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** Corey's Debut ** Corey Patrick has arrived, fresh out of Boston to perform with the Wretched, one of the biggest bands on the planet. Immediately, the bass player takes advantage of the perks provided including hobnobbing with members of the press!...

Title : The Wretched Tales 1.1
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ISBN : 9781301829194
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 17 Pages
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The Wretched Tales 1.1 Reviews

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2018-10-06 17:01

    There are six books in the series and they're all free. I figured with a title like "Metalrotica: The Wretched" it had to be at least worth checking out. Okay, this is an IR story, though there's going to be M/M and other pairings as the series continues. You've been warned. Not to mention the erstwhile bassist and our hero Corey Patrick considers himself pansexual. Sex? Check.Drugs? Check.Heavy Metal? Check.SCORE!!!The author got the feel of being at a metal show dead on. Most venues frown upon mosh pits (and considering the level of fuckwittery that I've experienced from idiots out to hurt people rather than have fun, it's a sane policy). For all that, B.L. Morticia obviously loves metal just as much as I do. Any author who knows who Gorgoroth are gets two \m/ \m/ from me. Yet I still can't envision what the band sounds like. Yes this is important, though the lead singer was likened to the awesome Ronnie James Dio (RIP). I would have liked a longer stage scene, but that's just me.Interestingly enough, the love interests of Corey and his lead singer Nicolai are black women, and unlike a similar novel in which the heroine's ethnicity was maddeningly oblique, there's no guesswork here. It's refreshing because there are black metal fans and musicians--Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch, Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust, and Diamond Rowe of Tetrarch--easily come to mind.Poor Corey's at the horns of an enema (*grin* a Married With Children's Kelly Bundy line). He's stuck between a rock and his hard place, having fallen for Deborah, the black woman rock journalist, but wanting to boink his lead singer, as well as his lead singer's metal version of Olivia Pope, Renee. Unfortunately he's way in the closet so in order to not have any untoward questions about his masculinity, is on his way to sex up two typically busty blonde groupies. What's a poor pansexual guy supposed to do? Off to read the second book to find out.While this short book isn't perfect, mainly mild grammatical errors, the most annoying one being the name of the band. Are they "Wretched" or "The Wretched". Both names seemed to randomly appear. Where it scores is the quirky characters, especially Deborah and Renee, black chicks who love metal. She also nails the backstage craziness dead-on (and I've seen some crazy stuff firsthand) I can only hope the rest of the series gets better.Off to listen to some Maiden now!

  • Rach
    2018-10-11 17:02

    I just don't know what I even read???I got nothing out of it. I'm so sorry to say.But I have gone onto part 2 The Wretched Tales 1.2 to see if it improves??? We'll see????

  • Denise Koopman
    2018-10-16 19:10

    Okay. Now these books are a doozy. I read this one and the next one. Need to wait a while for the others. Sometimes they get to me with all the language and so much more. Just not ready to read these. They were ok not my favorite at all.