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When James Bowen found an injured, street cat in the hallway of his sheltered housing, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change. James had been living on the streets of London and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist the clever tom cat, whom he quickly named Bob. Soon the two were best friends, and their funny and sometimes dangeroWhen James Bowen found an injured, street cat in the hallway of his sheltered housing, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change. James had been living on the streets of London and the last thing he needed was a pet.Yet James couldn't resist the clever tom cat, whom he quickly named Bob. Soon the two were best friends, and their funny and sometimes dangerous adventures would change both their lives, slowly healing the scars of each other's troubled pasts. STREET CAT BOB is a moving and uplifting story that will touch the heart of anyone who reads it....

Title : street cat bob how one man and a cat saved each other s lives a true story
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ISBN : 24600588
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street cat bob how one man and a cat saved each other s lives a true story Reviews

  • Laura
    2018-09-21 05:27

    I very much enjoyed this quick reads version of the bestseller following James and his beloved ginger cat Bob. Whilst in the midst of drug addiction, James is found by a stray cat (note, the cat found him!) and the two form a firm friendship. Throughout James' recovery process the duo go through good and bad times. I liked the fact James didn't make excuses for his situation and had the courage to break out of the dangerous cycle of addiction.A heartwarming tale of the bond between a man and his kitty.

  • Mimi
    2018-09-28 23:19

    A good story that I enjoyed very much. It is about a man named James who one day spots a ginger cat on his way up to his flat. At first he assumes it belongs to somebody but when he sees that the cat is injured he takes it in. He names the cat Bob and it is the start of the two of them becoming friends.When you read this you see that the story isn't just about Bob. You learn a lot about James, who has had a lot of problems in his life from being homeless to taking drugs. You see when reading this that Bob brings a lot to James's life.I can relate a little to this story as I remember when I was a child that we had a stray cat turn up at our house. We took him in and had many happy years with him. It just shows you how good animals can be for you. This is only a short story that was easy to read. I would recommend this to anybody.

  • Christine bonner
    2018-09-20 06:24

    This is a quick read book about a Street Cat called Bob and his owner James Bowen.This book is lovely it about how a man and his pet can change each others lifes James had a trouble life moving from the UK to Australia when his parents marrage broke up. James got into Drugs and than he got to be picked of the streets by a charity which his drugs intake got worse slowly James got himself better and went onto a methadone and moved into a flat. One night when he came home from busking on the streets in London he met Bob, Soon Bob and James became friends and would both go busking with Bob on a lead, The two became very good friends and would help each other though hard times. Bob would get more money for James when they where busking untill James got caught for busking. People would give Bob gifts as well as money when they were both out.

  • Foxears
    2018-10-10 06:31

    This book was first recommended to me by my mother, who I will assume read the full version and not the quick read. As this was one of the books I read for Dewey's 24 hour readathon (October 2015) the fact that is was a quick read was perfect. I loved the book (and Bob), and it really gave me a new perspective of life. Especially the life of people in situations much like James', the way they are treated and met by the general population. The book almost made me cry several times (can't help that it is the end of a 24 hour readathon), but I would really recommend it. This quick read was great if you don't have time to, or for other reasons can't, dig in to the full version. I have no idea how the full version would be, but I assume just as good. The story of Bob, and how he affected his owner and other people around him goes straight to the heart, at least my heart!

  • Al Thompson
    2018-09-28 02:29

    Such a wonderful story, was sceptical at first... But picked up this quick read and fell in love with Bob probably like millions of others. Such a lovely story about a man struggling and cat struggling but together they are strong. Will defiantly be getting the full book and the rest of the stories about Bob!

  • Zal
    2018-10-06 03:30

    Heartwarming. The book to read before surgery

  • Reesha
    2018-10-01 00:16

    I love Bob. This book really hits home, because you see James before bob and after bob. you see how he changes from looking after himself, to looking after someone else. In turn - I feel like James has became a parent and with that some maturity. I like the trust that Bob has for James earlier on. event though a dog tries to attack bob, he uses his intelligence to go all the way to Belle's flat. You can see in this book James always reflects back on his life and his childhood. He always appreciate what's happening to him. Great book for a fast read. Dialogue is interesting, and other people's behavior is displayed quite well.

  • Ewelina Telej
    2018-10-18 06:21

    A totally amazing book! I was so engaged reading it, I almost felt the emotions described by James - I laughed from funny bits and cried because of the moving ones. This story really touches your heart, it's beautiful, clever, warm and it brings hope for everyone looking for change of their fate. A must-read!

  • Katy
    2018-10-07 05:30

    A lovely wee introduction to street cat Bob and his loving owner James Bowen. Very honest portrayal of how one special cat changed a recovering drug addicts life. I loved how James spoke of his need to protect Bob, how they looked out for each other, how Bob didn't leave his side when he was experiencing horrendous withdrawal symptoms. They definitely seem to be soul mates!

  • A
    2018-09-21 01:14

    Amazing! I'm now in love with Bob! Hopefully this book will show other people who maybe don't have a cat their close to, that cats really can become your best friend. The whole way through the book I was so worried Bob would die!

  • Sana Burton
    2018-10-07 00:26

    Picked this up in the college library; read it over the course of one day in the spaces between Biopsychology and Behavioural Science lectures, essay rewrites, and trips to the coffee machine.It was pretty cute; definitely put me in a better mood. Probably helps that I'm a cat person.

  • Lisa Stewart
    2018-09-23 05:12

    What a great story about the bond between a car named Bob and the man who needed him! James is a former homeless drug addict who found meaning in life when Bob became a part of his life. I loved it!

  • Sharon Kennedy
    2018-09-25 03:11

    A lovely account of how a pet really can change your life (for the better).An easy to read true story which I was perfectly able to read in a day, and was disappointed when the book came to the end as it left me wanting to read more

  • Elena
    2018-10-17 02:31

    A dear friend gave me this book and I really love it!It's amazing how a street cat changed Bob's life! A cat can make your life better only with their presence and purring!Recommended for cat lovers, for those who believe in second chances and for who loves to read! :D

  • Amanda Louise Huck
    2018-10-19 00:14

    Really good readI really enjoyed reading this I was told it was a good book and now I have read it I can't believe how well its written and you get encapsuled in there high and lows along their way

  • Lorraine
    2018-10-15 01:09

    AmazingI loved reading this book. It really gave a true insight into the world of being homeless and the struggle that comes with it .

  • Princess of Dragons
    2018-10-20 02:07

    An amazingly heart-warming tale that put a smile on my face. It's lovely to see how one man and one animal can have such an impact on each other.

  • Lorna Gilder
    2018-10-14 05:09

    A real heart warming story where a cat helps give a sheltered housing man and addict hope for better things and a focus in life. Want to see the film now!

  • Lisa Heal
    2018-10-13 22:25

    GreatA good read. I really enjoyed this book and I'd highly recommend it to other people to read. Good book.

  • David Holdsworth
    2018-10-10 04:34

    Loved it! Very cute and inspiring.

  • exfairy
    2018-09-29 01:34

    Quite a cute book. A little overly cheesey at the end though :P

  • Kelly Ramsden
    2018-10-16 04:29

    what a lovely quick and a truely inspirational story. The love that can be shared between a human and a animal can be priceless and this story shows that.

  • Bonnie Kate
    2018-10-05 23:07

    It was an ideal book to read on holiday. I enjoyed it simplicity and frankness. It reminded me that how often we can actually do more than we imagine.

  • John Lane
    2018-10-04 03:30

    I really enjoyed this story it was well written

  • Emma
    2018-10-13 00:12

    I love Quick Reads. I think they are a fabulous way to engage reluctant readers. But also, just a nice way to try something by a new author.I enjoyed this, loved hearing about cute Bob, but also don't feel like I needed to read the full version. So it was perfect!

  • Megan
    2018-10-06 05:33

    Love it you should read it

  • Den
    2018-09-24 02:06

    Away in the van and with nothing to do as the rain is tipping down, it's time to grab a book - it doesn't take much for me to do this.Saw this in the cinema last year and been meaning to read it ever since so when this came up as a QuickRead it seemed the perfect opportunity.It tells how a street cat named Bob transforms the life of a recovering homeless drug user as he suddenly realises he has to survive for someone/thing else. Bob becomes a tourist attraction and James makes in a couple of hours busking what he usually took all day to make. After getting off the drugs and a brush with the law he tries to make a go of it .... and with Bob's support, succeeds.A true tale of hope where there seems to be none.

  • Ann-helén
    2018-09-27 00:16

    An enlightening book and quite pleasant and easy read.

  • Ilya
    2018-09-21 03:09

    Гарна і добра історія. Написана не дуже красивою мовою, але, в цілому, читати приємно.