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A boy orphaned by violence grows up in the shadow of his father's murder. His older brother offers him a home, but the life of a farmer is a poor fit for Christian Richardson. Set in England in the 1400s, the Wars of the Roses litters the country with plenty of jobs for a young mercenary trained in how to wield a sword. Christian grows out of his youth and becomes a capablA boy orphaned by violence grows up in the shadow of his father's murder. His older brother offers him a home, but the life of a farmer is a poor fit for Christian Richardson. Set in England in the 1400s, the Wars of the Roses litters the country with plenty of jobs for a young mercenary trained in how to wield a sword. Christian grows out of his youth and becomes a capable fighter, one who inherited his father's blade. As a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Rose, he puts coins in his pockets and food in his stomach, but every day he searches for the sigil of the men who took his father's life. Finally, after years skirting the edges of a group called the Luminaries, he'll make a discovery that will put him in reach of his goal. Vengeance. The sword was not the only possession his father had given to him, though, and unbeknownst to Christian, the Luminaries have been hunting for Richard's son - the boy who escaped from them nearly a decade ago - just as he has been scouring for signs of them. An almost successful attempt on his life reveals hidden gifts, and even more secrets that his father had taken to the grave. As Christian reaches the threshold of claiming revenge, he faces the realization that retribution might come at a high price. Will he listen to the pleas of his loved ones, cautioning him away from danger? Or will his pursuit for justice take him down a path from where he can never return?...

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  • Sean Randall
    2018-10-18 00:59

    deathspellDespite turning into a vampire thing, this started off interesting. I think the concept has been done better Michael G Manning springs to mind but the plot was compelling and the romance didn't interfere, although nor did it really add much to the story. I'd read another set in the world, just to see where things ended up.

  • M.R. Graham
    2018-10-02 18:41

    The Premise:As a child, Christian is witness to his father's murder at the hands of men who can kill without touching and whom blades do not harm. He barely escapes with his life, bearing with him a pendant and a scroll, all he has left of his father. He swears vengeance, but his only clue is the red cloak of the perpetrator, and his sigil, a flame within a circle.Christian becomes a mercenary and devotes his life to the art of killing, determined someday to confront and kill his father's murderer. But as his search progresses, he finds that the circle in a flame is far-reaching, a secret society inhabited by some of England's most powerful men, for whom killing with a thought is child's play. Fortunately, Christian has some curious abilities of his own.The Good:As always, Dawes is a master storyteller. Christian is sort of like a darker, grittier Inigo Montoya, and much of the banter and wit has a very Princess Bride feel about it. Of course, the similarities are limited. Christian does have a life outside of his quest for vengeance: a tentative romance with one of his fellow mercenaries, a brother and sister in law and two charming nieces whom he sometimes visits, a hilariously authentic exasperation with his boss, and a creepy enjoyment for the destruction his job entails.Paolo, the romantic interest, is a whimsical, puckish thief, but his care for Christian runs deep and true. The Lady Cavendish is mysterious and seductive. (There is a lot of sex, but many kudos to Dawes for not making the Lady's power reside exclusively in her sexuality. She's dangerous, but not merely because her body is just so darn distracting.) The grand, global conspiracy of the Luminaries is frightening.The research is excellent, also, and I love it when you can tell the author knows what they're talking about without expounding on minutia for pages. No long, didactic passages, just authentic, interesting detail.The Bad:If I had to pick a flaw, it would be that Dawes's language is sometimes unnecessarily decorative when elegant simplicity would have been more appropriate. There are a lot of flowery turns of phrase, sometimes close enough together to be distracting. There are also some weird usage issues that caused me to reread some sentences.(view spoiler)[I also felt like the genre shifted rather abruptly toward the end. Dawes writes vampires, yes, but I wasn't expecting surprise vampires right at the very end of what seemed like a wizard story. (hide spoiler)]In Conclusion:Reads like a nifty combination of Princess Bride, Three Musketeers, and A Song of Ice and Fire. Magic, politics, and mercenaries ftw.Four stars, would recommend. Not a book for those who don't enjoy lots of sexually explicit content.

  • Diana
    2018-10-05 21:58

    4.5 really ;)Dear me, this was one fast-paced read. Took me three nights, but I've only got a few hours to steal from my bedtime, so... If I had it my way, I would have finished it in one long draw of breath. Won this book in a lottery and also, the author is a good long time friend, and this their latest baby (correct me if I'm wrong). Got both the e-book and the pretty pretty signed copy to shine off my shelf along with my two Flynn's. Must say it's one of these books I'd buy solely for the cover. It is so darn pretty. Must also say this is definitely one of the books you cannot put down before it's finished, just keep turning (or tapping) the pages to find out what happens next. Thankfully I'm a fast reader but I think I was even faster than usual with this one. My two favourite things in this book - the sourcery, especially the fire sourcery Christian comes to possess - it's something very... something to my own heart. I consider myself a fire element and my all time favourite tabletop rpg char I've played for over 2 years and 40 games is a mage with also most keenness to fire, so much that they call him a fire mage. So the scenes with Chris and fire are one of my favourites. The second of my favourite things is Chris and Paolo. I really, really like Paolo (my Kindle and wifi allow me to translate his Italian sweetnesses or cusses - though I suggest to add some translation to them, and perhaps Latin phrases as well ;)). They are sweet and epic and I think having Paolo around adds a big touch of humanity to Christian. They are sweet and I loved reading about them. And yes, the sex was hot and my dear P.W.D writes it like a poetry. (Overall, the language is befitting the century, methinks, except for a few slips like Okay ;) Aye, I'm a nitpicker, sometimes)Anyhow, should something happen to Paolo I'm gonna cry my eyes out and plot vengeance on the author. Nobody touches my Paolo! Oh, and Talbot was cool. (Couldn't keep myself from thinking of Anne Rice's David Talbot)Keep wondering why Lady Jane did what she did and hoping the sequels will shed light on that ;)And yes, a sequel, now, please! I can live with a rough copy or anything, I just need to know what happens next. With much love,"ti amo, amico"One hooked me

  • Jo Ladzinski
    2018-10-13 18:44

    If you're looking for rogues, magic, and strained family dynamics, this is a read for you. Christian Richardson is my new favorite mess child. When he was young, he witnessed his father's murder and has been on the run and on the hunt ever since.The characters are compelling and not one-note. My favorite relationship was the ever-evolving tension between Christian and his brother. Dawes does a great job highlighting both brothers' perspective on life. His brother wants to leave the past behind while Christian can't stop chasing it. And that journey goes to several unexpected places. There's a really good slow reveal of the magic and supernatural twists in the world of 1400's England. Every bit is a surprise to the character and the reader and we get to learn as he do.I think the distribution of non-magic to magic was a little bit end-heavy. I think there could have been more nods sprinkled throughout. There was enough intrigue around the secret society hunting Christian to keep up the momentum, that being said.An enthralling read with heart, I can't wait to see how Christian's journey will progress and I hope to the lords that nothing bad happens to my favorite, Paolo.

  • Caroline Stewart
    2018-09-24 19:37

    *spoiler alert* This could have been so much better if it wasn't a vampire book. And I had no idea it was a vampire story until almost the end. It didn't need to be a vampire story - it was doing well enough on its own supernatural theme. The bisexual male protagonist made it feel like a ripoff of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles.

  • Peter Dawes
    2018-09-27 01:37