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The fifth mouth-watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. For bakery owner Hannah Swenson, life in Lake Eden, Minnesota has been lacking a certain flavour of late. But it's the Town Sheriff elections, and for years Sheriff Grant has laid down the law. Now, Hannah's brother-in-lThe fifth mouth-watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series. Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M. C. Beaton and Leslie Meier. For bakery owner Hannah Swenson, life in Lake Eden, Minnesota has been lacking a certain flavour of late. But it's the Town Sheriff elections, and for years Sheriff Grant has laid down the law. Now, Hannah's brother-in-law Bill is giving the old blowhard the fight of his long, dubious career. But when Sheriff Grant's body winds up in a dumpster behind the school where Hannah had been teaching her weekly cooking class, things go very sour indeed. To make matters worse, the poor man still has fudge frosting on his shirt from one of her cupcakes. The only suspect is Bill, but Hannah's not swallowing it. Can she use a particularly nasty recipe to smoke out the murderer once and for all?...

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  • James
    2018-09-30 13:42

    Andrea is pregnant in this book, and watching the relationship between the two sisters is fun. You can see how they fight and get along. But when the sheriff dies in this book, the girls must bond because everyone's a suspect. I didn't really buy the whole "cops are the suspects" because of it being the sheriff. It made for a fun story tho. Still a good series. I happened to catch 2 of the stories they made into a TV series on Hallmark (I think). I enjoy the cozy mystery... like-able main character but I think she needs to choose 1 of the 2 men soon. I would walk away if I were them at this point. :)About MeFor those new to me or my reviews... here's the scoop: I read A LOT. I write A LOT. And now I blog A LOT. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at, where you'll also find TV & Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world. And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who/what/when/where and my pictures. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by. Note: All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators.

  • Mandy
    2018-09-17 12:42

    These books get better and better. I knew who the killer was for about half the book but I still enjoyed it. These books are so simple and delightful to read. I could go for less froo-froo from everyone in town. There is no way everyone is so sugary sweet all the time. However I believe Hannah should become a detective because she is the one figuring it all out. Mike is just a piece of eye candy that I think should be pushed out. He's no fun and I think he's a player! Especially with that little tart Shawna Lee. Ugh. I like simple Norman, he's just the right guy! Now on to read number 6!!!

  • Sheila
    2018-10-09 14:49

    Hannah discovers another body. This time it is local sheriff. This series in all honesty is starting to bug me. Mainly it is the indecision on Hannah's part of whether to date Norm or Mike. It is getting really old.

  • Martha Davis
    2018-10-13 13:35

    Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a cozy mystery series. You give me someone with a fluffy occupation stumbling onto a mystery where she or he manage to outwit the police and solve the crime and I’m all in. Be they housewives, mystery bookstore owners, southern sisters, or small town bakers I love them. I have an infinite ability to suspend disbelief.I stumbled upon the Hannah Swensen mystery just recently. I know they’ve been around forever and that’s good for me because there’s a nice big back catalog. This is a nice traditional cozy series. None of the murders take place “on screen” and you’re never really worried about the central characters safety. And you get cookie recipes. How can you go wrong.The one thing I am having a problem with with this series is I can’t quite picture Hannah in my head. I’ll get a picture and then the description of her doesn’t match what’s in my head. I don’t blame the author I know it’s just me but I just can’t get it. So, if anyone is reading this series and has a actress in mind I’d really appreciate a note.I did like the outing, it seemed reasonable for Hannah to be involved (not that that matters much to me) and I love Hannah’s sister and mother.There’s an fun side mystery involving the secret ingredient in the titled Fudge Cupcakes. I do wish she’d get off the stick and pick one of the two men she bounces back and forth between but I know this should last a bit longer. I have yet to try any of the recipes but I will say they all sound yummy and they look really easy.Don’t go into these expecting challenging writing or even mystery. They are a little formulaic but the character are charming and I have a fun time when I read them and sometimes that’s all I need in a book.

  • Heather T
    2018-10-03 15:40

    The killer was pretty obvious.I'm starting to not like either of Hannah's men. Norman lacks fire and Mike doesn't support Hannah like he should. He started to do better in book 4, but he resorted back to an idiot in this book. If he spent more time with Hanna then perhaps she wouldn't almost get herself killed all the time. Anyway, I'm kind of tired of the fact that Bill and Mike are apparently not intelligent enough to solve a case. The cops should get one eventually, and not because Hannah has to pretend to not know how things fit together. What on earth are the guys doing working until midnight with nothing to show for it?It doesn't sound like I enjoyed it, but it's still a fun read. I'm just flustered with it at the same time.

  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    2018-09-28 12:51

    Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat: Audio Pages/Length: n/aGenre: Cozy Mystery Reason For Reading: Like the series At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 3.5 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 6Characters: 7World Building: 6Flow:7Series Congruity: 8Writing: 7Ending: 7Total: 7In DepthBest Part: Michelle stuck around. Worst Part: Knew the killer pretty early on. Thoughts Had: Poor Bill. ConclusionContinuing the Series: YesRecommending: YesShort Review: I felt like this one lacked something. For most of this book, all i could focus on was her trying to find the missing thing for the damn cupcakes, sure the guy is dead, but what the fuck is missing from that girl's perfect cupcakes?! I feel pretty back for Mike and the other cops in this town, Hannah solves everything and they didn't figure shit out, but they have the nerve to treat her like shit when it comes to her helping them Give Hannah the damn job!!!!! The little cat side story was a bit weird, but i'm not really a cat person so maybe that's why. I can't wait for Andrea to have the baby!Misc. Book Boyfriend: Pass. Best Friend Material: Andrea. Review in GIF Form:

  • Heidi-Marie
    2018-09-28 14:57

    All right--I really can't stand Mike. All girls must have their idiotic tendencies. That one must be Hannah's. Aside from that, this mystery/story was a lot more fun for me to follow than the previous book. Especially because there were two mysteries--the murder as well as the secret ingredient to the cupcakes. Mmm--I wished I could have been sampling all of the attempts, though. Yum! And the climax at the end was a lot of fun--the intensity of it any way. I love page-turners! And the best thing of all with this book--I finally made a Hannah Swensen recipe! It was the Boggles (recipe found in this book) and they turned out great!!!

  • Oda Renate
    2018-09-18 12:54

    Really nice, cosy crime.In some ways it reminds me of Stephanie plum, both are in their 30s,both single and solving crime,both has Family around. There stops the similarities though, Hannah swendsen is more crime than action, she bakes, and her life is more small town based than Stephanie is.But this was an enjoyable book, different from other books I read, unpredictable, it wasent very funny but still enjoyable.Deffently going to read the rest in the series.

  • Jasmine
    2018-10-10 16:31

    Okay if Hannah doesn't get a cell phone in the next book I'm going to kill her myself. I enjoy these books but I need Hannah to start growing a bit as a character. Also I could solve her relationship problem pretty easily; a polyamorous relationship,but that's just me.

  • Natalie
    2018-10-01 16:40

    I'm going to make this short. I'm really enjoying the Hannah Swenson novels. I love Joanne Fluke's flair for writing and how she makes the characters engaging.My issue is thus... The last three books I was able to guess the killer from very early on. However, I don't really mind so much. Unlike other murder mysteries, there's other things going on in the book. As mentioned, the characters are engaging and you can't help but enjoy reading about them and their life in their small town.My second and last issue is thus... I'm hitting saturation point with the whole Mike-Hannah-Nomman triangle. I'm not a fan of love triangles and the way Ms. Fluke has been going with Hannah's love life is starting to get on my nerves. I was Team Mike all the way until this book. I admit it had a lot to do with the sexy cop image. But Mike is turning out to be incredibly insensitive and clueless. I hope either something happens with the love triangle or Hannah finally tells Mike what a dork he's being to her.Regardless of the love triangle situation, I will continue with the books. Despite it being a murder mystery novel, I consider these books "comfortable" reads. I can sit back and relax and immerse myself in the world of Hannah Swenson.

  • Candy
    2018-09-18 14:52

    Finally! A book I can finish. While this was not a Christian book, it was a very good book with morals and no bad language! I seem to have a hard time finding that lately and that is the only reason I mention it here. This was a wonderful mystery about a murder, but also there was a mystery about what the secret ingredient was in the cupcakes that was almost as important for me to solve as the murder! So besides a very entertaining story, I came away with a ton of new recipes to try that sound simply scrumptious!

  • Ashley
    2018-10-10 19:51

    Another good one, as usual. One criticism I have is the stupid love triangle. I don't particularly like either of the guys that much, but will Hannah just pick one of them already? Honestly, the best thing that could happen for me would be some new guy swinging into town and sweeping Hannah off her feet and her dropping the other two. Also, Hannah sees what she thinks is Mike out on date with another woman and does everything but out right call the other girl a man stealing whore. Hannah is not in a serious relationship with either Norman or Mike and she is openly dating both of them. Guess what Hannah? That means they have the right to see other people as well. Anyway, that annoyed me, and if I have to read more about it in future books in the series, it will probably start to have an impact on my rating of them.

  • Marsha
    2018-10-14 20:39

    I have actually listened to (with the kids) all of the books in this series, 1-16. They're all good; the characters are consistent and well rounded. They are all true mysteries. They are truly rated G but entertaining anyway. Since I do listen to these with my sons, I appreciate the lack of uncomfortable sex scenes, and there is no violence, although there is a significant amount of suspense. Both my sons and I enjoy these, and I'm very grateful that I can get them through I have also purchased some online through or eBay or something. All of them are definitely worthwhile.

  • Frankie
    2018-09-27 19:47

    While I did find this book to be pretty predictable (I knew who the killer was almost from the time he was introduced), I'm still a sucker for a mystery with recipes. My one complaint is that both of Hannah's men are annoying me as is her inability to pick one. Mike is just too bossy and Norman doesn't step forward enough. Maybe someone new will come along? Although, I'd be happy if she'd dump Mike and choose Norman -- he at least has potential.

  • Ryan
    2018-10-06 12:39

    Fudge Cupcake Murder is the fifth instalment of the Hannah Swensen Mystery series. so far the books have not disappointed me, they all deliver a great whodunit to solve with a town full of interesting characters with stories to tell. its full of those stories you find in most real small towns. in this book, its the election for a new sheriff, Bill (Hannah's Bother in Law) is running against Sheriff Jim Grant in the election. Hannah is involving in other activates: gather recipes for the Lake Eden cookbook, tracking down a lost recipe for Fudge Cupcakes, and teaching a baking class at the community center. When she's leaving the community center, she finds a body in a dumpster. It turns out to be the sheriff who was killed while enjoying one of the Cupcakes. The rest of the story is a great whodunit in figuring out who killed the acting sheriff. the characters are great and decent, the one withdrawn is both of Hannah's love interests aren't participating much, Detective Mike Kingston, has to investigate the case where his partner Bill Todd (Hannah's Bother in Law) is the prime suspect, when he knows the guy didn't do it. The other characters and their particular stories fit the small town life style.

  • Mary
    2018-09-28 16:31

    Bill, Hannah's brother-in-law is the chief suspect in the death of the Chief of Police. Hannah finds the body in the dumpster at the high school when she is putting out the trash from her cooking class at her night class.Her sister, Andrea asks her to help clear Bill so that he can go back to work, because he is driving Andrea crazy staying at home.While Hannah investigates the murder, she is still making her cookies and she also is trying to duplicate a receipt from one of the people who lived in Lake Eden, but has since died and is no longer around to help with the receipt. Hannah is writing a cookbook and wants to put the cupcake receipt in the book. So she is busy trying everything she knows about receipts to get it right! Of course, in the meantime, she gets in trouble and both Mike, the Police officer and Norman, the Dentist, have to help save her in her hour of distress. Mike and Norman are Hannah's boyfriends that she cannot decide who she likes the most!As usual, the book is suspenseful and holds your interest until the end, as all of Joanne's books. I love the receipts in the books.

  • Donna
    2018-10-15 15:40

    Bakery owner Hannah stumbles across the body of the Sheriff in a dumpster and is on the case.Good thing: The side story with Moishe, Hannah's cat, who just will not eat those senior cat crunchies, had me smiling throughout the book.Bad thing: I knew who the killer was halfway in, but that's not the point in these books.The Hannah Swensen books are sweet, frothy little cozies (not even really mysteries) that my 85 year old mother and I can both enjoy reading together. Read one of these if you need a nice, warm, cookie-scented blanket of a book to wrap around yourself.

  • Amanda
    2018-10-08 20:52

    I enjoyed this book in the series. This one seemed to go a little off topic often. There were so many story lines - Andrea having pregnancy issues, Bill running for Sherriff, Mike 'seeing' Shawna Lee, Dolores and Michele having secret boyfriends.... on top of the the murder. Hannah had way to.much on her plate. For this type of story, it was enjoyable.

  • Heidi Burkhart
    2018-10-09 17:37

    Hannah is hilarious! An entertaining mystery in the Hannah Swensen series!

  • Theresa Leone Davidson
    2018-10-17 19:45

    It is Christmas time, the one time a year I read a Fluke novel because, although there is a murder, it is always a story without violence or anything, anything at all, that could offend. In fact, by the time I finish one of her stories I am always ready for something with a lot of gratuitous sex and violence. Anyway, in this, sleuth Hannah Swensen looks for the culprit who murdered her town's sheriff. The usual supporting characters, her sister Andrea and Andrea's husband, love interests Norman and Mike, and Hannah's business partner Lisa all show up, as well as pivotal characters from previous stories. If you want a lightweight mystery to lose yourself in, or if you were a fan of the old Murder, She Wrote television series, then I recommend. :)

  • Lisa B.
    2018-10-13 18:49

    I'm still enjoying this series. The characters are fun to spend time with. It still amazes me that cookie baker Hannah solves the crimes before the police department. But then there wouldn't be a story if she didn't!

  • Deborah Rhymer
    2018-10-01 18:42

    I’m being a little petty The whodunnit in this one took me longer than usual, which was great and earned the four stars. My being petty is because Mike is such a next level jerk, and Norman is so good to Hannah. I’m ready for the love triangle to come to an end and Mike sent on his merry way.

  • QNPoohBear
    2018-10-16 15:32

    Hannah Swenson has a full plate. It's nearly Halloween and she has to come up with the perfect cookies for community events. She's also teaching adult cooking classes in the evenings and editing the Lake Eden cookbook. As editor, she has to ensure all the recipes work as written. She runs into a problem with the fudge cupcake recipe from Ted Koester's late mother; the recipe calls for a half-cup of secret ingredient!! No one knows what the secret ingredient is but if anyone can find out, it's Hannah. There's also her mother's incessant phone calls to deal with, her brother-in-law Bill's campaign for Sheriff and a finicky cat who won't eat his senior food. Then Hannah discovers another body - the body of Sheriff Grant (Bill's rival) in the dumpster behind the school where she's teaching cooking classes. Bill becomes the prime suspect when he can't provide an alibi and with him home on suspension, he's driving Hannah's very pregnant sister crazy! Hannah has extra motivation to solve the crime this time because she's also mad at Mike for a)suspending Bill and b)keeping company with Shawna Lee, a woman from his past who won't stop flirting. The writing in this story is pretty pedestrian and the plot follows the cozy mystery guidelines closely but with one big difference - the whole town knows Hannah is investigating and willing to cooperate. She also has no problems doing illegal things to get information she wants, going a bit beyond the usual. The writing is full of dated references that seem off even for 2004. I haven't used a phone with a cord in I don't know how long and I'm pretty sure that most pregnant women learn the gender of their baby through an Ultra Sound and not some vague test. I think the author must be an older lady and a technophobe because Hannah seems much older than her 30 years. The mystery plot was pretty improbable but I liked how Hannah and Andrea worked together to solve it. I couldn't guess at all until about halfway through when two vital clues were dropped. Hannah should have picked up on them a lot sooner and told Mike. I also figured out how she would end up in danger so I didn't really feel compelled to stay up all night and find out what happens. The number of unhappy marriages in Lake Eden really makes me sad. It's supposed to be an idyllic town yet so far there are murderers, corrupt cops, wife beaters and other unhappy relationships. Hannah's love life seems to be moving forward more than when I read about her last. She's dating two guys at the same time yet is jealous of Mike spending time with Shawna Lee. I didn't really enjoy the love triangle. Frankly, I think Norman would be better off as the gay bff supporting character. He doesn't do anything to float Hannah's boat but he's a nice guy and they're good friends. Mike is supposed to be the sexy cop who isn't sure what he wants to do with Hannah - throttle her or kiss her. All of this is OK because I'm not reading this book because it's great literature. I picked it up for some mindless entertainment and some amazing recipes. I especially liked the mystery of the secret ingredient and liked trying to guess what it was. I guessed mayonnaise. There are also several good cookie recipes. I also really enjoyed the parts where Hannah tries to get Moishe to eat his senior kitty crunches and take his vitamins. Anyone who has been owned by a furry friend will laugh out loud at the hilarious hijinks.

  • Moriah Venable
    2018-09-23 20:43

    In late October, the town is preparing for Halloween as well as the new election for Sheriff. Sheriff Grant is running as well as Bill, Hannah's brother in love, so of course that is who she is going to vote for. While dealing with her love life, her sister Andrea's pregnancy, find a costume, her cat Moishe, who needs to eat more healthy food, as well as helping with the election, trying to find the secret ingredient to Alma Koester Fudge Cupckes, and trying out recipes for the Lake Eden Cookbook, Hannah has a full plate. The last thing she needs is to find Sheriff Grant in the dumpster while she is about to take out the trash. Luckily Mike is there so she doesn't need to call the cops. When Mike, now Active Sheriff, suspects Mike, and puts him on suspension, Hannah start investigating to clear her brother in law's name. Once his name is cleared, Mike and Bill ask Hannah to stop her investigation, (which I found to be rude. Professionals my foot, she continues to investigate who would have killed Sheriff Grant, who most people in town didn't really like, including his wife, who was going to ask for divorce.I'll admit that it took me a while to figure out who the killer was. I didn't figure it out until a few pages before it was confirmed, but I did noticed that cars was a major theme in the investigation. I'm not sure how I feel about Shawna Lee Quinn. I feel that Hannah acted a bit childish when it came to her. Trying to think of ways for her to get demoted, just because she shows an interest in Mike, is not the way to go about it. If she would just pick who she wants to be with, she wouldn't have to worry about it. Norman or Mike. I still say she would pick Norman. She want someone who will put her first and Norman. While Mike will always put his job first. He will always be called in unexpectedly. But we shall see how her relationships progress.

  • Karol
    2018-10-14 19:43

    I absolutely adored this mystery, the fifth in the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke. The author gives us wonderful characters, terrific humor, and suspense with just the right smattering of romance. Hannah, who owns a favorite shop in her small town called the "Cookie Jar" has many interests. Business owner, sister, daughter, cat owner, and amateur sleuth - she is so multi-dimensional that we don't find her obsessing over any one thing although she obviously mulls over them all. In fact, it is wonderful to find characters not so hung up on themselves! Hannah is rather selfless, often putting aside her needs to help others. She is an intelligent and caring person, whose depth I see largely in the different qualities of her relationships with family and close friends.There were three main problems that Hannah was working on in this book: what cookies to make for the community Halloween party, how to get her very intelligent cat to take a vitamin supplement, and who murdered the town's sheriff. I admit that I suspected someone very close to Hannah and I was proven wrong . . .One thing I particularly like about this book is the ending. There are a few loose ends, which the author nicely sums up at the end while leaving them unresolved. A pet peeve of mine is when authors end a novel with suspense meant to entice you to read the next book. It is such an overused technique that it disappoints and sometimes even angers me when I see it. When I see a book end that way I will make a point to NOT read the next one! It doesn't have to be "happy", but I do want to see a clear ending to each book. Joanne Fluke has masterfully, in my opinion, pulled me in to this story and left me wanting to read more while at the same time having a satisfying conclusion.

  • Tiffany
    2018-10-13 17:42

    Hannah Swensen is at it again...baking fabulous goodies and finding they're the last thing a murder victim has eaten. But the stakes are high this time; her brother in law, Bill, is the prime suspect, and Mike is his accusor. This book was more enjoyable than the last few that I have read in the series. It was a quick and easy read as usual, and the recipes sounded delicious. I can't wait to try some of them. The format of each book is very predictable as they seem to have the same formula. In the beginning Hannah gets an early phone call from her mother and deals with her cat, Moishe. By they end of the first or second chapter Hannah finds a dead body and for one reason or another she just has to be the one to solve the case, dispite the requests from the Sheriff's department for her not to get involved. By the middle of the book, I always figure out who the killer is and I know that Hannah is going to be trapped by said killer for figuring out who he/she is. Of course, she is always saved by Mike or Norman or Bill, because she is the main character. The books are not bad, per se, but I would be lying if I didn't say I mainly read them for the recipes; and they are a quick and easy read. And I would like to know who she picks in the end...Mike or Norman. Though it is beginning to look like she will choose neither.

  • Barbara
    2018-09-17 16:38

    Thought this was another book on my "to read" list, but it turns out I didn't remember correctly and I know I read this before. Bummer - I don't like this series enough to reread these books. I will soldier on, however; I just hate giving up on a book - no matter how bad it is. I don't mean to imply this really bad - it's not. It's just not really good - at least so far. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Okay, finished this book. I am reacquainted with why Hannah is torn between her two "lovers" (I'm conservative, but not really a prude - there is no real "loving" i.e. sex, going on here). I get it. but seriously - there are about 14 - 15 books now. Why can't Hannah make up her mind at this point - or is this a case of time moving more slowly (days, months instead of years) in the book versus real life.Enjoyed the book, but I know I'm losing patience with Hannah and her inability to commit to either boyfriend. I'll try to pick up the one I intended to read and then see if I continue from there.

  • Carol
    2018-10-03 14:36

    Hannah Swensen is a bakery owner in Lake Eden, Minn. She is developing the Lake Eden cookbook which will include recipes from everyone in town. At her potluck cooking class in the evenings she has had the participants test out the recipes. As she is winding up her class and tossing the garbage out, Hannah finds the local sheriff dead in the dumpster.One of her boyfriends, Bill is appointed the Acting Sheriff. Bill determines that Hannah's brother-in-law, another law enforcement officer is the only suspect and suspends him. Her Sister, Andrea pleads for Hannah to solve the murder and clear Bill. Andrea is eight months pregnant and confined to rest.Being a cat owner we understand, some of the routine she goes through each day. I also have a senior cat. They are getting quite predictable.(

  • Michelle
    2018-10-12 18:44

    This book was a way better read then the previous book. It was a fast read. I did notice that certain pieces of the puzzle never get solved/ talked about. In fudge cupcake they bring up the sheriff's sons death, saying it may have something to do with the murder of the sheriff, but nothing is ever said again. In one of the previous books Norman had a sercret and Hannah doesn't press for the information, but Norman never gives it either. Am I supposed to forget these details?On another note, why is Hannah thinking about marriage, or getting exclusive with either Mike or Norman when she keeps turning down their passes at her. They can't be anymore clear that they are into her!!I made the cupcake recipe from the book. Super rich, but very tasty.

  • ashley
    2018-10-10 15:34

    It's hard to say exactly why I keep reading this series because it is subpar and the main character is highly unlikely to become a likable character at any point as she is terribly judgmental and lacking substance. The supporting characters are either unbelievable or annoying. I can't stand Mike. I like Norman, but wonder why he is trailing Hannah. There's a pet peeve of mine in this series and it's the cat. No matter how much he seemingly overeats, he's not too heavy and he knows when Hannah's mother is calling. That's impossible and ridiculous. Also, there's a lot of time spent talking about how Hannah resists technology and there's no reason behind it. It's a dumb part of the plot. And yet, I'm hooked.