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Alt Cover ASIN: B00DXNYVA6 Murder Mystery Live interview with Jay Gandhi.**************************I: Hello JayJay: Huh! [In a disheveled state]I: I heard you are in trouble?Jay: Me, the best criminal lawyer in Hyderabad. You kidding?I: Well, wasn't a dead body found in your house last night? Jay: Who told you? [Pushing the mike away from his face in a fit]I: Is that deadAlt Cover ASIN: B00DXNYVA6 Murder Mystery Live interview with Jay Gandhi.**************************I: Hello JayJay: Huh! [In a disheveled state]I: I heard you are in trouble?Jay: Me, the best criminal lawyer in Hyderabad. You kidding?I: Well, wasn't a dead body found in your house last night? Jay: Who told you? [Pushing the mike away from his face in a fit]I: Is that dead man your father?Jay: Has Rathi been talking to you?I: Is it true? You killed your father!Jay...... [Clenching his teeth and blocking the door to his house]I: ..... [Waiting for response}Jay: ..... [Looking back inside his house as if checking something] I: Did you? [Waiting again] You did? [Eyes wide now]Jay: How can I? HE DIED TWENTY YEARS BACK! Are you listening! TWENTY YEARS BACK....

Title : dead man s alibi
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ISBN : 18297480
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  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2018-11-08 04:01

    A dead body in your house with your mother unconscious near it and according to the watchman, no disturbance at the gate. What does this imply?A strange dead man with a twenty year old tailor's receipt bearing Jay's father's name and a diary in his pocket plus a note stating "Sarala tried to kill me" clutched in his hand is found in Jay's house leaving him confused and very surprised. The guard at the gate and the maid attest to no one coming in the house but then if they are telling the truth then how did the body get here?Why is there a dead body in Jay's house at the middle of the night and most importantly what was his mother, who is paralyzed and lying unconscious near it, doing in the hall at this time of the night?Is the dead man a ghost?How did the body get inside the house without the guard knowing about it?All these and more questions are in Jay Gandhi's mind and as if this is not enough, police Inspector Rathi is sure of his guilt.A roller coaster ride with unexpected and shocking revelations and twists, "Dead Man's Alibi" by Mita Jain is sure to surprise you and keep you on the edge of your seat all through the story."Dead Man's Alibi" is Mita Jain's debut novel and the plot very intriguing and the mystery first class. Its a short book and I finished reading it pretty quickly. A new and different story with inviting twists and turns, I enjoyed the book and was impressed by the author's attempt at delivering a truly mysterious chain of events culminating in a most unexpected end.Although I enjoyed the book but still I felt the story was a bit hurried and could have done better had the events been more detailed. The characters also I felt lacked a certain depth in their characterization. The "male chauvinism" point made by Tara for Jay is not explained. Also their misunderstandings which stood unsolved for the last six years suddenly get solved. The six year gap is also not explained and any mention of Jay's attempts to overcome their differences is only in the last one or two months.There is no mention of Tara's mother's reaction to Tara and Jay's engagement who earlier had been so against their relationship. Though the characters are lovely and we can connect with them but the above points somewhat daunt their effect on the reader. I would have greatly loved if Mita would have devoted more pages to Tara and Jay and developed their love story.I give "Dead Man's Alibi" a 3.5 out of 5, simply because I felt the book had more potential. If you love a mystery full of surprises, unexpected twists and turns and a very astounding end then this is the book for you. :)I was very kindly provided a free copy by the author to read and review and I am very thankful to her. The review is my personal and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.This review is also available at the blog for other reviews.. :)

  • Nikhil Jain
    2018-11-14 12:07

    In the process of reading this book, I had to battle several stereotypes I have against Indian authors. As a matter of fact, I sulk and complain about the failing intelligence of my countrymen on principle alone. It is important for me to note this predilection, rather, the lack thereof to establish my frame of mind as I started reading Dead Man's Alibi.Mita is a talented writer, or at least has the potential to be one. The plot is well devised, and although the book is quite short, there are enough mysteries to keep one hooked. In fact, this book gives you the impression of an Agatha Christie plot-- with a small cast of characters and a static setting where everything seems to take place rapidly, in a small window of time.The book was interesting enough to keep me, well, interested... and I had to finish it in one go. It is not overly large, nor is it a literary masterpiece- so you don't have to rack your brains while you read it. I recommend you to not put a large effort in Subroto's grand theoretical revelations since they make no sense in this reality or any of its alternate dimensions.Having said that, there are quirks and absurdities distinct to our own culture, which I believe (Yes, an opinion.) morph into absolute stupidity when expressed in English, and therefore should not be mentioned at all. For instance, there was something about-- finding solace in the notion that lightning would strike the neighbour's house as opposed to our own-- which honestly, creeped me out a bit. Don't mistake my intent, I'm very much a coward, but I wouldn't quite find solace in a neighbour's house being burnt to cinders, and with a high plausibility, the humans residing it as well. I am certain that neither would Mita take comfort from smouldering bodies in the vicinity- she just used the incorrect word.Then there is that particular atrocity a writer commits by mistaking her readers to be a swarm of incompetent gnats incapacitated by cheap whiskey. I mean who doesn't love the occasional science fiction cum mystery story, but Mita, we only love them because they make a little bit of sense-- and in case they do not, the author makes certain that she isn't trying to explain magic using vague terms from Quantum Electrodynamics no one understands, least of all, her. Dr. Subroto could be a genius for all I care, but he sure seems to mess his tachyons quite a bit. Why, I wonder, do writers try to explain something incorrectly, incompetently and therefore incompletely- and worst of all, when it suits their needs, they bring in the confounding gravity well that is partial to dead bodies in the neighbourhood of a casual time traveller.There are other inconsistencies such as (view spoiler)[ The wickedly smart inspector who refuses to test the dead body for DNA proof of paternity(hide spoiler)] and (view spoiler)[ The professor who likes to tamper with dead bodies to fix fake time machines on their necks for reasons vague and obscure(hide spoiler)].Finally, Mita relishes pointing out that Jay is a male chauvinist but she doesn't really show us how. Is it so horrible that Jay refuses to talk to Tara after his only dream crashes and burns in front of him? Really? Am I supposed to believe that pride and arrogance in general implies sexism? Tara is either a hypocrite or she missed her classes on feminism, because she sure seems to like sticking it to Jay and displaying her righteous wrath.Anyhow, I found this book entertaining, and will willingly suggest it to a person looking for a good mystery- willing to compromise with a firm foundation.

  • Amit Si
    2018-11-03 06:15

    (Book received by the author)---- Hi Mita,So, yesterday I had meeting for half a day, followed by celebrations of my friend's birthday for the rest of the day, and the events covered the length and span of this megapolis. Understandably, my body had raised its hands and was yearning for some sleep.Yet, as I said, your book had a truly intriguing start, I decided to rebel against my body and read a few pages before dozing off. So I start reading somewhere near 2 AM and, by 4 30, I was left dazed, amazed and wonderstruck as the pages stopped scrolling up and I realized that there was no more of your magical composition to read.Honestly, your story is immaculate, impeccable yet beautifully simple. A very beautiful element was the language wherein you have lavishly laid out phrases, metaphors and ideas justifiably to get the perfect conversation out to the reader.However, the strength of the book lies on the shoulder of the story itself. I would point this out, because lately Indian authors (except for Ravi Subramanian) have been masking their weak plotlines with an over indulgence of hard to guess english words or a Dan Brown imitation or a negatively written -- imitating--life fiction.Fortunately for me, your story rises shoulders above the current lot. At no point does the energy ever droop. Each twist leads to a revelation which actually turns out to be more murkier, until the end. And needless to say, you have ended the book twice -- first with Subroto's arrest and then with the validation of the time machine.When Subroto was trying to prove the time machine theory for the first time in the story, I started losing hope, that you will turn it into a stupid chaos and would pin the blame across events separated in time, but you wonderfully defted the plot to get to a logical conclusion. However, the brilliance lay in the way you continued the story from this conclusion to the second one allowing Jay to meet Ravi, even if for a brief unknown moment.May I also add that the brief injection of the love story between Tara and Jay was just perfectly laid out as should have been in a murder mystery without taking away the magic of this emotion.Yeah, it tapers of a bit at the very end, when Jay talks to Sarla to resurrect his father -- it wasn't exactly necessary maybe and the end was expected. Yet, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.Just to add, I am no professional reader or reviewer, hence am not sure how much should you consider my reviews. However I am an avid reader and devour books more than food :-P, hence anything that can keep me hooked is a brilliant and exemplary piece of composition for me.

  • Deep S
    2018-10-24 04:27

    Thanks Mita for sharing the book with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took some time to finish it, but was happy that I Read it.Its a nice murder mystery with some hint of science fiction attached to it.Jay gandhi is well to do lawyer and and his love interest works in NGO with Dr Subruto Roy. Jay wakes up in the middle of the night to find a Dead Body in his House. The dead Bosy has a Note "SARALA KILLED ME " and a TWENTY YEAR OLD BILL in the pocket. The maid and Security person get involved and Inspector Rathi is investigating the mystery. All the proofs point towards Jay as the Killer. Tara jumps in to help Jay and the story moves on with twists coming in slowly.It also has a hint of love story between Tara and jay and a little bit of their past.Jay with the help of Tara and Rathi is able to uncover the Mystery and solve few mysteries of his past.The Story is Simple and elegantly written. You find very few indian authors writing a murder mystery which could engage you, and this one does.The plot is simple and not too much was done to create sub-plots and lengthen the book un-necessarily. The langauge is simple and flows nicely and makes for a easy fun-filled read. The energy in the book never drops apart from some self-inspection done by Tara and Jay.I loved the book and Just Wih the Author all the best for future and hope she keeps churning out such books. I will definitely pick up her next book.I give this 4/5Devil D

  • Muddle head
    2018-10-19 05:15

    Was a good read for an Indian fiction! The plot is such that if i tell someone the genre into which this falls, that'd be a spoiler! Writing is crisp. There were a couple of great conversations between the protagonist and his Mom, especially a conversation about Karma and Luck. Personally i didn't like the love story being added into such a crisp story. There were a couple of minor glitches here n there, guess i spotted them only because i live around the places mentioned in the story. At places there were a few grammatical errors.All-in-all this is one of the better self-published books i read in a while and would be a good read for anyone looking for decent indian writing offerings in the crime-fic genre.This review was long overdue :( Came 3 months after i read the book!

  • Meghant Parmar
    2018-11-05 11:00

    Never underestimate a book by only seeing it's length and breadth. It holds true in this case. My expectations were minimum with this one. But what came out after the end of the book was a shocked and a surprised face. It fooled me, took me for a ride and then it was like nothing ever happened. The murder mystery thriller with some serious action not physical but verbal keeps the readers engaged all the time. It might lack in details according to few but it's perfect. There's no lack of edge of the seat action and twists and turns. It'll keep you hooked from the start till the end.

  • Mita Jain
    2018-11-16 12:03

    As I wrote this book, the characters came alive in my mind. Jay is someone I can identify with the most :) Rathi, a nightmarish colleague. And Tara.... well she will always be Tara! I love the cast, their personalities and their quirks.It has been sometime since I wrote this one. But, even now when I pick it up for various reasons and read through the pages, I'm not sure how true it may sound to you, I feel drawn as a reader.I rate this book a five as a writer and a readerYou can check out the book trailer for a feel of the book.

  • Som
    2018-10-20 05:03

    I have seen when a person often shares the thought about the book but he may unintentionally gives away the quintessential spoilers (often!) those are enough to fade the glaze of a gem. So I may as well refrain from it.It's the journey of a perpetual mystery of a murder, couldn't be unfolded more vividly as author 'Mita Jain' did and gave it a coherent 'with a blend of' ethical justice. The puzzling edge of the seat snooping around a murder mystery action gave me a dark chill when every page ascended. You might as well love to skip pages to discover the climax as soon as the cloud allows you! But the twists and deeply seeped drama won't really allow you to do so.The appearances of characters unfolds the secrecy that enables the ploy to thicken. Cognitive characterization helps you grip the mystery to a new horizon of alertness. Loved the initial 'Hyderabadi' flavor of the character(s), as you can literally visualize the entire attributes of the character's personality, 'if you may belong, if not it'll help you'; author kept that in mind through out the book, hence the substantial instrument of the nativity been kept intact; which was one of the elements that made this book a surprising page turner for me.Jay was one of my favorite characters from this one, although it was hard to choose among the likeness of the every character's appearances those are equally adequate to the plot. The 'paradox' (what now?) was an irony to the plot itself that may justify the philosophical entity of the mystery bridged along, which is rare in a typical thriller/mystery novel.I really didn't know how to give a review of this book, without giving away any spoilers, as the whole book maybe too sensitive for spoilers. Language is simple and thematically is lucid as it was without any confusing elements as obstacles.hence to conclude with, It was an absolute pleasure reading this book, and highly recommended for those who admires murder mysteries, sci fi? (see how I'm helplessly giving away spoilers!). And 3-4 thumbs up for this book, with a hope that the author 'Mita Jain' will carry on puzzling her readers mind in a way just to elevate the transcendental process of the grey matter to settle your reasoning in the absolute trance of mystery. 'woohoo'!Pure joy! A must read.

  • Amit Shetty
    2018-11-08 11:13

    A great plot that could have been better had it not been for some obvious clichés.First of all, such work coming from a novice is quite commendable. Most of the times when I receive copies or purchase books from relatively new authors (particularly Indian), I am faced with the issue of wading through the various stereotypes that the authors come up with while they are designing the characters and the people around them.The book, according to the author, is classified ad a mystery/thriller, which it rightly is, until it reached a certain point (Inspector Rathi) and the confession of the murderer that I began to feel the thrill of the story slipping away from me.First, the book is very small, which wasn't really necessary, since the plot could be extended. Unlike other stories that I know where authors deliberately stretch the a small plot to umpteen pages to increases the size of the book, the book could have been the opposite. It seems that the author was in such a hurry to move from one frame to the next that they completely forgot the surroundings. For example, Inspector Rathi is not investigating at the rate ,precision and professionalism which he should, even though he is described as a sharp and inquisitive person in the beginning. The final revelation by the murderer didn't make much sense either.Secondly, the way the characters were talking to each other, especially conversations between Jay and Taara and some conversations between Jay and Rathi felt like they were actually reading from a script rather than speaking naturally.Overall, I believe the author still has a long way to go but she is on the correct path to become a highly successful if not great writer. She already has a great foundation of the crime and how to add the mystery to it, all that is needed is proper development of the characters and some rather obvious kinks here and there.I would recommend this book to those people who wouldn't analyse it as minutely as I have ;) and take it as it is and that is, a good piece of entertaining literature.

  • Shree
    2018-11-02 10:01

    Never having read a mystery book by an Indian writer, I was a little apprehensive when the writer mailed me her book. I really had to battle all prejudices I had. Not that I don't like Indian writers, but there are few works by the so called writers which is a sheer disgrace to Indian literary history. I don't want to point out names as I am sure every fellow bibliophile must have gone through the same experience at some point of time.The book truly surprised me. For some one who isn't exactly a seasoned novelist, the writer has done a pretty decent job.The protagonist, Jay Gandhi is a criminal lawyer with many enemies. His father is supposedly the inventor of a time machine along with the story's villain Dr.Suborto and another Japanese scientist.One fine night, his father's corpse lands in Jay's house. His father was supposed to be dead 20 years back in a fire “ accident” ( Yeah. Twist there! I am not revealing that.) The investigating officer, Rathi “Anna” kicks up quite a storm by calling the press and making a through show before discussing his suspicions with Jay.What I really liked about the book :The surprise element. The writer did a good job of keeping the plot aliveWhat I felt could have been better,The writer describes Jay to be a chauvinist. But she doesn't provide adequate proof for that ( Come on! He lost his dream after all. No wonder he walked away like that. Any guy would! )The science part. Tachyons?! Really! Not many people would know that unless they are Physics buffs. She simply presumes the readers are either “ knowledgeable” enough to know what that is or they are patient enough to Google it. Patience is a virtue my dear friend! Just one line describing what it is would have done the trick.Overall, it was neat, well written with a good story line.VERDICT: I'd recommend it to any one who wants to read a not so lengthy yet good Scientific Mystery book.Review coming soon @

  • Jess
    2018-10-21 11:14

    (I received the book from the Author)The story is a short one which I finished in about an hour. While the story plot is interesting enough, the language just didn't hook me in. The first 30-50 pages were a struggle; till the point Dr. Subroto came into the story and things started moving. That is when I wanted to continue reading only to know who the killer is. Language and the "immaturity" of the characters left me wanting. It was too simplistic for adult reading. Perhaps if the ages of Jay & Tara were reduced to school going teens; the book would make for much better reading for young kids. Its just that I couldn't at any level relate to Jay or Tara. Their background story bored me; and I just failed to understand how Jay is still asking Tara out on dates when at some places it is mentioned that she hasn't been communicating with him. I pegged Jay as a 30 yr old, successful confident lawyer from the information given about him; but his dialogues, behavior just didn't show that maturity or smartness. Maybe much more research into the topics would make for a much more enjoyable read. (view spoiler)[ Jay tried to pry a piece of paper from the dead body's hand; but he struggled with the frozen bones!!! that's rigor mortis! frozen bones just sounds so very immature! (hide spoiler)]All in all, a good pleasant quick read from an author who has the potential to grow.

  • Ipshita Ranjana
    2018-11-05 06:09

    If finding a dead body in your house in the middle of the night is weird then finding your mother unconscious next to the body is even more weird and when questions outrun the answers,what's more in store..??Jay finds himself in a similar situation as mentioned above and Dead Man Alibi is an interesting and edge gripping tale of the strange mystery he finds himself in.The story reminded me of Agatha Christie,which is a really good thing because for me she is the ultimate mystery writer.The writing was gripping and too good for a debutante.It was a fast paced read and had many twists and turns to keep me hooked.There were some loose ends and certain things were not explained properly.Other than a few inconsistencies,this was an amazing read.Saying too much about the story without revealing the plot would be difficult so I would just say that expect the unexpected from this one...:) Provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Thanks again for providing me with a wonderful book...:)

  • Mukesh Murmu
    2018-11-02 08:13

    The story was basically was a mixed soup of murder with scifi .... As a matter of fact indian writers doesn't inerest me rarly some on indian writing I like such as ashwin's krishna key .... I haven't got involved with chetan bhagat as contemporary is not my cup of tea....although a small read this book kept my mind on to it.... This book could been more interesting if more twist and turns and suspense were plotted into it..

  • Aruna Kumar Gadepalli
    2018-11-16 10:12

    Reading debut books earlier I used to be skeptical for their attention-drawing capacity. But I did change my opinion as I am reading books with considerable talent in making readers to hook to the book. This book is one such book. Though I feel this has mystery element more in its content I felt good to see science fiction element as well. Those who enjoy murder mystery with a touch of science elements as well go for this book. You won't be disappointed.

  • Varun
    2018-10-22 07:09

    very well written..... gripping tale

  • Pradeep
    2018-10-27 04:02

    This was one crisp and gripping mystery novel which i enjoyed thoroughly.

  • Swagato Barman Roy
    2018-10-18 04:29

    A nice mix of thriller, sci-fi and romance. Even though there are a few inconsistencies, they can be easily excused on grounds of artistic license.

  • Jatin
    2018-11-08 05:09

    Good book from beginning to end.Secret kept very well.But time machine lacks my interest in middle.Can't able to clear view of secret.But end is good.If you love suspense books than go for it.