are. This novel delivered everything you would want in a good book. From the extremely entertaining story-line, to the uniquely wonderful cast of characters and even Jay's delightfully witty writing style, I loved everything about this novel. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this book.If you are looking for a quirky, keep-you-on-your-toes and keep-you-chuckling-to-yourself read, then this book is it. Go! Pick it up right now and read it!

  • Rebecca Stark
    2018-10-11 00:06

    I'm not sure why there are two 'Speaking in Tungs' in Goodreads, but I've read it twice, so I'll review it twice! This is a great and easy read. There are as many twists and turns in this novel as there are in the windy roads of its setting, rural Pennsylvania. Karla Jay takes us through Marleigh's adventures in work (as a speech therapist), in play (crossword puzzles, rattlesnake hunting, and local festivals), and in the search for her real parents.I can't wait to read the sequel!Oh, and if you have a chance, go to a book reading with Karla Jay. Hearing the book read by the author brought it to life even more!

  • Lindsay
    2018-10-18 00:12

    I recently hadn't read a true page-turner until I picked up Speaking In Tungs! Upon starting this book I immediately felt fascinated in the many differing, yet intriguing characters. I love the character perspective, and seeing the many veiled talents of a speech pathologist! The tone of the novel is humorous, and warm allowing the reader to feel a nostalgic connection with the many eccentric characters. This novel has it all romance, suspense, humor, and mystery! The twists and turns of the plot will keep you on the edge of your seat, and asking for more. It's impossible NOT to fall in love with this book! I am anxiously awaiting the next book from the talented Karla Jay!

  • Krista
    2018-10-02 04:21

    There were a number of things I liked very much about the book; the humor, the back story and the speech therapy angle. I also thought that the characters were well drawn. The parts that didn't work so well for me was the love interest (was I reading a tempestuous romance novel?) and the Brady character. I still don't know why he did what he did. I also don't like snakes, so while I see why they appear in the novel--I wish the author had chosen badgers.Anyway, a good first effort! IMHO the author would do well to have a humorous and flirtatious love story line .

  • LeeAnn
    2018-09-21 00:25

    I loved this book! Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I have often pondered life in some of the more remote villages throughout the state where life can sometimes be challenging due to lack of resources. Karla's cast of whimsical characters entertained me thoroughly. The book had it's comical moments along with mystery and romance. This is one book I did NOT want to see come to an end, and I will be the first in line when the sequel comes out. Thanks, Karla, for this well written and entertaining read!

  • Kassidy
    2018-10-09 06:19

    2016 reading challenge- a book with a protagonist who has your occupation. I did not think I would find a book about a speech language pathologist, and even better it was a good book. I could relate to some of the scenarios Marleigh faced with her clients, having done home health myself. Plus the storyline with Lawyer was fun reading about too. Everything wrapped up pretty quick at the end and I wasn't ready! Looks like I will be reading the sequel!

  • Heather
    2018-10-07 04:31

    I really enjoyed this novel. The characters were well-developed and the tiny-town atmosphere was spot on. The only slight criticism I could give is that I thought it ended quickly. I would have loved to have read about Milt and Marleigh's reunion. I would absolutely read another Karla Jay novel. I look forward to meeting more charming characters or even reading more about these characters.