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Two years ago Freya MacKay walked away from the only man she would ever love, her family’s bitter enemy, knowing her clan would never accept their love. A fragile alliance has been forged and now he has returned to warn of a terrible threat. Freya MacKay is torn between the familiar surge of passion he evokes and her promise to wed another man. Ronan Sutherland has lost evTwo years ago Freya MacKay walked away from the only man she would ever love, her family’s bitter enemy, knowing her clan would never accept their love. A fragile alliance has been forged and now he has returned to warn of a terrible threat. Freya MacKay is torn between the familiar surge of passion he evokes and her promise to wed another man. Ronan Sutherland has lost everything to a cruel uncle who will lay the entire north Highlands to waste if he is not stopped. There is only one who can help—but seeking alliance with his former enemy, Fergus MacKay, means encountering the woman who left him two years ago, breaking his heart.A bitter feud keeps their clans at one another’s throats and it seems nothing will stop one from destroying the other. Will Ronan ever forgive Freya for leaving him? Can he trust her again? Or will the decades of hatred and deceit between their families prevail?...

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enemy of the highlander Reviews

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2018-10-22 06:28

    Emotionally powerful 6 starsENEMY OF THE HIGHLANDER, written by Kate Robbins, was really breathtaking, from beginning to end! If I could summarize this story in four words, they would be: Torment, Trust, Forgiveness and Love! Again, Ms. Robbins, didn't disappoint me with her third book in her Highland Chiefs series. Wow! This series is amazing! Her characters are truly lovable; her stories are touching and incredibly hard to put down. Another fabulous Highlander romance filled with powerful emotions, passion and intrigue. I was mesmerized, the moment, I started following Ronan Sutherland and Freya MacKay's journey! It all started, two years ago, when Ronan and Freya had been lovers, but life had separated them. Now, Enemy of the Highlander, starts as Ronan, who has lost everything he owned, even his title, to his evil uncle; seeks Fergus MacKay's help to rise an army, to regain his lost. But, when Ronan and Freya meet again, they still love each other, but she is promised to another man. Will passion reunite these two souls again? Ronan will do anything to prevent Freya's marriage. But Ronan was a tormented man and Freya a wounded woman! Will she forgive and trust him again, after he had not kept his promise to be there for her? Will he trust her again? Together, they will embark on a beautiful journey of tenderness and passion, filled with twists and turns. Even, if she loved Ronan, she could not compromise her commitment and cause problems to their clans. Which will she choose? Will she let her heart decide or honor her promise to her brother Fergus and her clan? Slowly, Freya will start trusting Ronan and their love with bloom! The plot against Ronan's uncle is well-developed and the war tactics well explained. The intrigue kept me well awake late in the night. Beautiful chemistry between the two! We meet again some of her previous characters Fergus, Morag, Muren, and Neville. Some scenes are so well written! Loved the scene when Freya had the king knelled down in front of her! I am a huge fan of Kate Robbins and I can recommend her books, with hesitation. ENEMY OF THE HIGHLANDER is truly one of my favorite! Ms. Robbins is a high quality writer that knows how to pull you into her stories with words flowing!

  • Barbee
    2018-10-26 11:35

    I absolutely love love Kate Robbins and the Highland Chiefs Series it is absolutely fabulous and a joy to read as Ms. Robbins is an extremely talented author as this is the third book I have read and loved by this author! Always a fun read!Enemy of a Highlander, Highland Chiefs Book 3 by Kate RobbinsThis is the story of forbidden love and decades of hatred between clans that now need each other, or else bigger forces might destroy them all! The story of Ronan Sutherland and Freya MacKay - two years ago Ronan and Freya met by chance not knowing they were each other clans bitter enemies and fell deeply and passionately in love. Due to Ronan's crazed Father whom Ronan ending up killing and saving Fergus MacKay Freya's brother and Laird of Clan MacKay. Ronan offered marriage to Freya, but Freya refused after so much death and distraction after the torture and murder of Freya's Uncle by Ronan's fathers hand. Ronan was broken hearted and never stopped loving Freya even after her betrayal refusing his offer of marriage. Ronan was given his fathers title as Earl. Finally his clan has been able to relax not fearing torture or death from his crazed murderous father and living in peace. Until now his fathers brother has come to claim the title as earl an is even more cruel and insane then his father was! So Ronan needs help and feels Fergus MacKay is that source as he did save his life so in a sense Ronan feels he owes him a favor. Plus he knows Fergus too wants to live in peace. Of course in the back of his mind he is hoping to get a glimpse of his beloved Freya, the woman who still holds key to his heart. Hoping against hope he will find out if she feels what he feels and can finally make her his forever.What is they say about best laid plans. Freya is about to become betrothed to Rorie Mackensie for a clan alliance. This is been in the making since Rorie and Fraya were children as for the good of the clan. Freya knowing how she betrayed her brother and clan in the past will do her duty although she feels nothing but friendship for Rorie. Then she sees Ronan again a man who still holds true to her heart but is forbidden according to her brother. When she sees Ronan again all those feeling just manifold to ten times worse. Plus Ronan needs Fergus help in reclaiming his clan and title again. Plus all the clan need to work together as this King want them to pledge allegiance to him with nothing in return.So what will Ronan and Freya do to her their hearts true desires? Or will they just move on without the one that makes two halves a whole? Well you the reader will have to read the spectacular book find out as there are so many other secondary stories intertwined with the main storyline it will make your head spin, but in a good way...lolA bit of everything in this book betrayal, trust, forgiveness, unrequited love, adventure, suspense, mystery and love which all equals a verra verra captivating and entertaining read ye.ken. I just loved it! This is book three in Kate Robbins Highland Chiefs Series and each book is equally wonderful and I recommend you read all the books in series order to connect the dots of secondary characters whom some ce come major characters in future books. Of course you can read all as a stand alone book too.If you love the Highlanders, Scotland and a bit of true Scottish history like I do then you don't want to miss this amazing and dazzling book which I highly recommend. Kate Robbins is super talented writer for sure.~BThis is book three in Kate Robbins Highland Chiefs SeriesHighland Chief Series and other books soon to be released by Kate Robbins1.Bound to the Highlander 2.Promised to a Highlander 3.Enemy of a Highlander- ( to be released 11/21/2014)*4.Spirit Stones novella by Kate Robbins in Scrolls of The Cridhe, Volume 1 with six other talented authors each a fabulous story ( to be released 11/17/2014)*

  • Maria
    2018-11-06 04:49

    I finished reading Enemy of the Highlander some time ago, but due to illness I had not posted my review. I loved it so much, I could not let any more time go by without doing so. I hope that tells you how good this is.I have read the other books in this series and I have to say...I was in love with this remarkable story Kate Robbins created. This series continues to get better and better. I loved it, truly. Two years ago, Ronan Sutherland and Freya MacKay had met previously by chance, and they had fallen deeply in love with one another to then discover their clans were bitter enemies. It was not the right time for their love to survive. Now, after time has passed and circumstances have changed can Ronan capture the heart of the one he has loved silently? Will Freya marry someone else? I hope I have created enough for you to be curious.Like I said, Ronan and Freya's story is fantastic. It was a page turner for me and it will be for you. It makes me sad when spoilers are given away in reviews I just want enough information to peak my curiosity. I love being able to make discoveries throughout my journey in the story. This author does that for me.I will say that a lot of Ronan's words were what every woman would love to hear. Some of the dialogue was priceless. There are so, so many particular moments that I loved. You will too!Kate Robbins stories just get better and better.

  • Kimi Court
    2018-11-07 11:30

    From the start of this book to the end you are captivated. You are now looking into the life of the sister (Freya) and her love for a man (Ronan) she did not want, or maybe she does but knows it's better to say no.Ronan is broken hearted and has done some horrible things but did what was best for him and his clan. Now his Uncle is there to lay Claim to his clan and Ronan has to go to Freya's Clan to ask for support in getting his Clan back. In the process finds out if he is still in love o trusts her again.I loved this book. It was great from beginning to end. It has action, love, passion, heartache. It has everything you want in a book. It is a well written book with a great plot. All the characters are great, and you fall in love with Ronan. You find out what kind of life he really had and understand him so much more. You may have hated him in the second book, but you wont in this one. If you have not read the series it is a MUST READ. I hate waiting for the next book but it is so worth it when this lady puts pencil to paper.

  • Kate Archer
    2018-11-06 05:47

    I hope there's another to keep the storyline alive!All the characters were depicted and full of honor of the Highlanders. Absolutely stunning and kept my attention throughout the story.

  • Zoe
    2018-10-26 07:30

    The first 2 books were failed attempts so I will not be areading the last installment in the series.

  • Hayley Faiman
    2018-10-23 03:54

    Ah-maze-ing! Freya and Ronan finally got their story! Loved it!

  • MsMari
    2018-11-16 10:29

    Enjoyed, will check up no. 4 when published.

  • D.R.Slater
    2018-11-05 04:35

    Emery of the HighlanderKate Robbins quench my thrust for highland storytelling. This series at times run a mock with the usual plots of hunky highland meets damsel in distress. But, I fine more in the storyline and fine myself hooked in wanting to know the end results of the novel. This is my third installment in this series and find I am looking forward to the forth. Worthy read and I due recommend to others.

  • C.A. Szarek
    2018-10-20 03:52

    AWESOME!Ronan:So I was into this book at the start then there were modern words in the prologue. Yanked me right out. As I continued The story really sucked me in. I very much loved it from the start. Couldn't put it down. Had to turn the page.I wasn't even to chapter 7 before I unequivocally decided that this one is my favorite of the series thus far! I love this story! However the book wasn't without its issues for me.I really liked to Ronan and the second book and in his story he stole my heart. Freya was a little hard to like in the second story because she was so immature but I realize the point to that. In this book I like to very much from the start. It was great to finally see them together!As I read on & the plot twisted I got very irritated at Freya for doubting Ronan. It was too juvenile & not credible to the earlier strength she'd shown. Instead of character growth it was a step back that didn't make any sense. The back-and-forth was too abrupt & drove me crazy. Something that didn't make sense: last time I checked a ferocious monster of a rapist wouldn't care if you're married or not. There was some repetition during the rescue. Ideas that had already been hashed out. And we're contradictory to the way she thought and felt when he said goodbye. Unfortunately the amateur nature of her line of thinking contradicted her journey of becoming a stronger person. I didn't like that.Sex does not fixed everything! Or anything for that matter. And the back-and-forth with this couple drove me crazy.If she doesn't trust him and can't get over the fact that he used her in such a grave manner or why does she keep sleeping with him? It really irked me. They either worked out their stuff or they didn't. I hate the appearance of fickleness. It's week and it doesn't fit her character yet again.Oh, and jousting is an English thing. Scots wouldn't - and didn't - do it in Highland games. The book lost major cool points from me for that. But despite my several irritations I really did love the story and it definitely is my favorite of the series thus far. I actually can't wait for the next one!

  • Betty May
    2018-11-11 09:36

    HighlandsIf you are looking for a great series then I would recommend this Highland Chiefs series. They are well-written and will hold you captive as you read of the lives and loves of the Chiefs and their loves.

  • Janet Laybourne
    2018-10-21 04:32

    I've finished 3 of 'The Highland Chief' series and I've only rated them a 3. Although I did enjoy them I just felt that there wasn't much depth to them and they were so predictable; not only in action but in words. At times I felt myself scanning the paragraphs because it was almost exactly what I'd already read.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-10-29 08:36

    Scottish clan politics, tempestuous love, and sacrifice are dominant themes in “Enemy of the Highlander.”Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • ella lanham
    2018-10-28 03:46

    Awesome readingKate Robbins is a very excellent novelist who is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading more of her novels. Sincerely Ella Lanham [email protected]

  • Judi Smith
    2018-10-18 06:58

    Great readingCaptivating from the beginning. Believable characters and a joy to read. I enjoyed this book from the beginning to end.