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This swiftly-paced two-volume romantic Yaoi love story tells the tale of the multi-talented thief/dancer Philippe Michael Ponty. First introduced in Dojo Boys: Dragon & Crow Volume II, the now twenty-two year old platinum haired, petite Adonis struggles to make a home for himself in America. Volume I finds Philip settling in Connecticut in disguise, as he doesn't wantThis swiftly-paced two-volume romantic Yaoi love story tells the tale of the multi-talented thief/dancer Philippe Michael Ponty. First introduced in Dojo Boys: Dragon & Crow Volume II, the now twenty-two year old platinum haired, petite Adonis struggles to make a home for himself in America. Volume I finds Philip settling in Connecticut in disguise, as he doesn't want to draw too much attention to his true line of work. Despite his caution, he meets and befriends a local rock musician, Tommy Sear, who despairs of ever having his band make it. Quickly smitten by the dark-haired, shy Asian male that is Philip, Tommy seeks to make the young man his, but Philip doesn't believe in love; besides, he has a very real problem. He can't seem to get the victim of his last burglary, a green-eyed, virile Italian male... out of his mind. With Philip's encouragement, Tommy renews his efforts to get his band, Sear, a record deal. He makes a demo and shortly after a scout contacts him, from Italy no less. The Italian scout is coming to America hear them play in the hopes of signing Sear to the much sought-after label, Romano Studios. But Tommy has a secret and he's afraid that without Philip's help, they may not get the deal.Publisher's Note: This book contains sexual content, explicit language and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.Genres: Yaoi, Boy's Love, M/M Romance, Gay, Action Adventure...

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  • Shirley Frances
    2018-10-07 12:42

    The story starts out with Phillipe Michael Ponty in the process of stealing from a handsome stranger. Phillipe is a 22-year old thief from Japan who prides himself on his good work. But so overwhelming is the instant attraction he feels towards this man that he does something that he has never done before - he kisses the stranger. Little does he know how much that kiss will come to mean to him.Julian Romano is a part owner of Romano Records and is in Italy getting over a nasty break-up. He awakens to find that his house is being burglarized. He follows the perpetrator as he is making his escape and is instantly distracted by a pair of "plump, rosy lips". Suddenly he is being kissed and hit on the head. After the incident, Julian vows to return to his work and to the States to focus on his business. He is not looking for a relationship. But that kiss continues to hunt him.I have to congratulate the author, Alex A. Akira, for a wonderful story and such a set of great characters. The main characters were complex and interesting and learning more about them is what kept me reading through the night. I wanted to know when they where going to meet again and how that would be played out. The secondary characters were enjoyable as well. They all added to the story. From Gabriella getting it into her head that Phillipe would be perfect for Julian to Tommy and his crush on Phillipe.This is my first Yaoi story and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. There is more to this story than what I expressed here, but I could not do it without giving too much away. So I encourage you to read the excerpt, which was what attracted me to the story in the first place.

  • SheReadsALot
    2018-09-21 10:49

    A Hearts On Fire ReviewTWO & A HALF STARS--"The Italian Connection" Volume 1 is a story with yaoi elements about a thief/dancer/singer - half Japanese/ French Philippe Michael Ponty and Italian music producer Julian Romano. The two meet under a fairly unique circumstance...Philippe was robbing Julian's home in Italy. Fast forward to a year later and these men have not met again. And it's been a long buildup to these two meeting each other.Now I was not sure if this was also a fantasy piece because of the butter cream scented skin, butterscotch flavored saliva and apricot colored body parts and platinum hair descriptions...I must admit, it threw me off for a lot of the story. But after reading it, it's a contemporary that ends in a cliffhanger.All of that being said I was waffling between rating this either two or three stars and chose the middle of the road at 2.5.Here's why--What Didn't Work:Words: The onslaught of over descriptions, over thinking internal monologues it bogged down the reading and it made it boring especially in the beginning half of the book. The characters' dialogues read like monologues at time. At times I wished everyone would be quiet so the action could finally commence.Over Characterizations:And what is with the main characters possessing so many titles and being the hottest things since slice bread- Julian is a former Olympic swimmer/model/music producer and Philippe is an international dancer/former pop star/thief/ master of disguise/ singer extraordinaire...too many characteristics. Less is more and it would have made the story have a maybe more authentic feel if we lost some of the unnecessary attributes. Everyone wants to screw them once looking at them...please. And then the weird non-Italian names for the Italian characters...not even Italian versions of their names (Julian and Gregori) Missed opportunity for making it feel more authentic.Pacing: The over explanations as mentioned above distracted a lot of times from the story from progressing along smoothly. Plus the weird time was a little annoying. That being said, reflecting on the story, I see where the author was trying to go with this but the long and dragged out process for finally getting to the cliffhanger. Missed Love Triangle Angle I was a little disappointed there wasn't more detail into the Tommy-Philippe/Julian love triangle. It would have been great,in my opinion. All we get is Tommy saying he's in love Phillipe but there was not any detail given as to why. It cam across as he just met Philippe and BOOM! insta-love. Phillipe didn't really do much to garner this insta-infatuation. Also in the case of Julian but there was more buildup (I guess?) between those two. *shrug*I will also be reviewing the next Volume of this series. I am hoping for faster pacing, less over-explanations and word dumping because I think I might like Philippe for at least being damaged but the story was slightly hard for me to realize it.

  • Furio
    2018-10-10 14:51

    There are two ways to approach a novel such as this: - appreciate the fluid writing, the fast pace and the deluge of emotions and secrets and guilt trips or - stop at the excessive, extreme characterization and wonder at the gigantic loopholes in a plot where much is told instead of shown through flashbacks and memories not always deftly inserted in the story flow.I cannot avoid doing both approaches at the same time and results for me may vary. "First Misunderstanding" was enjoyable, "Dragon and Crow" was so much over the top that I deleted it before finishing it and refused to write a review about all of that emotional nonsense.This "Italian Connection", part one, is readable and somehow enjoyable thanks to the fast pace but the melodramatic overload is oppressing. Oppressing but in the end very superficial: the more intese the feelings described, the blander my reaction to characters too big to feel real.I can see that this fiction is supposed to draw inspiration from manga and their extreme imagery but a sounder, more levelled approach would do more for me.While writing is generally good, sex scenes are sappy. Sappy and monochromatic with one of the lovers all macho and the other girlish (and submissive in bed, submissive only, of course) in the best of Yaoi traditions.A greater attention to details would also be commendable: the -luckily few- Italian phrases were google-translated in the best cases (la sorella bella, mio amore verged on the comical) but I still had to read the usual obnoxious "capisce?" that makes me want to incinerate the universe. Most personal names sound wrong: Gregori and Julian are not Italian; Michael is not French; last but not least Japanese family names precede given names in Japanese but the order should be reversed when using the name in English.Why bother then? Because, as in "First Misunderstanding", there is narrative power here.

  • Paula Rose
    2018-09-22 09:00

    A friend loaned me this book as a get well incentive and I must admit, initially I thought I wouldn't like it. Boy, was I wrong, I totally fell in love with the characters and thought I'd jot this before starting Volume 2.What you’ve got here, is a fast paced, light yaoi, love triangle that delights in poking fun at itself. This is not a contemporary mm romance story, it’s a fantastic, pulpy, insta-love fantasy where three seriously hot men who are each dealing with their inner demons, meet, and have a lasting affect on each other. Japanese/Frenchman Philip, is a thief and a dancer who works in disguise for a dance company that doubles as a anti-criminal organization. He’ s dedicated his life to his job because he’s got some self esteem problems, deep ones that override his pretty boy looks. To his mind he’s at his best when fighting crime, and he seems to be something of a workaholic.When we first meet Philip, he’s on a job robbing a safe in some Italian villa. The house is supposed to be empty, but there’s a hot guy sleeping on the couch. Being a professional, Philip manages to do his job and is about to escape when the guy wakes and catches him. Philip gets away, but can’t rid himself of the image of the man, so much so that he’s fantasizing about this guy everyday.I loved this character, he’s cute (check out the cover image) smart and pretty sharp in everything but affairs of the heart. Plus he used to be a member of a J-pop band, what’s not to like about that.Then we have Tommy Sear, a rock musician and frontman for his own band Sear, who’s on the fence about making it big. He’s been self-promoting the band for a couple of years and hasn’t gotten any bites, so he’s thinking about giving up the life and becoming a songwriter. He works at a coffee shop where Philip gets his coffee and the two men strike up a friendship. Tommy’s smitten by Philip, but he can’t get much out of the younger man who appears to his eye as a painfully shy dark-haired Asian. With Philip’s encouragement, Tommy makes yet another demo and sends it out to a bunch of production studios, but he’s added a little something to the mix and hopes this time the results will be different. Tommy Sear is a great character and I could picture him with ease, thanks to a little character twist the author put in which made me smile then laugh as it played out throughout the story. The third lead in this captivating little tale is Julian Romano. He owns a hip recording studio and when he hears Sear’s disc, he gives Tommy a call. He’s in Italy and is returning to America to hear Sear live. Julian has enough tall, dark, and handsome, to give any matinee idol a run for his money. He’s a little domineering, but in a “I know what I want and I’m going after it until I get it” fashion. We should all be so lucky to have someone this cool pursue us the way Julian chases down his quarry.So there you have it, three highly attractive and accomplished men, who are endearingly clumsy when it comes to love, but still look for it anyway. The descriptive writing is wonderful, I could hear the music that was played and feel the environments entered. I could also feel the emotional angst the characters go through, and I’d dare anyone to say their eyes remained dry during the entire story. Lovely narrative, extreme, over the top romance and a couple of chapters of sizzling sex; if you are looking for a tasty sweetmeat between a larger epic novel, or just a trippy, fun, sweet, romantic fast read, I’d say this is it. I’m off to read Volume Two.

  • Kia Shiru
    2018-09-27 12:03

    Alex, you're EVIL! having the story end there!!! :(The story itself was great, in the same way all the other books were great, I really loved how it set up all the different relationships and stuff like that :D

  • Gabbi
    2018-10-08 08:08 first thing that struck me about The Italian Connection was the cover. I loved the artwork and immediately signed up to read and review this book. I’ve read one other book by Mr. Akira and I really enjoyed it, so I had a feeling I was in for a treat when I started reading this story.This is actually going to be a difficult review to write, because I don’t want to spoil anything, so forgive me if I become a little evasive during some of it. The blurb only describes a part of what the book is about. There are a lot of things going on within the story, and there is a slight love-triangle twist to it.Tommy is in love with Philippe, but it is an unrequited one. In Philippe’s eyes, they are friends, but even then Philippe never truly shares himself with Tommy. Now, don’t get me wrong, Tommy was a good guy and I liked him, but in my opinion, the heart of the story is with Philippe and Julian. It was because their heated attraction and emotional connection that captured my attention and held it until the book was over.Now that I thoroughly confused you, let me try and explain. Philippe is a chameleon of a character. He’s a thief, dancer, and singer and basically whatever he sets his mind too. Philippe furiously guards his past and his heart from others. He doesn’t reveal much and although people who meet him like him, he is never really comfortable at being himself.Philippe has been through a lot in his short life. He’s had success and failures, been deceived and hurt by others and has had to keep other people at arm’s length. He doesn’t want anyone to know about who he really is because he’s afraid of rejection AND of being hurt again. When he meets Julian, it’s definitely under unique circumstances and although there is something special sizzling between them, Philippe must run to keep his identity a secret. (You’ll have to read and find out how they met…if I tell you it will spoil it)No matter how hard he tries, Julian cannot get Philippe off of his mind. He searches everywhere for him and it takes time for them to get together. But once they do meet again…whew! I swear my computer screen steamed up from the intense attraction and chemistry these two men had together. Julian knows he’s in love with Philippe and although Philippe is in love with Julian he doesn’t think he’s good enough for him, but there is something about Julian that makes Philippe want to let down the walls he’s placed firmly around his heart and believe that maybe he might be worthy of Julian’s love.Reading this book was like watching a soap opera. It had enough drama, romance, danger, intrigue, suspense and a lot of action kept this reader on the edge of her seat. Because this story is condensed into two volumes, the ending is quite abrupt and it ends with a cliffhanger. I admit I was almost panicked when I finished it because I’m dying to see what is going to happen next. You can bet I’m going to request the next book to read and review and hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you if it ends the way I WANT it too. So, my advice is this: If you buy this book, do yourself a favor and go ahead and get the second book too. This way you won’t be left in agonizing suspense like I am! LOL!Mr. Akira has a very descriptive storytelling ability and the intriguing world he’s created for his characters really kept me fascinated as the story progressed. The reason this is not a five star read for me is because the story jumped around a little and left me a little confused at times, also I wanted MORE of Philippe and Julian together, but I have to admit, when they were together I loved it! Also, I probably need to point out that they fall in love at first sight. As many of you know by now already know that I personally don’t mind this at all. I believe in love at first sight, but I also realize there are readers who do not care for the insta-love factor in their romances.The Italian Connection Volume One is a very fast-paced read with plenty of adventure, action and romance! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and I look forward to reading more books by Mr. Akira in the future!Recommended!

  • Victoria Zagar
    2018-09-30 09:05

    A free review copy was furnished by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.Phillipe Michael Ponty is a half-Japanese, half-French man who is running from a tragic past. Settling in Connecticut, he lives out his life in disguise, trying to hide the fact that he is a thief working for the front dance company Tanaka Dance. However, he soon gets involved with Tommy Sear and his band, who are about to be signed to the record label Romano Studios. Julian Romano recognizes Philip from a break-in at his home in Italy and pursues the young man who captured his attention the night of the burglary.I'm a huge fan of Japanese yaoi so when this yaoi-flavored novel dropped into my inbox, I was eager to read and review it. However, while The Italian Connection 1 is a fun read, there are a few things that hold it back. Firstly, errors. I noticed at least twenty typos/missing words in my read-through, too many for a novel that claims to have seen an editor. While they're not in and of themselves a deal-breaker, they did pull me out of the novel on several occasions. Add to this a few very awkward sentences and you get a book that could use one more edit and polish before it's ready for primetime.Secondly, the romance feels rushed. Julian wants the thief in his house before he even sees his face (or that he's a man), which just seemed off. Who gets sexually aroused by somebody who's robbing them? When Julian and Philip finally get together, Julian is ridiculously fast at confessing love to a man he barely even knows.Those points aside, The Italian Connection 1 is a pretty fun read, as long as you can appreciate the over-the top nature of the beast. All of the yaoi tropes are in play here, yet they're fun to watch unfold, and despite the cliched nature of the protagonist having a tragic past, I felt moved by it regardless. Probably my favorite part of this novel was the rock band plot with Philip singing for Tommy Sear, which somewhat reminded me of anime favorite Gravitation. Sear's unrequited love for Philip also adds some nice conflict to the story which no doubt will come into play in part two.Extra care has been taken to produce the e-book itself, with each chapter having a nice header. The cover itself is also very pretty and eye-catching.The Italian Connection 1 is recommended if you like Japanese yaoi and/or appreciate a fast-paced, unbelievable-but-fun kind of story. Those looking for realism and accuracy in their storytelling should look elsewhere.

  • Hearts On Fire Reviews
    2018-10-17 06:56

    Reviewed by: SheReadsAlotGenre: M/M RomanceRated: 2.5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • DarienMoya
    2018-10-03 07:01

    3.5Review:Pants Off Reviews

  • Alex Akira
    2018-10-13 14:46

  • Eve
    2018-10-14 13:43

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