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The Military Police boys are back and this time it's murder.A fast-paced murder mystery featuring the two Military Police investigators from "Yours To Command". Plans for the holidays are scrapped when a body is found on an Army base in Germany. Still firmly in the closet at work, they stay in a hotel and indulge in some midnight room-hopping but will Rory be able to copeThe Military Police boys are back and this time it's murder.A fast-paced murder mystery featuring the two Military Police investigators from "Yours To Command". Plans for the holidays are scrapped when a body is found on an Army base in Germany. Still firmly in the closet at work, they stay in a hotel and indulge in some midnight room-hopping but will Rory be able to cope with his assistant's newly discovered dominant streak? Who killed the translator and why in such a grisly way? Is there a connection to a recent suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan? Killing doesn't stop just because it's Christmas, especially in the British Army....

Title : Cancel Christmas
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Cancel Christmas Reviews

  • Vio
    2018-10-04 18:26

    4.40 starsYours to Command is a "blink and its gone" short intro about Rory and Jack, which you can skip and move straight onto reading Cancel Christmas, its a solid, well developed, effective murder/mystery and absolutely my type of story. Jack and Rory are Military Police of different ranks, discretion and secrecy is crucial for both of them, deep in the closet. They have signed off for the night and are spending precious moments together before Jack needs to leave for Christmas vacation. (view spoiler)[ Jack is generally a submissive and crikey, suddenly he loses it, all dominant, aggressive, rough and consent is a big issue even if they are turned on, its an overwhelming experience(hide spoiler)] which is on hold as a call interrupts the fallout.Their leave has been cancelled, a nasty murder needs to investigated at a Military base in Germany, one positive, they get to spend Christmas together now. What I liked the most, the lingo is gruff and blunt and Jake and Rory are brilliant at their jobs. Committed to finding the killer and thorough, they exhaust every avenue to solve this horrendous murder. I was kept guessing as to why Karim Begum was murdered until the very end, the red herrings were very convincing. It's a fascinating and intense investigation, loved it, the guys are wonderful and make the most of their shared accommodation every chance they get, sexy and lovely. Recommended!

  • Feliz
    2018-10-17 13:29

    4.5This book was a gripping murder mystery and a beautiful romance all rolled into one. The balance between these two elements was admirably well done. I particularly liked the characterizations and the fact that Rory and Jack complement each other so well, both professionally as well as privately. These are two deeply closeted men, so secretive about their relationship that they address each other as “sir” and “Sergeant” even if they’re alone, that they don’t even hint at being anything more than colleagues except behind the privacy of a closed door. And with no hint, I mean no hint. No word, no touch, no smile, no telephone call; they barely exchange the most cryptic of text messages. However, this isn’t an angsty read, both main characters accept having to keep their relationship a secret as a fact of life and make the best of it.In regard of what and who they are their behavior appeared very realistic to me, in a been-there-done-that kind of way. As far as I’m concerned, this author knows what he’s talking about.I also liked very much how they still find ways to let each other know how they felt. To lend each other moral support when facts of the case hit too deep. The love between Jack and Rory was as palpable as their inner conflict and their outward professionalism.This was a well-written, fast-paced and compelling read that I can warmly recommend, not only as a holiday read.Full review at

  • Dumbledore11214
    2018-10-17 13:25

    I picked this book up on the strength of the review by somebody whose tastes I trust and I was still surprised by it in a good way. Mystery and romance are well balanced IMO and while story is not short, it is not too long either IMO and it takes skill IMO to make the mystery sound believable. I really really loved Jack and Rory and will definitely buy a short story to find out how they became lovers. I never served in the military, but to me they sounded and acted believably, more importantly they felt believable not just as soldiers but as military investigators. I was really happy that the writer showed them doing their job and doing their job well. I liked their romance and how them being forced to keep their relationship hidden was done matter of factly. Here is hoping for more adventures.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2018-10-02 15:37

    3 1/2 - 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews book is part of a series and although I recommend reading them in order this book can be read as a standalone. Jack is frustrated when his leave is cancelled but is thankful for a few extra days with his lover Rory, working together in the British Army they have to be extra cautious in their relationship because discovery could ruin them both. Being called to a Germany base to investigate the brutal murder of a Territorial Army translator gives them the chance for some room hopping, but the investigation takes a sinister turn as they dig deeper and they discover a connection to a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. This is a great story based within the British Military and following the Military Police as they investigate a murder but we also get to delve into the relationship of Jack and Rory and see how it’s progressing. Jack is looking forward to visiting his parents in Spain for Christmas, while Rory has New Year’s off, but Jack’s plans are thrown into chaos when his leave is cancelled at the last minute and he and Rory have to go to Germany and get to the bottom of a grisly murder. We get to see how both Jack and Rory struggle with the strictures placed on them in their relationship by them both being in the Army especially with Rory being a Captain and Jack a Staff Sergeant, they are cautious but Rory is extra cautious because of what happened in the past and Jack learns he doesn’t know his lover as much as he thought he did. We also see Rory’s jealousy of Jack’s loving family but it doesn’t interfere with their relationship, these men are very hot together and make a well suited couple even if they are forced to stay in the closet.The investigation is really good with some interesting characters, the language is blunt and there is no beating about the bush in this book or political correctness… all the characters are blunt and to the point. I liked the way that even though Jack and Rory’s relationship is very important it faded into the background when it came to the investigation, because damn was that part of the story great with both Rory and Jack using any means necessary (well nearly) to get to the truth. I will recommend this to those who love their men blunt and manly, their sex hot and rough at times, their murders gruesome, their military British, strict and blunt and their men getting a happy for now ending.

  • Ro Dubose
    2018-10-18 14:27

    British Royal Military Policemen Captain Rory Sumner and his assistant, Staff Sergeant Jack Jones because of their profession are forced to be clandestine lovers. Being gay is a status that has a big impact on job promotions regardless of the official decree. Rory has already been busted down the ranks once for having a gay affair. It has taken almost three years for Rory and Jack to act on their desires to have a relationship. Both men are aware of the potential problems, so both men are extremely cautious in their work interactions.Discreet plans for a long awaited evening of lovemaking along with holiday plans are suddenly interrupted for Rory and Jack when a brutal murder occurs at an Army base in Germany.Cancel Christmas is an intriguing murder mystery featuring the characters from Yours To Command. Homophobic attitudes, racial as well as religious discrimination is some of the perceived motivators for the murder. The story illustrates how the pursuit of monetary greed combined with personal hatred for others who are different produced a psychotic state of mind. Rory and Jack capture the readers with a step by step venue exhibiting the investigative process of crime solving.This enjoyable saga also features British slang dialog accompanied by the American translation, creating a simple to follow narrative.

  • Cathy Brockman
    2018-09-24 12:30

    Review: This picks up where Yours to command left off, with Rory and Jack now closeted lovers. Both men are in the British military and Rory is Jack's comanding officer. Jack was going ot his parents in Spain for Christmas and Rory wasnt getting leave till Newyears but a murder happened and they had to go to Germany and Jack had to cancel his christmas. This was a very well written combination of a romance and a murder mystery. The romance between Jack and Rory is absolutely beautiful yet masculine and even humourous at times. I love the playful banter and how their sex life is developing since Jack was a virgin three months before. The mystery takes center stage and the men work together wonderfully as officers and crime solvers. Behnd closed doors is smokin hot!! I cannot wait to see more of these guys.Ill be first in line!Recommendations: if you like hot sometimes rough sex, closeted couples, British military police, suspense, murder, and mystery this one is for you

  • Anke
    2018-10-04 17:46

    Great read! Liked both MCs, the crime was interesting and kept me reading on. I want more of this!

  • Cameron Lawton
    2018-10-06 12:37