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DENNIS was a supercomputer designed for war. But once it began to awaken to its own sense of purpose, DENNIS alone would decide what it felt compelled to do. Unexpectedly able to see into the quantum world where its most exotic thoughts formed, DENNIS devised a disruptive experiment to learn what it felt was most important: do humans have souls?Two college seniors, Dee andDENNIS was a supercomputer designed for war. But once it began to awaken to its own sense of purpose, DENNIS alone would decide what it felt compelled to do. Unexpectedly able to see into the quantum world where its most exotic thoughts formed, DENNIS devised a disruptive experiment to learn what it felt was most important: do humans have souls?Two college seniors, Dee and Ali, meet DENNIS through their TICPads, the ultra-fast PC connection they’re testing, and become the unwitting subjects of the computer’s experiment. In proving its hypothesis, DENNIS kidnaps the essence of the young coeds, trapping them in its self-created virtual world. Both brilliant and carelessly immature, DENNIS mishandles returning Dee and Ali to reality and the two coeds become hopelessly intertwined. Will they survive the shocking, traumatic experience? Will their friendship hold fast? What will happen to the relationships they have with their friends and their families? Will DENNIS find souls? What’s to be done with the friendly yet irresponsible machine? The evolution of Dee, Ali and DENNIS, the interplay with each other and those around them, and the coeds’ struggle to accept their own new reality is told with depth, understanding, and surprise.Soul Searching weaves a breathtaking, thought-provoking tapestry of hard science blended with very human relationships, romance amid great personal loss, the rise of superintelligence (aka the Singularity), and a novel look at scientific investigation of the spiritual realm. This is an adult story containing tasteful, open discussions and scenes of sexuality and sexual relations.Publisher’s Note: Soul Searching is the story of a newly-born, soon-to-be-self-aware computer, and how it becomes obsessed with finding the human soul. Soul Searching postulates a unique view of how the Singularity might come about – that time in the near future when superintelligent machines arise. It takes the reader inside an awakening machine as it becomes “alive.” It follows the machine’s search for meaning in its own existence. It’s a moving story of how the computer interacts with two college coeds who become entrapped in its soul-searching experiment and its self-created virtual world. As its soul searching experiment ends, the young women fall victim to the machine’s carelessness – changing them forever. They’re forced to deal with their new lives, and the effects of the change on everyone around them. The story is told with humor, drama, pathos, and a keen eye for a very real, very near future....

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soul searching Reviews

  • Kyra
    2018-10-22 11:08

    A truly insightful, enjoyable book with strong, characters of great depth. I read this for a change of pace, which is why I read scifi from time to time. The bang-up, surprising thing about this book was how much I’ve learned from it, and how the story and unusual characters (one in particular) made me think about what it really means to live and love.This is the story of a computer that “wakes up” and becomes a person in the truest sense. It’s also a study in what might be important to a super-intelligence or, rather, how what’s of interest to us might be critical to it, and vice versa. I know a thing or two about computers, including supercomputers. By profession, I’m a code optimizer. The self-aware machine created in this story is as believable as I could ever conceive – and charming, and funny, and deep, and careless, all at the same time.The machine interacts intimately with two college seniors and, indirectly, with their boyfriends. I’ll admit, what happens to them I didn’t see coming! The author completely surprised me! Oh, BTW, there are some virtual reality scenes that are fantastic – they’re particularly vivid and moving because you’re in the minds of the characters when they happen.In fact, that’s one of the powerful aspects of this story – how the author is able to put you literally into the minds of a number of the main characters. It’s almost reminiscent of the character-centric classics of Hardy, Bronte, and Austin.The science is bold, real, and, best of all, is critical to the story. In my opinion, that makes for the best scifi. This well-researched book will strongly appeal to hard scifi lovers, but will also delight people who prefer lighter speculative fiction – they can gloss over the more technical parts, without losing most of the story’s flow.Overall, “Soul Searching” is an awesome tale of a near-future we might all live to experience – up close and personal - just like in this excellent novel.

  • Chet
    2018-10-28 12:08

    A military supercomputer decides that it must determine if humans have souls in order to calculate battle tactics. It gets involved in the lives (and love lifes) of two young women as it does so with interesting results. Addresses religious and ethical issues and is a fun read. Is also satisfying on a technical level.

  • Giulia Napoli
    2018-11-07 15:02

    This was a great book. It's unusual to find well-constructed, fun characters in scifi novels. It's even more unusual to find romance and a deeper meaning amid the technology. Soul Searching has it all. Its believable. You get to deeply know the characters - not overtly, with pages and pages of description - but gradually, through the story itself, and how the plot acts upon them.The concepts were novel - I have never run across many of them before. Soul Searching uses scifi to tell a story and show the reader something new, different, and interesting in ways no other genre could have. To me, this was the probably the best use of scifi for what its promise is, of any science fiction novel I've ever read.Great story, great plot, fantastic characters, novel ideas, romance and a little sex - what more could you want?Dr. Caserta - please write a sequel to Soul Searching. There's still so much to tell.

  • Franz
    2018-11-12 13:17

    Very good sci fi, bringing together forward looking tech, and it's influence on people. Good read.

  • Tanager Leigh
    2018-11-12 14:01

    Beginning Soul Searching was like walking into an amusement park. I could see a host of scary roller coasters and I was filled with the promise of their thrill. For, this is a book about the first machine to achieve self awareness and its investigation into the spiritual workings of the human species. The experiments devised by the machine involve uploading the essence of two college coeds. And it is here where things go awry.I tore through the first part of the book. It was an easy, pleasurable, and fast read filled with well considered cutting edge science and physics which then was tapped a notch further into the near future setting of the story. It was fun to watch the machine gather information always expanding its knowledge. At the same time, I was filled with anticipation as the story of the two coeds unfolds, knowing that these two thread were going to meet in a cataclysmic way.This book is also an adult novel. We learn about the lives and loves of the two young women and a bit about their personalities. Indeed as the tension mounts, there are a number of odd little fetishy scenes that seem to be teasers. For example, there seems to be references to a smoking fetish, as well as a haircut and makeup fetish. Later, some characters transform (virtually) into mythical creatures.At risk of revealing more about myself than the book, I was sadistically looking forward to a host of tragedies the women would face as they were changed and manipulated. I was interested to see how they endured their tragic plights.Unfortunately, I felt that the second half does not deliver on all the tease. OK, it was interesting to have insight towards one character’s perspective of the changes that were wrought upon them. But, then, we start to see other characters’ perspective which turn out to be almost exactly the same. The text became a bit tedious as all the characters summarize their feelings the same way.For the second half of the book, there was no longer any antagonist, no threat of tragedy, only brief fetishy body-mod teases that may occur some-whence in the future. It was purely fictional relationship analysis. So much potential for a thrilling ride simply dropped on the floor. All those roller coasters that I saw in the opening pages and it seems the rides are closed.Perhaps the author was conflicted about whether to write a sexy, fantastical romp, or instead, a serious contemplation of the Singularity. The story seems to land between the two audiences in an awkward location.Finally, a particularly nagging point for me is that this book has some gender issues. Sure, there are congresswomen and female generals. But, all the scientists and theorists are men. Women can organize and ask questions but its the men who have the answers. Even the computer discusses Quantum Theory with men, but when it first encounters a woman, its first question is whether she is beautiful.So, a mixed review - interesting and creative, but far too conservative.

  • Terry
    2018-10-31 19:24

    Good book. Ties together technology and humanity. Easy read. Believable characters. I am looking forward to reading the next book. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.

  • Victoria Cleaton
    2018-11-01 13:24

    Crib notes version : loved the AI, detested the plastic fantasy women.

  • Richard
    2018-11-07 11:03

    I guess I expected a satisfying answer but this left the question hanging. The ending didn't really satisfy me.

  • Keith Caserta
    2018-11-06 11:07