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This 5-Pack includes the entire Taking Stage series by Emma Rose, formatted as a full-length novel.Therese is convinced that hot rock-god guys like Max Stone could never fall for a girl like her. They chase after pencil-thin supermodels who never have to watch what they eat or exercise to keep their figure.She also has no desire to see Max's band live when he comes to townThis 5-Pack includes the entire Taking Stage series by Emma Rose, formatted as a full-length novel.Therese is convinced that hot rock-god guys like Max Stone could never fall for a girl like her. They chase after pencil-thin supermodels who never have to watch what they eat or exercise to keep their figure.She also has no desire to see Max's band live when he comes to town, but her groupie sister can't stop going on about how sexy he is. When Therese nonchalantly wins a pair of backstage passes for her sister during a radio contest, she decides to give it a try despite the horde of tattooed and pierced fans that will be there.When the limo arrives to take them to the show, she is sure she makes a fool of herself by not recognizing Max and the rest of the band who are already seated. She is fascinated by him, not for his fame, but for his jaw-droppingly good looks and magnetic personality. She allows her mind to wonder what it would be like to have him to herself for a night.Max is caught off-guard when one of the winners of a radio contest takes a seat in his limo. Her full-figured frame, beautiful curves, and piercing eyes show him that she is interested in him personally, not his fame. He wants to show her there is more to him than being a rock star. Will Therese look past the stage lights and her own insecurities to spend a night with the mysterious rock star, Max Stone?...

Title : taking stage a night with the rock star the complete 5 part series
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ISBN : 18893548
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taking stage a night with the rock star the complete 5 part series Reviews

  • Mandy Menasco
    2018-10-15 05:01

    Good read

  • Angie
    2018-09-24 04:44

    I'm up in the air as to how to review this. Although there were several questions or thoughts I had after finishing, I think in the end I did still enjoy it. I will say that I went into it with very little expectations. I knew it was going to be insta-love (check), rock star (check), and that it had been broken up over time (I think in 2012) as a 5 book series (check). I can definitely see if people paid $2+ or even $1+ per book (at around 30 pages each) they would be upset - it took me an hour to read all of these together. Also, I got the whole series for $0.99. So, going into this with no lofty expectations, I did enjoy it.I had a few issues, that I need to work out. The first was Therese's weight not being really explained, but we're made sure we understands that everyone thinks she's fat or pork. Her sister called her fat, she called herself fat, but other than "heavy breasts" and other boob descriptions when she undressed, I didn't understand if we're talking a morbidly obese young woman or someone who is up to even 20-40 pounds more than her size and not a malnourished model. He picked her up and she easily undressed in front of him and her sister and possibly rural Georgia. But what really irked me was she called herself fat to Max several times and never once did he contradict her or counter her with a positive about her beauty, etc. When I was done, I think that stood out to me the most. Not that she was fishing for compliments, but no one seemed to rally to her defense or correct her.The other bizarr-o part of the book? Her sister Nikki. She was horrible at the beginning. Unknowingly hateful and disrespectful to Therese. The pouncing on the drugs and lap dances at the after party felt sudden. THEN her whooping the ex at the store - that was fine until it. just. kept. going. Then... (view spoiler)[ she kidnaps the ex and whoops her some more??? I read a review about this part before I read the book. I remember thinking, maybe I'll interpret that scene differently. Nope.(hide spoiler)] I will say I did like how she came to her sister's defense (albeit violently) and seemed to hear Therese when she called her out for her hurtful words. And maybe all of that wasn't the smoothest part of the character development because this was a very short series over 5 books.This book did introduce me to Callaway Gardens in Georgia. Since we only live a few hours from there, I'm definitely looking into a weekend trip!

  • Jennifer Hines
    2018-10-11 02:42

    I got this book free on Amazon. And thank goodness it has all five books in one because when put together it's the perfect book. I would have hated to read this in sections.Therese, compared to her younger sister, is the slightly overweight one. So when she wins tickets to meet her sister's favorite rock band she doesn't hesitate to go, even when it isn't her normal scene, but it does take her completely by surprise when the lead singer Max Stone completely ignores her hot sister and put all his attention on her. And even though it's not her scene she admits that even he has a certain ability to captivate her attention."She pressed her lips together, overcome with the urge to run after Max Stone and offer to lick the sweat from his entire body."Max is the typical rocker. Lots of adoring, half-naked fans, crazy after-parties, and the cockiness to take what he wants. And what he wants is Therese, no matter how much she tends to disagree.""I really like you," he said.""You like me the way the guys in the band like those groupies? No thanks."I loved his pursuit of her and the way he refused to take no as an answer. But I also loved her ability to keep moving forward, even with a broken heart. I think she says it best when she says: "You're an international star with a home in San Diego. I'm a fat country girl who lives in Georgia." I'd have to say that sums it up...LOL!My Favorite Moment: An unexpected moment on a hotel balcony. Yep, it was perfect!My Favorite Heartfelt Moment: When Therese's father steps in and puts his foot down."A man has his pride, daughter. If you care about Max at all, you'll let him keep his."

  • Tina
    2018-10-20 23:43

    Free download. I enjoyed this read although it was short, you still had plenty of time to enjoy Max and Therese's story. Max is a rock star who wants a real relationship so when Therese wins tickets to his show for her sister Nicki they have an instant attraction. Therese doesn't feel like it's real at first as she doesn't conform to the usual stick thin woman most celebrities are seen with but as things hot up so does the way she feels about him. Their relationship develops quickly, but unfortunately there has to be some angst and misunderstanding to make a good story, however Nicki shows how far she will go for her sister. I enjoyed this and would recommend it a sweet story, and didn't take long to read.

  • GreenFairy
    2018-10-11 22:57

    If your main female character is supposed to be one that looks like a real woman, then at least make your cover reflect that. Because the chick on this cover looks like she's at least half the size of the main female character described. Oh, and describing your own character as fat multiple times in the first few pages...that just makes me dislike it. She is instantly in love with a man she never even saw before, let alone heard of until the night of the concert. And he's instantly in love with her too. Let's not forget the party animal sister and psycho ex girlfriend. I won't get started on editing...

  • Denise
    2018-10-12 02:59

    Holy hotness is this complete set of books erotic. Although it is a quick read, it is packed with action. I absolutely love this story. Therese is a perfect lead. She's not the typical size 0 woman that appear in so many stories. I fell in love with her character and how she dealt with her so called flaws. Max is the kind of man every girl wants. The eroticism that Emma Rose writes is brilliant. I have yet to read one of her books that I did not love. The story line is well written and well thought out. This is a must add to your tbr list. Highly recommended read.

  • Ivy Deluca
    2018-10-04 22:41

    Thank jeebus it was free. There really wasn't a story, barely any dialogue, just alot of sex. I wanted to like it because the plot description wasn't bad, but there was more of a relationship developed between Therese and her sister Nikki than Therese and Max. I don't think the H/h had a conversation that didn't involve the words "f*ck me." Max had to seek her out because he had to be with her and then the scene was about him sleeping while she had some inner monologue. I couldn't buy that they were madly drawn to each other or how it possibly lead to a HEA.

  • Liz
    2018-10-02 01:32

    A collection of short stories about this BBW who wins a ticket package to see a rock band that she doesn't even like, but her sister does. She meets the lead singer, there's insta-attraction, a crazed ex-girlfriend, questionable behavior and an HEA.Apparently this was done as a series. I might not have read further than the first one if I had read one at a time. I wanted more about Therese and Max and what makes them a couple besides the chemistry. I was disappointed that this wasn't explored more.

  • Denita Kee
    2018-10-19 00:36

    I love a story about a real woman. You know the ones who aren't drop dead gorgeous with the perfect body. Therese knows she's not a size 0 or 1 and she's totally ok with it. Max is captivated with Therese the first time he sees her. She has no clue who he is and really doesn't care after she finds out. He knows she likes the real him. Ok I feel bad for giving this only three stars but it was entirely too rushed to seem real. I really enjoyed the story and characters but it was kind of unrealistic and rushed!

  • Charity
    2018-09-29 01:49

    I was on the fence about how to rate this book. It was a good story, but it needs work. There are a lot of grammatical errors for one. The relationship between Therese and Max felt completely sexual, I don't see the emotional development for an HEA. The relationship between Therese and Nikki grew by leaps and bounds though, which was nice.For the HEA to work in my mind there needed to be more "getting to know eachother" between Max and Therese. The idea for the story is very good though so I am going with a solid 3 star.

  • Kaffi
    2018-10-21 01:44

    ~!~ A wonderful quick read with an HEA ending ~!~This is a fun and very fast paced romance. I absolutely LOVE the fact that even though the h is a big girl, she's not shy or embarrassed of herself, nor does she over compensate by being a loud mouthed in-your-face girl with attitude. She's just a normal girl who falls in love...and it doesn't hurt that the object of her affection is a gorgeous alpha male rock god!

  • Amy Barber
    2018-10-20 06:33

    I just realized that I had read this quite a while ago, but I never reviewed it. I liked the story, a little more than like, 3.5 stars. I like a long involved novel, but I also really enjoy a quick read that has highs, lows, fun characters and an actual story line. It was a quick and crazy ride, enjoyable. Don't expect to feel like these characters are your new best friends. Just sit back and enjoy the next hour reading this story.

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2018-10-07 04:58

    This is a different type of read than we are used to. We usually see the female lead with the perfect body image in books. In this book the rock star falls for Therese, a big boned girl. It is refreshing to see that the leads can see beyond body type. I got this book as a free one that contained all five stories. This was actually set up to be five different novellas. Follow as Max and Therese overcome what the public think should be a correct image.

  • Chris Murray
    2018-09-25 04:53

    Cute romanceCute romanceI love how Max was almost instantly attracted to Therese. The one person who is not interested in him. Yet. would she really deny her attraction? I appreciate that the main female character is not the perfect "Barbie". Thank for letting us regular women be represented

  • Liz
    2018-10-11 01:54

    I was a little disappointed with this book/serial, five parts in one and it took hardly any time to finish. The pace of the story is fast and everything seems far too rushed but overall it was an enjoyable if very quick read. I should just say that I am not a fan of serials which is why I read this combined book. I would've lost patience trying to read 20/30 pages or whatever at a time.

  • Sofia Galvez
    2018-10-05 06:47

    3 Platypires for Taking Stage by Emma RoseThis was a light, sexy read. The story is pretty simple and predictable. I think if you're looking for an easy escape then this book is for you. I think I wish it were longer and had more depth. I am a fan Emma Rose and I think she does a good job with romance and making a scene very hot. Overall, this was a quick read and I would recommend it.

  • AJ
    2018-10-20 02:54

    Enjoyable ReadI really enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read but the storyline was there. No cliffhanger ending. I would recommend for people who like their stories with a heroine who is not a doormat even if she is involved with an alpha male.

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    2018-09-20 03:51

    Endearing love story. About time a size 12 female is featured as the heroine and love interest! Therese is a gorgeous girl, sweet and intelligent. Max is the rock star who falls for her. The pursuit is worth reading this series. Fully recommended!

  • Lynn Smith
    2018-10-05 00:01

    Great story. Max was hot and the sex scenes with Therese sizzled. There is someone out there for everyone as Therese found out

  • Celina
    2018-10-02 22:35

    Wow!This story is addicting. I couldn't put it down. Awesome storyline, along with some sexy scenes. I couldn't ask for anything better.

  • Deborah
    2018-10-16 06:47

    I really enjoyed this series! The characters were easily believable. Not every heroine is super strong. The story flowed well and it was a joy to read!

  • Jackie
    2018-10-21 06:54

    Not a bad, quick read but thank god I got the set and didn't read them individually! It would've driven me crazy. The end was a bit weird and rushed but overall pretty good.

  • Carlene
    2018-09-25 03:52

    Totally enjoyed this series

  • Anna Secor
    2018-10-11 04:41

    Loved itThis book keep you guessing at one point I wasn't sure they would get together. I loved the part the sister came to rescue her sister.

  • Sandy Catanzarita
    2018-10-07 01:37

    This story just seemed to be hollow. There's to me only half a story. I think it could have a great story but it's just missing to much.