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Summer Jones seems to be perfect in every way. She’s always gotten good grades, graduated with honors and has never missed a curfew. So when Nate Thompson walks into Summer’s life, her whole world is turned upside down. She envy’s everything he stands for; he’s wild, free and doesn’t have a care in the world. Not to mention he’s hot, has tattoos and drives a motorcycle. WhSummer Jones seems to be perfect in every way. She’s always gotten good grades, graduated with honors and has never missed a curfew. So when Nate Thompson walks into Summer’s life, her whole world is turned upside down. She envy’s everything he stands for; he’s wild, free and doesn’t have a care in the world. Not to mention he’s hot, has tattoos and drives a motorcycle. When Nate brings to her attention she’s too straight laced for him, she decides it’s time for a change. She’s ready to start living the life she’s always wanted, but she’s scared to leave everything she knows behind and travel the journey alone. Will Nate be there to encourage her along the way? Or will the rebellion wear off and have her crawling back to her parents?Nate’s always lived his life in the fast lane. He’s never wanted to be tied down and he doesn’t let anything get in the way of doing what he loves. That is until he meets Summer.She’s everything he’s ever wanted but yet she’s everything he could never have. She’s smart, beautiful and on her way to the top. She’s way out of he’s league and he lets her know it, but yet he can’t seem to keep his mind off of her. When Nate finds himself lying on the side of the road in the middle of the night, preparing himself for his last breath there is only one person that comes to mind, Summer Jones. He promises himself that if he makes it through this, he will do everything he can to win her over, but is it too late?...

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straight laced Reviews

  • JenniferRicketts (Donnie Darko Girl)
    2018-11-01 19:03

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour found at Donnie Darko Girl. STRAIGHT LACED is a fun and flirty read with relatable characters and will have you yearning to experience young love again for the first time. I can't resist a bad boy falling for the girl next door type, and couldn't resist being drawn in by the cover. Summer is a refreshing character - she and her friend, Tory, have recently graduated from high school - for being so young she certainly doesn't play silly games although she does have a tendency to jump to the wrong conclusions with little or no evidence to go on. What I liked most about her is that she faced problems head on. She's straight forward and says what she's thinking. I wish the story had been longer - with more time it wouldn't have felt so rushed, and we could have gotten to know the characters better. Nate didn't seem to be that much of a bad boy to me. He rides a motorcycle and has tattoos but didn't have the typical I-care-about-her-but-won't-show-it attitude of a bad boy. He was honest with Summer, and the conflicts that came up were usually from Summer jumping to conclusions without any solid proof. STRAIGHT LACED is a fun and light-hearted read you'll fly through in one sitting. You'll wish for more just like I did! I'd love to see another story about Summer and Nate that's more in depth and gives us more time to spend with them together as a couple.

  • Dede
    2018-11-17 15:23

    I never read a such a great book sense Beautiful Disaster :) I love this kind of books. They have that something that drives you crazy and puts a big smile on your face. And less be honest, who doesn't like a bad boy, handsome and know how to make a girl laugh. I like this type of girls, like Summer how goes for everything that she wants, and that she still believe and love at first sight:) She and Nate made such a cute couple. I like this books, because is inspired from real life. And sometime is great to know that life is a mess, and we have to make the choices that are good for us. Like my mom says: Every book is a story of someone.Hope you read this book, because it is great and makes you think about the love in your life:)

  • Tiffany Willams
    2018-11-03 17:07

    "How is one person allowed to be that hot and ride motorcycles? All that in one package should be illegal. Or they should at least come with some kind of warning label."Summer and her best friend Tori are hoping to have an amazing summer before they start college. They start off by going to a party that Tori's brother, Brent, is throwing. Going against her parents strict rules, Summer wants to let loose and have a great time. What she didn't know was at this party her life would be changed. It took one look from one guy to spin her world on it's axis. Who was he, and why does he make her feel this way?"He looked at me and I felt my knees weaken. Then, he smiled at me. Okay, I seriously think I'm going to pass out now."From the first description of Nate, I think I found myself crushing on him!! He's a bad boy with a heart of gold. Yes, that's possible! Believe me, it's true!!:)Nate was the total opposite of Summer. But you know what they say about opposites...they are bound to attract. "You are too straight laced, Summer, and I'm far from that."One thing I really liked about these two was they were always up for a challenge. Whether it was just to have fun or it was for trying to get each other's attention. In a short amount of time they had come to mean so much to each other. No matter what came their way, it wouldn't stop the feelings they had for each other.This was a great story! In just a short amount of pages, you experience love, friendship, heartbreak, forgiveness, and laughter. I enjoyed this book very much!

  • Elin
    2018-10-25 14:54

    So, the blurb seemed kind of promising. But the whole thing was a real let down. As is the case with many novellas, it felt very rushed. I also felt like the characters weren't fleshed out enough. The premise from the blurb of the bad boy-biker and the good girl turned rebel was rushed over, a bit disappointing. I felt like it was a bit to easy, from Summers perspective, there was no real drama (the accident didn't really feel that dramatic). The most drama came from Summer being childish.I also had a problem with the writing style, and something that always annoys me is when even the author can't remember the names of the characters (Nate Thompson or Nate Roberts, which is it?).Summer and her friend Tori has just graduated high school, when Summer meets Nate on a party hosted by Tori's brother Brent. Summer feels immediate attraction to Nate. But Nate is a bit of a bad boy with a complicated past, and Summer is a good girl that's supposed to go on to college in the fall to become a doctor.In the beginning, Nate keeps rejecting her, because he doesn't think that he's good enough for her, and that she's a spoiled brat. Summer rebels a little against her parents and decides not to go on to college.Then Nate's in a motorcycle accident, and he sees how Summer is there for him, and gives her a chance. It's a lot of work for Nate to be able to walk again, with therapy, but Summer is there for him.

  • Kayla Pipkin
    2018-10-20 12:22

    *Received ARC for an honest review**If you are wanting a quick read, this book is for you. It literally only took me and hour to read. I have read a few books by Jessica Gunhammer, so I was excited when I received this ARC copy. However, I was a little disappointed. I don't know if it was just me or what, but I was expecting a whole lot more from this book. It all just happens so fast and ends very abruptly. Summer seems interested in Nate from the beginning and pushes for him to tell her why he wants nothing to do with her. When she finds out that he thinks she is a "goody two shoes", she decides to prove him wrong, but the night that she tells her parents her plans for the future, Nate is in a motorcycle accident. It is when he is in the hospital that he realizes that he cares for Summer and has been nothing but mean to her. This is where their relationship starts. The book covers a whole 24 weeks of romance, if that's what you want to call it. Not a whole lot happens. The most exciting stuff is in the very beginning when Summer meets Nate and I think a week or so later, he is in his accident. The next most exiting thing is at the end, when Nate is able to walk a small distance and ends up setting up the barn in a romantic gesture. I'm not harping on the book, it was a good read, but I just wanted a whole lot more from the couple.

  • Laura Thomas
    2018-10-31 18:57

    Good girl falls for bad boy. Been there, done that. How could I resist this book?Summer is the good girl. Lives by her parents rules. She’s going to college to be a doctor now that she’s graduated. Everything is set.Into Summer’s life walks Nate. The bad boy, the James Dean rebel. Living the free life, taking each day as it comes.Nate makes Summer question her life. Are her plans her own, or her parents? What would it be like to throw off the good girl mantle and just do what she wants?It gets interesting when Summer finds out why Nate rejects her. He wants a free spirit, not a baby bird, peeking out from under her parents wings. So, of course, Summer leaves the nest and sets out to show him she’s more than that.This is the first book I’ve read by Jessica Gunhammer, and I very much enjoyed it. I remember what it was like to want someone so badly, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I also fell for the bad boy, despite my family’s and my friends warnings. I got burned. You’ll have to read Straight Laced to find out what happens to Summer.Being as the story is short, I feel like I’m just getting to know these characters. I hope I haven’t heard the last about them.I received this book for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Betty Hart
    2018-11-08 13:23

    Straight Laced by Jessica Gunhammer is a quick easy read. The book is about young love. Summer likes Nate from the start and he seems to like her but keeps pulling away. He finally tells her she is under her parents' rule, which he doesn't approve. This gives Summer the courage to tell her parents she wants to take some time off before going to college. Of course, this is not their plan. She must start to school soon in order to become a doctor sooner. But, being a doctor is not Summer's dream.Nate has a motorcycle accident. The doctors tell him he may never walk again. Summer helps her friend, Tori and her brother, Brent take care of Nate while he is recovering from the accident. Nate soon realizes Summer is not who he thought she was, and starts to fall in love.Nate sets up a romantic scene for Summer. Then he shows her he is beginning to walk again.Then the book ends leaving is to wonder what happens next.

  • Heather andrews
    2018-10-26 12:22

    Jessica has done it again, although in a few scenes I found myself saying 'JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY!" Summer found herself in some awkward situations, "once I opened my eyes I found myself face to face with Nate. Not just Nate, but a half-naked Nate. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth." Summer she's also not one to beat around the bush, "I don't get you! Is this just a game you're going to play with me? Is this what you do to all the girls you've been with? You play these little games until they fall for you and then you up and find someone else to play with?" She has a temper, "so talk!" He looked down at his menu and didn't say another word. "This was a complete waste of time." I slid out of the booth. "I don't even know what I was thinking coming here. I'm so stupid." I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping some other characters that I fell in love with will get their own stories.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-23 14:09

    I picked up Straight Laced because I can't resist a bad boy falling in love for a girl next door type.Even thought, the story was a little bit rushed and the characters weren't that well-developed (I would have liked to know more about Nate) I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to know what would happen next. Which result in me going to sleep at 4am on a weekday.This is only the beginning for Jessica Gunhammer and I have a feeling that we will hear more about her in the future.

  • Kyles
    2018-10-28 15:58

    Really enjoyed this book, but would have liked more at the end.When the book finished it still felt like there were a few unanswered questions and I was still wondering what was going to happen next.

  • Casey
    2018-11-04 11:03

    I enjoyed the relationships and story idea in Straight Laced. I would have liked more of the story though. The story seemed rushed and left me wanting more.

  • Kiki Catherine
    2018-11-02 11:06

    so sweet, like the perfect finals for the perfect love story

  • Dena
    2018-11-10 19:20

    It's Cute and its really made for a young mind. A little whiny and teenage type book. Most girls young like that are in these particular situations

  • Andrea Mcbride
    2018-11-02 12:55

    This was such a cute love story! And I love the cover!!!

  • Marlyn Olivar
    2018-11-17 12:24

    I want to read this book!