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It has been fifteen years since Billy and Bonnie Bannister helped repel the demonic assault on Heaven. Now they and Ashley Foley sit in a maximum security prison where the authorities conduct experiments on them to learn the secrets of long life. Earlier, the world’s acceptance of dragonkind crumbled, and the Enforcers took the infant twins born to Billy and Bonnie and stIt has been fifteen years since Billy and Bonnie Bannister helped repel the demonic assault on Heaven. Now they and Ashley Foley sit in a maximum security prison where the authorities conduct experiments on them to learn the secrets of long life. Earlier, the world’s acceptance of dragonkind crumbled, and the Enforcers took the infant twins born to Billy and Bonnie and stole Excalibur, hoping to develop a weapon to battle the dragons that are sure to try to rescue their allies. All the while, a great secret from the past is being revealed to Bonnie through a dream. Joran and Selah, teenaged children of Methuselah, have been trapped in a strange world for centuries, yet still able to manipulate certain events in our world during that time.   Walter Foley finds the Bannisters’ son and hopes to use his dragon traits to help him rescue the prisoners. In the meantime, an ancient demon locates the Bannisters’ daughter and plans to use her to help him discover the hiding place of the most powerful ovulum in the world and squelch its protective song. With that ovulum in his possession, he will be able to conquer and control both Earth and Second Eden.   The fate of two worlds now rests on the Bannisters’ two teenagers who must use their dragon traits and their innate courage to battle demons, a sorceress, and soldiers in a military compound in order to rescue parents they don’t even know.  ...

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Song of the Ovulum Reviews

  • Annie
    2018-11-12 04:26

    At first, I had a huge paragraph typed out explaining how this series works, but then I realized that a list/chart would make this so much easier.  Like it says, it's best to read in the left order.  You can start with the first book in any of the series (though if you start with Eye of the Oracle or Song of the Ovulum, be sure to read the recap at the end), but for the best reading experience, I'd start with Raising Dragons.Click the chart to see it bigger.So, anyway, Song of the Ovulum is a continuation of one of my all-time favorite series.  I had no idea that there would be a third quartet until last summer.  I thought it was over with The Bones of Makaidos, but I'm certainly glad it's not.Let's go back a few years.  I read the first book of this series four, maybe even five years ago; I'm not sure.  For a year or so in early middle school I kept track of what I read in a little notebook, but it seems to have disappeared forever.  Just kidding, I found it.  (And it's soooo incredibly amusing.  I wrote 1-line reviews/comments on each of the books, and also one-line summaries.  More on this below.*)  I read the first book back in 2007.When you go back to a series you haven't read in a long time, there's always that fear that it's not as good as you remembered.  There's always that fear that your tastes have changed, or that you built it up so much in your mind that you don't remember any of the negatives.  (This is honestly the only reason I've been putting off a massive Pendragon reread that I kind of want to do, but kind of don't.)  I had this same fear with this book.Fortunately, this book mostly lived up to my old feelings for the series.  Yeah, it wasn't as good as the previous books, but I still liked it.  It just wasn't favorite-book worthy.  Good, but not amazing.I was so, so happy to read about some of these characters again.  Walter Foley, how I've missed you!  Ashley, and the dragons!  Even Larry!  It was, for me, a massive reunion.  I'm hoping that in the next I get to read more about some of my other favorites that we didn't see much in this one, like Sapphira Adi and Elam.Also, I love the entire premise of this.  All the stuff with dragons and technology is so cool.  And, there are some awesome re-imaginings of Bible stories.  Bible stories, with dragons!I now how two issues with this book that I didn't have when I was younger.  The first issue is with the black-and-white morality of these books.  A character is either good or evil.  A good character, even if they do wrong, is still in the right.  An evil character is inherently evil.  Life doesn't work this way.  Nobody is completely good or completely bad; everyone is somewhere in between.  Some shades of gray would add so much complexity and depth to this series, but without it, it almost feels like it's missing something.My other issue is with all the melodramatic things that go on.  Characters are moved to tears quite often--more often than seems realistic to me.  Just like with the morality, emotions are all at extremes in this series.  There is no level of apathy whatsoever.  A person is not just moderately joyful--they are as far up on the happy spectrum as they can get.  Again, this isn't realistic.Still, this series is definitely worth a read.  Bryan Davis writes some compelling characters, with awesome worldbuilding and DRAGONS DRAGONS EVERYWHERE.  While I have issues with this series now that I didn't have when I was younger, it will still always have a special place among my books.Similar Books: It has the undisguised Christian themes of The Door Within, some amount of world-hopping like in House of Dark Shadows (you don't want to know how many times I typed dork shadows before I got that right), has lots of dragons and dragon/human interaction, as well as a mix of sci-fi and fantasy (and is also by the same author) like Starlighter, and is, of course, a continuation of the stories of Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst series), Eye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire series).*About my elementary school mini-reviews...LOL.  My summary for every single Warriors book was "Cats battle for clans, fall in love, etc. etc. etc.".  After about the fifth Series of Unfortunate Events book I must've gotten tired of trying to think of actual comments and just wrote "How unfortunate" for each one.  My comment for a book I didn't like was "No.  Just no."  My reviewing history started not in 2011 when the blog started, but in 2007.

  • Joel Parisi
    2018-11-13 11:43

    Disappointingly, it seems the author has not grown in style or art since the first two series. This new volume suffers from the same melodrama and wordiness that characterized those previous, in addition to predictable plot developments (a certain female anthrozil is abducted for the... what, fifth time? to lead into the next book).

  • Christie Hagerman
    2018-11-14 07:27

    This is the first book of the Children of the Bard series. It continues the saga of humans, dragons, demons, and all sorts of other creatures that began with the 4 books of the Dragons in our Midst series and continued with the Oracles of Fire series, also 4 books. Although a summary of those 8 books is provided in an appendix, the story is very, very complicated and almost impossible to follow without having read at least a few of the preceding volumes. I had read four of the eight, began with the summary, and was still confused throughout much of this book.The confusion is in part due to the fact that there is no one stable element in any of the setting. The story takes place in various worlds and references even more. The beginning chapter opens near the time of the Great Flood, instantly transports the characters forward quite a large span, and ends in current time. Much of the book involves flashbacks and visions that are virtually indistinguishable as past, present, or future. Add to this the fact that most of the characters have died and been resurrected at some point. As a result of this, they sometimes changed state (dragon to human, human to wraith, human to dragon—you get the picture) and often took on new names, too. My head was spinning to keep up.I gave a quick rundown of the plot in Song of the Ovulum to my teen-aged daughter, and she had no trouble following what I was talking about. She had read one more book in the series than I had, and apparently this was a key book in grasping some of the significant characters.Apart from that, there is a powerful message of forgiveness and mercy in this story. The characters have to make peace with wrongs they’ve done and wrongs that have been done to them, especially as they understand the consequences of allowing bitterness to take root within them. Love among family members is shown in a very strong light, and God—-referred to as Elohim-—is recognized as the Supreme Being. The main heroes are brave teenagers with special powers, with plenty of help from adults and dragons. All look to Elohim for guidance and strength, and the acknowledge that it’s He who teaches them the all-important mercy song. Their journey is one of discovering who they are, what their purposes are in the grand scheme, and battling the forces that seek to destroy their worlds.I’m interested in continuing this series, but I think I may go back and fill in the blanks by reading the books I missed. I would recommend Song of the Ovulum to teens who like the fantasy genre, or as a family read-aloud with children (CAUTION: Occasionally dragon fire burns an enemy, sometimes resulting in death.) It’s also a good read for adults, but be aware that you will need to study the appendix and understand the general story before beginning this one.**I got this book as a free review copy from netGalley.

  • Joseph Leskey
    2018-10-29 04:46

    This was very good. Highly enjoyable, very amusing, a container of great fun, and altogether a pretty okay story, when it all comes down to it.

  • Esther
    2018-10-18 11:25

    I liked this book but as you read more and you get further into the books the dragons just become useless and their enemies just become indestructible and candlestone bullets, like what's with that. Anyway it's a good book and it has a good story line, it's also a good entertainment book for teens and adults.

  • Seth
    2018-11-02 06:32

    Song of the Ovulum is the first book in Bryan Davis' new series, Children of the Bard, which builds upon two past series, Dragons in our Midst, and Eye of the Oracle. While it is helpful to read the other two series to get the maximum enjoyment out of this, I believe anyone can enjoy it nonetheless.Description:Song of the Ovulum follows two main sub-plots that work together to the conclusion. Matt and Lauren are two sixteen-year-olds who begin to realize they have abilities that are unlike those of the normal human as they both find themselves in a strange prison that holds mysterious prisoners. The second plot follows the story of Joran and Selah, the children of Methuselah and grandchildren of Enoch as they travel through fascinating and dangerous lands in hopes to sometime escape the expansive prison they live in.For more information on the book, visit the book's web page.If you’ve read my reviews of previous Davis titles then you know that for some reason, I have had past troubles reading the author’s books straight through. Something about them typically just makes it difficult to stay in the story continually. I read this book digitally on the computer straight through. It hooked me that much. I very much enjoyed this novel.The book starts with a prologue in first person explaining a tragedy that has befallen some of the original anthrozils. It hooks the reader from the very first page and doesn’t let up. The tale goes through various points in time and locations. The book references events from past books and can be really rewarding for readers that have read both of the Dragons in our Midst and Oracles of Fire series’. What I thought most interesting is how the world reacts to the dragons, anthrozil’s, and Second Eden. The past books have left the world out of what’s really going on, but this book engages the rest of the world full on and it was definitely an interesting idea to explore.The characters were very fleshed out, and while they kept their perfect characteristics that all of the protagonists of Davis books are known to carry with them, they still maintain their realistic nature. Many might complain about this factor-that they don’t mess up-but I think Mr. Davis handles it well and doesn’t make the characters seem less real at all. The characters are well developed, attachable, and realistic.The writing in the book was outstanding, showing just how much the author knows his craft. P.O.V.’s, while hard to discern sometimes, never switched mid-scene. Description was wonderful and easy to see while also leaving room to the reader’s imagination. The writing was done very well.The majority of the time is spent in one place, which I found a little irritating. I thought that the location was a little boring at first, but it soon because a set piece for a very nice plot. I look forward to some more varied settings in the future books of the series, but I can definitely see the purpose of the location in this book.Overall, I really loved the book. It kept me engaged and wanting to return to read it again and again. The themes are really beautiful-mercy, love, forgiveness, sacrifice-and they are displayed wonderfully. I know at least a few people that will complain about the perfect characters, but it really didn’t faze me at all. The characters were well done. I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any fan of Mr. Davis’ or anyone looking for a nice piece of fiction for the summer. I am highly curious to see what The Children of the Bard series has next.

  • Pashi
    2018-10-25 04:35

    I enjoyed Dragons in our Midst and the Oracle of Fire series when I was in the target age group for this series. Hoping to still enjoy it even though I'm significantly older than the target audience, I picked this up with somewhat high expectations. Those hopes have, unfortunately, been dashed, but there are a few factors that may rekindle them. 1) This is the first book in a relatively new series, albeit a continuation, and with my experience book series usually get progressively better with each new installment (with the exception of Mistborn, at least IMO). 2) If Goodreads is any indication, this book has the lowest rating in the Children of the Bard series, so it is my cautious hope that the rest of the books in this series are better. Surprisingly, this book did not suffer from info-dumping as many first books do. It introduces new and old characters right at the moment when things go ape and they are thrown into turmoil and adventure. In fact, I would have liked more information about the outside world. This book is very character centric, and while I usually prefer it that way, there is a lot that has happened globally in the past 15 years between the last book and this one. We get a teeny bit of a history lesson through dialogue but I feel expanding on the global politics and state of the world would really add context to the story. Perhaps Davis will explain more in the books to come, but I felt as if the characters were somewhat inside of a bubble during this book. With what little information we did get about what seems to be a war-torn world with extreme tension between Second Eden and the rest of the world, I think the overall story would benefit from divulging more than just what the main characters are doing (part of this stems from the fact that most of this, not counting Joran and Selah's half, takes place in about 2 days, which is done well but clearly has its drawbacks). More current events or history lessons, please. 3) It has been a good 5+ years since I've read anything to do with this series. Going into this having forgotten a lot of what has previously occurred may dampen some of the enjoyment one may get with the previous 8 books more fresh in their mind. But there is no way in heck that I am going to reread them and then try to tackle this series. Despite the mega pause I've had, I'm still attracted to the characters and their adventures which is a good sign. I was totally absorbed when we followed Lauren, Matt, their parents, and co. (basically all the characters from the previous books). The parts that did drag were Selah and Joran's story. I am interested in how their part in the larger story will unfold, but suffice it say, I'm glad they've joined the main group and are no longer wandering around the ovulum. Also, the dialogue felt really awkward and constructed at times, it did not feel intrinsic or flow well. Contrastingly, the descriptions and non dialogue writing was well done, even poetic. On the whole, this was a mixed bag of good and bad. But I am leaning toward the good and look forward to continuing on in the creative, rich, and vast world Davis has created.

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-09 03:36

    Our beloved characters are back! The stakes are raised higher than ever for the Anthrozils. It takes place 15 years after the war on Second Eden. Their use to be peace between Earth and Second Eden, But Earth became fearful and manipulated buy rumors of "war that Second Eden would bring" of course they were lies, but that doesn't stop Earth from becoming consumed by their fears, the government thought the anthrozils living in their midst were spies for Second Eden and turned on them, arresting Billy, Bonnie, and Ashley, and Kid napping the Bannister's twins. All hope seems lost save for God who brought them through countless battles, they kept their faith strong even through years of torture. Only Walter can penetrate and look for ways of saving his friends and wife from the awful prison, since Second Eden is now closely monitored for portal openings he's on his own save for two helpful super computers. But while trying to make plans to spring his wife and friends, he goes in search of the Bannister's twins who are now 16. Only they can save the prisoners, and two ages old teenage children of Methuselah.Just when you thought the books couldn't get any better they just got better, this new series opens the next chapter in the story world we love so much, and many fans like Song of the Ovulum better than Bones of Makaidos. As always the book is written very well the characters are amazing (the old as well as the new characters). It's an adrenaline laced epic, and way more dangerous for the characters than ever before. My heart stopped numerous times with all the suspense. Song of the Ovulum is Book 1 in the Children of the Bard series, and there will be three more to come. I highly recommend this book. If you've never read these books, I would personally recommend that you start with reading series 1 book 1 which is Dragons in our Midst: Raising Dragons. Because the journey is so much more sweeter when you get to Song of the Ovulum as well as you get to know the characters and their pasts. I've heard you can read Song of the Ovulum without reading any of the other books and still follow the story, but I'm a fan that has read all of the previous books, and it is so much more rewarding. Because their is so much in these stories, and they all deserve to be read, and every story builds leads the characters to the events of Children of the Bard. A must read adventure, and you don't want to miss it.

  • Meagan Myhren-bennett
    2018-11-01 04:35

    SONG OF THE OVULUMChildren of the Bard Book 1By Bryan DavisSong of the Ovulum is the first book in a new series (Children of the Bard) by Bryan Davis. Though this is a new series it builds on two previous series Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire. If you have not read the previous two series, read the recap at the end of this book so you will have a basic understanding of preceding events and characters.Song of the Ovulum covers two timelines. The first is Joran and Selah’s story. Their story picks up the day before the Great Flood that will destroy everyone and everything not aboard Noah’s Ark. The second story is Matt and Lauren’s, who are two 16 year olds with unique abilities. Matt can sense danger and avert disaster before it happens, he also never gets cold. Lauren can hear voices that no one else can hear as they are so quiet (whispers or talking to one’s self). Lauren also glows in the dark. What happens when events bring these two together? Are the rumors true? Are Lauren and Matt anthrozils and have their true identities been hidden from them?Take a journey through time and other dimensions and learn a lesson in mercy and forgiveness while demons, dragons and humanity battle for Heaven and Earth. Who will be victorious? An exciting page turner you won’t want to put down.Discover the Song of the Ovulum along with Joran, Selah, Matt and Lauren.

  • Madelyn Smith
    2018-11-15 11:31

    Song of the Ovulum is a continuation of such a captivating story. The beginning was rough, because of a Biblical issue regarding the Flood in Genesis. While I disagreed with a major plot point from the get-go, the the rest of the story that was not directly surrounding those characters was very enjoyable. I loved seeing the gang back together, even if only for a while. All reunions were well written and so satisfying. It's been a while since I've read the original series, and looking back, I've found another thing that bothers me. I'll be frank here, I can't stand how certain female characters are portrayed as completely sinless. This and the issue about the Flood are contrary to my beliefs about the Bible. They didn't stop me from completely enjoying the book, but they did bring it down a notch. It makes it hard for me to recommend these books to both my Christian and non-Christian friends, unless I can explain to them the problems I find with and tell them to look past them. That being said, I still really enjoy all the series, and I would like to read the rest of Children of the Bard.

  • Elizabeth Dyck
    2018-11-16 04:51

    When I first started this book, I was a little disappointed. Then when I got to about a quarters of a way in, I started to like it. Then when I got to the halfway point, I was glad I got it.It has been fifteen years since Bonnie and Billy Bannister saw each other and their twins, Karen and Charles. Now they are kept in a high security prison where the authorities are doing experiments on Bonnie and Billy. Lauren and Matt (aka. Karen and Charles) are being hunted by the authorities and they don't even know it. They have no idea that they have inherited dragon traits from their birth parents. They don't even know who their birth parents are.Joran and Selah are sealed in the purity ovulum, where they have been for centuries. The only way they can get out is if Joran can find away to sing again. When he finds that he can finally sing, they are released when Lauren calls out to them in the midst of a battle.Hope you enjoy!

  • Imagination Meg
    2018-11-14 11:31

    This was a great first book in this series. It was definitely Christian related with a lot of great themes in it while still being extremely entertaining. It was a little confusing at first, but it was worth it. Davis has done a great job of tying many characters very intimately together, sometimes in surprising ways. I would recommend it to anyone who likes dragons, adventure, and believes in God.

  • Belinda
    2018-11-03 06:39

    The Song of the Ovulum takes place 15 years after The Bones of Makaidos, so along with some the original characters from the other books that makes a appearance there is also some new characters who's along for the ride. As other people said I would recommend reading the Dragons in our Midst series and The Oracles of Fire Series to gain a better understanding of a few of the characters past adventures, because it will be worth reading. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  • Ashli
    2018-11-12 04:24

    My best friend and I read both Dragons in the Mist and Oracles of Fire series. We were both saying how we wished Bryan Davis would continue on with the character's story. And what do you know... This book came out in June but didn't find out about it until September. When I got it, I've read Song of the Ovulum in a day n half. It was truly amazing. Action nonstop. I loved the characters. I've missed them Bonnie so much.

  • R.M. Lutz
    2018-10-28 09:51

    This wasn't my favorite book in the world of "Dragons in Our Midst", but fans of Mr. Davis will likely enjoy it. I would recommend reading "Dragons in Our Midst" and "Oracles of Fire" before hopping into this book. I would recommend the series to young teens and up who enjoy a blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and time travel. (Like Christian sci-fi and fantasy? Check out

  • Tiani
    2018-11-12 09:28

    An enjoyable book! Once again Mr. Davis has whipped up another amazing book, filled with adventure, thrill, faith in The Maker, mixed up with a little suspense, Song of the Ovulum leaves you hanging on for more! I cannot wait until the next instalment of the Children of the Bard series comes out in stores!

  • Emily
    2018-10-29 06:32

    As always, this next installment of Brian Davis is a thrilling page-turner, combining the characters readers have loved throughout the first two series and the trademark portal-jumping and dragon-fire we've come to expect with new characters and a new challenge. However, the open theism and weak understanding of original sin muddle the otherwise beautiful themes.

  • Josh
    2018-11-16 05:21

    A thrilling tale that continues the story line and characters from DIOM and OOF, this new installment in the series opens with a massive jailbreak of draconic proportions. This excellent book won't disappoint and is impossible to put down. Great job Mr. Davis ! ! ! Keep them coming and I will keep reading !

  • Kezziah
    2018-11-06 07:48

    Yet another brilliant book by Bryan Davis. Packed with action and new characters (as well as old favorites), I couldn't put this book down. It's well-written, kept my attention, and the plot itself is gripping. The characters were also likable. Overall, a brilliant book. So glad I read it! =)

  • que_bella
    2018-10-30 04:36

    All I have to say is this: AMAZINGFor all you fans of Brian Davis, this is the next big read for you after the Raising Dragons and Oracles of Fire series.I LOVED this book and can't wait for the next!!

  • Jared
    2018-11-10 04:45

    good but ending is kinda disappointing

  • Alexa
    2018-10-22 09:30

    Totally AMAZINGLY AWESOME book! I loved it! A bit more violent and sad then the first two series, but still GREAT!!!! :D

  • Joshua
    2018-11-01 05:28

    A thrilling story continuing the storyline and characters from DIOM and OOF. A thrilling tale about a massive jailbreak that is impossible to put down. Great Job Mr. Davis !!!! Keep them coming !

  • Abigail
    2018-10-20 11:41

    I loved it as well as the two prequal series. Can't wait for " From the mouth of Elija"!! Read it in two days!

  • Leah
    2018-10-31 07:35

    SO fantastic! If you've read the series' that go before it, you're going to love this one!

  • Grant McNevan(
    2018-11-04 10:24

    I have read all of the "Dragons in our Midst" and "Oracles of Fire" series. Those books rocked!!! You can probably imagine why I'd want to read the 3rd series of "Dragons" books.

  • BibleHope
    2018-10-29 11:51

    Seems any book that Bryan Davis writes is very engaging and you feel like your the main character in the book. : )

  • Kayla Roberson
    2018-10-28 03:24

    Davis hasn't lost his touch at all. Can't wait to finish this series!!

  • Emma Grace
    2018-10-18 08:41

    It was soooo good. I cannot wait for the next one to come out!!!!

  • Samantha Slooweg
    2018-11-02 07:33

    I really did love it but I felt the wasn't a lot in it. It felt like a prequel, or set up to what will happen later in the series. Took place in only a day or so. But either way I still loved it :)