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Meet Shirley and Moe. Just a regular couple from Bellmore. Today, all they are expecting is a nice, quiet dinner with a few cousins. But what do they get? Spacemen! From outer space! They don't know it yet, but with a touch of human (and alien) kindness and a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, the galaxy is about to get a little bit smaller. Originally published to cMeet Shirley and Moe. Just a regular couple from Bellmore. Today, all they are expecting is a nice, quiet dinner with a few cousins. But what do they get? Spacemen! From outer space! They don't know it yet, but with a touch of human (and alien) kindness and a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, the galaxy is about to get a little bit smaller. Originally published to critical acclaim in 1988, this updated version features a new, larger trim and color enhancement by the artist. Ages 5-9...

Title : Company's Coming
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ISBN : 9780786824335
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Company's Coming Reviews

  • Melki
    2018-10-08 13:08

    Guess who's coming to dinner?Shirley and Moe extend a friendly invite to two visiting aliens who then create something of an international incident when they come bearing a surprise gift.Like Shirley's big red glasses, this is pretty doggone cute!

  • Luann
    2018-10-04 16:42

    This is just too fun! I love the cute bug-like aliens who bring a gift to dinner. My favorite lines: Moe, when speaking of the flying saucer: "Shirl, it's not a barbecue." Aliens: "Greetings. We come in peace. Do you have a bathroom?"

  • Teresa
    2018-10-15 19:59

    I really liked this hilarious book but think it's more for adults than for young kids.

  • Ina
    2018-09-26 18:55

    It was the quiet, normal suburban neighborhood where Moe and Shirley were preparing to host a quiet family spaghetti dinner when....Aliens drop in on their way to another galaxy and ask to use the bathroom. Shirley is polite to these new guests inviting them to dinner and then calmly offering drinks and appetizers once they arrive to dine. Moe, on the other hand, calls the FBI and has the house surrounded by all sorts of big military tanks and guns. There is humor in the text as well as the wonderful illustrations - very popular with my story time audience.

  • Mikailah Shackleford
    2018-09-24 14:52

    I really enjoyed this book and i think children would enjoy it even more. The illustrations are really descriptive and help tell the story. It is a funny story about a husband and wife that have different reactions to aliens landing and asking to use their restroom.

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    2018-10-07 15:53

    Love it! Science fiction picture books are rare, although becoming less so. The pictures make this one. The sequel, Company's Going, isn't nearly as good.

  • Alec
    2018-09-20 12:02

    Mysterious package? Guns? Xenophobia? Interesting choice to reissue this in today's context.

  • Marissa Morrison
    2018-10-08 12:55

    Primo fun for storytime.

  • Meredith Spidel
    2018-10-07 17:00

    This book is so fun! Thankful to Disney for sending us a copy in exchange for an honest review so I could share some giggles with my kiddos! Yay for a truly funny kids' book!

  • Niki Marion
    2018-10-13 15:11

    This reissue would pair well with Jon Agee's Life on Mars for a great, well-rounded lesson on perspective both visually and narratively. Good fun!

  • MJ
    2018-10-13 12:11

    Alissa's first science fiction story.

  • Jason Brinley
    2018-09-30 14:46

    Arthur Yorkins' Company's Coming is a light science fiction/fantasy picture book that features a suburban, married couple who encounter two aliens, who have landed their spacecraft in the couple's backyard. This is an "outlandish characters and situations fantasy" because the woman does not find it abnormal that these visitors have made a stop to use their bathroom, as the space creatures are in the midst of traveling to another galaxy over a three year period. The comedy in this story is found in the dichotomy wherein the husband is convinced the aliens have come to destroy the Earth, while the wife views them as friendly and immediately makes a connection with the aliens, inviting them to stay for the dinner. The climax, as well as the height of humor, occurs when the space visitors excuse themselves to take care of a matter and the husband calls the FBI, resulting in every branch of the armed forces surrounding the small home with fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, and a whole barrage of missiles and guns. David Small's cartoon-like illustrations capture the couple's hilarious expressions and personalities with such precision that the reader, in his/her mind's eye, can almost hear them speaking with a New Jersey or New York type of accent. The text and illustrations are in complete unison and combine to create an interesting, fun, and peculiar children's modern science fiction/fantasy. Teachers will be able to incorporate Company's Coming in many creative art and fun writing activities. Students can make graphic panels to depict what they believe comes after the story ends. A creative writing exercise could be for students to write about topics such as who might have left with the aliens or where the spacemen's next stop might be. This book would be greatly enjoyed by students in the lower elementary grades.

  • Christy Zou
    2018-09-26 12:06

    Shirley and Moe are a couple living in Bellmore. As they prepare for a dinner with their cousins, they encounter two aliens from outer space. Out of fear, the couple invite the two aliens to stay for dinner. As the story develops, the FBI, the Army, the Air Force, and the Marines become involved. When the two aliens come back for dinner bearing a gift, everyone expected the worst.This book has a simple and interesting story that young readers can enjoy. The artistic style is realism and surrealism. This book can be considered as science fiction because it includes non-human characters, which are the aliens. The two aliens also mention that they were traveling from galaxy to galaxy. The book includes a mix of single-page spreads and double-page spreads. On all the pages, the text is located in the white spaces or negatives spaces of the images. The illustrations are neither framed or full bleed; instead, the illustrations have faded edges. The text interplays with the illustrations; while the text includes dialogue and descriptions of the characters’ feelings, the illustrations depict the emotions described in the text.

  • Maribel Galvez
    2018-10-08 16:48

    Grade/interest level: Primary (K-2) Reading level: 3.1 (Lexile 410L) Genre: Science Fiction, Picture BookMain Characters: Moe, Shirley, AliensSetting: Bellmore, New YorkPOV: Third Person NarratorOne night, a spaceship lands in Moe and Shirley’s back yard. The two aliens that step out ask the two humans if they can use their restroom, but their timing could not be worse. Shirley’s cousins are set to arrive for a spaghetti dinner, but Moe is sent into hysterics by the presence of intergalactic travelers in their bathroom. After the cousins arrive, the aliens return bearing a gift. Moe wants to alert as many governmental forces as he possibly can, the cousins all think the gift is some kind of weapon, but Shirley chooses to assume the best in the visitors. In the end, everyone finds out that the true key to human-alien relations is common courtesy, with a side of spaghetti and meatballs.I would use this book as a standalone read aloud for a primary classroom. I would use it to convey to students that it is wrong to assume bad things about others before actually getting to know them.

  • Latanya
    2018-10-16 18:00

    A husband and wife have very different reactions when aliens arrive at their house. The wife treats the strangers kindly, inviting them over for dinner. She encourages her husband to be courteous, but when she asks him to make potato salad, he calls the FBI instead. Tanks and machine guns are directed at the house, and as helicopters fly overhead, a neighbor stands on the sidewalk walking her poodle while wearing a scarf and housedress. This scene underscores how the characters are overreacting to a minor situation. The authorities realize their efforts are futile since the aliens are harmless. A mysterious gift that they brought is the source of much apprehension, but ends up being an ordinary blender. After this revelation, everyone enjoys a spaghetti dinner. Some of the scientific vocabulary may need to be defined for children. Despite this, it is an excellent book that teaches tolerance.

  • Gabriel Wallis
    2018-09-30 14:03

    I have always loved this book. It's such a simple story. Two aliens land their flying saucer in the yard of a couple living in the city of Bellmore. The wife reacts to the aliens by inviting them for dinner later in the evening, and the husband reacts by calling the FBI, who starts the wave of calling the Pentagon, the Army, the Air Force, and the Marines. The two aliens return later in the evening for dinner with a present for the couple in tow. The house was completely surrounded by the military and such, just to back away when the wife of the house opens her present to find a blender. Thus everyone gets invited for dinner, relieved that the aliens are safe. Phew!

  • Nancy
    2018-10-12 20:09

    Published: 1988, Hyperion Books for ChildrenAge: 5-9Funny Sci-Fi book for young kids. Boys would especially like this. Shirley and Moe, down home suburbanites from Bellmore, invite relatives for dinner and a spaceship shows up in their back yard that looks just like a barbeque. 2 aliens come out and Shirley invites them to dinner. Moe is upset and calls the FBI. The aliens, crazy relatives, and a whole arsenal show up at dinner and the fun continues. This would not work without the hilarious illustrations by David Small.

  • Lindsey
    2018-10-03 18:43

    This is just a ridiculous read with silly jokes and fun illustrations. Cute little aliens land on earth and are invited to dinner by a couple. The wife fusses over dinner while her husband freaks out that aliens will be joining them at the table. The book is full of fun comments like the aliens asking to use the restroom, the wife thinking the flying saucer was a huge grill so she reprimands him for buying one way too big, and awkward moments in a dinner party :). It was a very cute, lite read.

  • Heather
    2018-09-24 11:53

    31 months - This took a couple reads for me to get into and throughly enjoy. We always love David Small's illustrations and it doesn't hurt that he includes a terrier (Airedale?) and at least one cat in most of the stories he illustrates! Not sure why the aliens have to look like cockroaches other than they multiply like crazy. This is a fun book to use all your silly voices including the dorky cousin and "meep meep" aliens!

  • Zoila Avila
    2018-09-19 13:48

    This story was pretty funny on how the people react to the aliens. The husband seems more overwhelmed than the wife. After the wife had invited their relatives for dinner she has more guest coming, the aliens. They seem harmless but the husband still calles the police, the military, the government,FBI,etc. And in the end the aliens turn out to be really nice guest and evern bring a gift. All kids up to 5th, 6th grade can enjoy this story.

  • Heather
    2018-09-24 19:11

    31 months - I had to give this a couple of reads for it to grow on me. David Small's illustrations are always a hit with us. And he always seems to include a terrier (probably a Airedale but close enough to our fox terrier for our liking) and at least one cat. I'm not sure why the aliens look like cockroaches though. This is a fun one to pull out all your funny voices... including the dorky cousin and the meep meep aliens.

  • Jenna Arntz
    2018-10-14 16:09

    This was a great book. A family is expecting company for dinner. But much to their surprise, spacemen show up. The wife is very kind and inviting to the company, but her husband reacts very differently. I think this would be a very fun read aloud and I could easily do an activity to go along with the story.

  • Becky Tilton
    2018-10-20 13:05

    Substitution for TASK GPlot summary: Company’s Coming is a children’s fictional picture book. Shirley and Moe invite their cousins over for dinner. Much to their surprise, a spaceship arrives that afternoon. Moe is scared of the aliens, however, Shirley is friendly towards them and even invites them to the family dinner. This book has an excellent message of friendship.

  • Relyn
    2018-10-02 16:02

    More summer school reading. This silly book was checked out constantly during summer school. It really appealed to second graders. Though I didn't love it, it did lend itself to discussions about friendship and openness and willingness to look past people's differences.

  • Shelly
    2018-09-19 13:06

    What happens when a spaceship lands in a backyard in Bellmore? You invite the aliens to dinner, of course.

  • nicole
    2018-10-03 18:07

    found on our shelves looking for yorinks books for the CBF display. our cover is slightly different, so i didn't realize it was about ufos. adorable!

  • Gina
    2018-10-09 14:58

    Fun story about some unexpected "visitors".

  • Leah
    2018-10-10 18:51

    Written for adults more than children. The kids didn't get a lot of the jokes.

  • Ashlee
    2018-10-09 14:51

    My boys have loved space themed books lately and this one was a winner. They giggled and liked the story that was recommended for 1st graders to read before the school year begins.

  • Stephanie
    2018-09-26 16:46

    Lots of fun! Great for older kids.